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Zach & Holly

Zach's Disappearance

Jackson's imitation

Ellie's Idea

It is a few days after Anton found out about Ellie beinging on Lily's side

Ally: she bangs on Jackson's door Jackson... I have something to show you.

Jackson: he opens the door What? (Ooc:f*ck. I accidentally deleted half of 'the house' and the entire 'the next week' rp. Sorry >.< I blame the Internet. Try to fix it when I get my comp.)

Ally: you probably wanna come see this. (Ooc: I'm just laughing.)

Jackson: he steps outside What is it? (Ooc: semi fixed >.< coutiune later in the morning. Mental note: don't try and fix things when Internet is really bad)

Ally: she looks really tired but has a grin on her face me and a few freinds have been very busy. I think you might wanna see what we have done.

Jackson: Show me.

Ally: she takes Jackson to a room with four cages in, one is very brightly lit, Zach is inside it. The other three have Holly, Ambrosine and Anton in. Ellie, Lily and the rest of them are in the room, even kyle

Jackson: he grins Wow! He looks at Zach But won't Zach be able to shadow travel?

Ellie: he can't shadow travel if they are no shadows, that's why its so brightly lit. U Jackson: Thats even better.

Ellie: she smiles who do you want to torcher? I've got dibs on Anton.

Jackson: Holly.

Ellie: she's all yours when she wakes up.

Lily: I want Ambrosine.

Ally: Zach.

Ellie: fine fine, just let them wake up.

Zach: he groans and his eyes start to open I dreaming?

Anton: he starts to rub his eyes

Jackson: he approaches Hollys cage

Holly: she starts moving and coughs

Ambrosine: she wakes too

Ellie: she throw Jackson the key to Holly's cage and walks over to Anton's

Anton: he rolls on one side and sits up Ellie! What the-he shields his eyes from the light

Jackson: he catches it and draws his dagger Mornin' Hol.

Zach: he covers his eyes W-where am I?

Ellie: she opens the cage and pulls out one of Holly's daggers well hello Anton. How'd ya sleep?

Holly: she opens her eyes and backs away when she sees Jackson

Ally: she opens Zach's cage and walks in hey Zachary.

Anton: he glups and backs up

Jackson: he opens it and steps in Whatcha scared about? I'm not going to hit you.

Zach: he scrambles towards the open cage door

Ally: she summons vines to keep him in the cage your not scared are you?

Holly: you... You're not?

Ellie: you really shouldn't be such a deep sleeper Anton.

Jackson: No. He rises his dagger This is going to hurt you.

Zach: he tries to pull against them Let me go!

Anton: W-what are you going to do to me?

Ellie: hurt you, drive you to insanity and have you begging for death...

Ally: oh Zach... She runs her sword down his arm

Holly: she scuttles back n-n-no...

Zach: he screams and stops pulling against the vines

Jackson: he comes closer and kisses her cheek Dont worry. It will only hurt a lot.

Anton: he shivers and tries to find an escape

Holly: she shakes d-do-dont touch me...

Ally: she smiles and puts more pressure on the blade

Ellie: she walks towards him and takes his chin in her hand such a handsome face... Too bad. She slices his cheek

Jackson: Too bad. He takes off her shoe and sock

Anton: Argh! His hand covers his cheek and he tries to stop the blood

Zach: he screams and starts trying to kick ally

Holly: n-no! She tries to kick him

Ally: she moves the blade down to his leg

Ellie: she kisses his other cheek before slashing his leg

Zach: he screams and tries to turn to face ally

Anton: Aghhhh! One of his hand goes to his leg

Jackson: he grins Yes. He stabs the dagger into her ankle and twists it

Holly: she screams

Ellie: she slices his other leg

Ally: she stands I'm done for now, I think Kyle wants a go.

Anton: he screams and tries to crawl away from Ellie

Zach: K-k-Kyle?!

Jackson: he grins and puts more pressure onto the blade

Holly: she starts crying s-s-stop..

Ally: you really believed that you could trust him. Didn't you?

Ellie: she kicks anton in the head

Zach: he bites his lip Y-yes.

Anton: he collapses and looks up fearfully

Jackson: qhe shakes his head Nah.

Holly: she whimpers it hurts...

Ally: dumb boy...

Ellie: she looms over him, sword in hand.

Zach: he sobs and tries to curl up

Jackson: No duh.

Anton: he shreaks and backs up

Ellie: you guys think that's enought for now?

Jackson: he shrugs Sure.

Ellie: she looks down at Anton ill play with you more later.

Ally: she smiles ill see you soon.

(Ooc: how was school?)

Anton: shivers

Zach: he swallows

Jackson: he steps out (ooc: good. )

Holly: she tries to make a brake for the cage door, to try and get out.

Ally: she steps out and locks the cage

Ellie: she does the same as Ally

Jackson: he slams the door and locks it

Holly: she grips the bars please Jackson.

Jackson: No.

Zach: he goes to the edge of the bars and summons a skeleton on the other side

Lily: KYLE!

Kyle: he draws his sword and slices through the sceleton. Nice try brother.

Holly: she looks defeted, hopeless j-jackson... Pl-please...

Jackson: he turns away and walks towards Lilly

Zach: he bites his lip and summons another one

Kyle: he defets it again

Lily: what's up Jackson?

Jackson: Who's up next to torture them?

Zach: he reaches his arm though the cage and tries to touch Kyle Please brother, please. I trusted you!

Lily: we leave them to take in the pain then come back

Kyle: too bad

Zach: he pulls back his hand and whimpers and moans 'Kyle please' over and over again

Jackson: Sounds good to me. But we should place a guard. Zach might be able to find a way out.

Lily: who should we leave then?

Jackson: he looks at kyle

Lily: kyle and Ellie. I don't compleatly turst Kyle on his own.

Jackson: nods Fine then. Kyle and Ellie it is.

(Ooc: should we do a week later and they are still in the cages?) (ooc:sure)

A week later

Holly: she is curled up in a ball i-im.. S-so-sorry Zach.

Zach: It's ok, Hol. He tries to reach her from his cage I try and get us out of here. Don't lose hope.

Anton: Easy for you to say. You're use to this torment.

Zach: he scowls at Anton Shut up, Anton! I'm serious when I say I'm in serious pain right now! He moans

Ambrosine: she sits up fighting with our selfs isn't good to do Anton. We should try and work together.

Kyle: he comes in with some sandwhiches lunch time captives. Hope you like cheese.

Holly: ugh. I hate cheese.

Kyle: too bad. He drops a sandwhich in her cage

Zach: he fiddles with his thumbs My legs are sore. Can I go for a walk? You can hold me the entire time.

Anton: he scoffs and goes into the darkest conor of his cage and looks like he's building something

Kyle: he drops a sandwhich in Zach's cage I'm not dumb Zach. No matter how dumb you are.

Zach: he scowls When I get out I will bash your brains in! Oh, pardon me, you don't have one, jerk face!

Kyle: he drops the rest of the sandwhickes in ambrosines and anton's cages but who is the ones in the cages?

Zach: Me, because you cowards were scared of me fighting you, because you knew I would win! His hands clench to fists

Kyle: I don't care brother. You stuck in there, being torchered every day. I'm not.

Zach: his face turns red and he summons a skeleton

Kyle: he slices it brother you know that doesn't work.

Holly: she starts eating her sandwhich

Zach: he grits his teeth and slams his body against the cage, trying to get it to fall

Anton: he starts eating Im thirsty.

Kyle: fine. Ill get you a drink. He starts to walk out but pauses by Holly's cage and whispers something to her

Holly: she tries to hide a smile and nods

Kyle: he pats her shoulder and goes out to get drinks for them.

Zach: he slams his fists against the cage in frustration Ughh!

Holly: she stands up in her cage and smiles poor Zachy.

Zach: he starts to kick his foot against the bars, swearing after each kick

Anton: he rolls his eyes and now, in exibit B, we have Overreacting Zach. Enjoy. Please don't get within five feet or you'll be in the danger zone. Photography is allowed.

Holly: she laughs boys... She doesn't seem nearly as hurt as she made out. She pulls off her necklace, which has four keys on and undoes her cage arrivideci captives.

Anton: his face brightens Me first!

Zach: a smirk appears on his face

Holly: she sits on top of her cage um... No. She twirls the keys on her fingers I hate you Anton.

Anton: What?! C'mon! At least let me out, even if I'm last!

Holly: you don't understand do you? I hate all of you commoners. She gets off her cage and walks around in front of theirs you are all stupid, ignoriant children that didn't even guess that I hated all of you.

Anton: his jaw drops What?! How about Zach? You didn't even let him out!

Holly: no sh*t. She looks at Zach in distane when I told you I'd been a traitor Anton I'd thought you'd be smart enough to understand.

Zach: So you don't even love me?!

Holly: no. She says it with an even tone but anton can sence she's lying

Anton: Thats a lie! She loves you! (Ooc: he sounds like toto. Lol)

Zach: Fine. I didn't even want to escape. He looks away from holly Does Jackson, Lilly, and Ellie know this?

Holly: not sure. I know Ellie knows. Its been my plan for months. I gave them the idea for this. (Ooc: can Jackson come in?)

Zach: What?!?! You loved me and now you wish to see me hurt, mirsible, and defeated?! He kicks the cage and his eyes are blazed with anger

Jackson: he claps his hands as he walks in Bravo, bravo. He grins at holly Still able to contact dear Alex yet?

Holly: she walks over to him yes. He is on our side. Now, for what I've been missing. She goes on her tiptoes and kisses Jackson on the lips

Jackson: he seems shocked for a seconds and then let's her kiss him

Zach: he summons a skeleton to pick his lock

Holly: she puts her hands down his jeans

Jackson: he mummers against her lips You know I have a girlfriend, right?

The skeleton makes a clicking noise as it starts picking the lock

Holly: she ingores the sound on perpose so what? She murmers

Jackson: So this doesn't really feel right. No offence.

Holly: too bad. She pulls him closer I've missed this.

Jackson: his eyes widen as a thought goes though his head, he tries to pull back from holly

Zach: he swears as the skeleton clicks again D*mnit! Locks to small!

Holly: NO! She kisses him forcefully and the keys drop near Zach's cage.

Jackson: he tries to scream but it makes a muffled instead, he still tries to break free and falls on the ground doing so

Zach: he smiles and goes as the skeleton grabs the key it crumples, and Zach collapses on the floor, his vision darkening and he's drained from making so much skeletons

Holly: she lies on top of him, forcing his hands down her jeans as she takes off his shirt.

Ambrosine: she looks away

Jackson: his eyes widen and he tries to resist, screaming mffft!

Anton: he closes his eyes

Holly: she moves her lips away a tiny bit for today, you are mine. And if you try and fight it, ill kill your girlfriend. She starts undoing his jeans

Jackson: Can we at least move? You can see uneasiness and fear behind his eyes

Holly: no. I don't trust you enough to even let you up. She throws his jeans aside and starts to take off her shirt.

Jackson: he looks around wildly But people are watching! He closes his eyes What time is it?

Holly: how am I suppost to know? She takes her jeans off and kisses his neck

Ambrosine: she summons a breeze to push the keys towards Anton's cage.

Anton: he doesn't see it because his eyes are closed tight

Jackson: he shivers

Holly: she forces him to put his hands under her underwear and slide them off.

Ambrosine: Anton... Keys... Near... You.

Jackson: he stutters N-n-no...

Anton: he reaches the bars of his cage and puTs his hand out, searching for it with his eyes closed

Holly: she smirks your scared of me.

Jackson: he shakes his head No, I'm scared of being f*ckin r@ped!

Anton: Where is it? Am I close?

Holly: well too friggin bad. You raped me and I've ended up pregnate.

Ambrosine: just a little to the left!

Anton: he moves his hand left

Jackson: What? No I didn't! I thought you loved me! And what's the point in raping me if you don't love me?! He opens his eyes

'Holly: you dumb little boy... This is the point.. She rolls off Jackson and screams KYLE!!

Kyle: he runs in a looks at what's happening, then throws Jackson in Hollys old cage, locking the cage door do not try and rape her b*stard.

Jackson: WHAT THE F*CK?! She was the one to friggin rape me! Give me my clothes back!

(Ooc:ill reply iin the morning. I'm tired) (Ooc:sleep. Sleep. Sleepppp)

Kyle: he wraps his arms around Holly, one over her chest and the other between her legs and you really expect me to belive you?

Jackson: Give me my clothes back!

Kyle: go get dressed, we have a meeting later. He let's go of Holly

Holly: she walks out of the room

Ambrosine: kyle, hunny. Please. Let me out.

Kyle: later hun. (Ooc: I have pe. Might blank)

Jackson: Give me my clothes, Kyle!

Anton: he slides the keys towards him

Kyle: holly has been dying to torcher you and Zach, jackson.

Jackson: he scowls Was this all apart of the plan? How about Anton and Ambosine, cuz there're escaping right now.

Anton: he starts working on the lock

Kyle: holly doesn't care about them. And we all really work for holly.

Jackson: he growls so this was all the main plan? Me and Zach in the cage, while Anton and Ambosine get freedom?

Anton: the door opens and he gets though, then runs to Ambosine cage and does the same thing

Kyle: exactly.

Anton: he frees Ambosine and runs to Zachs cage

Jackson: What!? He pounds on the bars Let me go!

Kyle: he summons a skeleton leave Zach!

Anton: he flinches and turns around, fist ready Why? He's my friend.

Kyle: holly wants him. You are not allowed to take him.

Anton: Fine. Ambosine, lets go.

Holly: she walks in. Her spear on her back, shild on her arm and sword in the other hand. She's fully dressed in armor. I'm sorry Anton. But I don't really need you.

Ambrosine: she backs away from Holly. Please, let's go.

Anton: he nods and grabs ambosines hand and runs out

Zach: he starts to wake up Ughhh...

Ambrosine: she runs out keeping tight hold of anton's hand

Holly: she kneels besides Zach's cage morning.

Zach: he moans and clutches his head Uhh...Hol. He sits up bolt right Hol, get me out!

Jackson: he rolls his eyes

Holly: she reaches through the bars and strokes his cheek I wasn't ment to fall in love with you.

Zach: his eyes starts to tear up W-w-what? N-no, don't l-leave me here. I l-love you.

Jackson: She won't let you out, dippsh*t. She's gonna torture us. And I still want my clothes back!

Holly: when Zach says he loves her tears start rolling down her cheeks I can't look weak Zach.

Zach: he pleads with his eyes Hol, whatever you do to me, ill still love you. No matter.

Holly: she moves her hand away and shakes her head please don't. Itll just make this harder.

Zach: Fine. Just do it.

Holly: she stands up and looks at kyle. Get the rest of them. I don't want to hurt him without them believing me that I did.

Kyle: sure. He walks out.

Holly: she brushes the tears away with the back of her hand and tries not to look at Zach

Jackson: Can you get me my clothes? I don't like being almost naked and then have you cut me.

Holly: I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU JACKSON! Her fingers clench into fists

Jackson: rolls his eyes Sheesh. Someone's mad. High, even.

Zach: he whimpers at the sound of holly yelling

Holly: she sits on the floor, her back to the both of them. She wraps her arms around her legs its not my choice Jackson.

Zach: What?

Jackson: but Kyle said it was your idea..

Holly: she shakes her head they all just take me as the natural leader, even Lily... I can't look weak in front of them.

Zach: he nods I understand, Hol. He shuffles uneasily Why don't you get started? Pretend that I was screaming to be let out and you got pissed off?

Holly: she stands up and draws her sword or... Or I could let you out and hurt myself so it looked like you hurt me...

Zach: No. I don't want that way. Plus you'll only have to trace one of my many scars from the week. It'll be easier.

Holly: not for me. She digs her sword into her arm and bites her lip hard. Work together... Use my weapons... She drops Zach's key in fron of him and does the same for jackson. Then slices her leg, she falls to her knees and drops her sword.

Zach: he quickly unlocks the bolt and runs to her, picking up the sword just in case anyone came, he whispers 'you ok?' And then screams I thought you loved me! He winks at her and kicks Jackson's key away from him

Holly: she shakes her head both of you..out! I tought them how to fight... With their powers... I'm not even sure I could stop 'em. She puts her hand on the slash on her leg and let's herself pass out.

Zach: he picks up holly and kicks the key back No funny business, Jackson.

Jackson: he unlocks the door and starts putting on his clothes Fine. And don't think ill thank you for this, Johnson. This is your choice to let me out. Your mistake. He runs out

Zach: he grunts and starts walking at the exit

Kyle: he, Ellie, lily and Akila come in and spot Zach carrying Holly. Kyle draws his daggers leave her alone.

Ellie: she draws her sword and tosses it from hand to hand. You're so dead Zachary.

Akila: she backs away from them towards the light swich.

Zach: he bites his lip and melts into the shadows and tries to walk past them

Akila: she hits the light swich and the room goes pitch black get out of here zach! Then she turns into a mouse and runs off.

Zach: he starts running faster and shadow travels to Hollys room Shadow!

Shadow looks up from Holly's bed and sees Holly and runs to them

Zach: he limps towards shadow can you get me some bandages? He looks down at his ankle and anything to make a cast. I think I sprained my ankle.

Shadow goes under Hollys bed a brings out a box full off bandages, plasters and what ever you can use to make a cast

Zach: he sets holly down and starts bandaging her wounds, then trying to make his cast

Holly: she coughs a bit and turns over

Zach: he looks at her and limps the the medicine cabinet just in case she needed her medicine, then he limps back

Holly: she doesn't open her eyes but holds her hand out pass it.

Zach: he passes it to her and makes her into the sitting postion

Holly: she opens her eyes and takes a sip I could have sat myself up you know.

Zach: I want to take care of you. Let me take care of you now.

Holly: she blushes but shakes her head I told you to leave me Zach.

Zach: I love you holly, you know I won't do that.

Holly: she blushes more and lies down so her head is resting in his lap I know Zach.

Zach: he strokes her hair How do you feel? Want me to get anything?

Holly: she yawns slightly no thanks. I'm fine, just tired.

Zach: he smiles good. I won't be going anywhere soon, with this sprained ankle. So dont worry.he looks down at Hollys shirt wasn't that shirt owned by me a few months back when I disappeared?

Holly: she nods and blushes I missed you so I stole one of your shirts.

Zach: he smiles tightly and kisses her gently I don't think 'stole' is the right term I think 'Zach gave' is the right term.

Holly: she smiles sleepily you were not there. So it is counted as stealing.

Zach: he bites his lip Yeah. I was somewhere with someone else. He lifts him and holly onto her bed

Holly: her heart tumps so loudly in her chest she's scared Zach will hear it. So do you want your top back?

Zach: Nah, it's all yours.

Holly: really? Becuase you can have it right now if you want it off me.

Zach: he shakes his head nah. Plus I like to see you wear it. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside

Holly: she blushes again and moves her head so she can see him you know I hate it when I blush...

Zach: But you know I love it. Makes you look cuter. Grins

Holly: she pouts mockingly so I'm not cute unlessim blushing?

Zach: I never said that. He smiles You should sleep, ill be right here.

Holly: she smiles before the tiredness wins and she falls asleep (ooc: that's what I feel like doing right now.)

Zach: he strokes her hair Kyle you better not show up now...(ooc: then go ahead.)

Kyle: he shadow travels into the room (ooc: fel asleep)

Zach: he swears under his breath (ooc: that's good)

Kyle: he holds out his arms pass Holly here, now. (Ooc: I have a detention at lunch :( )

Zach: he pulls her closer No. She's mine. (Ooc: that sucks :( our school doesn't have detention)

Kyle: he laughs and takes a step forward you don't believe that do you. (Ooc: I know :( but I can talk all through french :)

Zach: Yes I do. He lifts her into his arms (ooc: lucky. We're doing the vow of silence today.)

Kyle: pass her here now Johnson. (Ooc: unlucky... Me and my friends are going to do a sponsered day on rollerskates.)

Zach: No. (Ooc: Kewl. I can't rollerblade :( )

Holly: she nussles into Zach's arms

Kyle: you sad excuse for a demi god. You really should just go to our fathers land. (Ooc: I love it, and ice skating.)

Zach: Been there and back. He holds holly more comfortablely (Ooc: I know how to ice skate :) )

Kyle: maybe you should take up a more permanate residence. (Ooc: we can go sometime... Maybe.)

Zach: Maybe I will. Not anytime soon, though. (Ooc: it's been like 5 years since I skated. XD)

Kyle: he takes out a dagger well, maybe I can fix that. (Ooc' sameage.)

Zach: he holds holly protectively You have to get though me before you can get her. (Ooc:wow.)

Kyle: he hesitates I'm not suppost to hurt her.

Zach: he stands up Well, then let us be on our way.

Kyle: fine. He shadow travels out.

Zach: he sighs and sits back down That was much easier then I expected.

Holly: she looks up they care for me. That's why.

Zach: he feels her forehead I thought they didn't. Why do they?

Holly: I... She rubs her hands over her eyes and coughs a bit I don't know.

Zach: he kisses her Take it easy, Hol. It's ok, I'm here.

Holly: she snuggles into his chest I'm not used to people taking care of me.

Zach: Then you better get used to it. Cause I want to take care of you. Forever. He wraps his arms around her

Holly: she leans on his chest will we get married Zach?

Zach: he hesitates I don't know. Are you allowed to do that? And you already have someone else's kid.

Holly: her body tenses ill give away the kid... And my mom's dead.

Zach: he pulls her in closer Lets just let the future happen. Right now I just don't want to worry about anything but you. he smiles and leans in

Holly: she kisses him softly

Zach: he puts passion into the kiss

Holly: she moans a bit and moves hour hands down his jeans

Zach: he starts removing his shirt

Holly: she kisses him more forcefully.

Zach: he takes off his shirt and starts working on hollys top

Holly: she pulls off his jeans and traces her hands around the bare flesh

Zach: he throws her top beside his shirt and starts taking off her jeans

Holly: she pulls away a bit I love you.

Zach: I love you too, Hol.

Holly: she runs kisses doen his neck

Zach: he takes of her jeans and runs a hand around her waist

Holly: shr leans on him and runs a hand down his body.

Zach: he traces a scar lightly on her arm

Holly: she winces abit but carries on kissinh him

Zach: he runs his hand down the side of her body

Holly: she kisses him with pure passion (ooc: sorry, I was in drama)

Zach: he closes his eyes and rest his hands on her *beep* (ooc: s'ok, and how did you sleep last night, btw?)

Holly; she moans and kisses him more (ooc: fine. Wbu?)

Zach: he kisses her with more passion and desire (ooc: I woke up around 4, then again at 5. I was hungry :/)

Holly: she runs her hand up his leg please.. Now.... (Ooc: unlucky)

Zach: looks confused Please what? (Ooc:yeah. Hey, did you talk to will recently?)

Holly: she blushes can we... You know... Do it? (Ooc: nah, I haven't.)

Zach: he smiles Sure. (Ooc:he's been very inactive....and time skip?)

(Ooc: I know and defo.)

Zach: he yawns Ugh, I'm tired....

Holly: she rests her head on his chest me too. (Anton doesn't trust Holly right?)

Zach: he smiles Good night, Hol. (Ooc: yeah. Why?

Holly: she streches out and falls asleep (ooc: can he come in)

Zach: he smiles and falls alseep also

Anton: he opens the door And comes in, when he sees Zach and holly, he almost gags. He tries to pry holly of Zach

Holly: she makes a noise tired...

Anton: he freezes but then coutiunes attempting to get Zach

Holly: leave me alone... I'm tired.

Zach: he jerks suddenly in his sleep

Anton: he ducks under the bed

Holly: she rolls over and her hand goes over the bed.

Anton: he holds his breath

Zach: he jerks again and his hand moves out as if grabbing something

Holly: she streaches out and her body is on the edge of the mattress

Anton: he crawls deeper under the bed

Holly: she yawns and gets out of bed groggily, then goes down on her knees and reaches out under her bed to grab something

Anton: he crawls onto the other end of the bed

Shadow growls at Anton

Holly: she stands up and walks over so... Spying on me and my boyfriend huh?

Anton: he gulps Im worry what might happen to Zach if he's with you. I don't trust you enough to even let him hug you.

Holly: we you are a very smart boy... She takes a step towards him so their bodies are almost touching maybe too smart.

Anton: he steps back a little What do you want to do?

Zach: he jerks again

Holly: she takes a step forward and takes his hand and places it on her bare chest I will make sure Zach never trust you again.

Anton: he tries to pull his hand back He'll trust me, nothing you say will make me seem evil to him.

Holly: she leans closer so their bodies are touching he loves me Anton.

Anton: he tries again to pull his hand back and step back, and he falls onto the bed Im his best friend, his right hand!

Holly: she falls on top of him and pulls his shirt off look, this goes two ways. Either I carry on, happily loving Zach with you out of the picture, or you get your way and a mopey, heartbroke Zach, which would you like?

Anton: he screams Help! Help!

Holly: she rolls off him and curls up in a ball Zach! Help me... Please!

Zach: he moans and rolls over, obviously still sleeping

Anton: he blinks What the...

Holly: she smiles at anton then screams zach! Anton... Help me!

Zach: he jerks awake and takes a look At the sence, he punches Anton from where he was sleeping WHY YOU HURT HER?

Anton: he hits the ground It wasn't me! She wants you to not trust me!

Zach: he curles his lip Is that so?

Holly: she skaes her head, tears running down her face he... Tried to... Have sex...with me.


Anton: She's lying! I swear I didn't do anything! I swear on the river Styx she's lying! I'm in love with London, you know that!

Zach: he frowns

Holly: she curls up tighter and sobs more I hate him... I hate him...

Zach: he goes and picks her up, then goes back on the bed Anton, get out of here and don't come back till I sorted this though.

Anton: he grabs his shirt and runs out

Holly: zach... He's horrible, decideful and minupulative. (Ooc: my friends are angry at me and I'm happy.)

Zach: he frowns I've known Anton for a long time, he isn't like that. I know his secrets, everything about him from A to Z. He isn't like that. (Ooc: lol. Same here.)

Holly: she puts her arms around her knees he's like that with me. (Ooc: soul twins!!!!!!! What have you done?)

Zach: It's ok Hol. Ill deal with him later. (Ooc:a friend owes me $5 and she isn't bringing it and I'm spoiling gone for her everyday she doesn't bring it. And my other friend is mad at me cuz I won't talk to her for the rest of the week :) )

Holly: so what now? (Ooc: apparently I'm messing up our sleepover... I hate people like this.)

Zach: Um, can I ask you something? (Ooc: ikr?!)

Holly: sure, go ahead. (Ooc: ughhhh! My friends are angry at me becuase I'm right all the time)

Zach: Were...we're you actually going to rape Jackson? (Ooc: my friends think I'm annoying.)

Holly: no. Of course not. (Ooc: same here!)

Zach: his sholuLders relaxens Ok, good. (Ooc: I have a way of pissing off everyone in my grade :) )

Holly: she starts getting dressed. I'm going to go for a walk Zach. (Ooc: ikr?!)

Zach: Ok. He gets dressed Ill stay here. (Ooc: what's one trick?)

Holly: great. I need some time to think anyway. She pulls on her jeans and top (ooc: I might fall asleep btw)

Zach: he nods (ooc: don't mind. Sleep whenever.)

Holly: she puts armor on over her clothes and picks up her spear. Ill see ya soon. (Ooc: sorryyyy...)

Zach: he nods See you.(ooc:what ya sorry about? I don't mind at all. I actually want you to sleep.)

Holly: she kisses Zach quickly before running out of the room (ooc: okay, ill try and sleep more)

Zach: he relaxens onto the bed and looks at the ceiling, not paying attention to whoever walks into the room (ooc: thank you :) )

Like 30 mins later

Kyle: he sprits into Hollys room as a buzzing is in his ears Hol!- when he sees zach he goes really pale sh*t! Can you hear the buzzing too?! (Ooc: you're welcome and can he hear buzzing please)

Zach: he had his hands covered around his ears Yeah! Who the f*ck is it?! His eyes widen Holly!

Kyle: he is trembling n-no! She can't die!

Zach: It can't be her! He jumps out of bedWe have to find out who! (Ooc:who is it?)

Kyle: of course we do! (Ooc: lily but holly was the one to kill her and she's got some pretty bad wounds)

Zach: he runs out of the room, screaming Hollys name and a lot of other people's such as Anton, melody, etc.

Kyle: they find ambrosine,alex, an un consious holly and lily with her throat sliced, ambrosine has her ear resting on holly's chest listening for a pulse

Zach: he sees the sence and it's to much for him, his hands shake and he collapses onto the ground beside holly

Ambrosine: she moves away from Holly and over to Zach, then shakes his shoulders zach! We think Holly's gonna be fine!

Zach: he coutiunes shaking Not Hol...her...he gets up and goes behind the trees, and you can hear him vomiting (ooc:it's snowing right now at my place....)

Ambrosine: she follows him and puts a hand on his back there is actually nothing I can say to make this any better. (Ooc: its sunny here)

Alex: he's kneeling next to Holly, gripping her hand, murmering soft words to her

Zach: he vomits more Can you take Hol out of here? And everyone else? Please. I won't move till there gone. I...I need to do something.

Ambrosine: do... Do you want us to take Lily's body?

Zach: he shakes his head No. Leave it.

Ambrosine: she nods and walks over to Alex, she tells him somethings and he picks up Holly and walks back to her room with Kyle and Ambrosine

Zach: he walks out and picks up Lilly's body, closing her eyes. He then walks to the mortuary to bury it

(Ooc:can we do a time skip?) (Ooc: sure)

Half an hour later

Zach: he looks at Lilly's grave, his body numb. He doesn't notice Kyle behind him

Kyle: he puts a hand on Zach's shoulder poor Lily...

Zach: he nods I...I don't understand, why Hol would do such a thing. I came close to killing her, but that was anger. His fist clench I hate that emotion. Hate it.

Kyle: Holly is still unconisious and Ambrosine is keeping her that way until she can figure out how to calm her down but what I can understand from her wounds and what Alex has said is that Lily was trying to kill Alex and Holly got in the way, almost died and Alex doesn't think that Holly was aiming for her throat.

Zach: Only one way to find out. He walks into the forest We have to talk to her.

Kyle: we have to talk to Lily?!

Zach: Or you can f*ck off and let me do it alone.

Kyle: dude she scared me when she was living. You're on your own

Zach: scowls I knew it. He walks into the woods and starts chanting for Lilly to come

Lily: she appeares, sitting down on the floor and playing with her jacket

Zach: Hey Lilly. He smiles tightly

Lily: she looks up and smiles sadly I was wondering when you were gonna call for me.

Zach: he nods How's the underworld?

Lily: its okay. I thought your dad would have given me a punishment for being the child of Zues but I got lucky. (Ooc: what's the place called in the underworld where they can go if they are heroes?)

Zach: I'm sorry. (Ooc:Elysium)

Lily: about what? (Ooc: thanks)

Zach: he shuffles uneasily About holly killing you and the time I tried to kill you. I hope you can forgive me. (Ooc: no prob.)

Lily: she plays with her jacket again its fine. I'm over it... I think.

Zach: he kicks the dirt in front of him If it helps I have been changing my thoughts about holly.

Lily: there is definatly something wrong with her...

Zach: Mind telling me what happen?

Lily: I was talking with Alex and I got angry with him so I drew my sword. Holly picked then to turn up and she pushed him behind her and took me on. I fought her back and got quite a few wounds on her and then Alex tried to grab holly's arm and she managed to pull her arm out and her sword sliced my neck.

Zach: Oh...must not have felt good to die like that.

Lily: it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.

Zach: Instant death...I buried your body, FYI.

Lily: she smiles thank you zach.

Zach: he nods I....there's too many dead. I just want to bring them all back. My mom, my trainer, you, my half-sister...too much. My body is just numb, I can't feel anything.

Lily: at least you still have a body...

Zach: Sometimes I wish I don't. He sighs Where are you in the underworld?

Lily: Elysium... (Ooc: night.)

Zach: he smiles Wow. That's great. He pauses you want to be reborn anytime let? (Ooc: :) )

Lily: I don't know yet.

Zach: Ok. Good. He looks around Did...did you have a boyfriend?

Lily: she nods Max. We wernt really dating but... I think I would have loved him.

Zach: Oh. I'm sorry holly took that away from you.

Lily: she looks at the floor I miss him....

Zach: he reaches out to stroke her cheek but then pulls back Do you want to talk to him? I can get him here.

Lily: she shakes her head I... I don't want him to see me....

Zach: nods I understand. But I should tell him...

Lily: Holly will.

Zach: She's the one that killed you, that would be tempting trying not to kill her if I was him.

Lily: is it so bad if she dies?

Zach: Yes. But right now I can't really feel any emotions. I'm just sick with grief. So you should ask me that when I'm normal again.

Lily: dude, she killed me with no remorse.

Zach: he looks like he might be sick I can't beileve...that..she would do such a thing

Lily: she stands up two people have already died from her blade, are you gonna let her kill more?!

Zach: No, I won't let her kill more!

Lily: zach... She looks at the floor again could you do something for me?

Zach: yeah, sure.

Lily: could you look after Dana for me?

Zach: I'll try. I mean, Dana is the one with the empathy link with you. So I don't really know what to do.

Lily: don't worry. Shell like you.

Zach: Ok. He smiles Ill see you next week?

Lily: you still want to talk to me?

Zach: Yes, but i...I'm losing energy. If I don't stop now ill pass out for awhile. But I want to talk to you every week.

Lily: she nods and smiles ill be looking forward to it.

Zach: he nods So will I.

Lily: she smiles go on, I don't want you to pass out.

Zach: he nods and brakes the communication. He then sighs and goes to Lilly's room, waving at Dana Hey Dana, hey girl.

Dana looks up when the door opens, expecting to see lily but when she sees zach she puts her head back in her paws

Zach: he approaches Dana Hey, Dana. I'm going To take care if you know. Lilly asked me to.

Dana stands up and goes over to Zach, then licks his shoe

Zach: he smiles sadly and pets Dana

Dana licks his hand

Zach: he laughs a little but it's quickly stops Do you want to go to my room Or stay here? Either way it wouldn't matter.

Dana nussles her head into his hand, saying 'go with you'.

Zach: Ok. He picks Dana up carefully A Dana snuggles into his arms

Zach: he walks outside and towards his room

Kyle: he appears in front of him what did lil say?

Zach: he doesn't look at him but walks past him stuff.

Kyle: he turns and catches up with him what's wrong?

Zach: he sighs and strokes Dana Its...hard to explain.

Kyle: you think lily died too young

Zach: he nods She had a boyfriend and a pet and everything. She didn't deserve to die.

Kyle: I know. Its horrible...

Zach: I don't even know what to think about it...he sighs again

Kyle: he looks at the ground Ambrosine is keeping Holly asleep for now.

Zach: he shuffles uneasily I..I don't know what to think of holly. She killed Lilly. I don't know.(ooc: I told will about hols kid that the name might be William, it was kinda funny how he reacted :P)

Kyle: neither do I bro. (Ooc: what did he say?)

Zach: he looks into the distance (ooc: he kept repeating his name and it was pretty funny.)

Kyle: I'm gonna go see Holly. Ill see ya later brah. (Ooc: :D )

Zach: he nods See ya...(ooc:he's probably reading this as we speak...text HI THERE)

Kyle: you can come and see her if you want to... Its just that Alex is getting all protective over her... (Ooc: if will is reading this then Hello. And talk to us!!! We need you!)

Zach: I...I'm not normal. I can't feel any grief or remorse. (Ooc: Wait, let me get him)

Kyle: he tries to laugh but it fails. I know what you mean Zach... But to be fair, you didn't really know Lil... (Ooc: please! I miss terry!!!)

Zach: he turns around Yes I do! She was a girl who didn't deserve to die by Hollys sword! (Ooc: he wants u 2 go on Skype. He's online.)

Kyle: no one deserves to die by Hollys sword. (Ooc: I can't mate... I'm at my cousins house... I'll try and download it on my phone)

Zach: he calmes himself God...I don't know what's wrong with me. (Ooc: ill say user page(s) to will.)

Kyle: you don't think that Holly would be capable of killing someone (ooc: awesome)

Zach: Yes. I..I need to go take Dana to my room. He walks off (ooc:says talk page too leggy, tells u 2 go onto dA and talk to him. I have Skype, so don't worry about me :) )

Kyle: he shadowtravels to Holly's room (ooc: serious! I've just gotten skype up on my phone...)

(Ooc: then go on Skype :) )

(Ooc: *facepalm* its failing... I'm on deviantart now...)


(Ooc: time skip?)

Zach: he is on his bed, looking up at the roof. Dana had been fed and everything

Holly: she comes into his room, ambrosine and Alex behind her, she looks tired, sick and sad, one of her arms is over ambrosine's shoulder

Ambrosine: hey zach...

Zach: Hey...he smiles tightly, easy to tell its forced (ooc: will on dA?)

Holly: let me Ambrosine... Let me please... Her hand keeps gripping her empty sword sheeth

Ambrosine: holly I won't let you kill youself...

Zach: he sighs So I'm not the only one who wants to die. Typical.

Holly: I killed her zach... I didn't mean to kill her!

Zach: he gets up and looks at holly Hol, I know. It was an accident, she's ok. She's in Elysium. He pets Dana

Holly: she slumps more on ambrosine I...she was only 15... She had a life, a boyfriend... I took that away...

Zach: he puts a hand on her Hol. Stop. Forget about it. She's fine.

Holly: she shakes her head I can't forget. She runs her hand down her arm, which is compleatly bandaged and so is most of her chest and some of her legs

Alex: he looks at the floor and fiddles with a piece of rope

Zach: Hol. He places a hand on her shoulder and looks at her concerned Look Lilly's just not going to be a camp for a long time ok? Just think that. He kisses her softly

Holly: she pulls away and stumbles into Alex's arms as she trips do-dont kiss me... Please. I'm a murderer... I don't deserve a boyfriend.

Zach: Hol. Stop it. He looks away Just. Stop. You're going to make me angry. Just. Stop.

Holly: I'm only saying the truth!

Zach: Hol. He turns to face her and you can see tears in his eyes Somethings with me.

Holly: look zach. She tries her best to lean on two feet but stumbles I'm sorta worrying about the fact I killed someone, so get angry at me if you want. Cuz I won't get angry back.

Zach: Thats the problem. I can't feel anything, no emotions at all!

Holly: she puts her hand on his shoulder I can only feel regret and saddness, feel lucky zach.

Zach: Im not lucky, I want to be normal. Have emotions.

Holly: I don't. She looks at the floor

Zach: he bites his lip Are you stressed?

Holly: she nods and wraps her arms around her waist

Zach: You should meditate. It relieves stress. That's what I would do with my trainer know.

Holly: she moves back from him and let's alex put an arm around her shoulders zach... I'm just sick of it all.

Zach: he sighs So am I.

Holly: you didn't kill someone!

(Ooc: you there???)

Zach: No. But you don't know how many deaths I've seen. Too many he moans and clutches his head (ooc: yeah. Just an btw, this week expect Friday ill be inactive around 8am till 7pm. Huge exam that I need to study for.)

Holly:she sits on the floor which is f*cking wrose?! (Ooc; okayyyyy)

Zach: Mines.

Holly: she jumps to her feet you really believe that you self considied jerk!

Zach: he looks started when holly jumps yes.

Holly: she slaps him hard accross the face I hate you.

Zach: he looks shocked and rubs his hand where she just slapped him. His eyes are somewhat wet he mutters Ow.

Holly: she spots zach's sword on the floor and she starts edging towards it I.. I just want it to end... She leans down to pick up his sword

Zach: he sees what she's trying to do and grabs his sword back and cuts his hand in the progress cause he took it from the blade

Holly: let me die! Why won't you let me kill myself!

Zach: Because I love you. Because I need you. He makes his blade into a cell phone again and slides it back into his pocket

Holly: you shouldn't! I'm a killer! I should of been killed not Lily!

Zach: his hand closes to a bloody fist No. I won't let you die. I love you. And I won't watch you kill yourself by my sword.

Holly: THEY she points at Alex and ambrosine Are trying to keep me calm but the funny thing is I'm never going to be calm again!

Zach: he looks past Alex and at Ambosine Sedate her. If you have any.

Alex: he walks behind holly and shoots a seditive into her arm and she collapes in his arms she's just got a lot of emotion at the moment.

Zach: I said Ambosine. Not you. He looks at his bloody fist, and you can tell he wants to punch Alex

Ambrosine: leave him alone Zach. He was only doing it becuase I can't really bring myself to sedate my step sister.

Zach: at the moment he looks like he wanted to collapses to ugh...

Alex: I'm gonna take holly back to her room. He leaves with holly

Ambrosine: so holly is just suisidel...

Zach: he staggers to Ambosine and falls into her arms so...tired...

Ambrosine: she mangeges to hold his waight and drag him back to his bed. Zach? Are you okay?

Zach: he looks dazed and sick ugh...

Ambrosine: in going to try and help you zach. Just let me okay? She starts bandaging his hand and puts a cold wash cloth on his forehead

Zach: he looks around with glassy eyes, as if trying to find someone

Ambrosine: what's up Zach?

Holly: she had barely woken up and ran away from Alex, she's in the forest Jackson!

Jackson: he stands above a tree If you're here to rape me, get the f*ck away from me.

Zach: mutters Dana...dana

Dana licks his face

Holly: she looks up no, I'm here for you to kill me

Zach: he smiles a little bit

Jackson: he thinks about it and then looks back down Im not a killer. I torture people, yes. I brainwash people, yes. But I don't kill. Sorry.

Holly: because you're weak.

Ambrosine: you okay now?

Zach: he nods a little but then winces Not yet.

Jackson: No. Because its like killing a tree with a stick. I can't do it. Trust me, I would love to, but my body won't allow that.

Holly: why?!

Ambrosine: need my help?

Jackson: he climbs down My past. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Zach: he smiles sadly Yes, please.

Holly: she sighs and sits on the floor they won't let me kill myself, I'm not even allowed a weapon on me....

Ambrosine: what do you need?

Zach: he looks at his hand I need to know how to make Hol forget know.

Jackson: he pats himself All my weapons are in Anton's hand expect for this stick. He picks up a twig Is it still your day with me?

Holly: oh, that. Is it seriously still the same day? It just seems like one continuous nightmere.

Ambrosine: she looks away I've been trying to think about that too... But I don't think there is anything we can do...

Alex: he bursts in Holly escaped...

Zach: he sits up so fast he almost hits heads with ambrosine What?

Jackson: he nods Uh, yeah. He sits down beside her

Alex: holly escaped.

Holly: why can't I just die? It would make everyones life easier...

Zach: he gets up and shoves Alex to the ground You son of a b*tch!

Jackson: Meh...he shrugs and looks down at his feet

Holly: I mean would it really affect your life if I died?

Alex: dude! I didn't mean to let her!

Jackson: he bites his lip A little, I guess. He moves a lock of hair away from her eyes

Holly: she moves a bit away from him I... I don't like people touching me.

Jackson: Oh. He looks slightly disappointed

Zach: I should have ever let you get out of my room! He flicks his sword open and stabs it into Alex shoulder, pinning him

Holly: she looks at the floor I've always hated people touching me, touching means judging... Judging tells me ill never be who I want to be...

Alex: he winces in pain I love her Zach! And she doesn't seem too pleased with you at the moment!

Zach: his lower lip curles and he starts punching and kicking Alex I don't care! I hate you!

Jackson: hey, it's ok. He smiles and looks at her

Holly: she smiles back and blushes a little thanks

Alex: don't you think we should be finding Holly?!

Jackson: Welcome. He puts a hand to rub his temple, in the same way Zach does

Zach: She's lost now, we won't find her! Slapps him in the face

Ambrosine: actually... I have some speculation on where she would go.

Holly: she looks at a near by tree it seems like I'm just growing apart from Zach and them... And it seems I have more in common with you.

Zach: he turns around Where?

Jackson: Well you can be an ally.

Holly: she smiles and wraps her arms around her knees. They are gonna start lookin' for me soon...

Ambrosine: if I wanted to die I'd go find Jackson. That's what I think Holly has done.

Jackson: No kiddin. I know where to hide you, but confirm this, are you on my side?

Zach: he rubs his shoulder blade, where there was a J.G. On it

Alex: I'd go to my bro too.

Holly: she nods they don't like my talents, so you can have them. So yeah, I'm on your side.

Zach: How can I trust you not to be a backstabber?

Jackson: he stands up Then ill show you one of our hideouts, and tell you a story on the way. Have I told you how I met Zach?

Holly: she gets to her feet nah, you haven't.

Alex: you can't. But ambrosine trusts me.

Zach: he hesitates and pulls his sword out of Alex's shoulder Fine.

Jackson: Well I was in the dark forest, pissed. Then Zach came by and thought I was scared. I said to go away but he wouldn't budge. Then I, Er, got mad and sort of tortured him to the point where he was begging me to kill him. I showed him his ultimate fear before leaving him there. Then his buddy Anton found him and Zach made Anton swore to never tell anyone, it was to embrassing for him.

Alex: he stands up and rubs his shoulder gods dude.

Holly: wow. He's such a kid...

Zach: he scowls We're wasting time. Lets go.

Jackson: Which is why I kept at him for weeks.

Ambrosine: she leaves the room come on lads.

Holly: I would.

Zach: he waves at Dana Be back soon, Dana.

Jackson: He's the perfect punching bag. Always recovering, only to be beaten down again. He starts walking

Holly: she walks with him don't I know it.

Alex: he catches up with Ambrosine

Zach: he looks at his hand Do you think she found him let?

Jackson: If you don't beileve me, then look at his right shoulder blade. It has my initials on him.

Holly: seriously? That's awesome.

Ambrosine: probably...

Zach: he bites his lip Then we need to start running.

Jackson: Yeah, he was my first victim. So he got the first special offer.

Ambrosine: she smiles you run, ill fly.

Holly: why are you being nice to me?

Zach: Nah, Alex runs, you fly, I shadow travel.

Jackson: he shrugs It's still your day.

Holly: she looks at the ground to hid her blush

Alex: great.

Ambrosine: ill see if I can find her she shoots off

Zach: he melts into the shadows and runs off

Jackson: We're almost there. Lets hurry. He starts running

Holly: she sprints after him

Jackson: he opens a small door and crawls inside, hoping ally was there

Holly: she follows but as soon as she's inside Ally grabs her by the neckagh!

Jackson: She's on our side, ally!

Ally: she tightens her grip how can we trust her?!

Jackson: he tries to pry her hands off Hollys neck Get Ellie, smart one!

Ally: she let's go of hollys neck fine. Ill be right back she leaves

Holly: she collapes on her knees with a hand on her throat she's... Mean...

Jackson: he nods She tied me to her bed when we met. (Ooc: I think I been cursed by a child of Apollo)

Holly: she gets to her feet and rubs her throat and she hates me so that's a plus. (Ooc: why?)

Jackson: he stares at her with a 0.0 face Youre speaking in rhyme..(ooc: at least once a day, I speak a line in rhyme.)

Holly: am I? (Ooc: cool)

Jackson: he shakes his head Never mind. (Ooc: but annoying.)

Ellie: she comes in what do you- she sees Holly and draws her sword, holding it under Hollys neck

Holly: what is it? Almost kill Holly day?

Jackson: he moves holly behind him She's on our side. You don't beileve it? Then you have to get though me first.

Holly: her jaw drops

Ellie: nah, we believe you Jackson.

Jackson: Good. He still doesn't move

Ally: she smiles so Holly has finally come to her senses. (Ooc: good luck with your test!!)

Jackson: he smiles and nods Yes, she has. He looks at Ellie Wonder what the others would think...(ooc: thanks! :) )

Ellie: her gaze drifts to Holly ah. That's why she joined our side.

Holly: she shakes her head

Zach: he is in front of the hideout Guys! She's here! Guys!

Jackson: he hears Shut Zach up before he tells our location.

Ally: my turn she leaves the hideout hey Zach.

Holly: she backs away from the door of the hideout.

Zach: he jumps Guys! Hurry! He curles his lip, nervous

Ally: it seems like they arnt coming....

Ambrosine: she drops down behind ally and trips her over sorry I took so long.

Zach: he smiles and kneels down beside ally, he isn't paying much attention and his eyes look distracted

Jackson: he mouths 'they're here'

Ally: you're worried about your little brat of a cousin arnt you?

Holly:she wimpers a bit and mouths back 'don't let them take me back'

Zach: he grabs her by the shirt and lifts her upWhere is she? Tell me.

Jackson: he nods and smiles reassuringly

Ally: she looks smug you really think you can threaten me Zach? I'm not scared of you at all.

Alex: he comes jogging up but I know what your scared of. He smiles and shows her fear to her.

Ally: in the hideout! Jacksons being all protective of her!

Holly: she shrinks back against the wall

Jackson: Ellie! Kill Zach, or hurt him. He's the main leader. Hol, come. He starts running to another room

Zach: he drops ally and opens the door and crawls though

Holly: she follows Jackson

Ellie: she acts like its only been her and Ally in the room, she has her sword out. Hey Zach.

Zach: he stops crawling and blocks Alex and ambrosine from coming thOugh Where is she? Tell me!

Jackson: he points to a hatch escape route. You first.

Ellie: where who is?

Holly: she hesitates but then goes through (ooc: I'm really tired so if I don't reply I'm sleeping)

Zach: he comes though and goes so. Close to Ellie there bodies are almost touching Hol. Tell me now. Stop playing dumb (ooc: just sleep)

Ellie: she kisses him on the lips

Zach: he's so shocked he doesn't do anything

Ellie: she moves away a bit. Now, where's who?

Zach: uhh...he shakes his head Holly. And Jackson. He still looks dazed

Jackson: he follows holly

Ellie: you just missed them.

Zach: He steps closer and looks at her in the eye Tell me!

'Ellie: only because I don't like Holly. She points into the other room

Zach: he runs into the other room and goes down the escape hatch

Jackson: he points to another room we need to capture Zach into there. The others aren't coming. He grabs his sword and hands holly some rope

Holly: okay. She holds the rope

Zach: he jumps down and spy's Jackson Where is holly?

Jackson: he nods slightly, telling holly to go I thought she was with you, Zach.

Zach: Stop playing dumb! I have the advantage anyways!

Jackson: Oh, really? Like how I tortured you in the woods?

Holly: she giigles a bit but then slaps her hand over her mouth

Zach: he looks at Jackson where is she? Tell me!

Jackson: he says only loud enough for holly to hear go now. Sneak attack.

Holly: she runs towards Zach and tackles him

Zach: he hits the ground Arhh! He looks at holly Hol? Since when did you have a twin?

Holly: what?

Zach: Ugh...he looks dazed and tries to get holly off him

Jackson: he locks the escape hatch Guess its just us three, right, Zach?

Zach: he swallows

Holly:she eases off him

Zach: he backs up and hits the wall with his shoulder blade and yelps

Holly: he's all yours Jackson.

Jackson: he smiles and approaches Zach, while showing him his fear

Zach: he screams and tries to crawl to holly

Holly: don't touch me. She kicks him in the stomach

Zach: he makes a grunt and hits the ground

Jackson: You want Ellie and ally to be here? I already have fun with him everyday. They don't really get much turns. Or you.

Holly: I'd rather not touch the pethetic little maggot. (Ooc: you off school?)

Zach: he whimpers and curles into a ball I thought you loved me...(ooc: yeah.)

Holly: I did. (Ooc: oh... Sorry. I got sent home from school and I fell asleep...)

Zach: he moans Why? Why did and not do? (Ooc: why were you sent home? And it's ok.)

Holly: because you don't get it! You think you can empitise with me but no, you can't! I'm near enough a lost cause and you should have dumped me the second you found out about me killing Lily! (Ooc: I'm really ill apparently.)

Zach: he whimpers and starts crying (ooc: I told you you should sleep. I caught the cold.)

Holly: her eyes narrow you little wimp Zach. If you put yourself to it you could kill me without a second thought. But you are far to much a wimp. (Ooc: malnutrition, not lack of sleep. That's what's caused it)

Zach: he looks at her and whimpers and coutiunes crying soundlessly (ooc: you didn't tell me about it...)

Holly: she kicks him again you're pathetic. (Ooc: I haven't told you a lot of stuff about me)

Zach: he cries out in pain and wipes the tears away, but they only come back (ooc: well same here. So I guess we're pretty even.)

Holly: she turns to Jackson I can understand why you hate him now. (Ooc: I know)

Jackson: he nods and looks at the hatch worriedly You think they're...

Zach: he pulls out his sword

Holly: she looks at it too. Not sure...

There is a bang on the hatch

Alex: Holly! Zach! You in there?!

Zach: he tries to stand but collapses. He groans

Jackson: he points down the hall Thats where the escape is. Should we take Zach? Or leave him. If we leave him they'll know where to go.

Holly: leave him. It will make it more fun when they find out.

Ambrosine: alex let me. She starts to summon a wind to blow it open

Jackson: Kay, then lets run. He slashes Zachs arm before running towards the end of the hall

Zach: he screams in pain

Holly: she sprints after Jackson

Ambrosine: the hatch flies open and she comes through, followed by Alex, she runs over to Zach oh zach... She gets bandages out of her backpack and starts to bandage his arm

Alex: where's holly Zach?

Zach: he remains in his curled ball poistion. He tries to tell Alex but it comes out as a sob

Ambrosine: she runs her hand down the side of his ribs, pausing at each one. Tell me if any hurt Zach. She looks really worried

Zach: he cries out on most of the ribs

Ambrosine: she moves back a bit. Most of his ribs are fractured or brusied so it will be unsafe to move him... But we can't just leave him here to find holly and get her to heal him.

Alex: he looks at the corridor you stay, ill try and find her.

Zach: he tries to talk to Alex but only a gurgle comes out. He keeps trying

Alex: don't worry Zach. Ill find her and bring her back. He goes into the corridor.

Zach: he coutiunes sobbing

Jackson: he hears Alex Ill distract him. You keep going and escape. Try to get to my room. Ill see you there. He runs towards Alex's direction

Holly:she carries on running

Alex: he sees Jackson where is she?

Jackson: he frowns Who? I'm by myself. Wait. He glares at Alex How did you find our base? Who told you?

Alex: stop trying to change the subject brother. Holly came to you. We know she did. (Ooc: night)

Jackson: he looks surprised and laughs Holly? HOLLY? Oh gods, I didn't know you had a sence of humor, Alex. That was such a good joke.

Alex: he takes a step towards him and punches him

Jackson: Ow! He rubs the side of his face What the heck?!

Alex: you may not think this is funny but we care for holly, unlike you. We would do almost anything to make sure she's safe.

Jackson: If she's not with me, ally, or Ellie she's as safe as anyone. I'm telling you, she isn't here!

Alex: he turns on his heel. Leave now before I change my mind.

Jackson: Change your mind? About what?

Alex: believeing that she's not with you.

Jackson: he hesitates well, she's not. He's worried that the hesitation might give it away that she is with him

Alex: just get out of here.

Jackson: No. You get out of here, this is our base. He draws his knife

Alex: Zach can't move brother. And Ambrosine won't risk it either.

Jackson: he shrugs Your problem, brother. Go fix it yourself.

Alex: you know we don't help. We only hurt. (Ooc: shower then I need to tell you something)

Jackson: he snarls Then go find someone else. (Ooc: and ill tell you something too, cuz Thats even)

Alex: he pauses and looks Jackson in the eyes so, just to be clear, you wouldn't mind if I checked your room? (Ooc: please don't say you had a dream about me last night...)

Jackson: he doesn't say anything ... (Ooc: no, I didn't.)

Alex: so that's where she is. (Ooc: oh good.)

Jackson: he snarls and stabs Alex in the leg (ooc: Was that what you wanted to tell me?)

Alex: he falls to his knees with his hand over the wound argh... (Ooc: yeah... I just... Its hard to explain)

Jackson: he stabs him in the other leg and starts dragging him towards the exit (ooc: try your best :) )

Alex: he tries to squirm away let go of me! (Ooc:Or before. I remember waking up on the floor of a house and someone was over me, trying to wake me. I sat up and it was like I could see two places at once, the house we were in and a beach with 4 boys on it, waiting.)

Jackson: No. You know to much. Can't have you crawling back to ambrosine. He ties a gag over Alex's mouth and slices both of his arms before running away (ooc: wow, that's cool.)

Alex: mfhhh!!! He passes out (ooc: not really, it scared me.)

Jackson: he meets up with holly Change of plans, we're going somewhere else. (Ooc: I can understand why. Do you remember what the boys faces look like? I have a strange feeling ill know one of them.)

Holly: where are we going then? (Ooc: blacky brown hair and blue eyes, that's all I can remember from one of them. Oh and one had blond hair and greenish eyes.)

Jackson: he shrugs You know Alex, Zach, and ambrosine better then I do. What's the least likely place they'll search? (Ooc: Ill get back to you if I know them. Gtgn)

Holly: I don't know. As far as I know they will serch everywhere for me. (Ooc: okay, speak soon)

Jackson: Then we have to leave camp. (Ooc: I feel like I've seen both boys somewhere, but the names aren't ringing a bell...)

Holly: but... Where? (Ooc: same here... When I was on my candaian snowboarding trip... I saw a bunch of boys... Maybe they were there...)

Jackson: My house? Zachs? I don't know. (Ooc: when you say the black hair blue eye boy, I just think of my reserved pic of Caine...)

Holly: she pulls out her phone. I could get us into a hotel within 5 minets. If you want of course. (Ooc: no, I'm certain I've seen him, but not in England. But annoyingly I've traveled all over.)

Jackson: Sure.

Zach: he looks up at ambrosine A-a-a-a-Alex...(ooc:luckly for me, I've haven't so ill pay close attention here.)

Holly: she types in a number hey danni, yes, I'm in America, I need you to set up a hotel arragement for a me and a friend. No questions, just set it up and call me back. She hangs us as easy as that.

Ambrosine: she looks down the corridor. Do you mind if I check? (Ooc: so one girl with black hair and 4 boys to find. Awesome.)

Jackson: he smiles Not as easy as me, but yeah.

Zach: he bites his lip J-j-j-Jackson... (Ooc: :P I need to find a girl with brown hair and 4 boys.)

Holly: she smiles too and this is why I think were going to get along.

Ambrosine: I promise ill come back, just don't move. She stands up. (Ooc: will! Whart colour hair does he have?!!)

Jackson: he laughs lightly Yeah.

Zach: he whimpers (ooc: he's Asian so I'm guessing black hair/eyes)

(Ooc:brb dinner.)

Holly: her phone goes off and she picks it up yeah, okay. We'll be there is 5. Oh and get some clothes for us. Any sizes. Bye. She hangs up come one. The hotel is a 5 minuet walk.

Ambrosine: she walks into the corridor and brings Alex back

Jackson: he nods Lets go.

Zach: he whimpers and wipes a tear from his eye and yelps

Ambrosine: she starts bandaging Alex

Holly: let's. (Ooc:timeskip?)


Jackson: he arrives at the hotel with holly

Zach: he tries to sit up straight but screams in pain

Ambrosine: she eases him back down what did I tell you...

Holly: she walks in with him and just at the sight of her the receptionist hands over the key thank you. She has put some of her old accent back into her voice, then she grabs Jackson's arm and takes him to the room

Jackson: he looks around Sure no one will recognize me here?

Zach: he whimpers softly

Holly: she opens the waredrobe and its full of baseball caps and dark clothes they knew that we would need to hide. She pulls on a baseball cap, compleatly hiding her hair.

Ambrosine: she feds him some ambrosia.

Zach: he eats the ambrosia and looks up W-we should g-g-go up t-there...

Jackson: he smiles and grabs a baseball cap and dark clothes to change into

Holly: I maybe young but I'm really powerful. She gets some clothes as well and begins getting changed.

Ambrosine: no. You're not allowed to move.

Zach: he whimpers I-Ill shadow t-travel.

Jackson: he gets changed and looks outside They won't be coming in awhile. Zach is unable to move and Alex has cuts on his arms and legs, which should keep him stable. And ambrosine won't leave them, knowing ally and Ellie are outside. He frowns I should get ally to move them.

Holly: she sits on the bed and sighs you hungry? I'm hungry...

Ambrosine: no. I'm not letting you move until you're better.

Alex: he coughs and shivers

Ambrosine: she takes off her jacket and puts it over Alex.

Jackson: A little bit.

Zach: he moans and whimpers more H-h-holly...s-she b-b-broke me...

Ambrosine: this gets her attention what? Holly? Why?

Holly: sorry. I changed the subject... I am just used to thinking about myself.

Jackson: mm..he sighs so you still want to die?

Zach: S-she d-d-doesn't l-love me anymore...he sniffs as he tells ambrosine what had happen before they found him, shuttering and sniffling constantly

Holly: she shakes her head not as badly.

Ambrosine: oh sh*t... Why... Why are we still after her then?

Zach: I-I s-sill love h-her...

Jackson: My presence helps?

Holly: she nods and lies back

Ambrosine: she strokes his hair I'm sorry.

Zach: he whimpers softly and looks at the hatch W-what if e-e-Ellie comes t-though?

Jackson: he smiles and sits down on the bed across from her

Holly: she sighs I'm going to put on some pj's and get some rest. Do you mind if I do?

Ambrosine: ill fight her.

Zach: he nods S-she k-k-kissed me...he shudders

Jackson: Sure? He smiles reassuring

Holly: she stands up and gets some pj's from the waredrobe and then gets changed in full veiw of Jackson

Ambrosine: poor you.

Zach: he shivers from the memory I-I want to m-move.

Jackson: he tries not to stare and looks away

Holly: she laughs and pulls on the top stare all you want Jackson. Its not like you haven't seen me naked before.

Ambrosine: well you can't. (Ooc: 3 of my friends have had dreams like mine)

Zach: he whimpers I-I hate it h-here.

Jackson: he blushes slightly It just feels wrong, now that I have a girlfriend. (Ooc: you serious?! Wow, it must be important.)

Holly: she sighs and puts the trousers on, then goes over to her bed and slumps down. You tired?

Ambrosine: I do to. (Ooc: I think it is.)

Zach: he looks at Alex and attempts to sit up but screams again

Jackson: he shakes his head Not really. (Ooc: I think I might have the same dream this week)

Holly: she goes under the covers and snuggles down I talk yawns later...

Ambrosine: she eases him down again no more moving! It will just make it worse. (Ooc: if you see a girl lying on the floor covered in a blanketn that's me.)

Zach: he moans and touches his ribs and winces

Jackson: Ok. (Ooc: ill keep that in mind.)

Holly: she drifts off to sleep

Ambrosine: she strokes his hair (ooc: might fall asleep)

Zach: long will it take to stand? He looks at Alex When is he waking up (Ooc: Ellie or ally should come in. It's getting boring)

Ellie: she walks in, a smilw on her lips ah.. Nothing better is there? When people end up being captives when it wasn't even planned, right Ally?

Ally: she comes in behind her right.

Zach: he sits up suddenly and howls in pain

Ally: poor Zach. She summons vines to keep him pinned down

Ambrosine: she gets to feet. Ill hurt you.

Ally: she shoots a pine at ambrosine and it paralises her weaklings.

Ellie: she walks over to Zach sleep now, be full of pain later. She kicks him in the head. (Ooc: timeskip again)


Zach: he wakes up and clutches his head, and he winces Ughhh...he looks around wildly

Ally: she is talking with Ellie. So they are safe in the hotel?

Ellie: for the thousandth time yes!

Holly: she starts waking up

Jackson: he waits for holly to wake up

Zach: he tries to stand but he screams in pain and collapses on the ground again

Ellie: she rubs her ears ow zach. That hurt my ears. She draws her sword and kneels in front of him where do you want me to start?

Holly: she sits up really quickly in her bed, sweat trickiling down her face and her breathing uneven

Zach: he whimpers fearfully and bites his lip nervously, looking for Alex and ambrosine

Jackson: he looks at her and hands her a cloth Hey, did you get a nightmare?

Holly: she takes the cloth and rubs her face yeah. I did.

Ally: she sees him looking alex is resting in his bed and ambrosine... Well, she won't be helping you any time soon.

Zach: he whimpers P-p-please don't h-hurt m-m-me.

Jackson: What happened? (Ooc: didn't have the dream. Last night :/)

Holly: it was about when I was kidnapped last year...

Ellie: aw, poor Zach. She pouts and looks at Ally do we have to hurt him?

Ally: we actually don't.... (Ooc: I didn't have a dream last night.)

Zach: he frowns and whimpers W-what are y-y-you going t-to do with me?

Jackson: he smiles I have some good news for you. (Ooc:lol same)

Holly: what is it?

Ellie: I know what I want to do...

Zach: he whimpers

Jackson: Ellie has Zach and ambrosine captives. So we can go anywhere while they do whatever. (Ooc: actually, I did have a was somewhat related to the dream I wanted to have)

Holly: she smiles you wanna go shop for some comic books or something?

Ellie: she leans down and kisses him lightly

A scream can be heard from the other room, its Ambrosine

Jackson: Sure.

Zach: his eyes dart to where the scream came from, and he tries to pull away from Ellie without hurting his ribs

Holly: she stands up and starts to get changed I love comic books.

Ellie: she pulls away from Zach a bit go make sure the other capive is being hurt enough.

Ally: course. She leaves and in the other room when she opens the door Zach can see Ambrosine pressed against the wall, blood running down her arms and legs

Zach: Ambrosine! He tries to stand up but screams in pain and collapses again. He keeps trying to stand up Ambrosine!

Jackson: Whats your favourite one?

Holly: she thinks for a second captain America. He never had any powers but he's still awesome.

Ambrosine: Zach! The door is slammed shut

Ellie: aww, you scared for Ambrosine?

Zach: he whimpers softly and sits back down

Jackson: I always liked the hulk. Guess he reminds me of myself. Chuckles

Holly: marvel or dc? Which do you like better?

Ellie: don't worry Zach. If you do what I say then this will be easy for you.

Jackson: Marvel.

Zach: he whimpers and looks down

Ellie: you want to follow my orders don't you?

Holly: she smiles and then quickly turns away from Jackson

Zach: he nods slightly

Jackson: he comes up to holly you can lead the way.

Holly: she doesn't look at him I... I don't feel too well.

Ellie: you want to do what I say?

Zach: Y-yes

Jackson: want to go back to camp now? Rest there?

Holly: she looks at him, her face is compleatly pale and she's shaking I... She stumbles

Ellie: good boy. She kisses his forehead

Jackson: he catches her Im going to take you back to camp. He lifts her and starts running to camp

Zach: he whimpers almost so softly no one can hear

Holly: she wimpers and closes her eyes

Ellie: now Zach, when Holly returns I want you to kill her. You can do that can't you?

Zach: No! I wont kill her!

Jackson: he exit the hotel and starts sprinting faster

Holly: she keeps on shivering and moans

Ellie: she stabs him in the arm you will kill her!

Zach: he screams in pain No!

Jackson: We're almost there, Hol. Hang tight.

Holly: she passes out

Ellie: she dies by your hand or you both die by mine!

Zach: I won't kill her! I will never kill her!

Ellie: she digs her sword into his arm do not defy me!

Zach: he screams and tries to pull the blade out I won't kill her!

Ellie: you will Zach. You want to kill her.

Zach: No! I won't kill her! I will never kill her!

Jackson: he comes into Hollys bedroom and places her down on her bed. He looks at shadow You know what's wrong with her?

Shadow shakes his head

Ellie: she pulls out the sword come on Zach. She leans in and kisses him

Zach: he whimpers

Jackson: Youre helpful.

Shadow growls at Jackson then curls up beside Holly

Ellie: she grabs his hand and puts it under her top

Jackson: rolls his eyes and goes to look at the medicine cabinet

Zach: he whimpers louder

Ellie: she pulls away a bit I'm not all scared up like Holly. I'm not a killer.

Zach: he whimpers again and bites his lip softly. Then says in a whisper I don't care. I still love her.

Ellie: she doesn't love you. I do.

Holly: she curls up in a ball and starts to wake up

Jackson: he sits beside her

Zach: I already made up my mind. And I can't change it.

Ellie: I can fix that.

Holly: she reaches out a hand and rests it on Jackson's leg.

Zach: he whimpers Too late.

Jackson: he smiles softly

An hour later

Ellie: she and Zach are sitting on her bed so zach, she runs her hand up his leg how are you feeling?

Holly: she's sitting up on her bed, still pale but looking a bit better (ooc: just go along with it.)

Jackson: he smiles at her Feel better?

Zach: he whimpers and shudders (ooc: I was about to anyways)

Holly: a bit. She strokes Shadow

Ellie: are you ready to kill holly? Or do we need to carry on?

Zach: I'm not killing holly. Do whatever you want with me, but I won't kill holly.

Jackson: Are you sick? Because I don't know what happened.

Holly: yes, I am sick... She coughs and moans a bit

Ellie: she sighs ill have to brainwash you....

Zach: he pales W-what?

Jackson: Do you want anything?

Holly: she barly whispers a kiss... But then she shakes her head nah.

Ellie: you heard me right. I'm going to have to brainwash you.

Zach: he backs up, his eyes wide You won't make me kill holly!

Jackson: Here, I got you a get well present. He hands her a captain America comic

Holly: she holds it and a smile spreads across her face. She pratically takles him into a hug thank you! You're the best friend I've ever had!

Ellie: she smiles but you won't even remember Holly.

Zach: he glups and tries to get off her bed, but he's shaking to bad to

Jackson: he smiles Yeah...heh...crushing me....

Holly: she eases off him oh... I'm sorry...

Ellie: she punches Zach in the temple, nocking him out

Zach: he collapses onto a pillow

Jackson: S'ok he smiles

Holly: she sits very close to him and rests her head on his shoulder

Jackson: he looks off into the distance

Zach: he moans

Ellie: now listen Zach. You don't know Holly, you are my boyfriend. You love me, you never like leaving my side. She keeps on repeting this over and over again

Holly: she kisses his cheek thank you.

Jackson: he blushes Welcome.

Zach: he starts to stir

Ellie: she stops saying it and lies down beside him on the bed, pretending to be asleep.

Holly: she strokes his cheek I'm sorry...

Zach: he wakes up and rubs his eyes. He turns Ellie so that she's facing him and kisses her

Jackson: About what?

Ellie: she kisses him back and runs her hands down to his jeans.

Holly: I'm falling in love with you again.

Jackson: Oh...he looks down

Zach: he moans a bit and moves his hand under her top

Ellie: she pulls back a bit well that was a wonderful wake up call.

Holly: she moves away a bit. I'm sorry.

Zach: he chuckles softly yeah. Smiles

Jackson: It's ok.

Holly: she quickly goes over to him and kisses him on the lips

Ellie: are we actually going to get up today or just stay in bed?

Zach: Well my ribs are still bruised from...he frowns Werid, I can't remeber.

Jackson: he lets her kiss him

Holly: she pulls away I'm sorry, I had to do that...

Ellie: she rubs his ribs oh don't worry about that right now.

Zach: do you think I can walk now? Or still rest?

Jackson: It's fine.

Holly: I had to...

Ellie: I think you can move she gets up herself. We can go for a walk.

Jackson: he puts a finger to her lips It's fine.

Zach: he tries to stand but he yells in pain

Ellie: she helps him lie back down. I'm going to get you some nectar. Don't move. She walks out

Holly: she blushes

Zach: he runs a hand over his bruised ribs, wincing at each one as he apples pressure

Jackson: he smiles

Ellie: she comes back with a glass aof nectar and helps him drink it

Holly: she kisses his finger

Zach: Ahh....he smiles I think I can walk now.

Jackson: he chuckles softly

Holly: she runs her hand down his arm

Ellie: let's go for a walk then... And hope we don't run into the killer girl...

Zach: The Killer Girl? He pales

Jackson: he smiles

Holly: she quickly pulls away no. You have a girlfriend.

Ellie: yeah, speculation is she's after children off the big 3.

Zach: he pales more I don't want to die.

Jackson: he nods and looks down

Holly: I want to....

Ellie: ill look after you.

Zach: he nods and hugs her

Jackson: Want to what?

Holly: kiss you.

Ellie: she smiles come on. Let's go.

Zach: he looks around Do you have any clutches? I think I need them to walk that far.

Jackson: Go ahead. Anything you do to me today will only stay between you and I. Pretend I don't have a girlfriend today.

Holly: she leans over and kisses him on the lips

Ellie: she gets some cruches for him

Zach: he adjusts them and kisses Ellie on the cheek Now we can go. He grins

Jackson: he kisses her back, his hands going around her waist

Holly: she deepens the kiss

Ellie: she blushes yes, we can. (Ooc: can anton or someone find them)

Zach: he nods at Ellie After you.

Jackson: he starts taking off his shirt (ooc: ambrosine could see them, of you're talking about Zach and Ellie)

Ambrosine: she stumbles into Ellie's room Zach! I found you... She looks really pale in comparisson to the red blood running down her arms

Holly: she pulls off her shirt

Zach: he limps towards her Ambrosine! Are you ok? He looks at Ellie We need to bandage her. She might die. He looks at ambrosine You alright?

Jackson: he throws his shirt away and leans in so that he and Hollys body are touching

Ambrosine: I don't want ellie coming near me! She hates me. And Alex. And Holly!

Holly: she starts taking off her jeans

Zach: he frowns Holly? He looks at Ellie Who's holly?

Jackson: he slides her jeans off and takes off his

Holly: she pulls him as close as she can

Ellie: I have no idea... She clicks her fingers that's the name of the killer. Ambrosine knew her before she turned bad.

Ambrosine: Holly isn't bad! It was an acciedent!

Zach: Holly..killer girl he shivers and turns almost as pale as ambrosine I don't like holly. He hands ambrosine the glass of nectar that he didn't finish. There's 1/3 of nectar left here, drink.

Jackson: he lets his hands tangle with her hair

Holly: she runs her hand down his body

Ambrosine: NO! She stumbles backwards. What's wrong... Zach... You love Holly!

Ellie: the girl's taking mad... She walks over to Ambrosine what happened to you?

Ambrosine: get away from me b*tch!

Jackson: he links his hands around her neck and deepens the kiss

Zach: he frowns I don't love holly. I love Ellie. He pulls Ellie back and kisses her to show the point

Ambrosine: she actually starts to cry You can't love her... She turns around you can't....

Holly: she looks up and sees Alex standing in the doorway. Alex!

Alex:' Hol... He looks pale and sick

Jackson: he breaks apart from holly So you got out, huh?

Zach: he looks at ambrosine and puts his arm around her Whats the matter, ambrosine? Why are you crying?

'Ambrosine: she points at Ellie: becuase of her! She sobs

Alex: he nods slowly, never taking his eyes off Holly. I wish I didn't now...

Zach: What about her?

Jackson: he scowls You better not say this to anyone, brother. Or ill hunt you down and kill you.

Alex: you can't stop me.

Ambrosine: she's mean, bad amd decitful! Tell me, when did you start dating?

Jackson: Yes I can. He stands up and puts on his jeans

Zach: he pauses and looks at Ellie When did we? I don't remember the date exactly. Two months, maybe?

Ambrosine: what's ellie favourite colour?

Alex: Holly. Walk over here right now.

Holly: she looks torn and shakes her head no. Don't fight. Please.

Zach: he frowns Weird. I don't remeber...

Jackson: he walks towards Alex and grabs him by the neck

Ambrosine: she's about to say something else but collapeses

Ellie: aw the poor lamb.

Alex: he kicks out argh!

Holly: she pulls on her jeans and top stop it Jackson! (Ooc: you in school today?)

Zach: Ambrosine! He catches her and puts her on the bed. When he's done he looks at Ellie H-how come I don't remeber these things? I don't rember...

Jackson: No. This boy knows way to much then he should. He squeezes harder he needs to be removed. (Ooc: yeah :( )

Alex: he scratches at him hands stop it!!

Holly: STOP IT!

Ellie: she puts her hand on his forehead you don't remember holly attacking you? She almost killed you.

Jackson: he keeps his stone expression and smiles No.

Zach: he presses his hands against his temple I..I don't remeber. Tell me what happened.

Alex: he passes out

Holly: Jackson you don't kill!

Ellie: you were coming to see me and she got in the way, she slammed her sword into your head and kicked you again and again.

Jackson: he hesitates and throws Alex towards holly No. But I might if I go on battle mode. Ill only go battle mode if either one of you tell.

Zach: he whimpers and sits down on the bed, wincing I don't like her. (Ooc: I need to tell you and ask you something.)

Holly: she stays silent and won't look at Jackson.

Ellie: she sits next to him she has tried to kill me many times (ooc: what is it?)

Jackson: he keeps his back to them And if I even hear the word kiss in front of my girlfriend that came from either one of you, I won't hesitate.

Zach: he whimpers again and his eyes are wet I hate her...I hate her...(ooc: how long is your hair?)

Holly: she stands up ill tell her what ever I want!

Ellie: I do to... (Ooc: when its curly is just past my shoulders.)

Jackson: You do and ill snap your neck without a second thought.

Zach: he rests his head on her shoulder I want to eliminate her. (Ooc:oh. So it isn't you in my dream. Ok anyways my dream was that I was at my friends house, and somewhere else at the same time. I kept switching between. The other place was just white all around. There was a girl there with dark brown hair to her waist. I tried to talk to her, but she couldn't hear me. She had her back turned and I feel that she's important to something.)

Holly: she snarls and goes to punch him

Ellie: we can try. (Ooc: yeah, that's katie. Or ella)

Jackson: he blocks her punch without turning

Zach: I...I don't want to kill. (Ooc: did any of them have the 4 boy dream?)

Holly: she tries to punch him again

Ellie: you can hurt her. (Ooc: sort of. And Jackson could catch Holly's fist and twist it so she ends up on her knees in agony)

Zach: he nods Will do. He looks down can I sing a song for you?

Jackson: he grabs Hollys fist and uses the force to swing her over his shoulder and put her on her knees with her arm twisted behind her (ooc: It must be linked somehow.)

Holly: she screams in pain

Ellie: I've never heard you sing. (Ooc: I guessed that.)

Jackson: So you're telling or not?

Zach: Yeah, because I've been waiting for the right time to sing. He blushes (ooc: Im on the case :d)

Holly: YES!

Ellie: then go ahead.

Jackson: he twists more to the point if he twists more it'll break her arm you may want to rethink that.

Zach: he picks a nearby guitar and starts singing daylight by maroon 5. It was obvious he been practicing, because he sounds great XP

Holly: she wimpers I'm pain no. I will tell her.

Ellie: she listens wow. You're amazing.

Jackson: he grabs his knife and starts pressing it against her neck

Zach: when he's finished the last line he stops and looks at her, grinning It reminded me of us, and I've been practicing. He smiles and kisses her on the lips

Holly: I will tell her. She keeps on repeting it

Ellie: she kisses him back.

Jackson: he lets go of the knife and her arm and starts strangling her

Zach: he pulls her closer to him

Holly: her eyes tear up but she carries on repeting it.

Ellie: she puts her hands under his top

Jackson: he squeezes harder

Zach: he starts removing her shirt

Ellie: No. She pulls away I can't.

Holly: she passes out

Zach: he frowns Why not? Didn't we do this a few times already?

Jackson: he picks up Alex and holly and starts walking towards the base

Ellie: she shakes her head I can't. Its wrong. You don't love me.

Zach: What? Of course I do. I loved you the moment we meet. I love you, Ellie. He looks at her with pleading eyes I love you forever.

Ellie: you love Holly. Not me.

Alex: he starts to stirr

Zach: No, I hate holly. I love you. I mean it. I'm not lying.

Jackson: he doesn't notice and coutiunes walking to the base

Alex: he slowly moves his hands to Jackson's neck

Ellie: Zach look. I'm Holly's enemy. You love her, you are going to marry her. We all know it. So just leave with Ambrosine, please.

Zach: he starts crying I don't want to leave you. I love you! Why don't you beileve me?

Jackson: he thinks it's just his shirt and shrugs it off

Alex: he wraps his hands around Jackson's neck and squeezes

Ellie: JUST GO!

Zach: he wipes his eyes and carries ambrosine out, crying

Jackson: Argh! He tries to pry Alex's hands off

Alex: he squeezes tighter.

Ambrosine: she starts to stirr

Zach: he shadow travels to his room and dumps ambrosine on his bed and goes to his desk and starts hitting his head on it over and over

Jackson: his eyes widen and his knees start to shake. Soon he collapses with holly under him

Alex: I should kill you!

Ambrosine: she yawns and sits up (ooc: night)

Jackson: he tries to say something but he coughs out blood instead and shudders

Zach: he keeps banging his head on the table

Ambrosine: who was right.

Alex: he sees what he's done and takes his hands away from Jackson's neck, his face pale. I... I didn't mean to do that.

Jackson: he keeps coughing out blood and shaking violently

Zach: he keeps banging his head on the table

Alex: he looks horrifide and turns around and runs

Ambrosine: she gets up and puts a hand on his back

Jackson: he evantually stops but falls uncouis, blood all over him and holly, his face chalk white

Zach: he keeps banging...

Holly:she wakes Jackson?! She tries to get him off her but can't.

Ambrosine: calm down. Calm down.

Jackson: he rolls over in his sleep so that he's off holly

Zach: still banging...

Ambrosine: Stop zach.

Holly: she gets up and then starts healing Jackson.

Jackson: moans softly

Zach: banging...

Ambrosine: STOP NOW.

Holly: she carries om healing him

Zach: banging more...

Ambrosine: she grabs his shoulder stop it now.

Zach: he keeps banging

Ambrosine: she pulls him back from the desk Zach! Stop it! You love Holly! You could tell me everthing about her.

Holly: she stands up that's the best I can do.

Zach: he tries to pull back from ambrosine, crying Let me go! Let me go!

Jackson: his eyes flutter open and he groans

Holly: you feeling better now?

Ambrosine: she hugs him. Stop please.

Zach: he stops struggling but keeps crying

Jackson: his voice is raspy and dry

Holly: that's alex for you.

Ameosine: stop please

Jackson: he nods weakly

Zach: No! I won't stop till I see Ellie! He keeps crying

Ambrosine: what's Holly' favourite colour? (Ooc: Black)

Holly: she rubs her neck which is brusing at least you know how it feels...

Jackson: he coughs dryly

Zach: I-black! But she never told me! I hate her! (Ooc: lol same.

Ambrosine: whens Holly's birthday? (Ooc: can you remember? Its the 2nd of Jan)

Holly: you're not. You would of killed me.

Zach: January 2nd. What the hell?! She never told me this!

Jackson: he looks down Either way...I' coughs out blood again

Holly: she pauses, unsure if she should let him die or not I can't help you anymore.

Ambrosine: you love her Zach. You need her. You told me this youself. You told Alex this. You told Holly this.

Jackson: he smiles sadly Ally...get...her...

Zach: he clutches his head and screams in frustration No! I love Ellie!

Ambrosine: oh what the f*ck does it matter?! Hollys gone to Jackson's side. There's no point any more! She turns around and starts to walk out of the room

Holly:she screams Ally

Ally: she runs up what do you need?

Zach: he goes back to slamming his head on the desk

Jackson: he croaks Bandage...bed...

Ally:her and Holly manages to lift him and take him back to his room, then Ally bandages his neck.

Jackson: he relaxens Thanks...(ooc: let me guess, you fell alseep?)

Ally: before Holly can even blink she slams her sword hilt into her head

Holly:she collapes

Ally: she looks tempted to kill her what do you wanna do with the runt? (Ooc: yeah)

Jackson: Just...don't kill...her...I don'

Ally: she kicks Holly hard in the stomach it seems like you do care if you won't let me kill her.

Jackson: he nods slowly She hasn't...been

Ally: she smiles what are you going to do to her?

Jackson: Ill...i can't...remeber...

Ally: she frowns lovely. (Ooc:timeskip?)

Jackson: Blame...Alex...(ooc: yeah and night)

Ally: she smiles

About an hour later

Holly: she is sitting, brused and bound. She has been through a lot of pain and every movement now causes pain so she has her head limply leaning forward, a trickle of blood coming down from her lips. She tries to pretend that she has passed out becuase if she's awake then it means more pain. She moans

Ally: she cleans her sword before putting it back in its sheath I think she's passed out.

Jackson: he nods Where's....Zach?

Ally: I don't know..

Jackson: he..,should,....watching.

Ally: yeah he should be.

Holly: she hears and looks up a bit, moaning from the pain it causes

Jackson: get...him...

Ally: she leaves

Jackson: he rest back and smiles Payback...(ooc: sorry email didn't get though till now)

Holly: she looks at him ill still tell her. (Ooc: its okay)

Zach: he stops banging his head and looks up

Jackson: he scowls f*cka*s...(ooc: r u a tomboy, girly girl, normal?)

Ally: she nocks on his door heya Zach.

Holly: she breaths hevily and coughs up some blood I will tell her...

Zach: he glares What do you want?

Jackson: f*ck you...

Ally: you want to hurt holly?

Holly: she smiles then coughs and moans. (Ooc: tomboy btw.)

Zach: he sits up and nods yes please!

Jackson: he scowls (ooc: lol me too :P)

Ally: then follow me. She starts to walk back to Jackson's room.

Holly: she curls up into a ball on the floor

Zach: he trails behind her

Jackson: he smiles and gets off his bed then walks to holly with his sword

Holly: she curls up tighter

Jackson: he slashes the bounds and drops an ambrosia beside her

Holly: she quickly snaches up the ambrosia and eats it. Th-thank you. B-but why?

Jackson: You try...being in love... with someone ...while being... on the other persons side...not easy...

Holly: she gets to her feet you... You love me?

Jackson: enough that...I can better...not tell...

Holly: she goes on her tiptoes and kisses him

Ally:she walks in with Zach. When she sees her jaw drops

Zach: he comes in and pulls out his cell phone and switches it open, turning into a sword Holly Lagos!

Holly: she takes a step back from Jackson and looks at Zach hey zach.

Zach: he grips his sword tightly his hand is shaking Stop playing dumb! It's all your fault!

Holly: she takes a step towards him what's wrong Zach? What's my fault?

Zach: Ellie not treating me the same! It's all your fault! Everyone I know says I love you but my heart made for Ellie! Once you're gone I can prove that to everyone!

Holly: her hands clench to fists ellie is so dead!

Zach: You have to get though me first! He gets into a stance

Jackson: he hands holly his sword and looks at ally Go ahead...punish me...

Ally: she still looks shocked. You... Love her?!

Holly: she takes the sword you cant kill me Zach. Youre too weak.

Zach: Before I was, and now I'm not.

Jackson: he nods slightly and walks over to ally

Ally: she punches him in the stomach. How could you fall in love with her?!

Holly: she sighs I don't want to fight you Zach.

Zach: snarls You don't have a choice.

Jackson: he doubles over and winces how!

Holly: she drops the sword I think I do.

Ally: she kicks him how could you love her and not me... She whispers that(ooc: you want me to sleep don't you.)

Zach: he scowls

Jackson: he collapses on the floor but does nothing Exepct grunt (ooc: yeah, but you probably won't anyways.)

Holly: just leave Zach. You won't get me to fight you.

Ally: she puts one foot on his back you should be carful who you fall in love with. (Ooc: I might fall asleep)

Zach: he starts walking towards her No. That just makes it much easier.

Jackson: he curles his lip and doesn't struggle, knowing his first encounters that ally will just beat him anyways. He closes his eyes Too much...girls just...want to be...fair..

Holly: she folds her arms go ahead then Zach.

Ally: how is that brat being fair?!

Jackson: he closes his eyes

Zach: when he's about to stab holly he collapses on the ground next to her feet

Holly: she kneels beside him zach?! ZACH?!

Ally: she kicks him again and again.

Zach: he just stares and doesn't say anything

Jackson: he becomes resistant to physical attacks and looks at ally Not

Ally: I don't care!

Holly:she puts her hands on his chest and starts to heal him

Jackson: he smiles

Zach: he looks at holly with tears I-I just r-remebered...he sobs I-I-Im s-sorry...

Holly: she hugs him its fine. Its fine.

Ally: she looks at zach and holly the lovebirds are happy again...

Zach: he hugs her and rests his head on her shoulder

Jackson: scowls and starts to get up

Ally: she smiles and moves back.

Holly: she hugs him tight and rocks gentally

Jackson: he stands up and kiss ally

Zach: he coutiunes crying, saying 'I'm sorry'over and over

Holly: shush, its okay, you didn't hurt me.

Ally: she is compleatly shocked

Zach: he sobs again

Jackson: he steps forward and mummers You didn't expect that...did you?

Holly: calm down, we're fine. Shush.

Ally: she's blushing badly not at all.

Zach: he looks at her I..I said horrible things to you...he whimpers and hugs her tighter

Jackson: You understand now...about being fair?

Ally: she nods yeah.

Holly: tears come to her eyes please... Calm down. I'm going to start crying if you don't.

Zach: he wipes his eyes and kisses her neck

Jackson: he smiles and pulls her in closer to him

Ally: she let's him

Holly: she giggles happily I love you zach.

Zach: he smiles at her giggle I love you too, Hol.

Jackson: he kisses ally

Ally: she kisses him hestiantly, odvious that she has never kissed a boy before.

Holly: she looks at the ground I'm sorry I said I hated you. I was angry and depressed.

Zach: he nods Apology accepted. He looks at her You want to go to my room? I have to take care of Dana.

Jackson: he brushes a lock of hair from her eyes and moves his hand to under her top

Ally: she moans abit and slips her hands under his shirt

Holly: she stands up yeah, we can go to your room.

Zach: he stands and picks up his sword and walks out holding hands with holly

Jackson: he lifts her and carries her to his bed and puts her back down, linking his arms around her neck

Ally: she pulls away a bit this is wrong Jackson.

Holly: she happily strolls along with Zach

Jackson: he shrugs so what? Don't you love me?

Zach: he opens his room and walks in Hey Dana.

Dana looks up at him and when she spots Holly she growls and is ready to attack her.

Holly: she backs away from Dana, knowing the sort of damage she can do.

Ally: you have a girlfriend.

Zach: he goes and pets Dana She's friendly, Dana. Don't attack her.

Jackson: I know...

Ally: its wrong to. I was brought up correctly compared to that s*ut holly.

Dana goes out of the room, annoyed

Holly: she sits down on Zachs bed dana really hates me.

Jackson: So you feel even now?

Zach: It's fine. She just needs some time alone.

Holly: she takes his hand I'm such an idiot zach.

Ally: let me up please.

Zach: No you're not. He kisses her cheek

Jackson: he gets up So now we're back to allies only?

Ally: we have never been more than that. She stands and straightens her top

Holly: I feel like I am.

Jackson: he chuckles softly then scowls That traitor holly. We need to give her payback.

Zach: Youre not. He smiles at her but then it fades I am the idiot.

Holly: she strokes his cheek your not.

Ally: we really do. We need to have her screaming for death and hurt her so bad she can't fight back.

Jackson: She's like..immune to pain. The only pain she gets is from her arms, back, and ankle. Not much...his face brightens Zach. Seeing him tortured will help the pain in her.

Zach: Yes I am. I just fell for Ellie's brainwash and then sung to her with a song that I was meant to sing to you. He looks down

Ally: her defences are going to fall eventually and when they do we will be ready to hurt her. And yeah, hurting Zach and making her watch.

Holly: she blushes you were going to sing to me?

Zach: he nods Been practicing and gathering up the courage for a month.

Jackson: yes, and well bring Zach when she thinks she's done. Then we could use it as a last minute pain. He thinks The best time would be around when they're sleeping. She always has her guard down then.

Ally: unless shadow is with her.

Holly: she kisses him on the lips

Zach: he kisses her back, adding warmth and passion

Jackson: no, they're in Zachs room. I heard him say it.

Ally: so when should we take them?

Holly: she pulls away abit I'm tired Zach.

Zach: he nods and yawns so am I. Ill sing for you in the morning. He lays down

Jackson: now.

Holly: she curls up beside Zach and is soon asleep

Ally: come on then, let's go.

Jackson: he starts sprinting

Zach: he falls asleep to

Ally: she goes after him

Jackson: when he gets to Zachs door he pauses and nods at ally before opening the door and walking in

Ally: shr walks in aswel

Jackson: he picks up Zach and walks back out

Ally: she pucks up Holly and follows him

Jackson: when they arrive Jackson puts Zach on the bed and starts binding his hands to the bed post thing

Ally: what should I do with this runt?

Jackson: I don't care, just make sure there hands and feet aren't free. They both can do things when there's hands and feet are free. He ties Zachs ankles together

Ally: she ties Hollys hands and feet toghter, very hard

Holly: she starts to wake.

Jackson: he tightens the bounds and drops a blanket on Zach, covering him intaerly There. Magic surprise. Poof.

Holly: she moans a bit and looks up al-ally? Jackson?!

Jackson: he pretends to be astonished What? You didn't expect me? Why, you just hurtled my feelings.

Holly: what? What happened? I was asleep. (Ooc: phones dead)

Jackson: You betrayed us, that's what happened. And now we're going to give you the punishment. (Ooc:Kk)

Holly: she wimpers and pulls against the rope tying her hands, trying to make it come undone. How bad will it hurt?

Jackson: Worst then hell. But then again, I can't spoil the trip. Also there's a final piece. I think you'll find it very, very fun.

Holly: she wimpers again and pulls her knees to her chest and buries her head in her legs

Jackson: he nods at holly You start. I need to grab something leaves

Ally: she kneels beside Holly and slices her arm, leg, starting at the knee and slowly dragging it down.

Holly: she whimpers in pain

Zach: he starts to wake and moans

Ally: she pulls the sword out

Holly: she doesn't hear zach but the second the sword is out of her leg she uses her bound legs to kick Ally in the head, hard.

Ally: she collapes

Holly: she manages (somehow) to get to her feet and bounce to the door

Jackson: he comes back and hits holly in the chest, sending her to the ground Well, well. We might need to put you on a short leash.

Zach: he shakes his head wildly, making the blanket shake Where am I?!

Holly: z-zach! She tries to go over to the bed but decides it better to stay still

Jackson: he smiles and shuts the door Well, he's going to be in line for awhile. Don't make him wait.

Zach: he tries to pull against the bounds Holly! Where are we?! I don't remember getting here! He keeps trying to get the blanket off him

Holly: she tries to sound confident for zach were are in jackson's room. We are both going to be hurt. She looks at the trail of blood down her leg

Zach: he stops squirming and looks around for holly Have you been hurt?

Holly: a little. But they cannot hurt me much and they know it. That's why you are here. But they cannot make me watch you being hurt.

Jackson: Who said we can't? He approaches Zach with a throwing knife and aims it at Zachs heart

Holly: you're not a killer Jackson. I know that.

Jackson: he snarls and in frustration throws the knife

Zach: he manages to slump a little so that it goes into the middle of his shoulders. He screams before slumping down to the ground. He's still breathing

Holly: she closes her eyes to block out Zach's scream.

Ally: she stirrs at Zach's scream and she gets up quickly, grabs something out of her pocket and ties it around Hollys neck electric dog collar. Who thought it would ever come in handy?

Holly: she opens her eyes, they are full of fear and horrible anticipation.

Zach: he moans painfully

Jackson: he grabs the blanket and throws it away so that holly can easily see that he'll die soon Whoops. My bad. Smiles at the fear in Hollys eyes and sends her fears of Zach being tortured, his scream everywhere

Holly: LEAVE HIM ALONE!! She goes to try and bite Jackson

Ally: she presses the button on the remote for the collar

Holly: she cries out in pain

Jackson: he laughs go on holly, save him. He's going to die. Whatcha going to do about it?

Zach: he starts getting paler

Holly: she manages to go over to the bed and places her bound hands on Zach, healing him. She has her eyes closed and is focusing compleatly on healing Zach.

Zach: he looks up at her with eyes that seem dazed Hol...I

Jackson: he smiles Aw, how touching.

Holly: she starts sobbing zach. I love you... So much. She puts her head on his chest and carries on healing him

Zach: he looks down It's all my...fault..

Holly: no. Its my fault. I'm a dumb little girl who tries to get on the winning side but I only end up getting hurt.

Zach: he winces as he moves his hands up to Hollys neck Whats this?

Holly: one of the electric dog collars. She leans closer to his ear shadowtravel, get out of here now Zach.

Zach: he kisses her neck and whispers Then I take this entire cabin with me. The bed is bolted to the ground and I'm stuck to the Bed

Holly: d*mn.... She nussles her head into his neck I don't want to move.

Zach: me to.

Jackson: he looks at ally You want them to move?

Ally: holly hates being away from zach. And you want to start torchering holly right?

Holly: she nussles his chest with her head

Zach: he laughs softly you're so cute...

Jackson: he nods Good point. He walks over to holly and tries to pry her off zach

Holly: she tries to fight against Jackson but is too weak from healing zach no!

Jackson: he lifts holly and dumps her in front of ally, and pulls out his knife

Holly: she wimpers and looks pleadingly at Jackson p-p-pl-please... D-d-dont.

Jackson: Too bad, holly. You put this on yourself. He stabs her in the shoulder

Zach: NO! He strains against the bounds NO! Holly!

Holly: she cries out in pain and wimpers

Zach: he Summons about 8 skeletons and tell them to attack ally and Jackson

Jackson: he presses the blade deeper

Holly: she screams

Ally: she looks at the skeletons jackson. Zachs sommoned skeletons...

Jackson: he scowls and stabs her other shoulder get rid of them

The skeletons approach ally and Jackson as they speak

Ally: she quickly pulls out her phone KYLE! here! Now!

Kyle: he shadow travels into the room and starts slicing the skeletons

Holly: she wimpers in worse pain

Jackson: he smiles Enjoy it? There's still the trip you know. This is just a rest area.

Zach: No! He keeps summoning ones that Kyle destroy so there's always 8 of them

Kyle: he carries on slicing them down

Holly: p-p-pl-please... N-no more.

Jackson: Fine. He ties a extra rope to a bolted bookshelf so that she can move no more then a feet in all directions then he heads to Zach with the knife

A skeleton tries to stab Kyle in the shoulders

Ally: she pushes kyle out of the way and gets stabbed insted of him, she falls to her knees argh...

Kyle: he slices the skeleton and then kneels beside ally you stupid girl!

Holly: she wimpers and tries to pull towards Zach you love hurting zach don't you? She has put a lot of her cockyness back into her voice

Jackson: Of course I do. I am a sadist, after all. He smirks and stabs Zach in the shoulder

Zach: he screams and tries to pull away

Holly: she ignores Zachs screaming and keeps up the confidence in her voice but you hurt him more than I. Why?

Jackson: he twists the blade Because you're no fun. You don't scream.

Zach: he howls and starts crying

Holly: she smiles oh I do. But you are not man enough to try.

Jackson: he snarls and positions the blade over Zachs heart, pressing in harder every second You have two seconds to take that back or I will kill Zach without hesitating. This anger is enough to make me kill.

Holly: she smirks, she is enjoying this ill get over Zach and move on to Alex. There is no way you can win.

Zach: hearing this, he stops sobbing and just looks away, intense pain on his face. He doesn't bother to say anything, his face gives it all away kill me Jackson. Kill me.

Jackson: he looks surprised and he slashes Zachs bounds Later, little boy. Ill kill you later.

Zach: he stands and runs out of the room without looking back

Holly: she sighs quietly thank gods. She closes her eyes and relaxes

Jackson: Thank gods that you just broke Zach's heart and he won't ever talk to you again and probably wants to suicide right now? Yea, thank gods for that.

Holly: she shrugges best she can and smirks better than him dead or being hurt.

Jackson: He will be dead in the next 24 hours. He scowls Youre starting to annoy me. He slashes the bounds Now get the hell out of my sight.

Holly: she leans back against the bookshelf and rubs her wrists what if I say no.

Kyle: he shadowtravels to Ally's room with Ally

Jackson: he snarls Then Ill go to sleep. He walks to his bed and lies down

Holly: you think that's wise while I am in your room?

Jackson: I don't give a sh*t now. He falls asleep

Holly: she smiles and walks over to his bed and curls up beside him, falling asleep too

In the morning...

Jackson: he awakes slowly and tries to get off the bed without making her notice

Zach: he is the underworld, slowly starving to death

Holly: she doesn't even stirr and stays fast asleep

Kyle: he's behind Zach, unsure of if he should talk to him or not.

Jackson: he breathes a sigh of relief and picks up holly slowly

Zach: he clutches his stomach and winces. He looks at a pomegranate and is tempted to eat it but shakes it off

Kyle: he puts his hand on Zach's shoulder bro? You're hungry, right? Let's just go get some food.

Holly: she still doesn't stirr

Jackson: he takes her to her room and puts her down on her bed

Zach: he pushes Kyles hand off weakly No. I want to be hungry. The pain helps me...shake it off..

Kyle: what happened?

Shadow growls at Jackson

Zach: he sighs and tells Kyle what happened

Jackson: Geez, calm down pussy cat. It's not like I'm going to kill her.

Shadow tilts his head like he's saying 'your not?'

Kyle: she only did that to protect you.

Zach: still, she could've said something else. She knows how sensitive I am with love.

Jackson: no, I'm leaving now. He starts to walk out

Kyle: then date someone else. Ambrosine would jump at the chance. His gaze brightens for a moment and that would mean holly could be anybodies.

Shadow gets to the door before him and growls like he doesn't want Jackson to leave the room

Holly: she starts to wake up

Jackson: Move, pussy cat. I want to leave.

Zach: he sighs I think I just might stay single. None of them are...holly.

Holly: she sits up slowly and without making a noise she takles Jackson from the back and ties his hands together

Kyle: well you won't find another Holly that's for sure. (Ooc: night)

Jackson: Argh! He sturggles against her

Zach: he sits in the ground and starts crying I can't keep it in....I just want to be with her so bad...but I can't..

Kyle: zach, she could have any man she wants. But she picked you! She loves you, she wants to marry you...

Holly: she pulls the rope tighter

Ally: she comes in to Holly's room and when she does Holly backs away from her awww poor doggie. Sit.

Holly: you can't tell me what to do.

Ally: she presses the button for the collar

Holly:she screams out in pain and falls to her knees.

Ally: she walks over to Holly good little dog.

Zach: he doesn't say anything

Jackson: he rolls over and looks at ally Why are you here?

Ally: I wanted to get some bandages. And holly always has bandages.

Kyle: he frowns if you don't have Holly, Alex will take her in a millisecond.

Zach: he sighs and puts his hands in his head its so hard...

Jackson: he kicks a roll of bandages at ally found some.

Ally: she picks them up then unties Jackson

Shadow curls up beside a wimpering Holly

Jackson: he rubs his wrist You can leave now. Ill be fine.

Ally: she passes Jackson the remote for the collar then leaves

Kyle: I know bro. It would be.

Jackson: he looks at it and puts it on the ground Too confusing. Tech these days...he stands up and sits on Hollys bed, daydreaming

Zach: What should I do?

Holly: she breaths deeply, stroking shadow, too scared to even look up.

Kyle: talk to her.

Zach: he sighs I might not get a word out before I break down.

Jackson: feeling nice (for whatever reason) he calms Hollys fear

Holly: she looks at him stop it. Don't even try to calm me.

Kyle: and she'll hug you, tell you to calm down, that everything is fine. He sighs you lucky b*stard.

Jackson: Too bad. He smirks

Zach: he bites his lip How exactly am I 'lucky' ?

Holly: she snarls I hate that I have feelings for you.

Kyle: holly loves you.

Jackson: Is that a bad thing? He pauses what were you going to do to me?

Zach: he presses his lips together firmly

Kyle: she's beautful, determined and has an amazing dark side. She's yours.

Holly: she shrugs I don't know. I didn't get to that part in my head.

Zach: he sighs I don't know what to say when I get to her...

Jackson: he makes a :/ face well aren't you smart. He goes back to daydreaming

Kyle: let her talk. She'll probs apologise and then hug you.

Holly: she moves and sits on the edge of her bed you know I'm not smart Jackson.

Zach: I'll try...

Jackson: he rolls his eyes tell me about it.

Holly: she frowns I hate when boys roll their eyes.

Kyle: so you gonna eat something when youre out here?

Zach: he sighs I still don't know if I should visit death. My hand is on the doorbell.

Jackson: he rolls his eyes and stands up (ooc: something should happen with holly and Jackson...)

Kyle: Holly will cry for a year. Or kill herself...

(Ooc: yes, something does. But I have no idea what.)

Zach: he sighs It's so hard to decide.

(Ooc: holly goes berserk and ties up Jackson again? I dunno.)

Holly: you wanna know why shadow didn't let you leave?

Kyle: everyone would miss you.

Jackson: keeping his back to her Why?

Zach: It's just...can I trust you on this? Cause it's a secert I've been keeping for awhile now.

Kyle: we are brothers. I think you can trust me.

Holly: shadow knows what I'm thinking. He knew I could hear your voice and... And I wanted you to stay, I didn't want you to leave me.

Zach: sarcasticly yeah, like that time when I was in a cage for a week. Yeah, I trusted you a lot.

Jackson: he looks down Was that why you tied me up? So I wouldn't leave?

Holly: she blushes yeah... I didn't want you to go.

Kyle: you know sarcasum is the lowest form of wit? So anyway, what is it?

Jackson: Im just going to say ahead that I will leave.

Zach: It's...I always regretted living, everyone I know and love drops dead, and I'm still here alive. I just want to join them so bad, and reunite. I always wanted to die.

Kyle: and you're scared if you get too attached to Holly that she will end up dead.

Holly: oh. She curls up on the bed okay.

Zach: he nods

Jackson: You know I have a girlfriend...

Holly: tears come to her eyes I... I know....

Kyle: she needs her space you know Zach. She doesn't like to have someone protecting her 24/7

Zach: Im just scared shell die. I took my eyes off her for half an hour and she almost died.

Jackson: he wipes them away with his finger hey, no need to cry. Ill be here.

Holly: she goes to hug him but pauses may I hug you?

Kyle: she doesn't like to be smothered by love. She will defy you if you do.

Jackson: Sure...

Zach: he sighs

Holly: she hugs him gentally, carefully keeping her hands on her arms. She keeps her gaze down

Kyle:sorry but that's the truth.

Jackson: he strokes her cheek gently Hey, it's ok. If you can keep it a secert to her then we can pretend she isn't my girlfriend.

Zach: sarcastically Yeah. Thanks so much, appreciate it.

Kyle: he rolls his eyes I'm not one for the touch feely moments brother...

Holly: she shivers under his touch I won't tell. I promise I won't tell her.

Jackson: looks into her eyes then we could do whatever we want right now.

Zach: he sighs and gets up Why did you come here anyways?

Kyle: I... I came to see an old friend.

Holly: she blushes what do you want to do?

Jackson: whatever you want. He kisses her cheek lightly

Zach: how often do you come?

Kyle: quite often. I like talking to my friend.

Holly: she leans closer to him and kisses him on the lips (ooc: can you come on to skype?)

Zach: Oh.

Jackson: he pulls her closer to him (ooc: I can only go on for 30min)

Holly: she wraps her hands tighter around him.

Kyle: come on bro. Let's go.

Zach: That rhymes.

Jackson: he lifts her so they're the same height

Holly: she tugs on his top

Kyle: he rolls his eyescome on.

Jackson: he starts to take it off

Zach: he sighs and links arm with kyle

Kyle: he shadow travels to Zach's room

Holly: she pulls her top off

Zach: he smiles at Dana Hey girl.

Jackson: he takes off his jeans

Holly: she undoes the button on her shorts and slides them down

Dana looks up and tilts her head towards Kyle

Kyle: he dana, long time.

Jackson: he runs a hand over her tighs

Zach: he pets Dana I take care of Dana now since...

Kyle: I know.

Holly: she starts pulling down her tights

Zach: his stomach growls and he looks down Oh, shut up.

Jackson: he helps her

Kyle: he gets a sandwich and hands it to him

Holly: they manage to get them off

Zach: he wolfs it down greedily

Jackson: he makes the kiss deeper

Holly: she pulls away a bit let's do... It.

Kyle: you okay now bro?

Jackson: he laugh we should lock the door first.

Zach: Still grief shocked but yea.

Holly: she gets up and locks the door

Kyle: good.

Jackson: Now we can do it.

Zach: Should I go tell holly now?

Kyle: if you want.

Holly: she walks back over and kisses him again

Zach: I don't know what I want.

Jackson: he deepens the kiss

Holly: she pushes them both on to the bed

Kyle: well I don't either.


Zach: he is looking for ally

Ally: she is under a tree, throwing grapes into her mouth

Zach: he sees her and draws his sword

Ally:- she throws a grape up and catches it in her mouth hey zach.

Zach: he points his sword to her neck (ooc: Skype?)

Ally: she throws up another grape and catches it what do you need? (Ooc: I'm at school. I don't have it on my phone)

Zach: Holly. (Ooc: Kk.)

Ally: I don't know where she is Zach. (Ooc: ill try to get on it.)

Zach: he hesitates (ooc: you don't have to. We can do it when it's 10 for you and 5 for me.)

Ally: I really don't zach. (Ooc: okay.)

Zach: Where was she the last time you saw her?

Ally: her room. With Jackson.

Zach: he sprints towards Hollys room

Holly: she is curled up beside Jackson, half asleep

Zach: he tries to open the door

Holly: she hears the door being pulled and sighs Go away!

Zach: he still tries to open it

Holly: I'm tired.

Zach: can I come in?

Holly:h she sits up qickly and puts on her pj's Zach! I want expexting you...

Zach: he chuckles softly I get the VIP pass, don't I?

Holly: she opens the door a bit so he can just see her and not the room hey.

Zach: can I come in?

Holly: she looks into her room for a second before shaking her head my rooms a mess.

Zach: shrugs so what? I don't care.

Holly: I do though. I don't want you see it.

Jackson: he moans and starts to wake up

Zach: Who's that?

Holly: she bitess her lip whoes what?

Zach: It's Jackson, isn't it?

Jackson: he rolls over onto his side and falls off the bed Ow!

Zach: Hol...

Holly: I thought you'd never talk to me again.

Zach: I would've but...did you actually mean it?

Holly: NO! Not at all! I love you Zach!

Zach: he smiles and kisses her cheek softly Thank you.

Holly: zach... I want to marry you.

Zach: he smiles So do I.

Holly: she hugs him tight yay!

Jackson: he stands up

Zach: he hugs her too So when should we leave camp?

Holly: when every you want to. I don't mind as long as I'm with you.

Zach: he looks over her shoulder Why are you here Jackson?

Jackson: I think you'll be surprised.

Holly: she looks at Jackson and shakes her head, she mouths 'please, don't tell'

Jackson: Or else what, holly?

Holly: there's nothing I can do Jackson.

Jackson: Then there's nothing to stop me from telling him.

Zach: What is it Hol?

Holly: she takes his hands and looks him in the eyes look, I didn't think you'd ever talk to me again. I was depressed and I needed someone to look after me.

Jackson: I had sex with her.

Zach: he freezes for a moment before hugging her It's fine Hol.

Holly: she nussles his chest are you sure? You have every right to get angry with me.

Jackson: he leaves

Zach: I understand Hol. It's fine.

Holly: I love you so much.

Zach: So do I. He pauses what are you going to tell ter?

Holly: oh... I haven't seen him for ages... I guess if he doesn't ask I won't tell.

Zach: He'll probably sue me. He chuckles softly

Holly: he can't blame you for me falling for you.

Zach: True...he hugs her tighter

Holly: she nussles his chest very, very true.

Zach: Gods I love you so much. He laughs

Holly: she smiles up at him that's the first time you've said that to me without me saying it first.

Zach: I knew you were going to say it, Hol.

Holly: its becuase its true. She hugs him tighter. I love you so much too.

Zach: What should we name your kid? He had carefully said your instead of Jackson's

Holly: I like Matt. Its a really nice name.

Zach: Matthew? Sounds nice with Johnson.

Holly: exactly. And so does holly.

Zach: Can't you keep your last name? I like how it goes.

Holly: I like yours better. Mines Greek.

Zach: I like Greek.

Holly: we can do it double barrel. Holly Lagos- Johnson.

Zach: Sure. Matthew Lagos-Johnson. Zach Lagos-Johnson.

Holly: perfection.

Zach: Yes. He kisses her cheek Youre brilliant.

Holly: you're amazing.

Zach:m''re better.

Holly: she snorts not likely.

Zach: Liar he kisses her cheek

Holly: when are we goin' to tell everybody.

Zach: That we're getting married?

Holly: she blushes uh hu.

Zach: When we control Jackson. After the chaos.

Holly: if there ever is such a time.

'Zach: There will. We must be patient.

Holly: I don't do patient Zach...

Zach: That or we can charge headon.

Holly: what ever you want to do zachy.

Zach: he blushes at the nickname but has a slight wince I don't know.

Holly: she sighs neither do I.

Zach: We might need to go by force. If we do paient, we might stay here till we're 50.

Holly: no thank you! She smiles I'm happy with force.

Zach: he kisses her cheek Then I'm ready to use force as well.

Holly: the final battle huh?

Zach: he nods The final battle.

(Ooc: do you want to do it on a diffrent heading?) (Ooc: Kk.)

The fight

Anton: he adjusted the straps of his backpack Ready, Zach?

Zach: he nods We're taking down Jackson once and for all.

Melody: she grins You done Hol?

Holly: suhe adjusts her shield why wouldn't I be?

Ambrosine: I'm ready.

Alex: and me.

Zach: he smiles uneasily

Anton: he sees Zach uneasiness Zach, you ok?

Zach: Just nervous...

Holly: she twirls her spear so am I.

Zach: You think you can fight? With your...

Holly: of course I can fight zachy.

Zach: he kisses her cheek Ok, so just a review; Anton, holly, and ambrosine go and attack Jackson, then we'll take down Ellie and ally, surround Jackson and make sure he gives in. Anton will make sure. If we have to retreat, we all got separate directions and meet back here.

Holly: she smiles okay, try not to die.

Zach: And that to.

Holly: come on then. Let's go.

Zach: Ill see you there. He, melody, and Alex run off

Holly: come on then. They leave in a differnt direction

Zach: he pauses Alex, I still don't trust you. So don't do anything that'll make me thing that you're on the other side.

Alex: dude. Ill protect Holly and Ambrosine with my life. He blushes a bit when he thinks of Ambrosine

Zach: Have a crush on her?

Alex: yeah. I have for a while.

Holly: she runs a hand through her hair are you ready for this anton?

Anton: I was born ready. He grins and starts running forward

Zach: he grins I knew it! All those looks you gave her-

Melody: Hello! We got a mission here! She slaps both of them

Alex: ow...

Holly and Ambrosine keep up with Anton.

Anton: We're almost there.

Zach: Guys...I think I see in Ellie and ally...

Ellie: she and ally are throwing grapes at each other, catching them in there mouths and laughing

Holly: good. I'm gettin nevrous.

Anton: he laughs So am I.

Zach: rolls his eyes girls..

Melody: she slaps him Shut up.

Alex: and that's why only holly will date you.

Holly: she bites her lip (ooc: can they find jackson?)

Jackson: he's at the base, reading a comic

Anton: Wow, too easy.

Zach: Ok, I'll distract, Alex, you go for Ellie and mel, you get ally.

Melody:Roger that.

Holly: she enters the base

Alex: easy done.

Jackson: he gets up

Anton: he enters the base

Zach: he walks out in front if them Ally! Ellie!

Ally: hey zach. Want a grape?

Ambrosine: she enters the base

Holly: you wanna sit down and give up Jackson?

Jackson: he turns around and scowls No.

Zach: Surreeee?

Ally: she smiles were having a day off. She shrugs we do need sometime to just be girls.

Holly: she smiles and twirls her spear good.

Jackson: Youre not going to make me give up.

Anton: Not her, but us.

Zach: girls throw grapes? Ok.....?

Ellie: picnic zach.

Ambrosine: exactly.

Holly: she grins I love you guys.

Zach: Oh...he sits down Are you still on Jackson's side?

Anton: he smirks Give up Jackson.

Jackson: Nope. Never going to happen.

Kyle: he, akila and haemon sneak up behind them, kyle grabs Hollys throat and forces her head back never.

Holly: she looks scared ZACH!!

Ally: not right now.

Zach: What do you mean?

Anton: Holly! He charges at Kyle

Jackson: he shows Anton his fear

Anton: he stRts slapping wildly

Ambrosine; she trries to run towards them but akila and haemon grab her arms

Kyle: he draws his dagger and holds it under holly's neck. (Ooc: phones dead)

Anton: he focus and then runs towards ambrosine

Ambrosine: help Hol! Ill be fine!

Anton: he nods and runs to holly and tries to tackle kyle

Ellie: right now we are on no bodies side.

Kyle: he shadowtravels, with Holly, next to Jackson.

Anton: Hol! Let go of her!

Jackson: That isn't on the list.

Kyle: he presses the blade on Holly neck take one step forward and ill slice her throat.

Anton: If I take one step back and drop my weapon will you not slice her throat?

Zach: Then...

Kyle: no, I won't.

Ellie: we arnt on anyones side right now.

Zach: oh. He fiddles with his hands

Anton: he takes one step back and drops his sword and holds it in surrender

Kyle: good. He looks at Jackson easy against these wimps.

Holly: she wimpers

Ellie: jackson's in the base if you wanna see him.

Zach: he nods slowly Alright. Team, lets go!

Anton: he makes Kyle see that he's a volcano with lava pouring down

Kyle: ah sh*t. He shadowtravels backwards, still holding Holly.

Alex: okay. He remembers kyle where's kyle?

Zach: With Jackson maybe.

Jackson: What the hell are you doing Kyle?!

Kyle: vol-volcano...

Alex: hol might be in trouble!

Zach: sh*t. Lets go. Starts running

Melody: she runs ahead

Jackson: Youre scared of a imaginary volcano?! Idiot! It's Anton toying with you!

Kyle: as he's scared his grip increases on holly

Holly: she weezes and its odvious she can't breath well.

Alex: he runs with them.

Zach: he shadow travles in and tackles Kyle

Anton: he catches holly

Holly: she coughs and rubs her throat thanks.

Kyle: get off me brother!

Anton: You ok?

Zach: No!

Holly: I.. Ill be fine.

Kyle: he tries to kick out.

Anton: Good.

Zach: it hits him in the groin and he groans

Kyle: he tries to flip Zach

Holly: we need to help Ambrosine.

Ambrosine: she is trying to pull away from Akila and Haemon

Anton: he nods

Zach: he gets flipped over and struggles

Kyle: stay down brother.

Holly: she looks torn between helping ambrosine or zach

Anton: he looks at Zach I think Zach can handle Kyle.

Zach: he struggles

Holly: she charges towards Akila

Zach: Let me go!

Anton: he chargEs after haemon

Akila: she turns into a mouse.

Kyle: not likely brother.

Haemon: he turns into a stag and tries to stop Anton.

Anton: he tries to jump onto Haemon

Zach: he pulls against Kyle

Holly: she turns and runs to Zach and Kyle

Haemon: he bucks

Zach: he catches Hollys eye No! Hol, retreat! I can handle this! Just go!

Anton: his grip starts to lossen

Holly: not without you! She grabs Kyle's throat and forces him to his feet

Haemon: he thrashes around more.

Zach: he gets up and looks at Kyle Should we take you with us?

Jackson: he starts to leave

Anton: he falls and hits his head on the ground hard

Ambrosine: she takles Jackson

Kyle: ill shadow travel and take Holly with me.

Zach: he grabs Kyles arm But ill take us back.

Jackson: argh! He struggles

Ambrosine: she draws her sword don't move.

Kyle: he snarls fine. I won't.

Holly: she smiles at Zach.

Haemon: without Holly knowing he starts to charge at her

Zach: Holly! Behind you!

Jackson: Too bad. He keeps squirming and struggling

Holly: she turns just as Haemon crashes into her, sending her slamming into a wall

Ambrosine: HOLLY!

Kyle: holly dropped him before she got thrown back

Zach: Hol! He runs towards her and kneels down beside her Hol! Say something!

Jackson: he squirms

Holly: she rubs her back I'm... Ill be fine.

Ambrosine: she sighs Zach ill sort her out if you want me to.

Zach: Ambrosine, focus with Jackson. Don't let him get away.

Holly: she moans a bit

Ambrosine: okay. I won't.

Jackson: he squirms

Zach: Hol, you ok?

Holly: ill. be. fine.

Zach: Ok. He hugs her tightly

Holly: she winces

Ambrosine:' she keeps Jackson pinned.

Zach: Sorry. He loosens the hug

Jackson: Let me go!

Holly: she shakes her head I'm tired Zach...

Kyle: he and Haemon drag Ambrosine off him

Zach: You want to go to your room?

Jackson: he dustes himself and smiles Thanks dudes.

Kyle: no prob.

Holly: don..don't leave ambrosine and anton...

Zach: Im going to drop you off at your room then come back.

Holly: she shakes her head ill be fine! Just help them!

Zach: he charges towards Kyle and haemon

Kyle: he let's go of Ambrosine.

Ambrosine: she stublems and Haemon grabs her by the neck

Zach: he chokes Haemon Let her go!

Kyle: he sprints over to Holly and twists her arm behind her back

Holly: agh! She winces

Haemon: he releses ambrosine

Zach: he squeezes harder

Haemon: he turns into a stag and thrashes about

Holly: Z-Z-Zach!!

Zach: Ambrosine! Get Hol! He clings on

Ambrosine: she runs over to Holly and takles Kyle

Kyle: get off me!

Zach: his fingers slip and he hits the ground Ow!

Haemon: he runs off

Holly: she's on the floor, clutching her back

Zach: he runs and lifts up Hollys shirt to see the bruise

Jackson: he starts to leave

Melody: she grabs Haemon Where are you going, Haemon?

Haemon: away from here.

Holly: there is a giant burise on her back and she's breathing deeply

Zach: Crud...he gives holly and ambrosia Eat.

Melody: Why?

Haemon: its bad...

Holly: she shakes her head and winces, every movement causing her pain

Melody: Tell me, stag boy.

Zach: Hol...please

Haemon: he tells her what's going on

Holly: no. Fight. I'm. Fine.

Melody: Crud...she runs in

Zach: Jackson's gone. Anton's dead to the world and Haemon escaped. Only Kyles left.

Holly: my back hurts... But I don't want any ambrosia.

Zach: Lets just go. The plan was bull. We underestimated Jackson,

Holly: we forgot... About... Kyle.

Zach: he looks around for Kyle and stands up

Kyle: get off runt!

Ambrosine: NO!

Zach: he runs to Kyle and switch places with ambrosine

Kyle: he winces under Zach's waight can the runt come back?

Zach: makes a :| face If you're trying to call me fat, I don't find it amusing

Kyle:' no. The runts lighter.

Zach: Cause I'm 4 years older. Duh.

Kyle: I know that brother.

Zach: Tell us Jackson's plan.

Kyle: he shrugs I wasn't told it!

Zach: sighs Well aren't you helpful.

Kyle: I'm a fighter. I don't care about plans.

Zach: Brains beat brawl sometimes, you know.

Kyle: too bad you have niether.

Zach: he scowls and applies less weight on Kyle

Kyle: and you know that's true don't you?

Zach: Whats your point other then I have no brains or muscle?

Kyle: I like saying it. He looks at holly she seems to be in a lot of pain huh?

Holly: she is lying on her front, breathing deeply, her eyes closed tight

Melody: she gives holly a piece of ambrosia Hol, eat.

Zach: he bites his lip. It's obvious he isn't paying attention

Kyle: he kicks up

Holly: no. I'm fine.

Melody: No choice. She shoves it in and makes her swallow it

Zach: he hits the ground and cries out

Holly: she shakes her head I was fine!

Kyle: he stands up weakling.

Melody: Yeah, and I was having a heart attack.

Zach: he groans

Holly: she puts her arm out help me stand. I have to help Zach!

Melody: she helps her stand up

Zach: he clutches his shoulder tightly Ow..

Kyle: he kicks Zach

Holly: Leave him alone! She takles him

Kyle: he grabs Holly bye brother. He shadowtravels off with Holly.

Ambrosine: Holly!

Zach: No! He winces NO! Hol!

Ambrosine: where would kyle take her?!

Zach: To Jackson, or to his room!

Ambrosine: she puts her arm out to hlp him up we'll find her. I promise.

Zach: he takes her arm and gets up Its all my fault. If I wasn't weak...

Ambrosine: you're not Zach!

Kyle: he arrives in Jacksons room with Holly and a smirk on his face. Holly has blood coming down from her forehead jackson. I brought you Holly.

Jackson: he sits up What did you do to her?

Zach: Yes, I am. I'm weak!

Kyle: she banged her head when she was trying to get away.

Ambrosine: Zach! You're not!

Jackson: Well ain't that smart. He stands up

Zach: Just stop. This isn't helping Hol.

Ambrosine: I know its not!

Holly: she tries to get away from Kyle but winces from the pain in her back

Zach: Ugh...we need a plan..a effective one.

Jackson: he strokes Hollys cheek There there. We're going to have fun together.

Holly: don't touch me!

Ambrosine: I know. Holly is the one who is good with plans.

Zach: And Anton...Anton! He walks over to anton and shakes him

Anton still sleeps

Jackson: Too bad. How's the kid?

Holly: he's a boy Jackson. And he's doing fine.

Ambrosine: she slaps anton WAKE UP!

Jackson: Ohh...are you going to hide him from me as he grows up with Zach? Say Zach is his father?

Anton still doesn't stir

Holly: of course I am! I don't trust you!

Ambrosine: anton!!

Still not stirring

Jackson: laughs And when he finds out he's switching to my side.

Holly: let me leave. Now.

Ambrosine: please wake!!

Jackson: Or what?

Zach: he looks at Anton's head Does it look bad?

Holly: she bites her lip and looks down

Ambrosine: she checks his head bad.

Jackson: Thats what I thought.

Zach: Is he going to live?

Ambrosine: she checks his pulse I think so.

Holly: what's gonna happen to me?

Zach: When will he wake up?

Jackson: Meh, well decide later.

Holly: she whimpers

Ambrosine: I don't know.

Jackson: he lies back down

Zach: Then lets head home. Melody already ditched.

Ambrosine: can you lift anton then?

Holly: she bites Kyles hand

Kyle: ow! He slaps Holly

Zach: he nods Ill shadow travel there.

Jackson: Holly, behave.

Holly; not likely.

Ambrosine: okay. Ill see you there.

Zach: he shadow travels to his room, lies Anton down, then shadow travels to Kyles room, then Jackson's Hol!

Holly: Zach! She pulls out of kyles grip and runs over to him

Zach: he hugs her tightly I found you.

Holly: I was scared Zach.

Zach: Lets go.

Jackson: Not so fast! Kyle, please.

Kyle: he grabs Hollys arm and pulls her away from Zach

Zach: No!he runs towards Kyle Let her go!

Kyle: he puts the blade of his dagger under Holly's chin stay where you are.

Holly: she whimpers help...

Zach: he bites his lip and stays still

Kyle: good boy Zach. He looks to Jackson, grip still strong on Holly you want her?

Jackson: Yes. You can have Zach.

Kyle: lovely. He pushes Holly over to Jackson and walks towards Zach

Holly: she stumbles

Zach: he backs up, pale

Jackson: he stands up and picks her up

Holly: LET GO OF ME!!! She kicks and screams

Kyle: he carries on walking towards him

Jackson: he smiles No.

Zach: he runs towards holly Hol!

Holly: help me! Please!!!

Kyle: he slices his side no. Bad.

Jackson: he looks at Zach That won't happen anytime soon.

Zach: he screams in pain and falls to the ground, hands on the wound

Holly: ZACH!! She kicks out more

Kyle: he kneels down beside Zach see. Bad boy.

Zach: he whimpers and winces

Jackson: he holds her tighter and walks onto the bed Watch, not interfere.

Holly: she snarls and kicks as much as she can.

Kyle: he slices down Zach's arm

Zach: he cries out and curls into a ball Y Jackson: he grips holly tighter Watch.

Holly: she shuts her eyes tight NO-no!!

Kyle: he slices down Zachs other arm

Jackson: he opens one of Hollys eyes with his fingers Scared?

Zach: he screams and starts crying

Holly: Yes! I'm frigging terrified!

Jackson: Well you can't look away, holly.

Holly: she whimpers, showing how terrified she actually is please...

Zach: he sobs

Jackson: Too bad. It's your payment for betraying us.

Holly: I love him Jackson. Tears come to her eyes I would give anything for him not to be hurt. I would protect him with my life.

Kyle: he kicks Zach in the stomach shut up.

Zach: he cries out in pain and curls up tighter

Jackson: Well too bad, holly. Shouldn't have betrayed us.

Holly: if I never even tried to be on your side then Zach would of got hurt. Pretending to be no your side means my love gets hurt. Its a loose loose situation.

Kyle: he slices Zachs back

Zach: he screams

Jackson: Well too bad.

Holly: she thrashes around, trying to get away from Jackson.

Jackson: he pins her down

Holly: get off me! I have to help zach!!!

Jackson: No.

Holly:she starts sobbing

Jackson: he looks surprised Wow.

Holly: I love him jackson. (Ooc: I'm in a test)

Zach: he whimpers (ooc: Im leaving for band practice. Gtgn)

Holly: I'd give my life to protect him. Do anything to keep him safe.

Jackson: Is there a limit to what you would do for him?

Holly: no. There isn't. But I wouldn't kill him.

Jackson: he smiles Well then.

Zach: he sobs and tries to crawl to holly

Kyle: he puts his foot on Zach's back stay.

Holly: leave zach alone!!

Zach: he struggles

Holly: Please! Don't kill him! Please...

Zach: he try's to turn around

Kyle: he kicks Zach in the head, hard

Holly: jackson... Tears stream down her face ill do anything. But kill him. I love him. Ill do anything to save him.

Jackson: he thinks about it Hurt him somewhere on his face and don't heal that part.

Zach: he gets knocked out

Holly: okay. Let me go. I promise I won't.

Jackson: he gets off her

Holly: she walks slowly over to Zach, pulls out a dagger and slices his cheek in the same place kyle sliced hers

Zach: he groans

'Holly: she stands and looks at Jackson can we go. Or at least Zach?

Jackson: You can go. But you must tell Zach what you did.

Holly: I promise I will. And I'm not allowed to heal him though right?

Jackson: No, you're not allowed to heal him. Now you have ten seconds to get out of my sight.

Holly: she half drags, half carries Zach out the room, staying slient

(Ooc: Timeskip?)

(Ooc: yes.)

Zach: he wakes up suddenly and cries out In pain

Holly: she has bandaged him and put a cold wash cloth on his forehead zach! Are you okay?

Zach: he winces The pain...

Holly: she hugs him gently I'm sorry. You shouldn't of been there. Only I should of got hurt. (Ooc: sorryyy...)

Zach: It was my fault. I shouldn't make that plan to stop Jackson. It was to childish to think we can actually beat him. (Ooc: S'ok, just enjoy the fair. )

Holly: I sliced you cheek.

Zach: he moves his hand to his cheek, wincing as he does so Why?

Holly: it was the only way Jackson would let us leave.

Zach: he puts his hand back down Everything hurts so bad...

Holly: I am not allowed to heal you either. Or he will hurt you more.

Zach: he looks desperate He won't know. I won't leave and hell think I'm still recovering.

Holly:she puts her hands on his chest, healing him

Zach: his entire body relaxens and he breathes a sigh of relief

Holly: I'm so so sorry Zach. I love you so much and I hate seeing you get hurt...

Zach: he smiles I love you to. I couldn't let you be hurt.

Holly: she hugs him you are amazing sweetheart.

Zach: he winces Thanks. You are too.

Holly: she focuses on healing him with a faint smile on her face.

Zach: He told you, didn't he? When I was in the forest, the first time I met him...he told you what happened.

Holly: she nods yeah, he did. I'm so sorry for you.

Zach: I was humiliated. I cried, I begged for death. I was weak and...

Holly: you are perfect. There is nothing wrong with you!

Zach: he clutches his head I was begging to be killed, I was going in and out if pain. I did whatever I could to stop the pain. I sobbed till I couldn't. I even wetted myself...

Holly: zach... She rubs his leg it was in the past. It doesn't matter

Zach: he winces I would've died If it weren't for Anton. He whimpers and closes his eyes

Holly: ZACH! It was in the past!

Zach: I don't know if I'm going to live. That's why I'm telling you now.

Holly: her face goes pale zach... Her voice is soft like talking to a wounded animal you aren't going to die sweetie.

Zach: he smiles softly and opens his eyes I'd lost to much much

Holly: you haven't hun. You aren't dying sweetie. She starts healing him again you aren't leaving me.

Zach: his body stiffens slightly Im trying not to....but the temptation is growing stronger...

Holly: don't leave me sweetie.

Zach: I love you, Hol. He closes his eyes and falls into a deep sleep

Holly: tears trickle down her face as she tries to focus on healing him

Zach: with each breath he gets paler and soon has gaps that get longer between breaths

Holly: she pours some nectar into his mouth, muttering soothing words

Zach: he starts coughing and choking on the nectar

Holly: she strokes his throat, trying to get him to swollow it.

Zach: after coughing some more he swallows it and his body relaxens a little, some colour returning

Holly: she smiles and yawns thank gods.

Zach: he moans a little

Holly;she strokes his hair shush love. Ill be back soon. She stands to leave

Zach: he trashes a little, obvious he's having a nightmare

Holly: she kisses his forehead calm hun. Calm. She squeezes his hand and then starts walking to Jackson's rooms

Jackson: he is cleaning up the blood that Zach spilt

Holly: she walks in, sword drwan and an evil look in her eyes Jackson!

Jackson: what?

Holly: she kicks him don't touch zach again. Or I will hurt you. Bad.

Jackson: he grunts I don't take orders from little girls.

Holly: she goes to kick him again DO NOT CALL ME LITTLE GIRL!

Jackson: he falls onto his knees Well you are a little girl, aren't you, little girl?

Holly: I'm 14. She holds her sword by his neck and you reallllyyy shouldn't piss me off.

Jackson: he snarls Or you'll what, kill me?

Holly: she smirks and grabs his hair with one hand and yanks his head back I am a killer Jackson.

Jackson: he curls his lip That kills with remorse. Weak. And zach will never look at you the same.

Holly: she hesitates I hate you Jackson. I know I kill out of fear but I've killed more people than you.

Jackson: he doesn't say anything but thinks "quick and painless death. Not bad. Not bad."

Holly: she slices his back, her face dark with anger

Jackson: he cries out, as his back being the weakest part of his body

Holly: that's the first time I've heard you scream... I like it. She slices again

Jackson: he screams again and shudders

Holly: she smiles agnd sheaths her sword do not hurt Zach.

Jackson: he falls on his hands and pants, then looks up You can't tell me what to do and not to do.

Holly: ill just hurt you more.

Jackson: he snarls I can hurt him as I please. He's my boxing bag.

Holly: I know he is. But I'm volontiring to take his place.

Jackson: But I decline. He's more fun. More...weak

Holly: she smiles and that's why he's leaving, with me.

Jackson: he collapses onto his belly I will make sure he won't. Ill kiddnapp him and torture him by the day, and ill hunt our kid and show him who his father is.

Holly: she puts a hand on her stomach, a slight kicking she can feel no jackson. Ill protect them.

Jackson: he suddenly cries out and curls up

Holly: she kneels beside him what's wrong?

Jackson: The pain...he grits his teeth

Holly: she bites her lip and places her hands on his chest, healing him

Jackson: Why?

Holly: camp would be boring with out you.

Jackson: Great. I'm the clown.

Holly: that's zach. He's the clown.

Jackson: Then what am I? The ringmaster? Great.

Holly: well you do seem to control everything...

Jackson: How do you know my weak point?

Holly: I didn't. I guessed.

Jackson: Great. Now you're going to use it against me.

Holly: well you use mine agaianst me.

Jackson: he rolls his eyes You don't know the poistion I'm in. If anyone, and i mean anyone, finds out that I can cry and scream over one little spot, then I'm losing poistion. Simple as that. And let me tell you this; I don't want to lose my poistion.

Holly: she stands then you shouldn't of pissed me off.

Jackson: he snarls and rubs his back Holly, can you help me experiment something? It involves pain and blood, for me.

Holly: okay...

Jackson: I want to see my maximum pain reaction. Zachs well, he told you. I want to know mines. I want you to skin my back and stab it a few times. I don't know if you're up for it.

Holly: will you let me heal you after?

Jackson: Yes. So will you do it?

Holly: happily.

Jackson: he holds a rope tie my hands and legs. I might interfere if I have my hands and legs are free.

Holly: she does as she's told then twirls her knife can I start?

Jackson: Yes.

Holly: she starts slicing his back, not holding back. Every piece of anger escaping from her body as she rythmacially slices him

Jackson: he screams and his fists tighten to the point where they look like they'll explode and his eyes are clenched tightly shut, and soon hot tears roll down his cheek Arghhh! He screams

Holly: she smiles and continues slicing, she's enjoying the sounds of his screams

Jackson: he sobs and his screams become louder, as if trying to mute the sobs out

Holly: want me to stop?

'Jackson: he grits his teeth Keep going. He winces

Holly: she keeps on slicing him, going deeper each time.

Jackson: he howls in pain, his fists in his hair trying to pull it out and he starts trashing and shuddering. He sobs (ooc: someone ought to hear him screaming)

Kyle: he hears and shadow travels in, grabbing Holly by the hair and pulling her away from Jackson are you okay Jackson?

Holly: she drops her sword and winces

Jackson: he grits his teeth and opens his bloodshot eyes Let. Her. Go. He screams and shuts his eyes tightly again, tears escaping

Kyle: no! She's not hurting you!

Jackson: I asked her to.

Kyle: he punches Holly in the back, in the center part of her bruise you've had enough jackson.

Holly: she wimpers

Jackson: No! You don't understand! Let her go! Now! He screams

Kyle: NO! He draws his dagger and slices hollys back, running through her brusied skin

Holly; tears run down her cheeks. Stop.

Jackson: he shows Kyle his fear and then stands with difficulty and prys holly out of his hands

Holly: thank you Jackson...

Kyle: he snarls.

Jackson: he nods are you almost done my back?

Holly: she picks up her sword yeah.

Kyle: he shadow trvales off

Jackson: he lies back down Finish it and try to give it a twist.

Holly: she kneels beside him and digs the blade back in, twisting and pushing it deeper

Jackson: he howls as the tears coutiune flowing though his shut eyes and he tries to rip out his hair

Holly: enough! She pulls it out I'm not hurting you any more.

Jacksn: he sobs and curls into a ball, shuddering

Holly: she places her hands gentaly on the wounds and starts healing him, she sings a soft song to try and help him relax

Jackson: his eyes close and he's soon asleep

Holly: she puts her hand on her back and when she brings it back its red with blood sh*t...

Zach: he had woken up and shadow traveled to Jackson's bed, still in the same poistion Need help with that jerk?

Holly: she whipes her hand on her jeans um, not. Its fine. He's asleep.

Zach: Never heard Jackson cry or scream like that. He looks at holly Youre bleeding Hol.

Holly: yeah. I noticed Zach.

Zach: he gestures for her to come, wincing as he does so

Holly: she walks over, trying not to wince

Zach: Hol, sit. You need rest. Jackson will be alright, Ill tend his wound. And yours. Rest hol

Holly: she sits on the edge of the bed I'm fine zach. I don't need rest.

Zach: but let me take care of you. He stands and gets a roll of ubandages then starts bandaging Hollys wound, pouring nectar every so often

Holly: she winces I'm fine zach...

Zach: he walks forward and start tending Jackson's wound

Jackson: his eyes fly open and he punches Zach in the jaw

Zach: he flies upward and then crashes though a window and keeps falling till he hits the ground

Holly: Zach! She jumps up but stumbles on her feet, weak from healing ZACH!

He is on the ground, his limp body looking like his legs are maybe broken, blood sweeping out of his skull. He's breathing, but barley

Holly: she stumbles outside and holds his body MELODY!

Melody: she runs up Let me take care of him. She presses a cloth to his head wound First we need to get rid of this wound.

Holly: I know Mel. Its the one that will kill him the quickest.

Melody: she summons and ambrosia and feeds it to Zach That should slow down the blood flowing.

Holly: can I have some? I need to heal him.

Melody: she makes another one and gives it to holly

Holly: she eats it and then places her hands on Zachs head, healing him

The wounds starts to close

Melody: Thank gods. She looks at his legs Broken, Definatly.hes going to need rest. Lots of it.

Holly: and a lot of my healing...

Melody: Let his legs heal the normal way, we can't have him running around and being injured more.

Holly: he shouldn't of gotten hurt. I let him get hurt...

Melody: It's fine, Hol. It happened already, you can't take it back.

Holly: its still my fault!

Zach: he moans a little

Melody: Lets just get him to a room,Kay? He needs to rest, and not on blood-stained glass.

Holly: you take him. I need time alone.

Melody: Ok. She picks up Zach then leaves

Holly: she walks into the forest and stops by and tree and rests on it

Melody: she places him in Hollys room since its the closest and starts tending the minor wounds

Holly: she starts slicing a tree with her spear

A dog runs up to her and barks happily

Holly: she stops and smiles, she strokes the dogs head hey doggie. Where's your master?

The dog licks himself, trying to say "myself"

Holly: she looks confused for a second oh. You don't have a master?

The dog nods and licks her hand

Holly: she hugs the dog well your new, but seem to like me so that's a rearity.

Te dog waves his tail happily and hangs his tounge out of his mouth

Holly: what's your name pup?

The dog looks down, unsure how to answer it, then he points to his collar witch says Sadiki on it

Holly: Sadiki? Is that your name pup?

Sadiki: nods

'Holly: why are you here?

Sadiki: he points to holly

Holly: why Sadiki?

Sadiki: he points to holly, then growls, points to himself and barks playfully, then points to holly again and barks playfully again, trying to say "to cheer you up"

Holly: its okay. I don't really need cheering up. I just wanna be alone.

Sadiki: he makes big puppy eyes and whimpers, it's hard not to feel sympathy

Holly: she gets a baseball out. Okay. I can play for a while. She throws the baseball

Sadiki: he runs to go grab it, then comes back, tail wagging

Holly: she smiles and takes it off him, then throw it again

Sadiki: he does the same thing as before

Holly: she kneels and ruffles his fur beutiful boy. I gotta go now.

Sadiki: he licks her cheek

Holly: she strokes him and then gets to her feet I'm going to go back to my room now Sadiki.

Sadiki: he changes back to a human sitting there crossed legged Need help?

Holly: oh f*ck, your a nymph!

Sadiki: he sighs Sprirt actually. Though what's so bad?

Holly: she shakes her head and runs a hand through her hair nothing, nothing. I just thought you were a dog...

Sadiki: I am a dog.

Holly: she rolls her eyes yeah. Anyway, I gotta go back to my room and take my medicine and change my bandages.

Sadiki: he stands I can help you.

Holly: I'm fine Sadiki. She coughs I just need to take my medicine.

Sadiki: Ok.

Holly: she starts heading to her room

Sadiki: he turns to a dog and runs off

Holly: she gets to her room and takes off her top, reviling bandages covering her chest. Then undoes it and puts fresh bandages on

Melody: she is at the door he's resting fine. You can try and heal him again if you want.

Zach: he groans in his sleep

Holly: she looks up you really do know how to scare people don't ya mel? She smiles ill get to work healing him.

Melody: she grins Im just the mini ninja.

Holly: she places her hands on zach's chest yes, yes you are.

Melody: she goes over and looks at Zach He should've woken up by now. Unless the impact was stronger then I thought.

Holly: don't say that... Please. I need him.

Melody: Alright. Fine.

Holly: she foucuses on healing him

Zach: he moans in his sleep and struggles (ooc: u on Skype?)

Holly: she hugs him (ooc: not today. I'm shopping)

Zach: his eyes fly open Hol!

Holly: zach! She hugs him tighter oh my sweet man. Never leave me!

Zach: What happened? Ugh...

Holly: jackson punched you. You flew through the window and... I thought you'd die...

Zach: he winces head pounding...hurts

Holly: ill help you out.

Zach: he kisses her

Holly: I love you.

Zach: Me to. He smiles then winces

Holly: oh sweetie! She starts healing him again

Zach: How's Jackson doing?

Holly: I don't know... I haven't checked on him.

Zach: You should. He's in pain.

Holly: why do you care about him?

Zach: I never really saw him hurt. He me

Holly: remember when me and blake were fighting and you got me pinned...I thought that would be it, that I would die....

Zach: he winces When Luke made everyone asleep but us, I was about to kill you. He starts crying I wanted to torture you.

Holly: you should of killed me.

Zach: No. (Ooc: can't go on Skype tomorrow and today ;-;. My mom won't let me buy a charger when she promised me to. I'm really mad at her. But I can try and rp here with you as much as I can before I go.)

Holly: why not? (Ooc: okay, sorry I didn't reply. I was in london.)

Zach: I love you Hol

Holly: why?

Zach: You know my heart is directed to only you.

Holly: oh zachy. I love you so.

Zach: he smiles and strokes her hair then kisses her (ooc: nothing ever happened..)

Holly: she kisses his back softly, hesitantly.

Zach: he pulls her closer (ooc: did you get it? I sent you a mail)

Holly: she wraps her arms around him (ooc: not yet.)

Zach: he pulls her onto her bed, letting her lie on top of his broken legs, though he doesn't seem to mind

Holly: she pulls away, smiling I'm not hurting your legs any more.

Zach: he smiles then how abut my chest?

Holly: she puts most of her waight on his chest and runs her hands through his hair I love you.

Zach: I love you to, Hol. he winces slightly as she touchs his bandage on his head

Holly: oh sorry. She moves her hands to hug him

Zach: S'ok. He grabs her shoulders and pulls downwards so that he kisses her

Holly: she is takenback by the kiss then kisses him back softly

Zach: he runs his hand through her hair and deepens the kiss

Holly: she pulls closer to him, her hands holding on to the back of his neck

Zach: he takes his shirt off, showing scars all around his chest and arms

Holly: she slips hers off, showing an equal amount of scars

Zach: he touches one of the newer ones on her arm

Holly: she winces and pulls away no. There are tears in her eyes no

Zach: he seems dazed and applies more pressure to the wound. He seems unaware of what he's doing

Holly: stop it! She tries to jerk away from him, tears starting to trickle down her face

Zach: he frowns and digs his nails into it

Holly: she screams out Stop it Zach! Stop it!

Zach: he frowns and blinks then jerks his hand away from her Hol! He tries to hug her Hol..

Holly: n-no!!! She pulls away from him don't touch me!

Zach: Hol....he lets go and looks at his blood-stained hand What did I do to you?

Holly: she shaking and clutching her arm to her chest d-d-dont touch... Me...ever.

Zach: Hol...that wasn't me. He whines I'm sorry!

Holly: she grabs her shirt, tears still running down her face bye zach. She puts her shirt on and starts going to the door

Zach: Holly! I'm sorry! It wasn't me! He tries to get up but he cries out in pain

Holly: she helps him back into bed and kisses his forehead I'm scared of you zach.

Zach: his lower lip trembles Why?

Holly: you tore into my skin with your nails Zach. She is still holding her arm

Zach: he looks shocked T-that w-wasn't me. My b-brain must've messed me up. He clutches his head

Holly: why do it then?

Zach: My head wound, I saw that I was in a cage and I was clawing my way out.

Holly: she moves away from him zach... What if it happens again?

Zach: Im messed. I'll try not to do any violence if it happens and try to tell you. Somehow.

Holly: she walks back over and kisses him okay. I trust you.

Zach: he nods, his eyes sad Thanks.

Holly: so can we contiue?

Zach: Sure.

Holly: she starts kissing him again

Zach: he hesitantly kisses her back, scared that his brain might mess him up

Holly: she take off her top again and leans closer to him

Zach: he runs a hand down her cheek

Holly: she stiffens a bit but then starts taking off his jeans

Zach: he slides it off and starts taking off hers

Holly: she helps him

Zach: he suddenly stiffens

Holly: zach? What's wrong?

Zach: he looks around, confused

Holly: she tries to move away from his but his arms are too tight around her

Zach: he cries out and shudders

Holly: zach?! She places her hands on his chest, trying to soothe him

Zach: he cries out again and shudders

Holly: MEL! ANT! Help!

Melody: she and Anton run in Whats wrong?!

Zach: he lets out a shrill scream

Holly: do I even have to tell you??!

Anton: he had already ran forward and pinned Zach down We have to knock him out!

Holly: no! It... Just NO!

Anton: Then what do we do?!

Zach: he tries to pry Anton's hands off

Holly: just... Let him calm down. Please. She puts on her jeans and top

Anton: he nods

Zach: he blinks hard and gasps Hol...

Holly: she smiles hey zachy...

Zach: Hey...

Holly: she rubs her still bleeding arm you okay sweetie?

Zach: just shaken up.

Holly: what was it this time?

Zach: Jackson and I...when we met.

Holly: oh sweetie. She kisses him

Zach: he relaxens at her touch and strokes her cheek

Holly; she pulls away you okay?

Zach: Yeah. I think I'm good.

Holly: good.

Zach: he moves his legs a little and cries out

Holly: oh hunny. She hugs him you have broken legs... (Ooc: sorry, I've been busy...)

Zach: That sucks. Now I can't save you. (Ooc: it's fine. I've been busy as well)

Holly: I don't need saving...

Zach: he kisses her cheek (ooc: posted on Skype)

Holly: she giggles

Zach: Youre perfect Hol.

Holly: she snorts I'm not.

Zach: Yes, you are.

Holly: she blushes and turns her face away from him

Zach: Hol, can you check on Jackson?

Holly: okiee. She goes to Jacksons room you okay?

Jackson: there is a pool of blood around him, and he has his face in it, he groans

Holly: she picks him up and puts him in his bed and starts healing him

Jackson: he looks at holly and coughs weakly 'sup?

Holly: right now? I'm trying to make you better.

Jackson: he laughs softly Good luck.

Holly: you shouldn't laugh at your health.

Jackson: So what?

Holly: because I care for you.

Jackson: Mmm hmm. You just left me here, dying.

Holly: she rubs her arm which still has blood trickling down I needed to be alone for a while...

Jackson: No, you ran to go help that weakling Zach,

Holly: he would die.

Jackson: he winces Ow!

Holly: she places her hands on his chest and starts healing him gods jackson...

Jackson: What? Snarls

Holly: why don't you like me helping you?

Jackson: Because it makes me feel weak.

Holly: because you are.

Jackson: What? He tries to get up but he collapses back onto the bed from exachustion

Holly: you are weak Jackson. I know you'll probably kill me for saying this but you are as weak as Zach when it comes to your back.

Jackson: I am not weak! He tries to punch holly but cries out because he made his back move

Holly: she gives him a look saying "told ya so"

Jackson: he growls

Holly: she starts to heal him again calm down.

Jackson: he curles his lip but doesn't say anything

Holly: good boy Jackson.

Jackson: he makes a low growl in his throat

Holly: oh shut up...

Jackson: The only way you're going to make me shut up is to duct tape my mouth.

Holly:' she smiles that can be arranged my friend.

Jackson: Wait, what?

Holly: I could staple your mouth shut.


Holly: so stay quiet.

Jackson: No. I don't want to be quiet.

Holly: well I want you to be.

Jackson: Too bad! Nah nah!

Holly: she lightly hits his forehead you're acting like a four year old.

Jackson: he growls

Holly: well its true...

Jackson: he spits on the ground

Holly: ew... Boys are so descusting.

Jackson: he spits on her shoe Not.

Holly: I won't help you if you carry on.

Jackson: he snarls

Holly: you gonna be quiet or do I have to leave?

Jackson: he curls his lip and shuts up

Holly: she carries on healing him

Jackson: How long will it take?

Holly: about five minuets.

Jackson: Ill die of being shut up before that.

Holly: she sighs and stands that's all I'm doing.

Jackson: Wait! Don't go! You haven't finished even 1/4 of my back!

Holly: then hope you heal quick. She picks up her sword off the floor and sheeths it I'm too tired.

Jackson: he tries to move but cries out No! Don't leave me here! Heal me!

Holly: ill pass out Jackson. I'd rather not waste my energy on you. Don't worry, someone will come check on you... Eventually.

Jackson: No! Don't leave!

Holly: she walks to the door too bad jackson.

Jackson: No! No!

Holly: maybe this will teach you a lesson. Don't ask for something you can't fix.

Jackson: he whines

Holly: don't even try that jackson.

Jackson: he makes puppy eyes and whimpers. Please.

Holly: grant... She goes and starts healing him again, yawning

Jackson:' he smiles at her Thanks. You can rest here.

Holly: I really do need to rest.

Jackson: there is room here. He moves over

Holly: gods... I should get back to Zach. He'll get worried.

Jackson: Itll be fine. Only a few minutes of sleep.

Holly: she yawns fine. She lies down beside him and takes off he shoes

Jackson: he smiles Ill wake you up

Holly: she smiles and falls asleep

Jackson: he puts her hands on his back, trying to get her to heal him

Alex: hey brother. He's at the door

Jackson: he sees him and curses Stay away

Alex: he laughs you think I'd do something?

Jackson: right now I'm in to much pain to even say something witty

Alex: he steps forward I think I should take holly to zach.

Jackson: No. She needs to heal me

Alex: she doesn't need to do anything. He reaches down to take her

Jackson: he bites into Alex's arm, hard enough to draw blood

Alex: f*cking hell! He pulls his arm away gods! Why do you care where she sleeps?

Jackson: I need her to heal me. He shows him his back and scowls

Alex: well she needs rest, and which one of us is always right brother?

Jackson: he growls She rests here.

Alex: he rolls his eyes she will come back and heal you.

Jackson: She's staying here.

Alex: why do you care so much?!

Jackson: why do you care?!

Alex: I grew up with her.

Jackson: So?

Alex: she's like a sister to me.

Jackson: she's staying here. You can't stop me from making her stay here.

Alex: dude, you're in love.

Jackson: he blushes No!

Alex: if you don't love her then let me take her.

Jackson: I don' can' can't take her!

Alex: if not for love, then what for good sir?

Jackson: Just leave me alone!

Alex: nah....

Holly: she wakes

Jackson: he swears

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