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Jake and Paige

Jake: He takes his morning jog in some navy blue running shorts and a black muscle shirt accompanied by some neon green nikes. He stops after quite some time and sits in a bench, dripping sweat and starts gulping his water bottle.

Paige: Early in the morning, she goes out with her beige quarter sleeved shirt paired with her usual jeans and runners. She carries a basket to gather flowers and some leaves, perhaps, branches as well for the decoration of their cabin in preparation for halloween. As she finished, she heads back to the cabin passing by the bench where a seemingly tired jogger is seated.

Jake: While still drinking from his water bottle, he winks at the lady and waves at the same time.

Paige: Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a figure move so she turns her head to that direction and notices the jogger. He waves his hand but Paige is unsure whether he is waving at her or perhaps someone behind her. She looks around but sees no one and then she looks back at the jogger pointing at herself as if asking Me? Are you waving at me? Just to be sure, she waves at him but a bit reluctant. "Um... hi?" she says in a low tone enough for only her to hear.

Jake: He swallows his water and caps the bottle with his hands. He crosses his legs and then points at the stranger with the hand his bottle is in. "I beg your pardon? I didn't quite hear you?"he asks. He ruffles his hair.

Paige: Is he really talking to me? she thought. "E-Excuse me?" she asked in a polite manner, "Sorry, are you talking to me?"

Jake: He grins wider "Nope, I'm talking to the ant below you" he jokes.

Paige: She looks at her shoes but saw no ants and then it just came to her that he was actually joking. Oh, gullible, Paige... Sherjr a de looks back at him and forces a smile just to ride along then she laughs a bit. He's being nice anyway by greeting her. "Sorry, I just thought maybe someone else was there," she explains and laughs at herself. She still maintains the distance between them--a few meters far from each other.

Jake: "Even if someone were here I probably wouldn't find someone more beautiful to talk to, don't you think?" he asks while running his hand through hair and then taking another sip from his water bottle.

Paige: "Um... y-yeah... thanks..." She isn't quite comfortable receiving compliments. "Although, I think visiting the cabin of Aphrodite would be a great idea if you're looking for someone pretty to talk to," she answers and jerks the corner of her lips forcing another awkward smile and then she attempts to walk away.

Jake: He chuckles "Depends on what kind of beautiful I'm looking for. I'm not looking for surface beauty. I'm looking for inner one." he shrugs.

Paige: "Ah, I see!" she answers without stopping from walking but now she looks down the ground conscious of herself.

Jake: He sighs and wals next to the stranger "So where are you off to?"

Paige: "Ack!" She is surprised when all of a sudden he's already by her side. Her heart beats really fast after that shock. "You almost gave me a heart attack there," she says her free hand on her chest as she breathes in and out. She doesn't want to appear rude to the stranger so she gives him an answer, "Back to the cabin. I need to bring this back." She shows him the basket she carries. "See?"

Jake: "Oh, I see. Can I at least know your name?"

Paige: "It's Paige," she replies and extends a hand for a shake, "Paige Gabriel."

Jake: HE smiles and shakes her hand firmly. "I'm Jake Robson."

Paige: "Oh," she says with a smile and then lets go of his hand. "Nice to meet you, Jake. May I know who your godly parent is?"

Jake: "Let's just say he's nice with most girls. Who's yours?"

Paige: She thinks of who his godly parent might be but she answers his question first, "Demeter. But then... nice with most girls... um..." She reviews the options she has. Who in the world...? she asks in her mind.

Jake: He smiles "That's nice. I've got a friend that's a child of Persephone."

Paige: She chuckles, "I have friends from that cabin too." She then adds still not having any clue who the answer to his question is, "But, seriously, who is your godly parent?"

Jake: He sighs "Eros"

Paige: Her eyes widened. "Oh! Right!" She patted her forehead. "Silly me. Why didn't I think of Eros?" She chuckled.

Eros: He puts an ofended face and snaps "Excuse me?"

Paige: "I didn't mean to offend you, really," she explained, "it just slipped my mind. Mythology overload." She made exploding gestures.

Jake: "Nevermind, I just hate being judged by stereotypes. And that normally happens." he says almost nonchalantlt and looks behind his shoulder, avoiding Paige's gaze.

Paige: She was taken aback by his words. "But... I did not steretype you..." She got confused. She didn't even think she said anything wrong. What's wrong with saying she's silly to not think of Eros?

Jake: "You didn't, and it isn't your fault I am stereotyped. I only said it usually happens."

Paige: "May I ask how you're being stereotyped?"

Jake: "Well, sometimes people think I'm a one-night-fling-kind-of-huy which I'm not, just because I was born the son of the God of Sexual Desire."

Paige: She knits her eyebrows thinking it weird. "Haven't really thought of that. Didn't even think of you as one-night-fling-kind-of-guy," she said. "Just saying."

Jake: "Thanks, but one person doesn't really help much, though." He smiles lopsidedly "No offense."

Paige: She just shrugs. "None taken. No worries." She smiles warmly and only then does she realize that her cabin was only a few steps away already. "Oh, cabin's there. Wait, so what's your name again? Sorry that I easily forgot... R-Rob?" she asks extending a hand for a final shake before leaving.

Jake: He smiles kindly at her and shakes firmly once again "Half right. Jake Robson. ice meeting you Ms. Paige."

Paige: She flashes him a smile and says, "Great! See you around, Jake!" She then goes on her way inside the cabin but meets Bridget on the way. "Oh hey, Bridget! Good to see you today!" she greets her.

Bridget: "Good morning, Paige," she greets back with a sweet smile. She then looks back at where she's walking as Paige enters her cabin. She passes by a gentleman, Jake, and smiles at him, bowing a little as a sign of greeting and then continues to walk passing by the guy.

Jake: He waves at Bridget "Hey there"

Bridget: She goes to a halt as she hears Jake greet back. She then turns to his direction and sheepishly waves. "Oh, hello," she says with a sweet smile.

Jake: "Are you friends with Paige by any chance?"

Bridget: She gently nods with her hands clasped behind her waist. "Yes, we indeed are. Why do ask?"

Jake: "Just out of curiosity" he shrugs.

Bridget: "Mmm, I see," she says. "My name is Bridget. May I know the name of the one I am speaking to?"

Jake: "Jake Robson at your service."

Bridget: She extends her hand to him. "Nice to meet you, Jake." She then adds, "Son of...?"

Jake: He sighs heavily "Love"

Bridget: Two deities come to her head and so she asks to make sure, "Love... is that Aphrodite or Eros?" She also notices the seemingly tired expression of his as if he's been saying who his god parent is over and over again. "Uhm... I'm sorry. Is this not a good question to discuss?" she asks careful not to offend him

Jake: "Eros"

Bridget: "I see," she said slightly nodding. "Well, I'm a child of Melinoe." She smiles.

Jake: "Nice. I had a Malinoe friend once."

Bridget: "Once...?" she wondered. She was supposed to ask him about this friend but she thought she was perhaps prying on his private life too much and so she decided to just forget about it. "I do not think I ever had a friend who is a child of Eros though..." Later, somewhere from afar, she heard someone call her name. "Oh!" she said as she remembered. "Sorry! I almost forgot the very reason I went out. My sisters and brothers are waiting for me." Before walking away, she turned to Jake one last time and said her farewell, "Again, it is really nice to meet you, Jake. See you around." She waved and smiled at him then started going along.

Jake: "See you around Bridget..."

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