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Maia et Kylie

Maia, Kylie, Crissy (and Marko the puppy)

Continuing from the above.

Zach and Maia 2

Kylie: She grins nonchalantly at Crissy before beginning to walk away, purposely passing by the Demeter table as she did so. As soon as she was close to a certain brunette, she whispered,  "Apollo kid at 4 o'clock." She snickers to herself before walking on as if nothing happened.

Maia: She looks the other way, whilst tapping her feet.

Zach: After Kylie passed by, his eyes wandered over to Maia who was left sitting alone. He glanced at his plate before standing up and moving nervously to the Apollo Cabin. He smiles nervously at Maia. "If I were to sit here, would I get blasted by your dad?"

Maia: She catches her breath upon seeing him. I-uh.. well, Crissy sat here and she didn't get blasted. She smiles at him.

Zach: He grins. "Well, I hope the same happens for me." He slowly placed his plate on the Apollo Cabin table, waiting to see if something happens. Seeing nothing happen yet, he cautiously took a seat across from Maia, still wary of any blasting that may occur.

Maia: She giggles. Relax. I'm sitting right across from you, don't worry. She smirks.

Zach: He chuckles lightheartedly. "So... how've you been lately?" He mentally slaps himself for such a stupid question.

Maia: Great. Never better. She says the words honestly, you can sense the brightness of her voice.

Zach: Hearing her tone, he himself brightens up. "Really? That's great to hear." He grins at her first before poking at his food, wondering if he should still eat it.

Maia: She looks over at the direction Kylie an Crissy have walked off, staring at the plate of food that was on the table.

Zach: He follows her gaze questioningly before asking, "Is there someone you're waiting for?"

Maia: Kind of. Kylie and Crissy went to the Recording Studio to get her bracelet she left behind, though it looked as if they left me on purpose. She rolls her eyes.

Zach: He chuckles again. "I wouldn't put it past Kylie to do something like that."

Maia: Nor Crissy. She smiles at him, tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear. What've you been up to?

Zach: He shrugs. "Nothing much, truth be told. I was planning on visiting my dad for winter though. It's been a while since I last saw my old man."

Maia: That's really sweet of you. She starts thinking of her own mother, feeling suddenly wistful. But you'll have to be careful, out of the borders of camp, all sorts of monsters will be free to attack you.

Zach: He nods. "I'm pretty sure I can take down a few easily. I have been here at Camp for almost a year now, you know." He chuckles again.

Maia: She chuckles too. Well, have a nice time with your dad, okay?

Zach: He grins childishly. "Will do." He looks curiously at her. "What about you? Are you planning on visiting your mom for the holidays?"

Maia: Still debating. I'm not sure whether to visit her and my old friends back home or celebrate with my half-siblings here.

Zach: He places his elbow on the table while resting his head on one hand, clearly in thought. "Hmm spend my Christmas in Camp or with my Dad... it would be so much easier if our parents could come to Camp instead."

Maia: She grins at that. If that was possible camp would be swarmed, almost. 

Zach: He nods but a smile plays on his lips. "I wouldn't mind that. The more, the merrier."

Maia: I remember my mom didn't want me going to camp the first time, it took at least an hour or so to convince her. She chuckles at the memory.

Zach: He tries to remember his first time at Camp. "I think my dad just went along with it." He shrugs nonchalantly.

Maia: Your dad sounds cool. She smiles slightly and glances at the plate of food that was still on the table and gestures to it. You can eat something from here if you like.

Zach: He shakes his head. "Nah it's fine. I ate anyway while I was at my own table. Just brought this for fun." He gestures to his own almost empty plate. "What'd you do by the way? You don't normally come to the Dining Pavilion at this time of the day."

Maia: She nods towards the direction where the other girls went. Kylie was hungry, and Crissy. We were at the recording studio earlier in the morning, Kyls and I.

Zach: He raises an eyebrow at her. "I didn't know you worked there."

Maia: Oh, we were just recording a cover of a song. She then smirks. Though, well, I'm the Recording Studio manager.

Zach: His eyes widen and his mouth drops into an 'O'.  "Legit?!"

Maia: She laughs. You sound so surprised. And yeah, why would I be saying it anyways?

Zach: He shrugs again. "Umm, because you're naturally informative?"

Maia: She reaches towards him and shoves his shoulder in a gentle, playful manner.

Zach: He grins at her. "Say, are you busy tomorrow?"

Maia: Hmmm. She pretends to think and then smiles. Guess not. Why?

Zach: His smile grows bigger. "I think I owe you a little outing."

Maia: She raises an eyebrow in surprise. Oh?

Zach: He nods excitedly. "I'll meet you by Thalia's Pine at 11 am tomorrow. Do not, I repeat, do not suit up."

Maia: Thalia's Pine, huh? She muses. Risky, I like that. And no, I'm not suiting up. She snorts.

Zach: He shrugs for the nth time. "If you suit up, so help me, I will drag an Aphrodite kid to give you a new wardribe ir something like that."

Maia: Excuse me? She laughs again. You know I won't suit up. And hey... my current style is perfectly fine. Though she quickly scans her clothes before she looks at him.

Zach: He silently laughs a bit, not really believing she checkedher clothes to be sure. "I'm kidding. You're fine just as you are."

Maia: She hides the blush creeping on her face and smiles again. You're sweet.

Zach: He looks away somewhat shyly. "Nah, not really..."

Maia: You are. She chuckles slightly.

Zach: He shrugs. "Fine, fine, if you saaay so."

Maia: She leans against her seat, seemingly more comfortable now, tapping her feet.

Zach: He bobs his head to the beat created by Maia.

Maia: She smiles at him and hums a song. (whatever comes to your head >.<)

Zach: He looks slightly impressed at her. "Demons by Imagine Dragons?"

Maia: She shrugs. I don't see anything wrong singing it. You know that song? She looks at Zach with her eyebrows raised.

Zach: He nods albeit rather sheepishly. "I actually heard a cover song of it. Not the actual song..."

Maia: A cover? Cool. By who? She leans forward a bit, interested.

Zach: He crosses his arms in thought. "Umm, if I'm not mistaken, some guy named Max Schneider. It was a collab with another artist I think."

Maia: Her eyes brighten. Oooh him. He's really good.

Zach: He nods in agreement. "He makes me wish I knew how to sing and do cover songs."

Maia: Have you tried at least, to sing? She sits up, setting her arms on the table. Because you would never know.

Zach: He grins shamelessly. "I have tried. And let me tell you, even a dying cat sounds better than I do."

Maia: She chuckles a little. Oh come on. You might not sound that bad.

Zach: He laughs a bit. "Trust me, I do."

Maia: You aren't alone. You never heard my friend Chase sing. She laughs at the thought of Chase singing.

Zach: He laughs too. "Well, at least there's someone out here who can join me in the 'I-can't-sing-for-my-life' corner."

Maia: She smirks. And maybe a little bromance.

Zach: He grins further. "A little bromance never hurt anyone."

Maia: I'm already eager for the two of you to meet. She chuckles.

Zach: He laughs for the nth time that day. "Ditto here."

Maia: She leans back into her chair again, tucking her hair behind her ear and feeling shy once again.

Zach: He leans forward, a small sparkle in his eyes. "Soooo, are you getting anyone presents this year?"

ooc: I need to remember that it's still Christmas time as these two have their convo >.<

Maia: Oh gosh yeah. I'm thinking a lot of what to though. She gets the >.< expression.

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