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Early Morning

Uriel: He wakes up at approximately 6:00AM, ready for the new day. He puts on his combat outfit; a cotton robe with a leather chest plate, leg guards and arm guards. The leather was enchanted by Uriel, designed to better guard against attacks that would otherwise easily pierce through it. This way, he had decent protection, while also being able to maneuver easily. He picks up his sword and dagger, then sheaths them. He also grabs his wand, a gift from Hecate, that he doesn't use for combat much anymore, but keeps for sentimentality. Now fully geared, he walks out of his room, and goes to knock on Aurora's door. He knocks three times, and waits for her to respond.

Aurora: She had already gotten up earlier and was already dressed for the day. She had put on a black jeans, slightly ripped on the thighs, a white corset that showed a little skin at the waist, black high tops and a black leather jacket to go over the corset. She opened the door immediately when she heard the knocks and smiled. "Morning, Uriel."

Uriel: He smiles at her. "Καλημέρα! I see you're up early. Are you ready to begin your training?"

Aurora: "You betcha! I'm so psyched to learn a few tricks of 'magical mayhem'." She beams at him.

Uriel: His face suddenly turns dead serious. "Aurora, I don't want to be mean, but I'm not sure you quite understand what we'll be doing. This won't be much fun at first, you actually feel intense pain and have to face demons you'd rather keep locked inside you. It will be hard, and scary, and painful. Though, I have faith you can do it. Do you still want to continue?"

Aurora: Her expression fills with determination. "I said I wanted to  learn from the best, and that's what Aurora Zatara's gonna do. Now let's get started!"

Uriel: He sighs, and his face softens. "Alright." He says some words in Ancient Greek, and suddenly a blue light envelops the two of them, and they teleport to the outside of the training arena. Uriel doesn't miss a beat, and walks straight for the entrance. He turns back to her. "Coming?"

Aurora: She recovers from her daze and catches up to him. "I swear I'm never going to get used to that. Where are we?"

Uriel: "The training arena." As they walk in the arena, the sound of clashing blades and explosions intensifies. An arrow whizzes by Uriel's head, but he doesn't flinch. He continues to walk until they come to an unoccupied area in the arena. He turns to her, and suddenly at the sound in the arena dies out. "Here. This is where we'll train."

Aurora: "Cozy. Quiet. I like it already." She walked around their little area, taking in the scenery before speaking. "So, what's first on the agenda, Teach?"

Aurora's Training

Uriel: He draws his sword. "First, I need to test your physical capabilities. Even if you're a master of magic, you'll become useless if you can't defend yourself when you grow exhausted by using your spells. Draw your weapon, and block my attacks."

Aurora: She nods, pulling out a bronze metal rod the size of a remote. She pressed a spot on the side of it and it immediately extended from both sides into a Bo staff. "Ready."

Uriel: He doesn't hold back, attempting to cut he left arm with a quick lunge.

Aurora: Her demigod instincts kicked in for the first time, raising her staff to meet with Uriel's blade in an attempt to block the attack.

Uriel: She does well, as her staff redirects his attack so that he ends up behind her. He doesn't want to let up, so he takes the opportunity to make a large, sweeping arc of a slash aimed at her back.

Aurora: She looked back at him and managed to move to the side. However, Uriel did manage to slice her left arm, leaving a mild cut going vertical down to her elbow. "Ow!" It hurt like hell, but she tried to ignore it.

Uriel: Right then and there he recognized something was wrong. "That's enough. I've seen all I need to." He walks over to Aurora, and places his hand on her wound. A warm, orange-yellow coloured light covers it, and her wound begins to mend. "I just realized what we need to learn first."

Aurora: She rubs her arm where the cut had been. "What would that be?"

Uriel: "You can't see in all directions at once. Or at least, you haven't unlocked the ability to do so. I noticed when you failed to block my attack earlier. If you could see in all directions, that should've been rather easy to block with your Bō staff." He sits on the ground in front of her and invites her to join with a hand gesture.

Aurora: She sat down, criss crossed in front of him, taking off her leather jacket because she was getting a little warm. "We can see in all directions? I didn't know we could do that!"

Uriel: He nods his head. He then places his index and middle finger on her forhead. "And I'm going to teach you how. One thing I learned about our powers, is that we have an 'easy' time unlocking them when put under duress. Now, this'll be your trail; I'm going to conjure up swords that will surrond you from all directions. Two will always attack you at once from different directions. All you have to do is point at both at once to make them halt mid-air. They won't move terribly fast, so you'll have a few good seconds to figure it out. Don't turn your head though! That's cheating." With that, he stood up again, and walked away from her. Suddenly, various kinds of blades appeared around her. Two begin to creep towards her from in front and behind her.

Aurora: She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them, her view expanded to the whole arena like she was seeing it from 4 points all at once. She also saw the two blades creeping toward her from front and behind. She immediately raised her Bō staff so both of it's end points pointed in front and behind her, blocking both of the blades. "Hey, I did it!"

Uriel: He smiles, but then he snaps his fingers, commanding a blade from the right and left to fly towards her, this time much faster.

Aurora: "Woah!" She flipped her staff around, blocking the other to blades coming from both her sides.

Uriel: He sends the last four at her, each coming at her from the four diagonal directions. If she can block these four, she should be able to unlock her ability to see in all directions.

Aurora: She managed to whip her staff around, making an arc around herself, deflecting all four blades.

Uriel: As the last blade falls to the ground, he says, "Impressive. Do you feel any different?"

Aurora: "Well..." Once the blades disappeared, she leaned against her staff to breathe a little. "I feel like nothing can sneak up on me. And also slightly dizzy."

Uriel: "That's normal. I'm just glad you didn't end up with a sword in your side. I don't know what I would have done with myself." He says that, but suddenly he bursts into laughter. "Ah, sorry. Ready to move on? Why don't we play with fire for a bit?"

Aurora: Her eyes immediately lit up when she heard the word 'fire'. "Fire? I love fire! Let's keep going!"

Uriel: He sits down again, as he did before, and he waits for her to sit next to him as well.

Aurora: She immediately sat down, eagerly awaiting Uriel.

Uriel: He holds out his hands, and fireballs form in them. "The key to conjuring up fire-or any other element really- is to focus on what fire 'is'. Use all your knowledge of fire, your experiences of fire, and your memories of fire to help you figure out what it is you're trying to call up. Then, you focus all of those into one point in time and space, folding on top of eachother until your vision becomes reality. That's the secret to our power; we can make things real through our will, and eventually our imagination if we grow to that point. Now, you try!"

Aurora: She nods in understandment and concentrates. Extending both of her hands, she thinks of nothing of fire and every experience that she's had that has involved it. Soon enough, she felt a prickling feeling at the base of her hands, like they were waking up, and a two fire balls erupted each in her hands. She opened her eyes to peak and they widened. "Awesome! I could never make fireballs this big before."

Uriel: He smiles at her, happy with all that she has accomplished so quickly. "Very nice. You'll eventually learn to control more than just fire, like I was saying before. Hecate has power in all three realms; Sky, Earth, and Sea. So logically, we have some power in each of those areas as well. Fire is just the basis with which we can better comprehend how our powers manifest." He looks up at the sun, and notices that it will soon be night. "And with that, I end our first lesson." He stand up and suddenly the clamor of metal and whizzing of arrows continues. "Ready to go back to the cabin? I think you have someone expecting you." He says, playfully.

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