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Rosella: She walks around camp with her tablet in her arms.

Patricles: He sits casually on a decaying log just outside Hephaestus' Cabin, with a campfire he and his siblings had set up in front of him. He hovers a marshmallow sticking on a twig over the fire, emitting a faint singe-like, yet sweetish aroma around him.

Rosella: She opens her tablet and reads as she walks, not paying attention to her surroundings.

Patricles: As he is about to bite on the marshmallow, he hears footsteps behind him. He looks behind and sees the absent-minded Rosella, about to trip herself on the log. He throws the twig on instinct and quickly stands up to warn her, "Hey, miss, you're about to..."

Rosella: She trips and face plants on the ground. her tablet is a few feet away from her.

Patricles: Without further ado, he helps her get back on her feet. "If you may, I can help you get up."

Rosella: She doesn't want to use her voice and walks to get her tablet. She types in a few words and shows him, "Thank you. I'm such a klutz sometimes."

Patricles: At first he wonders, but he doesn't want to pry her. "Are you alright? I mean, with that impact you could have injured your nose or forehead; that doesn't even include the frostbiting coldness of the snow."

Rosella: She types down: "I'm fine. You get used to it once you crash in to a lot of people." She makes a -.-" face as she showed him.

Patricles: He scratches his chin. "You may as well be careful on your own end. Crashing into different kinds of people may just set them off their usual temper, unlike me though."

Rosella: "I know that, I just need to pay attention to my surroundings more often... which i hardly do," She typed down.

Patricles: "Hm? Why so? Are you thinking too much of everything?"

Rosella: She typed down: "I space out too much..."

Patricles: He nods. "Well, just be careful. Also, don't mind me asking and taking it the wrong way but..." He pauses for a very brief moment and continues, "Are you sure you're not stressing yourself too much by typing what you want to say every time you talk to someone? I don't want to make assumptions so I thought I'd ask that first."

Rosella: She shook her head and typed down: "No, I'm used to it. I've been doing this for most of my life."

Patricles: He looks a bit shocked and asks, "Are you... special or something like that?"

Rosella: She types down and smiles as she shows him, "Something like that I guess."

Patricles: He smiles back at her and says, "Well don't worry, it's not like I find it out of the ordinary. Everyone's got their own life so I've got your back."

Rosella: She typed down, "I'm Rosella Shaw, daughter of Athena. And you are?"

Patricles: He smiles lightly, relieved that she has finally introduced herself. "The name's Patricles Cajetan Lightwood, but you can call me either Patricles or Pat for short. I'm a child of Hephaestus, the god of- oh, right. You're Athena's daughter, so you must've known my father by now." He presents her his hand, "It's nice to meet you, by the way."

Rosella: She shakes his hand and nods.

Patricles: He lets go of her hand. "I'm correct to think that you're new around camp, no? It's because you have that certain 'new girl look' painted all over your face."

Rosella: She typed down, "Yeah, I'm new. And... it's that obvious?"

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