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  • Xyla: was walking around looking lost

Anton: walks up to her and smiles hello, you seem lost.

Xyla: sees anton and smiles I am hhow do you know are you a magician??

Anton: he blushes a bit you look lost, judging from the way you walk and look around

Xylia: didnt notice the blush but looks around regardless it was just sooo pretty out that I went around and then suddenly...I got lost....

Anton: he nods and smiles this area is beautiful this time of year

Xylia: nods it is that the butterfly have been showing me around you know?

Anton: ah, I see. So where is the buttery fly now? You can follow it and I can lead you back to civilization when you're ready

xylia: nods yup that's what I like smiles

Anton: he blushes a bit more lead the way, ma'am, he bows and gestures for her to keep walking

xylia: sees him going red are you sick ?

Anton: a little hot... Smiles assuringly

xylia: not convince thus put her hands on his forehead your hot...

Anton: he flinches slightly but stays there, looking into her eyes I'm fine, really

OOC:I'm wondering whether its the real hot or just the hot hot ><

OOC: your choice

Xylia: okey if your sure anyhow I'm xylia and you are??

Anton: I'm Anton, son of apate, prince of pranks, and the hottest boy you'll ever meet sticks his chest in the air

xylia: I'm xylia nymph of the butterfly..

Anton: butterflies huh? That's wonderful. It's really cool, too. Bites his lip to keep himself from saying something else

xylia:' tilts her head I'm not cool..I'm a butterfly..

OOC:sorry but xylia's dib wanna pick another char?

Ooc: then lets just say he's messing with her

OOC:doubt she'll even know it anyhow you have a range to pick cause even cait is single ...

Ooc: cait seems more like one of my other chars type. So can I switch out as well?

OOC:0.0 you want cait? anyhow sure yoou can switch or we can make two rp's one of xy and anton the other with the love birds as my single chars right now is conrad, sappira, ryusei, ameli, and lila

Ooc: lets just make xy and ant walk back to camp and then those two come

OOC:which two??

Ooc: Sadiki (my char) and cait. I find that would be a nice relationship with good amount of drama, one being immortal and all

OOC:interesting combo but can you wait on that for a few days cause I myself dont know the status of my chars relationship right now but you can have evelyn no problem with me..

Ooc: we can just make them flirt while I wait :)

OOC:sure sure soo how do we continue here??

Anton: would you like me to walk you back to camp now..miss?

xylia: nods yes please!

Anton: he starts walking back towards the camp this way, follow me. Make sure you can keep up

xylia: she was skipping as she follow anton ok

OOC:I take it all back cait is yours for the taking but be warn she has a bad experience in love soo she isnt going to be a quick catch and also she's considering the hunt...soo good luck!!

Ooc: I'll try my best ;P

~quick mini Timeskip~

Anton: and we're back! Turns and smiles at xylia everything's good now

when anton turn around xylia was nowhere to be found but a few butterfly was nearby lingering around him as if trying to show where she was..

Anton: he holds out his finger and laughs as one of them lands on his finger hey guys, do you know where xylia? I seem to have lost her

the butterfly proptly flew over and went to a place in the woods waiting for him as if offering to show the way

Anton: he follows it, smiling either this is a joke of some sort or butterflies have gotten smarter

soon the butterflies lead anton to xylia who was once again clearly lost

xylia: oh its you the guy I met..she said quite happy to see a familiar face I seamed to have gotten lost again...

Anton: he laughs softly I thought I told you to follow me, was I going to fast?

xylia: she shakes her head no I just wanted to smell the flowers then when I turn you werent there soo...yeah...she nods

Anton: he smiles and then bends down and sniffs the flowers they do smell did you know to send the butterfly's to me? Are you like a daughter of like....the goddess of butterflies?

xylia: she shakes her head solemnly I'm a butterfly nymph remember??

Anton: he snaps his fingers oh yeah! Sorry, I forgot. Anyhow these flowers are so beautiful..goes to look at one and then laughs as a butterfly lands on his finger

xylia: at the sight of the butterfly landing on his hands the butterfly likes you..

Anton: grins it's really cool to have one on your tickles a bit though

xylia: she tilts her head before making more and more butterfly sorounds anton

Anton: he ducks and laughs as he gets butterflies landing on him

xylia: she tilts her head as she used her powers to make more butterfly went to anton

Anton: tries to run. But the butterflies keep following him as he laughs

xylia: having fun yet? she asked as she saw anton running as the butterfly says your funny..

Anton: rolls his eyes as he tries to swat them away funny in what way? Bad or good?

xylia: hmm they didnt say does it matter?

Anton: it does! Are they making fun of me or are they laughing with me? Sits down and lets the butterflies land on him

xylia: hmmm I think with you I think...she said with a smile

Anton: just tell them not to fly into my mouth and it'll be good. Grins

'xylia: but butterfly taste nice....

Anton: not alive! I don't want them squirming and flapping their wings inside my mouth...

xylia: she makes a 0.0 face they do?

Anton: shrugs Probaly! I've seen enough movies to know, or guess!

xylia: but last time I check some culture eat butterflies....

OOC:can we pretend this is true?

Ooc: pretty sure it is :d

Anton: they Probaly kill it first...not eat them alive! That's eating um...

xylia: ehhhh it is?

Anton: runs his hand through his hair yeah, they kill things before they eat them, no matter what it is

xylia: she claps her hands boy you know soo much about butterfliesshe said quite impress

Anton: huh? Oh, thanks. I spent a lot of time outside as a kid, makes me want to learn more about them. Rubs his head

xylia: ehhh you were a kid?? she said quite surprise

Anton: Er....yeah. Demigods have the Same um...aging progress as mortals do. You guys are created this way am I correct?

xylia: ehhh your a demigod!!

OOC:short memory span!

Anton: nods yeah, I am. Lies down on the grass it is quite fun being a demigod

Ooc: just like my sister :P

xylia: she nods yeah you get a parent and a lot of siblings she said happily

Anton: do animal nymphs have more siblings? Since it's much easier to create you guys...?

xylia: she shakes her head but I dont have any siblings she looks down sadly

Anton: walks over to her and then puts a comforting arm sround her hey, siblings aren't always fun. You can't even walk into my cabin without getting a pie to the face

xylia: but you have people there for you dont you? who can support you when you need help and such she said in her innocent manner

Anton: you could always find a good friend who can do the same things siblings do. And if you do it that way you'll have more memories of each other

xylia: but but but she looks down it wont be the same...

Anton: hey, it's alright. Opens his arms wide do you want a hug xylia?

xylia: she looks at anton before giving him a hug hugg...she said in her childish voice

Anton: smiles and pats her hair gently it's going to be fine

xi: she nods it always will be she said quite happy

Anton: chuckles gently you sure have a bubbly personality

xylia: thats what everyone says how wierd..

Anton: well you really are, that's what makes you special

xylia: I thought everyone is special?

Anton: yes, everyone is but your personality makes

xylia: and that is what make you you too she said with a laugh and a smile

Anton: runs his hand through his dark brown hair as he joins in

xylia: she smiles then tilts her head now what?

Anton: shrugs you want to head back? It'll be lunch soon.

xylia: she kept quite now that you mention it I am hungry she makes a >,< face

Anton: do you want to go to A place out in town or shall we stay here and eat?

xylia: she looks as if she was thinking hmmm I dont know I cant choose she said as she tilts her head

Anton: how about we go out to eat? It's been awhile for me. I haven't went out of camp since...five months

xylia: ok lets go...but I dotn have money...she looks down sadly

Anton: I'll pay then. You can pay me back by finishing your food and not getting lost. Think you can do that?

xylia: getting lost? she asked as she tilts her head

Anton: looks at her oddly do you not know what getting lost is?

xylia: nooo I do know whats getting lost it..she said in a dreamy voice but ...she said having a little paused I never knew how to get lost she said as she looked around clearly not paying attention to anton



Anton: Er...snaps fingers in front of her lets just go there, alright? Hold my hand so you Domt wander off

xylia: the moment anton snaps his fingers in front of her she turns to him oh hi...she said happily

Anton: laughs gently hi, let's go now to eat

xylia: eat? oh ok she said smiling

Anton: nods then pushed her gently forward you can go led, I'll tell you the way from here.

xylia: gets pushed ok...she looks around ohhh look pretty flowers!!!

Anton grabs her shoulders no. Let's go to eat, flowers later

xylia: but did you know butterflies eat flowers??

OOC:anton just give up...

Anton: sighs and then shrugs I didn't know that. That is cool...

xylia: and did you know sees a bird ohh cool bird!!! she said suddenly as she tried to follow the bird

Anton runs after her don't go into the woods! You're going to get me lost!

xylia: but bird...she said sadly making a little pout

OOC:abandon hope....

Anton: goes to grab her no, stop. The bird needs to eat by itself now.


OOC:I seriously want to see xi and anton being their crazy self soo here's a new part for us to play

caitlyn was on the edge of the clift looking at the sights from a far she looked like she was about to commit suice for she was seriously at the edge but she was careful as she was fully aware of the danger it pose

Sadiki: in his dog form he starts to wander out towards his favourite area of the forest. He sees someone there and he barks playfully as he comes running towards her

caitlyn ignores the dog as she lies on the ground looking at the sky praying for something to happen

Sadiki: as he runs to her he starts to turn into his human form so he sits beside her hey

Cait: at the moment she heard a voice she got look next to her with her face expressing how shock she is as her body involuntarily moves to display how surprise she is what the ...sees sadiki its not nice to bother people you know...especially if they're soo close to the edge...what do....she stops and think animal nymph? she asked pointing at him

Sadiki: he nods and adjusts his hat Sadiki. Smiles so you aren't near the edge because of what I think you're about to do are you? Cause then I'll have to do some heroic rescuing

cait: hearing his suggestion she let out a laugh oh come on if I wanted to kill myself I would have taken pills not this..I just came here to think but you still didnt answer my question were you the dog that was bothering me?

Sadiki: ah, yeah. I was. Sorry, was I bothering you? I didn't mean too.

cait: she rolls her eyes as she pats the ground next to her as if telling him to take a seat next to her no worries I doubt I was gonna have any time alone anyways...anyhow I'm caitlyn and I'm super sorry for not giving you the chance to reenact the famous titanic scene...

Sadiki: nice to meet you Caitlyn sits down beside her it's fine, I'm not really that strong anyway.

cait: at the sight of sadiki sitting close to her she moves a few centimeters away as she did not want to get hit by eros arrows once again I dont think leanardo was that strong too anyhow just call me cait the only person to call me caitlyn is ryusei and thats when I'm in trouble..

Sadiki: sure, cait. So, who's this ryusei? Someone special? Leans in curiously, an eyebrow raised

cait: hearing his suggestion she laugh seriously me and ryusei? he's gonna poison me first then think of me as a friend....she shakes her head thinking of his words buut no eros has shoot me with too many arrows and sadly it all fails..

Sadiki: maybe you just haven't found the one yet. Maybe Eros is planning to make your love story into a book with twists and turns...he leans back gently

cait: at the mention of a love story she gave a bitter laugh then tell him to try it out with his own kids rather than me...

Sadiki: it's more interesting this way. His kids are too easy. They're always like perfect. He moves closer nice view of the camp...

cait: she saw him move closer to her and at that moment she promptly got up stop I dont want to go through this again..she said showing how scared she was as she looked at sadiki I really dont want to go through this....uhh mess? again trust me I dont want to go through it all...she said looking away Im willing to jump through window clifts...heck even mount everest...but to go through all this drama once thank you ...she said as she started to walk away

OOC:catch her...


OOC:dont let her get away...she'll go to her cabin and never go out..and you dont want that..

Sadiki: runs up to her and grabs her sleeve hey, I'm sorry. I didn't know. But don't leave.

caitlyn: she turn to him and saw through his eyes she sigh and took a deep breath sorry...its just I'm not great with ,love..

Sadiki: he nods gently I can understand that. I don't do good at love either but I'll try my best with the girl I pick.

'cait: she let out a laughtry picking up an aphro kid maybe thats easier...she said a bit sarcastic

Sadiki: nah, they always are too much about make up and less about nature. I don't really like them wrinkles his nose so who's your godparent?

cait: she raises her eyebrow eros ...she lied without any symphaty

Sadiki: senses she's lying because of evidence from earlier that's pretty cool. So what can you do? Ol' animal nymph here wants to know

'cait: was truly oblivious as she shrugs well I can avoid lengthy conversation with unwanted people soo see yah...she said sarcastically as she walked away once more

OOC:told you cait is hard...

Sadiki: runs after her you really hate me, don't you? You know..I'm not like other boys. I don't crush girls hearts.

cait: I have nothing agaisnt youshe crosses her arms I'm not looking for a relationship....she said quite sternly regardlless of the promises made

Sadiki: then can we be friends then? It is much easier to be friend zoned then to be ignored and blocked out.

'cait: she sigh fine she offers her hand to a handshake we'll be just friends ok?

Sadiki: smiles painfully before taking her hand sure.

'cait: when sadiki took her hand it spark something that surprise her too much that she jumped almost losing her balance uhh how about we just walk? she said truly surprise as the lingering feeling of his touch still fresh on her mind

OOC:wow eros is quick..

Sadiki: looks rather confused before nodding I know this beautiful lake we can go to. I hope it isn't just me that will like it

caitlyn: she nods lead the way she said gesturing her hand as she made sure she stayed far from sadiki

Sadiki: turns and then starts to walk down the slope and into the forest. When he was sure cait couldnt see him he shook his head, trying to convince himself that Cait only got a static shock, and nothing else.

caitlyn: she wasnt paying attention as she herself was busy in her own thoughts unnaware she was slowly going off the track

Sadiki: cait! Wrong way! That's the wrong way! Walks towards her

cait: she didnt hear him as she continues to be in her thoughts

Sadiki: grabs her arm hey, cait. You ok?

cait: she was quite surprise when sadiki grab her arms succeffully whaat??

Sadiki: smiles gently at heryou're wandering, and going the wrong way

cait: his smile actually got to her but she refused to show it oh really well then maybe we should take a detour she said simply

Sadiki: shrugged and then lower his hand, accidentally grazing hers you lead the way then, cait

cait: she literally knew where this is going why..she said in her low voice truly hating the fact she's going to this road once more...the road of love

Sadiki: why what cait? Blinks innocently, his face almost like a puppies

cait: she was literally toungue tied umm...

OOC:boy sadiki is good...

Sadiki: laughs at her expression gently now are you going to follow me or should we have another awkward moment?

Ooc: yep, not bad for his first time flirting :P

cait: she curses in some french language that she picked up during her travels nothing she said once more to talk about more firm with every passing word

Sadiki: raises his eyebrow but says nothing as he leads her down towards the lake slowly

cait: she followed him not saying anything more as her heart was full of questions

OOC:wanna go to the pool?

Ooc: we can but then I may not be able to reply since it'll lag my device a lot

OOC:but I wanted a detour as rather than the lake we go to the pool

Ooc: we can go to the pool but not actually switch to the pool page

OOC:we can just do it here and say they went to the pool no problem..

Sadiki: walks down towards the edge of the pool well I don't remember where the lake was, but this will do fine

cait: she looks down onto the pool you sure about that? she said a bit preplex about his idea

Sadiki: yeah, there's no one here watching us pulls off his shoes and socks then dips his feet into the pool

cait: she makes a 0.0 face easy for you to say I'm a girl unless you want me to skinny dip...she said showing how she was clearly not liking this idea

Sadiki: laughs gently if you want you can dive in with your clothes on, I'm perfectly fine either option you choose

cait:' she rolls her eyes seriously you want me to freeze to death??

OOC:what season is it ??

Ooc: mid august, when we started this

Sadiki: laughs it's summer, you won't freeze cait.

cait: wellll you have to be prepared ...anyhow what makes you soo sure I can swim?

Sadiki: I can hold you if you're that scared of drowning. Haven't you heard that dogs can save people?

cait: she rolls her eyes clearly unamused and have you heard how easily it is to be killed...

Sadiki: if you're chickening out then say so. You're just looking more chicken by making excuses

cait: the word chicken got to her and she squint her eyes not liking the word chicken fine...she said as she started to take her shirt off showing her figure

Sadiki: doesn't watch as he knows that she wanted some privacy so he took off his shirt, leaving him In a pair of shorts

cait:  she did what girls would do strip and now wearing just undergarments she went in swiming in the pool

Sadiki: you know how to swim? Correct? I would be glad to show you starts swimming around her

cait: she stops swimming and looks at sadiki do I look like I'm drowning?

Sadiki: yes?

cait: she makes a -.- face I'm an expert swimmer my grandfather thought me swimming with sharks when I was 8 soo yeah I can live in normal waters...

Sadiki: well that makes it much more easier for me starts swimming around the pool

cait: clearly not liking the idea she sits at the sides as her feet plays with the water

Sadiki: laughs and then dives under, appearing near her and splashing her with water come on

cait: she shakes her head no thanks she said simply

OOC:soo is this camp's pool or the towns pool??

Ooc: camp?l

Sadiki: scared of a little water?

Cait:*she was clearly not liking this* no thanks I'm no Poseidon kid *she said simply*

Sadiki:*he smirks and then swims out of the pool* fine, it'll be no fun it i swim by myself. What do you suggest we do then?

Cait:*at the moment sadiki came out of the pool she got up and turn away not wanting to see the boys hoping that cupid is just playing tricks* I'm going...*she said slowly picking up her stuff when her stomach started to grumble*.....i hate my life....*she said out loud looking up at the sky*

Sadiki: why do you hate it? It seems very intresting, your life. *walks over to her, still wet and then places an arm around her

Cait: trust me my life is hateble....*she said slowly picking up her shirt*

Sadiki: nah, your life must be amazing as a demigod. It's much better then regular human lives

cait:*she rolls her eyes* trust me my I envy the mortals for their life of simplicity ..*she said looking away*

Sadiki: you want to head to the town and grab some food now?

cait:*she made a 0.0 face seriously?? town now when both of us are practically wet?

Sadiki: *laughs* after we dry off of course. Though since we didnt bring any towels we have to air dry.

Cait:air what? *she asked clearly not understanding his idea*

Sadiki: walk it off, let the wind dry us as we walk to town in our undergarments!

Cait: *she clearly didnt like that idea* you do know I'm wear practically nothing right? (she was still in her undergarments)

Sadiki: then we can take the forest route so no one can see you but me. Or you can put your clothes on now and then walk out...

Cait: *she thinks for a few minutes* how about we go to the nymph santuary? I have a few friends that i can ask cloths from and i think you should change too...

Sadiki: okay then, I guess. We already hve clothes but I guess some new ones wouldn't hurt...*picks up his clothes*

cait:*she let out a sigh of relive* good *she said heading to the sanctuary* lets just hope my friends wont be pranking...

Sadiki: they might be..I tend to pull some pranks on them from time to time...anyhow you lead the way

Cait:trust me they prank worse than you ...

Sadiki: well, I accept your challenge. So led me to them, I want to see their best shot.

cait: *she glares at him* we're not really in a position to do that...

Sadiki: *raises his eyebrow* what do you mean? Sure we're a little unprepared but I could craft a grass greneade pretty quickly

cait: lets just go to the sanctuary and out please?

Sadiki: *pouts, nt liking he idea * fine. But I want to meet some of these pranksters first.

cait: *she rolls her eyes not aware there was some eyes following her*

suzaku:*she grins looking next to her which was sabrina* sooo genbu

sabrina: *she sigh* fine but just this...*before she managed to finish suzaku slip away and stole away cait from sadiki* she's quick...*she said going out to sadiki* well hello..

Sadiki: *turns and looks at her* oh, um..hey.. *feels a little bit uncomfortable being almost naked in front of her*

sabrina: *she smiles seeing his uncomfortableness* how about you change to your animal form and not be awkward cause i dont want my boyfriend to kill you...

Sadiki: *laughs gently and then changes into a dog* would this work? *says in dog*

sabrina: *she grins as she crunch down to his level* I cant understand you I'm a love nymph not an animal nymph sorry...either way cait will meet you at the entrance the sanctuary enterance that is ok?

Sadiki: *turns around and then frowns when he doesn't see cait. He barks and then turns to Sabrina, whimpering*

sabrina: *she laughs* go and change first dont tell me your planning to go to town with nothing??

Sadiki: *does his best to shrug and then barks at her as he wagged his tail, not wanting to walk all the way back by himself*

sabrina: *she rolls her eyes* fine come on lets go back to the sanctuary *she said as she started to walk back*

Sadiki: *follows her with a stick in his mouth that he had found, wagging his tail every few steps*

Sabrina: *she blinks a few times seeing the stick* you do know you dont have to BE a dog right?

Sadiki: *goes to hit her leg with the stick, only grabbing it to hit her if she walks to slow*

Sabrina: *tries to avoid the stick* owww come on you can just go without me ! *she said quickly* then go prepare for your date with cait...

Sadiki: *trns back into a human* excuse me? Did you say date? Me and cait aren't dating, we're just friends...

Sabrina: *shes rolls her eyes as she started to push sadiki (from behind) to the sanctuary* what ever you say lover boy....

Sabrina:of course i can but rather than tell those people i enjoy seeing them being sort out themselves

Sadiki: I'll pay you if you tell me how cait feels about me? *goes to take out some drachmas out of his pocket*

Sabrina:*she makes a 0.0 face before laughing (still was pushing sadiki to the sanctuary)* how about you discover that by yourself?

Sadiki: *rolls his eyes and then walks faster to the sanctuary* stop shoving me. I'm going.

sabrina:*finally sees the sanctuary a few meters away* come on dont be late kid!

Sadiki: *runs ahead of her* quit yelling at me, it isn't going to help....

sabrina:now go to your room and pick out something nice and dont forget to bring some cash !! *she yelled out*

Sadiki: *rolls his eyes* yes mother dear. *starts upstairs to his room* ugh..why do things need to be so complex?

meanwhile sabrina went to sukazu's room where caitlyn was being beautified by a few nymphs cait:stop it come on guys!! *she said trying to get out of this rotten situation*

Sadiki: *sits down on his bed and then stuffs some money into his pocket before starting to read a book

cait: *she was still being tortured* (OOC:is he planning to head to the promised place?)

Sadiki: *soon he sat up and then quick changed into some new clothes that he literally just grabbed and put on and then goes to the place*

cait:*she was already at the promised spot wearing the dress and hairstyle and shoes and upon seeing sadiki she smiled* tell me you have money?

Sadiki: *smiles and sits across from her, wearing a plain white shirt with a sleeveless jacket and shorts* of course I did. The man usually pays on the first date, don't they?

Cait: *she makes a -.- face* what happen to this is not a date? That and also i need to borrow a few bucks cause i am not wearing this *she gestures to her outfit* all day cause its weird *she said showing how uncomfortable she was wearing a skirt rather than her usual jeans*

Sadiki: well your friends... Sabrina I think wa her name...she made me get all dressed up and fancy. She kept using the word date so... *laughs and then leans forward, sticking his tongue out* I'm not lending you any. I only have enough for our meal.


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0.0 wow seriously...well I guess .....well ...hmm.... >,< no quick comment sorry

It's fine :P

>,< I'll start to be busy soon >,< class is starting


dont worry I'll try to come as much as I can :)


>,< sorry but class and and >,<

And squinty comma face, yes

hahahah funny but seriously I need to focus but its hard

I understand that feel

I hate being old

You're not old :d

I am 19 is old

But you're almost finished puberty, that's good news

....I dont think puberty ever started for me.. >,<

I'm fairly certain it has


Do you want the short version or the long one?

.........the one that lets me keeps my innocents...

Well either way you can still be who you are, puberty can't always change that

sadly that was not what my parents hope for..

Sorry :( I'm not good at explaining things

.....ok three things I have to say to you one sorry for the late reply two can I get your fb? I'm scared that if I go inactive and then >,< as soon as you give me your fb I'll add it and you can just erase the fb thing (I'll tell you thats its me in the fb messages but be warn I'm not what I seem to be that and also I may ignore you on fb cause I'm like super scared to talk to you and such >,<)and if you wanna know something I'm more active on fb than here cause it can connect to my phone ;) other than that lastly do you rp with jedi?

1- it's fine 2- me no have Facebook :( sowwie...I only have email and this...I'm not very social person >.< 3- yeah, few rp's here and there

....what the I could have sworn I answered this...seriously what happen to my reply!!!  anyhow can you give me your e mail please?

Um...  (delete this after you've read it plz)

done and send you an e mail

I didn't get it....o.o you want to get my e mail?

If you want to give it to me

I do but >,<

But you are feeling extremely nervous about giving personal information to a complete stranger you met online?

no just lazy to type it out that and I'm mighty annoyed to get into a fight with my little sis again for giving the e mail to people cause my e mail is link to her fb soo yeah people tend to add her thinking its me...

Well I don't have fb so that shouldn't be a problem...can't she make her own and then switch the email to there?yeah...but you do

know a lot of people read other people's rp right?? how do you know people arent reading this?

Well I gave mine out....I'll detlete yours after I email you...? mine


got it

So do we need this anymore?




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