pamina: she was wearing this [1] as she read her book quietly waiting for jason

Jason: He wore a beige silk trench coat, a navy blue button-up shirt and some overly dark jeans as well as brown loafers. He got with Pamina and smiled "Looking good Mina"

mina: she looked up seeing jason she blusehd you look good too...she said slowly as she closed her book placing it next to her anyhow what are you doing here? she said looking curiously at him

- Jason: "Well, I guess I thought I'd find you here..."

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OOC: Right. Sorry I forgot

'mina: she blinks a few times really....i just came here cause suzaku said she had something important....she said slowly looking down before realizing what suzaku meant by 'important i think I just got trick again....she sigh as she laughed

Jason: "I guess I just got tricked too."

pamina: she blinked a few times how did suzaku get your phone number ?she asked tilting her head

Jason: "I don't know..."

pamina: she laughed maybe she is the great and wonderful suzaku she smiled at jason innocently

Jason: "Maybe you are the great and wonderful Mina"

pamina: goes red but I was talking about suzaku not myself..she said looking down

Jason: "But you're great and winderful too!"

pamina: she laughs once again winderful? new word is it??

Jason: "It's half Winter half wonderful. WINDERFUL!"

pamina: place it in the oxford dictionary maybe you can get some money from it she joked to him

Jason: He shrugged "Maybe I will. You know I have some power over cold... Or Ice..."

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