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Lewis and Danny

Misery and Reunions

  • Lewis: Lewis is walking around the Cabin Area of Camp, looking stern and uncomfortable, clearly thinking deeply about something. It is cloudy and the temperature is a bit low, making it dark and cold. He stops right in front of fairly large tree and sits down between its roots, taking something silver from his pocket. It is a locket, and inside of it is a picture of a girl, with blond hair and bright smile on her face. He sighs and then lifts his head, his eyes directed straightly towards the front door of a cabin. Hecate's Cabin.
  • Danny: She had to go for a long time after hearing about a family emergency. But now that it's all settled, she returns to Camp Half-Blood. As soon as she has set her foot on the hill of camp, one person immediately comes into her mind... Lewis. She doesn't exactly know how she feels about him. Sometimes, he makes her feel flustered or something but she always thought it's an effect or perhaps an aura of a child of Aphrodite. Then she starts to wonder who she is to him but realizes... maybe she's just thinking too much. Besides, what can she hope for in someone like him. He probably acts like that to everybody else. But she isn't entirely sure.
    Being in such deep thought, she shakes all of the ideas off her head and then breathes in and out. She tells herself, "Relax, Danny. Everything is totally fine. Everything... is fine."
  • Lewis: He eyes the door and watches it closely, as if waiting for someone to open it and see who that person is. Lewis has been like this for the past few weeks. He missed Danny so much that he got depressed and started acting glum and sorrowful. He was devastated after hearing that Danny needed to leave for a family emergency. He managed to stay in his normal self for a few months, always thinking that she would be back soon and that they would go watch a movie and have a picnic and be happy but lost to his own emotions afterwards. He had tried reaching her, sending her letters, asking her how she was. He never received any replies and was unsure whether she didn't get them or if she didn't anymore. He continues to fidget with the locket, twisting the necklace around his fingers. He is a bit disappointed in himself, thinking that he is a son of Aphrodite, yet he sucked in love. He breathes in the cold air and decides to stand up, shaking the pieces of leaves that fell on his clothes while he was sitting down. He trudges off towards the Dining Pavillion, feeling a bit hungry since he didn't eat anything that day yet.
  • Danny: Carrying a big luggage with her, she heads to the Hecate Cabin to settle down and maybe fix herself up after traveling many miles away.
    Right after she enters the cabin, she hears the conch horn blow and they all know what that means. She quickly put her luggage beside her bed and gets her clothes. She changes into a nice sleeveless beige colored dress, covered with black polka dots, that goes down to her knees. It has a tiny black bow in the middle of the chest area and its collar was round and colored black as well. She paired it with her black doll shoes and then she ties her long blond hair in a ponytail then starts heading to the Dining Pavilion wondering... "Maybe he's there. He should be."
    Finally, at the Pavilion, she looks for the table where her siblings in the Hecate Cabin sit. But she also scans the area to look for him. After almost a year of no communication, she wonders how he is or if he even remembers her.
  • Lewis: The conch horn blows just as he reaches the Dining Pavilion. Campers from different cabins started arriving, eventually packing the whole place. Being a tall guy, he looks over the sea of demigods and spots the Aphrodite table. He pushes his way through and takes his seat with his cabin mates, most of them already eating, making him do the exact same thing. He scans the area, now a little bit less packed since most of the campers are now in their tables. He sees the Hecate table and scans it. Nope, no blonde hair anywhere. He sighs. She's not here... He tells himself. After eating his steak and mashed potatoes, he stands up with his plate, a reserved portion of his food on the side, the one he reserved as offering to Aphrodite. He makes his way towards the fire pit but suddenly tenses when he sees a hint of blond hair by the side of his eyes. He turns his head and takes a step but is shocked when he bumps into a girl, the one with blonde hair wearing a sleeveless dress with a collar, and drops the food all over her clothes. "I'm so sor-" He stops, frozen in disbelief. It's her...she's here......she's finally here..
  • Danny: As soon as she spots her siblings seated on their designated table, she goes to join them. After a while, she thinks of a decent meal, a plate of vegetables, her favorite thing to eat. Before eating, she lined up to the bonfire and offered half of her meal to her mother, a ritual they do before consuming their food. Actually, it can be after eating. It doesn't really matter as long as you give a portion of it to the gods. A lot of them are lined up and some of them crowded the area making her hold onto her plate tighter so the food won't fall. "Excuse me," she says as she makes her way through the crowd, "thank you." She says repeatedly until she comes to a stop when she is completely blocked. "Excuse me," she says politely. Then somebody drops their food at the back of her dress giving her a slight shock that made her gasp. Then she slowly turns around all stiff, feeling uncomfortable with a slightly wet feeling on her back. Her eyes widen at the sight of him. Lewis! her mind shouts but no words seem to come out. That's a real shock alright.
  • Lewis: His breathing became suddenly heavy and he started to shake a bit. It's really her....and she's really here... "Yo-you're here. Here. With me." A tear escapes his eyes. The song "Say Something" by A Great Big World plays in his mind, seeing flashbacks of his sorrowful times when Danny was gone. From the day he thought she abandoned her up to the day she yearned for her. He remembered the letters he sent which received no replies.

Say something, I'm giving up on you

I'll be the one, if you want me to

Anywhere I would've followed you

Say something, I'm giving up on you

And I am feeling so small

It was over my head

I know nothing at all

And I will stumble and fall

I'm still learning to love

Just starting to crawl

Say something, I'm giving up on you

His eyes started to really water. He spent so much time in the dark, alone and sad, waiting for a girl to come back to him. And now it happened. She is really here, as beautiful as ever. Lewis grabbed Danny by the shoulders and embraced her tightly, still crying. He didn't care what people think of him because right now, he is happy. He is happy for the first time in months. He is happy because the girl he waited for is back. He is happy because he is with her.

  • Danny: "Oof!" She was caught by surprise when Lewis suddenly just hugged her, making her drop the plate she was holding but that didn't seem to matter anymore. She can't believe it. Lewis actually... missed her? Her handslo look are shaking and she didn't really know where to place them. She slowly put her hands behind him, her arms surrounding him in a hug. Then a warm smile formed on her face and she felt relieved. "Lewis... how are you?" she asks as they hug each other.
  • Lewis: He pulls away from the hug and cups Danny's face with his hands. He smiles, his eyes still red from crying. He grabs her hand and leads her outside of the pavilion without saying anything. He brings her to pond, where a lot of naiads were chattering with each other. He picked a spot where they both can sit and sat down. "I....I missed seriously.." He is still holding her hands, not wanting to let go...even for a bit. "What took you so long?" He looks at her beautiful eyes, waiting for an answer.
  • Danny: "Huh?" she wondered why he suddenly pulled her ou of the crowd and then led her to the pond. The thought of only the two of them were there alone... together... made her heart beat faster and her cheeks felt warm. She can almost imagine herself all red which she thinks is very embarrassing but then she cannot really dodge his question, not when looks and sounds like that like... he has been abandoned. She looks him in the eyes, places her other hand on his cheek, her eyes almost watery as well. "I'm so sorry, Lewis... I had to go back home..." She looks down for a while as if fighting back a sob then back at him and gives him a warm smile saying, "But I'm back now. I'm here."
  • Lewis: "And I'm glad you are." He smiles. "It's just that...I expected replies to my did receive them, didn't you?" He glances on the moon, which is shining moonlight almost everywhere. The wind is blowing quite a breeze which makes it a bit cold. Lewis shakes a bit and then materializes scarves around his and Danny's necks.
  • Danny: "Oh," she says in awe as the scarves materialized then she giggles seeing how cute they were on them. Upon hearing about the said letters, she is quite shocked about it. "Wait... letters?" she asked, "W-What letters are you talking about?" It's true. She never received any letters from him while she was gone. She wasn't able to send him an Iris message either having forgotten to bring drachmas with her. She felt dumb at that time to actually forget to bring some. "You... sent me letters?"
  • Lewis: He knits his eyebrows, looking confused. " didn't get them? Like any of them....?" He sighs. "I sent a hundred and forty three letters you know. I wrote to you everyday, sometimes twice or thrice a day." He looks down, clearly disappointed.
  • Danny: She shakes her head in reply. "No... I wonder if you got the right address though." She chuckles. Then an idea comes into her mind, a possible reason why she wasn't able to receive any of the letters. "Father..." she mutters. Her father never approved of the idea of camp nor did he like the idea of her having peculiar friends. Perhaps when letters were sent to her, her father knew where it came from and he immediately took care of it.
  • Lewis: His ears perk up after hearing what Danny said. He looks at her curiously. "Your father..?" He knits his eyebrows. "What does your father have to do with this?"
  • Danny: She didn't want to talk badly about her father and so she just replies, "Oh, nothing." Then she puts a smile on her face. It's been a long time since she last saw Lewis face to face. She almost forgot how good he looks, no, how great he looks. He never fails to amaze her but, of course, she is not the type to say how she feels outloud so she just keeps it to herself. Suddenly, she remembers about the food that soiled the back of her dress and laughs. "Right. Lewis, I need to change coz' apparently I am starting to smell like steak." She chuckles before letting go of his hand.
  • Lewis: He seemed to be a little disappointed after Danny refused to tell him about what her father has to do with the letters. However, he doesn't let it bother him anymore and just focused on what is currently happening. Him and Danny, together again. He laughs at her statement. "All right." He lets go of her hand. "Make sure to look nice AND smell nice." He grins. "I'll be at your cabin in a while. Let's have a sleepover." He winks.
  • Danny: She chuckles at what he said then replies, "Is that even allowed?" She gives him a pat on the cheek. "Silly. Your girlfriend might misunderstand," she said rather jokingly but then she cannot really erase the possibilities of him having a girlfriend already... but what is she still doing here with him? She just thinks, We're friends. Nothing's wrong with that. Although having to accept the fact of the said possibility, she kind of feels... heavy deep inside like maybe her heart dropped a little but she tries to control her feelings since she does not, in any way, have the right to be... to be... jealous. She looks at him showing her sweet smile before turning around ready to walk away. "See you in a while, Lewis!" She then starts heading back to the cabin.
  • Lewis: He raises his left eyebrow a bit after hearing the word girlfriend. How could she say that? I refused to flirt for months cause she really meant the world to me.... He is a bit disappointed that Danny thought that way. He doesn't let it get on his head though. This is the day that Danny finally came back. I'm sure she didn't mean it....more like a joke...yeah. Either way, I won't let anything ruin this day. He thought. "Ayt, see you later, sweetie." He sends her a flying kiss and smiles as he watches her walk away, which he also does after a few more minutes. He stands up and gets into the Aphrodite Cabin, getting his sleepover bag and started putting stuff in like: extra clothes, his toothbrush and toothpaste, phone charger, movies and more. He changes into a sleeveless shirt with black stripes and maroon khaki shorts. He then slings his sleepover bag over his shoulder and then walks out of his cabin. He arrives in front of the Hecate Cabin and knocks on the door, a big smile on his face.

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The Sleepover

Danny: She just finished taking a shower and changing into her pajamas. She was wearing a normal shirt with light blue colored sleeves and a white colored torso with the design of a cute teddy bear sleeping on a yellow crescent moon. Her baby pink pajamas extended to her uncles and had tiny sunflower patterns all over it. She walked to her bed, bare-footed, as she tied her attempted to tie her hair when she heard a knock on the door. She gasped in surprise. Immediately, she went to the door and opened it poking her head out. "Ye--" she stopped as soon as she saw Lewis. Her eyes bulged in surprise. "Oh!" She definitely did not expect that he was serious about the sleepover. She slammed the door shut all of a sudden and leaned against it feeling all nervous, her heart beating so fast that when she put her hand on her chest, she felt it like it wanted to jump out. What should she do? She was not at all ready for the sleepover. She thought he was just kidding. Thinking things through, she remembered that she shut the door on him and she got worried that he might think she was being rude and so she opened it again feeling slight embarrassment. As she poked her head out, she forced a smile upon her face and said in a little awkward, "Um... hi." Now having the chance to look at him a bit longer, she saw his outfit and although it looked a normal one, he still looked absolutely stunning. She looked at his face... even more beautiful.

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