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Amatae: The Infirmary wasn't usually dark but since a majority of the Apollo Cabin members had left and only about two remained working on the last patients that somehow managed to stab themselves with plastic cutlery. Amatae didn't like the dark, a pool of mysteries was what darkness was and it terrified her; almost as much as the feeling itself terrified her. She couldn't help but be relieved when the last child of Apollo got up from the chair beside her friend Stephen that was one of the unlucky two to be injured by the cutlery.

Apollo Healer: He walked towards Amatae, his hand hanging by his sides. On his journey there he stopped by the bin and threw his bloody gloves in the bin, but alas he missed, nothing ever went right for him but at least he tried. He finally managed to make his way to Amatae and told her, "You should go to your cabin, there's no use sitting her doing nothing all night, might as well go and get some sleep." He then strolled a way, picked up some of his stuff and moved into the 'Rest Room'.

Christopher: He had to get his hand bandaged after getting accidentally cut with a knife while attempting to cook his meal. He knocked on the Infirmary door and then opened it, poking his head in. "Uh... hello?" It was rather dark and so he thought no one was there but he still called out once more to confirm. "Hello? I uh... just need to apply some bandage on my hand!" He added, "That is... if anyone's here." He then noticed very few people, including a girl, who he had no idea that she was an automaton, but he approached her anyway. "Um hi there," he said with a friendly smile. "Any Apollo kids here?"

Amatae: She looked up from her hands which she was playing with previously and nodded at him before pointing to the door of the 'Rest Room' before she got up off of her seat and went in search of a light switch, using the torch built into her hand as a temporary alternative. She walked towards the far end of the Emergency Room and found a switch. She flicked it on and suddenly all the lights in the room turned on, startling one of the patients lying in the beds.

Christopher: He followed with his eyes to where the girl pointed and then slightly nodded. "Ahhh alright," he said. "Thanks." When she turned the lights on, even Christopher had to squint because his eyes just adjusted to the dark and all of a sudden, there was light. "Oh that's bright." He continued to narrow his eyes for a few more seconds until he reached the rest room. He thought about knocking but he might appear rude and wanting to rush the guy so he decided to just wait outside the door.

Apollo Healer: He heard some commotion outside and left the rest room, spying Christopher. "Oh please Zeus not another plastic cutlery accident." He walked over to the first aid cabinate and quickly out of some disinfectant spray and a bandage before he sat it down on the table and strolled over to Christopher trying to grab him and take him over to the table.

Amatae: She simply just rolled her eyes and made her way back to the seating area, taking a magazine which she could now read and began to look at all the pictures of women wearing fancy designer clothing and even at one point opened up a page filled with relationship tips. None of which made sense to her.

Christopher: He leaned his back against the wall and waited. He noticed it was taking quite long and the silence bothered him. He tapped his feet in an attempt to break the quietness. He also noticed the girl go back to where she used to sit. He brought up a random topic as he tried to talk to her from across the room, "How long has he been in there?" He laughed a bit afterwards just to tell that he was kidding and just wanted to talk while waiting.

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