Alessandro & Miho

  • Miho: Miho's lips slightly part. She seemed quite amused. Ohh..~ so that's what they are! She smiles, hoping to shake off the alien feeling on her chest. Let's get some! The fox nymph transforms into a fox and trots towards the stall. As she was heading towards the place, a crowd of taller people surround the cart. Though she shifted back into human form, Miho tries to buy one but is too short to be seen.
  • Alessandro: He laughs loudly as he finds his way through the crowd, seeing Miho perfectly invisible to the vendor because of her height. He grabbed her by her arm and pulled her closer to the stall. "Two cotton candies please." He ordered and payed for it before giving Miho the other cotton candy. "There. No more worries, Miho." He chuckled before hungrily eats the food.
  • Miho: The vixen's heart felt more than gratefulness. Once they were a good distance away from the stall, Miho smiles at the voracious Alessandro. She wanted to thank him but another set of words was released. You were that hungry and you didn't tell me? She pouts.
  • Alessandro: "Well, I didn't wanna bother you or cause you any trouble." He explained, deliciously bites on the cotton candy after. "So.. who's sweeter? Me or the cotton candy?" He joked, biting on the cotton candy after every 2 words. He looked at her, chewing a part of the cotton candy in his mouth while waiting for her answer.
  • Miho: Alessandro-oppa... a bother? You should've asked that when we on the same bed. To continue, the fox nymph laughs. Now, I can't imagine you as one. She then takes a bite of her cotton candy. Good. After a few seconds, Miho tiptoed and kissed Alessandro. Also good. Miho pretends to be giving the subject careful thought. Hmmm...For this matter, I'm a bad judge. The cotton candy is sweeter but I crave for something else! She locks her arm around his playfully.
  • Alessandro: It took several seconds for Alessandro to recover from Miho's sweet yet surprising and quick kiss. He turned to her, not minding her arm locked around his. "So, what do you crave for at the moment, Miho?"
  • Miho: Still clinging onto him, Miho bites her lip and tilts her head to the opposite direction of Alessandro. She thinks for a moment. Hmm...a fun evening with you. Think you can satisfy me? She looks back at Alessandro with a hint of challenge in her tone.
  • Alessandro: He laughed loudly before agreeing with what she just said. "I don't I can satisfy you.." He cut off his sentence, turning her face to him and again, pinched her nose using his free hand. "..but, I'll try hard, Miho." He exclaimed, ending it with a playful wink. He nudged his elbow onto her and looked at her with those ridiculous eyebrows that are wriggling. "So, tell me more about these satisfactions you want from me.."
  • Miho: Upon the pinching of her nose, the vixen nymph makes a >o< face. Hey-hey! Once she opens her eyes, she chuckles at his humorous eyebrows. My satisfactions? Hahah! I don't like to rush things, so let's go over them one at a time. She then gently pulls his arm towards the rides. Plus, things are better unplanned, right? Expectations take away the thrill of things.
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