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Jake and Lindsay

Lindsay : *Lindsay walked to her cabin with a thick book tucked under her arm. She was wearing a loose white shirt with dark blue skinny jeans and flip-flops.*

Jake : Jake was wearing his favorite blue colored t-shirt, his usual cargo pants and his Havaianas flip-flops. He passed by a cabin a fisherman would love to live in and saw a girl about his age just came out. He walked up to her and said, "Hey, miss beautiful.", then flipped his hair.

Lindsay : *blushes for a second but then tells herself: Stop it Lindsay. You can't let your guard down. She rolls her eyes instead*

Jake : Jake leaned closer to the girl. "Oh, I get it. You're one of those hard to get ones.", then he smirked. He brushed her hair and asked, "New here, huh?".

Lindsay: Lidnsay yanked his hand away. "Obviously. Why do you think you've never seen me? and don't touch me."

Jake : "What the?" Jake exclaimed when the girl yanked his hand away. "I'm about to introduce myself, lady. No need to get mad." He said.

Lindsay: Rolls her eyes again and says, "talk."

Jake : "A beautiful lady with an ugly attitude." Jake mumbled to himself. He offered his hand and said, "Jake Anderson. 15 years young. Handsome and.." Jake gave the girl and eye-to-toe look. "Single.", he completed the sentence.

Lindsay: Lindsay studied the "Jake" guy. He was alright. He had a pretty cute face but.... where was the muscle? Should she introduce herself? Or should she keep up with the "cold" act? I'll do it half and half she thought. "It's Lindsay Faville. 15 years old. Daughter of Poseidon." 

Jake : "NOW! You're talking." Jake said the flipped his hair trying to impress Lindsay.. more. "Son of Hermes", he smirked then showed the book that was tucked under Lindsay's arm earlier.

Lindsay: She tried to grab the book, but of course, she failed. "Give me that!" she exclaimed.

Jake : Jake laughed while Lindsay tries hard to get the book. Of course he's taller than her, he even holds the book up so that she'll not have a slight chance to even touch it. "Want this?", Jake taunted Lindsay then leaned closer and faced his right cheek to her. "Give me a kiss, then.", he said then smirked.

Lindsay: her eyes widen. "No way!" She tried to get the book again.

Jake : "You're choosy.", Jake said then grabbed Lindsay's face closer to him using his right hand then yanked away the hand he was using for the book. "Would you like to taste my lips, then?", he said then licked his lips.

Lindsay: hmmm.... I wonder what they actually taste like, she wondered. Stop it Lindsay! Don't fall for it, she mentally scolded. "Your disgusting!" She said instead but in her heart, she felt good.

Jake : "Disgusting's my middle name, lady." Jake said with his sexy voice on. He leaned even closer to Lindsay that their nose touched each other. He glanced sideways before leaning even more closer, only about 2 inches left before their lips will touch.

Lindsay: Lindsay yanked back in surprise. "This is SO not happening!" She said. Lindsay thought, I sort of wish it was though...

Jake : "If that's the case," Jake showed her again the book trying to tell Lindsay, Excuse me! I'm still here! "Then you don't want to get this book back.", he said then hid the book under his shirt. "Thanks for the book, beautiful. I'll try to read this when I have my free time." He said then smirked.

Lindsay: Should I kiss him, Lindsy thought?  It's only ONE kiss right? Kissing doesn't mean we're a couple... or does it? "Just one kiss... And you'll give it back?" Lindsay asked, tilting her head to one side.

Jake : "Promise.", Jake said and tapped his tummy where he hid the book. He leaned closer again then suddenly laughed. "Hahaha! I can't believe you fell for that? You really do want to taste my lips do you?", Jake exclaimed.

Lindsay: She glares at him and exclaims, "Me? I want to taste your lips? More like you! I just want my book! I was getting to the good part! Anyways, your gross. I would never want to kiss YOU!" 

Jake : Jake said imitating Lindsay's voice, "I was getting to the good part!" He put one arm around her neck then grinned. "You'll never have a chance like this in your whole life.", he said then finally gave her back the book. "Just one kiss on the cheek?", he requested.

Lindsay: Pushes his arm away hugs her book to her chest. "Dream on!" She smirks

Jake : Jake glanced at Lindsay's chest then smirked. "Flat like a book.", he said then burst out laughing.

Lindsay: Lindsay eyes widen in shock and angerment when she realizes what he means. Then, she promptly slaps him across his cheek, not to hard, but hard enough. She runs to the beach.

Jake : Jake was massaging his left cheek where Lindsay had slapped him. He saw her running towards the beach and so Jake followed her.


Lindasy : how do you delete a forum?

Ezzie : Just click the arrow down beside the edit button. You could see the delete option there. ^__^

Lindsay: ok.

Lindsay: By the way, Lindsay actually does sort of like Jake. But she's just really... distant. So, don't be offened if she says something rude. She will warm up.

Ezzie : Yep! I know! I'm starting to like the chemistry. ><

Lindsay: Me too! : )

Lindsay: Just a warning, I might disappear all of a sudden. So... yeah.

Ezzie : Me too. >< Haha

Lindsay: yeah...,. Why do I keep saying yeah?

Ezzie : I don't know. Yeah.. haha. >< How many minutes do you still have? I'm enjoying this rp!

Lindsay: like... Well, let's just say 10.

Ezzie : M'kay! ><

Lindsay: Do you want to like put a knew location? Like say, the town or somewhere?

Ezzie : Sure! Just make a scene like Lindsay will run or something. I'll just follow. ^__^

Lindsay: forgive Lindsay for slapping jake. He's pretty aggravating, but, I like it >.<

Ezzie : Me too! That chemistry~ <3

Lindsay: Since I have no idea how to make like a new setting or whatever, can you do it?

Ezzie : Since we already went to the beach, I'll be thinking about a new topic. Just keep on making the love chemistry going. ><

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