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Reflection time

Faith: She was just seated on the sand of the shore looking over the horizon. The sun was setting making the temperature not that hot anymore. She looked up the afternoon sky and saw a flock of birds flying by. She sighed and thought of what her purpose really was in life. She didn't really see the point. She also didn't know what she was supposed to do. Everyday was the same. If she wasn't going out to train, she'd just stay in her cabin or maybe take a walk around camp or study Greek Mythology. She was, in a way, bored of her life.

Monique: She's in her usual gothic lolita clothing, not being bothered by how hot the weather was. She decided to take a walk and see the beach nearby camp for her first time. She brought her pipe with her, sucking on it once in awhile. As she walked to the beach, she wondered what Artemis and the other hunters where doing.

Faith: All she could do at that moment was look over the horizon and try to think what else she could do with her life. Should she just go out of camp and live her life outside? That would be too dangerous. But what was there to worry? She loved danger. As a child of Ares, she shouldn't fear anything. She loved adventures. Thinking about it, she finally realized what she wanted. 'That's it!' Her eyes widened as an idea suddenly popped into her mind. 'Adventure,' she thought.

Monique: She arrives at the beach and a couple of minutes has passed. She stares into the sea, wondering what life would be like if she wasn't a hunter and what would happen if Tracey joined the hunt with her... She twirls her pipe on her right hand as she thought of possible outcomes.

Faith: She remembered hearing about this group of 'single ladies' called the 'hunters'. They went out for a thing called 'hunt' and she imagined herself being a part of it. Would it be cool to become one? She wondered. But how could she ever be a part of it? She had no idea. Should she talk to the Lady Artemis herself? She shook her head trying to forget about that silly idea. 

Monique: She walks down to the sand and sees a figure (Faith) of a girl but decides to ignore her because she wasn't worth her while, since most girls in camp who aren't hunters swoon over boys a lot. She hated the fact that a lot of Aphrodite girls are too afraid to become a hunter since they have to give up on 'love' and 'affection'. "Wonder what I should do now?" She muttered to herself.

Faith: She hugged her knees and let her chin rest on it. When she looked to her left, she saw a figure (Monica) but it wasn't that clear. She had to squint her eyes just so she could make up whatever that thing was. She raised an eyebrow and just shrugged. It probably wasn't anything worth her time. She stood up and rubbing the sand off her clothes. She stretched her arms and then put her hands on her waist. "Don't worry, Faith. You'll find your purpose one day."

Monique: She walks farther down the beach and can clearly see Faith now. She wondered if she was a demigod or a nymph. She tries to figure it out herself and thinks Faith is a demigod. She twirls her pipe around in her hand, getting really bored and yawns.

Faith: She hears the sound of someone seemingly stepping or walking on the sand. She turns to the side where she hears the sound coming from and sees the figure she saw earlier getting closer and closer also getting clearer. It is a girl. She scoffed. "Pffft. Another demigod walking down the shore," she mutters to herself. She rolls her eyes and looks at the water instead crossing her arms just letting the warm breeze blow on her face.

Monique: She looks at the sky, waiting for the moon to come out. She turns her head to the side Faith was sitting and stares at her for a moment, calculating if the girl had potential to become a hunter. She likes doing that to a lot of girls she sees and likes the result she gives them.

Faith: She can't seem to feel at ease. She feel something tingling at the back of her head as if she should be doing something. It is a really strange feeling--something she can't easily understand. She can't seem to figure herself out. 

Monique: She wonders if she should speak to the girl, since her social skills are terrible and she needs to work on them. But after a few minutes of thinking, she remained quiet.

Faith: She notices that Monique doesn't seem to move away or something. She turns to her direction and finally Faith speaks, "Your presence disturbs me, to be honest." She adds with a sigh, "Not that I'm saying I own this place but, you know, the shore is real wide."

Monique: She nods, getting what she means. "I understand, the presence of men disturbs me greatly yet most of the time, I bare it... somehow."

Faith: She knits her eyebrows finding what the girl just said weird. "Um... I didn't mention anything about men. I said your presence disturbs me. But..." She thinks of it crossing her arms. "Sure. Men can be annoying sometimes." She looks behind her and shouts for no apparent reason, "SORRY MEN!" She looks back at Monique and explains further, "Nah. All people can be annoying sometimes. I mean... yeah sure. Men can be more annoying." She didn't know what she was saying or why she's even talking about how annoying men are. She waves her hand dismissively and says, "Never mind. I don't even know why I'm talking to someone like you."

Monique: "because you said my presence disturbs you and want me to leave." She said in her mature voice.

Faith: She does a slow clap. "Aaand we have a winner!" she says in a rather announcer-ish tone, "Congratulations for finally taking the hint!" It was sarcastic and that's just how she rolls. "I didn't know you'd get it ever!"

Monique: She rolls her eyes. "Sarcasim is not a great thing if you want to get on someone's good side," She warned Faith.

Faith: She doesn't feel threatened even a bit. She just says, "Oh. Good side? Huh. Your good side?" She scoffs and smirks. "Look, I don't think I'd be interested in that," she adds as she moves her face closer to Monique's. She intently looks at Monique's eyes to let her see how serious she is.

Monique: She glares a bit to intimidate her and said in her mature voice, "You do not want to be getting one of Artemis' best hunters very angry."

Faith: Upon hearing that Monica is one of Artemis' hunters, she felt shocked inside. Her eyes widens a bit and then she backs away with a mixed feeling of wonder, awe, and... shock. 'A huntress...' she said in her mind. Looking at Monica, she has this silvery aura which cannot be seen in any other demigods at camp. Why hasn't she noticed earlier? She raises an eyebrow. "Hunter, you say?" she says not really showing that she is curious. "Pffft. What do you guys do?" she asks in a rather smug tone.

Monique: "Train, hunt, fight, and slay monsters." She said.

Faith: Her answer was pretty much simple and straight to the point. That simple reply just made the tingling feeling at the back of Faith's head get even stronger. "Train... hunt... fight... slay monsters..." she repeats. In her mind she says, 'Sounds... cool.'

Monique: She nods, "I've been doing that for almost a hundred years... it's not the best thing a girl could ask for, but at least I'm not useless in battle."

Faith: Her eyes widen once more. "Hundreds of years???" She studies Monica's features and she doesn't look like she's that old. "You mean--"

Monique: She nods, "I am immortal. Ageless. I have been 14 for a long time. I see people I love come and go. It is quiet said actually, but knowing i'll meet others in the future excites me a little."

Faith: "Immortal... Isn't that boring? Living forever with nothing new to do but to train, hunt, fight and slay monsters," she says rolling her eyes but in her mind, she's actually really intrigued. 'Ageless...' she thinks. She clears her throat looking away and says, "Not that I'm interested or anything but--" She again clears her throat. "How do you er..." She mutters the remaining words, "become a hunter?" She just got so curious all of a sudden but, of course, she didn't want Monica to see through her.

Monique: Since she's very smart and reads people well, she said the last couple words Faith said. "Become a hunter?" She asked her but didn't wait for her answer, "Well, all you gotta do is say the oath of Artemis and if Artemis approves, then she will accept it. If she does, you will immediately feel the change from being a regular demigod, and being a hunter."

Faith: It was that easy? Perhaps there's a catch. There should be one. She asked again, "What happens... if let's say... I become a hunter?"

Monique: "Like me and the other hunters, you become ageless, immortal. But there's a catch, no dating or loving men in any form. If you happen to fall in love with a man, then you loose your status as hunter." She explained.

Faith: She blurted out, "HA! That's easy!" She added, "No dating? No loving? SURE! No sweat!" But then she remembered her stepfather and her excitement immediately faded away. "Wait... men... do they include... relatives?"

Monique: "As long as you don't 'fall in love' with them, then I guess they won't be a problem." She told her.

Faith: But that was such a piece of cake! Falling in love didn't really ever cross her mind but then... "Pffft! It's not like I want to join anyway." She rolled her eyes. Actually, she felt like joining but then her pride was just too high reaching up to the heavens making it hard for her to admit that something and someone had finally caught her interest. She was clenching her fist thinking of how to get out of that situation. She cleared her throat and said, "I better get going." Then she turned around starting to walk away. Wouldn't that be good? She'd be away from men--her stepfather. That would even make him safer, if ever he was alive. The thought of Arthur, her stepfather just made tears well up in her eyes. But she didn't want to show weakness and so she immediately rubbed her eyes with her sleeves.

Monique: She nods, "If you ever need to speak to me about this topic again, find me in Artemis' cabin." She fishes something out of her pocket and hands her a small silver calling card. "Here. In case if you really do want to join us..." She said. But it's highly unlikely... She thought to herself.

Faith: She stopped just to get what Monique offered, stared at it a bit and then left without a word.


Faith: She was sitting on the porch steps of the cabins. Under her eyes were dark circles, clearly, she hadn't gotten some good night sleep thinking about the hunter thing. She was holding the card looking at it, thinking about what she should do. She just sighed.

Monique: she walked around camp with her fox Watson since she couldn't go to sleep. She sighed about her own dilemma and wonders if she should really quit being a hunter.

Faith: It was very late in the evening and she didn't know if it was even right to think about being a hunter in that time of the night. The thought just tortured her making it hard for her. But then at the back of her mind, something told her to join. Her heart was beating fast as if she was nervous about the decision. She couldn't keep her eyes off the card. 'Join or not to join. Join or not. Join? No?' those words just kept going back and forth in her mind.

Monique: She was very scared on what will happen if she quit being a hunter and silently freaked out by herself in the dark with Watson beside her. She keeps wondering what would Artemis think of her in the future if she did quit. She just kept walking and tries to clear her mind.

Faith: She decided to take a walk while thinking about her dilemma and what a coincidence... she just saw Monique passing by but then no words seemed to get out of Faith's mouth. She wanted to tell her something but didn't know how to start. She just froze in her place holding the card.

Monique: She stopped and stretched and tries to imagine what life would be like not being immortal. She takes out her pipe and twirls it in her right hand.

Faith: "Hey..." she said feeling quite hesitant. She didn't know if she really wanted to talk to Monique but she had already decided and words had already got out of her mouth. There's no turning back.

Monique: She turns to look at Faith. "Oh, hey...." She awkwardly said since they really didn't have much to talk about.

Faith: She lets out a shaky breath. "Look..." she said her head lowered refusing to make an eye contact with Monique. "I have decided to..." She could feel her lips quiver because of nervousness. Was she making the right decision after all? She clenched her jaw gathering all the courage she had in her. Then she looked at Monique and said with all seriousness, "I want to be a hunter."

Monique: She thinks the girl is joking with her and laughs, "Ahahahaha...." She stops laughing as she sees her serious face, "Oh, wait, you weren't joking..."

Faith: She slapped her forehead in disappointment and annoyance. She pointed a finger on her face and told her, "Does this face tell you I'm joking?"

Monique: "Sorry it's just... when I give out cards to most girls who I think have the potential to become a hunter... well.. they don't answer and when they do... they usually stop being one the next day." She said to her.

Faith: "Pffft. Lemme guess... because of the no-dating-guys-or-you-will-be-out threat?" She added, "Look, do I appear like that kind of girl to you?"

Monique: "Yeah, and to your question, well... no. But maybe there's a guy that's who still has a tiny space in your heart. And someday it could grow bigger even with out any notice or warnings."

Faith: She scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. I don't think any guy could handle my sass." She said, "Guys just bother me. I don't like them." She folded her arms.

Monique: She smiles, "Then we're on the same boat." She then remembers her request, "So, you want to be a hunter huh? You really think you got what it takes to be one of us?"

Faith: "Oh, I'm sorry. I think I've made a mistake talking to you. Actually, I was just gonna borrow a pencil from you coz I need it for class later and I have this crush that I can't leave alone-- DUH!" She shook her head. "I wouldn't be wasting my time talking to you if I don't want to be a a hunter and that I don't think I have what it takes. Girl, you've got to really have more common sense in that..." She leaned in closer poking Moniques forehead. "...head of yours." 

Monique: She's still smiling and nods, "Do you know the oath? Or do you want me to repeat it for you so you can say it?"

Faith: "So there's a speech..." she said with a straight face. She rubbed her face hard. "Fine fine... say it and I'll repeat after you." She raised her right hand ready to say the oath although it just didn't show on her face.

Monique: "You have to say: 'I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis, turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the hunt.' Then Artemis will see if you are worthy enough to join and we'll see from there."

Faith: As Monique kept on talking, Faith just made the blah-blah-blah hand gesture. When Monique was finished, Faith dropped her right hand and looked at Monique with a slightly annoyed look. "You talk too fast. How in the world can I follow that?"

Monique: She rolls her eyes and sighed. She started again but slower this time, "I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis, turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the hunt."

Faith: She followed nonchalantly as Monique said the pledge just to make sure she wouldn't get left behind again. When they were done, she said, "Oh-kay? That's it?"

Monique: ~A silver light is casted on Faith and Monique smiled.~ "Congratulations, you are now a hunter of Artemis... Well, how do you feel?"

Faith: She was awed by what she was seeing. She couldn't believe her eyes. "Oh... wow..." She looked at herself, extending her arms, stretching her legs to see if anything had ever changed but nothing seemed to happen. She looked the same but she felt different. She felt stronger--immortal. "I feel..." She clenched one of her fists and opened it then she looked at it closely. "I feel... great." She looked at Monique and for the first time in a very long time, she smiled a genuine one.

Monique: She nods, "Good. We'll train together tomorrow and we'll train everyday for at least 5 hours or even more. Who's your godly parent by the way? And oh, how rude of me, I haven't even asked for your name! Mind telling me that as well?"

Faith: "Faith," she replied, "My name is Faith Justice, daughter of Ares." Hearing that they would be training everyday, at least five hours, excitement started to course through her veins. "Training everyday, huh? You bet I will!"

Monique: "Good, because you'll need it in case we face any difficult monsters in the future." She yawns and remembers it is very late. "I think I should head back to the cabin now. Oh, since you are a hunter you are allowed to stay at our cabin."

Faith: The corner of her lips curled up into a smirk. "Cool."

Monique: "Well, if I am no longer needed, I will be going. See you tomorrow, bright and early!" She said as she walked back to her cabin with Watson.

Faith: She was hesitant to even raise her hand and wave goodbye so instead, she just nodded and said, "See ya." She then turned the other way headed to her cabin. She looked at her hands as she walked--a smile formed on her face. "I... I can't believe it..." She put her hands on her face trying to suppress the feeling of excitement in her. "I'm now a hunter!" she exclaimed but tried as much as possible not to be so loud.

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Timeskip Part 2

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Monique: She has her pipe in weapon form and looks for Faith first before going to the archery rang. "Where could that girl be?" She muttered as she walked around camp, frequently asking campers if they knew where she was.

Faith: "I'm here." It seemed as if she just came out of nowhere but actually, she just came from her cabin and got out, all prepared, to go to Monique and start training. It just so happened that she saw Monique along the way.


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