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Skylar: He takes a step forward into the cabin but can't quite keep steady and falls face first into Rhi (you decided if he knocks her down or not). His breath smells think with alcohol and he groans as he absent mindedly buries his head in her shoulder, "Sor....sorr...*hiccup*....sorryyyyyy" He manages to get out, think drunk tone overwhelming.

Rhi: They hit the floor with a loud thud, and she winced as her head made contact with the wood. "Hell, Sky. How did you get this smashed?"

Skylar: He completely ignores her question and breathes onto her neck. "*hiccup* lliiiiikkkkkeeeeeee strawberries." He nuzzles into her neck, unintentionally brushing his lips against her skin.

Rhi: Her chuckle gets cut short at the feeling of his lips against her skin. Heart beating ten times faster than a moment before, she tries to push him off. "Sky. Do you even know where you are?"

Skylar: He takes a moment to think, "Naut reeeellllyy..." He get pushed off and groans at the force she put on him. "You're show mean." *OOC:Not literally show it's the way he's talking >.<). He puts his hand up to his face before rolling onto his back and closing his eyes, the door still lying open.

Rhi: She stands up with a sigh and closes the door. A few minutes later, she returns to his side, holding a glass of water. Placing it on the floor, she sits down next to him, brushing his fringe away from his eyes; she always loved his eyes. "I brought you some water."

Skylar: He flutters his eyes open. "Than....ks." He tries to sit up, gripping his head, starting to feel slightly disorientated. "Wh-here am....*hiccup* I?" He asks after he's finished sitting up and leans against the couch which stands beside the door. He reaches out for the glass of water, taking a sip while spilling half of it over himself.

Rhi: She laughs and moves closer to him, taking the glass away, putting it somewhere behind her. "Morpheus', silly. Now, why, I don't know."

Skylar: He looks at her his blue eyes starting to lighten as the light can finally hit them, "I.....I don't." He takes a breath, "Maybe *hiccup* I have....a hot girl.....detector or something" He doesn't seem to know or even care that it's Rhi aka his ex-girlfriend >.<

Rhi: She blushes, losing her train of thought for a second. Unable to look away, she didn't try to stop herself from grining up at him. "That drunk, eh?"

Skylar: He looks at her and bring his hand up to her face, "Only....slightly...." He suddenly gets a really nauseous feeling, "Oh gods..." He gags.

Rhi: Her eyes widen and she jumps up, pulling him up with her, practically dragging him toward the bathroom.

Skylar: He collapses down near the toilet bowl and begins to throw up quite violently.

Rhi: She slides down to the floor next to him and puts her hand on his back gently, tracing patterns with her fingers in hopes of comforting him.

Skylar: He groans before vomiting again whispering, 'Why do I do this to myself?' in a slightly drunken slur before looking up at Rhi, his eyes still blue but more bloodshot and dead than they were in the light in the living room.

Rhi: A frown tugs down on her lips and her fingers continue their work, this time on his shoulder. "Feel any better?"

Skylar: He sighs and lays his head down on the toilet seat and thinks of the right word but the only think that comes to his mind is French so he simply states "Oui." hoping Rhi understands >.<

Rhi: She gives him a small smile that is quickly replaced by a concerned look as her hand stilled. "Do you need anything? Water, food-?"

Skylar: His eyes flutter again, "Sleep..." He groans into the toilet seat again.

Rhi: "Let's go, then," she murmurs softly, standing up and extending her hand to help him up.

Skylar: He sighs and grabs her hand, stumbling and almost falling into the bathrtub. "Ugh"

Rhi: She wraps her arms around his waist, supporting most of his way so he won't fall again. "Come on, love, my room's just around the corner, remember?"

Skylar: He grabs a hold of her and quickly gets himself out of the bathtub before making his way out, still holding onto Rhi. "Ughhhh..." He thinks and makes his way around the corner before just going towards her room without even being reminded which one her room is.

Rhi: She grins and kicks the door open, obviously not giving a f*ck about her siblings at this point >.< "So you do know where you are. Good to know."

Skylar: "Just bring me to your bed please?" He groans before leaning against her more than he was doing beforehand.

Rhi: She mutters, "Just trying to lighten the mood." She somehow manages to drag him onto her bed without falling down and flops down next to him.

Skylar: He lays his head on her pillow and it smells like her shampoo which has a sweet scent of strawberries and for some reason this helps him get to sleep faster.

Rhi: She lies down on the other side of the bed, making sure to keep distance between their bodies. Soon enough, her eyes flutter closed and she falls asleep.


Rhi: About two hours later, Rhi bolts awake, a scream dying in her throat. Gasping for air, she hugs her knees, willing her nightmare away.

Skylar: He groans and turns in his sleep but doesn't wake up since Skylar is quite a heavy sleeper he could probably sleep through an earthquake.

Rhi: She nearly jumps out of the bed when she hears him, but calms down as she remembers what happened earlier. She falls back down on the mattress and turns to her side, wanting to look at him for some reason.

Skylar: Time passes and it's about 1pm before Skylar actually wakes up. When he wakes up he groans and puts his hand to his head. "Ughhhh, where am I?" His eyes circle around the room and he doesn't even pay attention to Rhi beside him because he's so used to waking up beside people.

Rhi: She blinks up at him sleepily, stifling a yawn. "My room."

Skylar: He groans and hits his face off the pillow again, "Is this a dream?"

Rhi: "I'm pretty sure it's not," she says, quite confused.

Skylar: He keeps gripping his head, "I really need to puke." He gets up and runs for the door but doesn't make it and vomits in the hallway outside of Rhi's room.

Rhi: She swears and runs after him, tripping over her feet to get to him. "I have a hangover potion a Hecate friend made somewhere. Do you want some water? I have apples in my mini-fridge. Maybe some aspirin?" she keeps rambling while she gets some cleaning stuff and shit, obviously nervous and worried.

Skylar: He falls down and leans against the doorframe, "It's okay, this happens.....often." They make eye contact, Skylar's eyes still bloodshot from last night.

Rhi: She stops and looks at him for a long moment, before finally breaking eye-contact. "You look like you haven't slept in ages, Sky," she trails off, not sure if he'll take what she said well, not knowing what else to say.

Skylar: He chuckles nervously, "With things like self-destruction and mass homicide it's hard to sleep." He combs his fingers through his hair.

Rhi: She huffs in frustration, blowing her fringe from her eyes. "Skylar Lune, what is going on?" she asks in her best strict-librarian-like tone..

Skylar: He grips his stomach before gagging. He groans, "Stuff."

Rhi: She rolls her eyes and walks over to him. "Hangover potion it is. But then you'll talk to me, and I won't take no for an answer."

Skylar: He leans his head on the doorframe, "I'm not sure how much you'll get out of me, I don't even know half of it myself."

Rhi: She grabs his hand and pulls him inside with her, "We can figure it out together." She walks over to the mini-fridge and returns with a green apple, a glass of water and a small vial with a blue liquid. "Drink up, lover boy," she mutters and hands him the potion.

Skylar: "Lover boy?" He raises an eyebrow and takes a sip out of the vial, "Jason (Jason = Jesus, also Jason as in myths not Jason Grace), that tastes awful." He blinks hard.

Rhi: She shrugs, "Eros, love, I don't know." She hands him the water, "Ugh, I know. But it helps."

Skylar: He downs a bit more of the blue liquid before taking the whole glass of water. "Ugh." He opens his eyes and shakes his head.

Rhi: She frowns, "Seriously? That's impossible, it works on everyone else."

Skylar: He sighs, "It's working a bit." He shrugs, "I still feel a bit sick but when don't I?" He laughs nervously again.

Rhi:  She bites her lip and sits down on her bed, "I see."

Skylar: He smiles are her, "Not going to help a hungover son of Eros up?"

Rhi: She rolls her eyes at him playfully, but still stands up and helps him. "There, there."

Skylar: He walks over to her bed before collapsing onto it. "Wanna like make out now or?" He shrugs, "That was a joke, unless you want to make out then...."

Rhi: She swats his arm and glares at him, trying to sound angry, but it's not really convincing, "I have a boyfriend."

Skylar: He yawns, "That was so painful." He looks into her eyes, "And so? I have a boyfriend too." He shrugs, "What about meaningless sex then?"

Rhi: She blushes and looks at the ceiling. "Stop it."

Skylar: He groans, "Comeeeeee onnnnnnnn...." He whines and moves his arm so that it's brushing against hers.

Rhi: She covers her face with a pillow and groans into it, "Skyyyyy...."

Skylar: He gets on his knees on the bed and quickly moves her so that she's facing him again. "Is that a yes or a no?" He raises an eyebrow,

Rhi: She glares at him again, her blush deepening, "It's a 'I'm trying to be a good person, but my stupid ex boyfriend is making it hard'."

Skylar: He coughs and corrects her "Quite intelligent ex boyfriend who is pretty hot and who is till really into you." He moves so he's on top of her.

Rhi: She frowns and tries to get away, "Sky, really, stop it."

Skylar: He sighs and moves away from her, "Fine." He gets up off the bed and sits on the floor.

Rhi: She rolls onto her tummy and stares at the back of his head, "It's not that... I mean, this doesn't mean that I don't want to, you know, it's just... I can't."

Skylar: He plays with his fingers and mutters something which you can hear but can't make out.

Rhi: She hesitantly moves closer, "Sorry, what was that?"

Skylar: He looks at her, "I miss you....." He looks away before standing up,

Rhi: In an instant, she jumps up and wraps her arms around his waist, burying her face between his shoulder blades. She whispers, "I miss you, too."

Skylar: He disconnects her arms around him and turns around. He then puts his arms around her and buries his face in her hair. "I'm sorry."

Rhi: She leans back a little, giving him a small smile. "What's in the past should stay there."

Skylar: He quickly kisses her hair but then quickly hopes she didn't notice that he did.

Rhi: But, of course, she does. Clutching the front of his shirt, she presses a soft kiss of the hollow of his throat, being too short to reach his cheek without tiptoeing.

Skylar: He pulls back slightly so that he can tilt her head up. He then continues to kneel down slightly before giving her a soft kiss on the lips.

Rhi: She panics for a second or two, before muttering 'fuck it' against his lips and kissing back.

Skylar: He pulls back but keeps his arms around her. "I never want to let go, not now, not ever again."

Rhi: She looks down, "That's till the next Glen shows up..."

Skylar: He sighs, "Rhi....." He loosens his grip on her.

Rhi: She shrugs, still looking anywhere but at him. "I'm right, though. You know I'm right."

Skylar: He lets go of her and takes a step back. "Yeah.....yeah...I don't know what I was thinking....thinking I deserved you after all I did...everything I still do..." He laughs self-pityingly. "I don't even deserve a *this is where Wonder thinks that what Skylar is saying isn't PG13 so decides to censor it*....."

Rhi: She grabs his hand, fearing he'll leave. "No, don't say that. Just... I'm sorry, alright? I'm still bitter about what happened, then... Even though I know Glen made you happy, but I'm selfish, and it still hurts.."

Skylar: He squeezes her hand, "It was just that....Glen......he the first person who listened to me. Though to be fair he turned out to be a complete dick and sure there's a part of me who'll love him but....I don't think I can deal with him." He looks into her eyes. "Then there's you. One of the most perfect people I've ever met and I throw you away for Glen a stupid asshole who then went a f*cked two of my brothers...." He sighs.

Rhi: A mirthless chuckle leaves her lips, "We're pretty messed up, aren't we?" She steps closer to him, determination showing in her eyes and stands on her tiptoes to kiss him, hard.

Skylar: His kisses her back with the same amount of force, moaning quietly.

Rhi: She knots her hands around his neck, desperate to keep him right where he is.

Skylar: He starts slip in his tongue before turning around so that he can try and push her against the wall.

Rhi: She moans into his mouth as her back hits the cold wall, and grips his forearms to still be able to reach him.

Skylar: He pulls back from kissing her lips and quickly moves his lips until they're kissing her neck instead.

Rhi: "Sky," she moans his name, her lips grazing the shell of his ear. "Bed, now, please."

Skylar: He mumbles against her skin, "Why can't we do it here?" He chuckles into her skin and tries to undo her belt while resuming kissing her neck.

Rhi: She works on his belt, managing to throw in a not so annoyed eye-roll at his chuckling.

Skylar: He manages to get her belt off and proceeds to take off her jeans.

Rhi: She tries to tug his shirt off as he comes back up, kissing every single patch of skin she can get to.

Skylar: He moans quite loudly before he begins to peel off his shirt. After he does this he throws it on the floor and *I think this is where we should timeskip >.<*

  • yes I think so, too*

Rhi: A few hours later, they've finally settled on her bed. Using his chest as a pillow, she trails her fingers across his pale skin, humming softly.

Skylar: He brushes his fingers up and down her arm lovingly before kissing the top of her head.

Rhi: She smiles and looks up at him. "Did I mention I missed you?" she whispers.

Skylar: "Hmmmmm, yes but it doesn't matter....I love you too." He snuggles closer to her.

Rhi: Her smile widens, before flattering and eventually turning into a frown. "Not to be a killjoy, but I have to talk to my boyfriend about this, and soon."

Skylar: He shrugs, "I tend to just give them the silent treatment. They make sense of it soon enough." He kisses the top of her head again.

Rhi: She finds her self considering the option, "Hmm..." She snuggles in even closer, if that's even possible, and kisses his neck. "I don't think I can do that."

Skylar: He laughs, "Well to be honest I always have my charmtouch as a backup plan if that doesn't work." He starts to stroke her arm again.

Rhi: She laughs and trails kisses up to his jaw, "That's sneaky. And a bit unfair."

Skylar: "I guess but it gets the job done...." He moans slightly as she kisses at his jaw.

Rhi: She grins and kisses the corner of his mouth, "I suppose so."

Skylar: He yawns, "Can I sleep or would you rather I be awake?" He laughs.

Rhi: "I'd rather you be awake for when you take me out to dinner tonight," she sticks her tongue out at him, kissing the tip of his nose after. "Sleep, love."

Skylar: He closes his eyes before saying, "I'd much rather order pizza than go out to fancy restaurants. The only nice thing they provide you with is the wine and I can just charm a Dionysus kid to give me that."

Rhi: "I didn't say anything about fancy, did I?" She blinks sleepily, before returning to her previous position, head resting on his torso. "Plus you get to see me in a... a... dress..." She dozes off before even finishing her sentence.

Skylar: Even though she's asleep he quickly mutters under his breath, "I'd much rather see you naked again." before dozing off himself.


Skylar: He wakes up to find Rhi still lying in his arms, shocking him slightly thinking that she would have probably moved by now.

Rhi: She's still sleeping, quite oblivious to the world around her.

Skylar: Skylar notices that Rhi's hair is hanging over her face so carefully tries to tuck her hair behind her ear.

Rhi: She stirs at his touch, peeling her eyes open one at a time.

Skylar: He sighs before whispers, "I was getting used to seeing your sleeping face."

Rhi: She pecks his cheek and smiles, "Time to get used to seeing my awake face."

Skylar: He starts to stroke her arm, " you still want to go out? I need my wine fix..."

Rhi: She frowns, "Since when do you need alcohol?"

Skylar: He shrugs, "I just do...."

Rhi: She sits up and looks down at him, her hair creating a curtain around their heads. "Sky, what happened?"

Skylar: He laughs, "Haven't you heard the rumours, I'm the camp drunk. I have been since last year."

Rhi: Her frown deepens, "No, I didn't, actually."

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