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Polly Akana - Daughter of Aetna ☼ Hawai'ian Fire

-"Oh, should my people fall, then surely I'll do the same."
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Uselo -Child of Palaemon
-Son of Palaemon


Polly: Down at the beach near the camp. Polly was listening to her music and training, comfortably alone. Her Samoan fire knives sliced the air as she hummed along to a song, her surrounding being ignored.

Uselo: Having just got moved in and finally released from the tour and introductions, Uselo made his way straight to the beach. He took a breath in through his nose and instantly picked up on the sea air, relieving some of his stress. When he finally reaching near the beach, he stripped his shirt off, eager to get into the water until it looked out and saw a girl almost dancing in the sand. It was her appearance that caught him, something familiar. He walked closer and smiled stupidly wide as he saw an old neighbor. He shouted a bit to be heard over her music. "Aloha!"

Polly: "A-aloha?" She answers, almost questioningly. Polly turns around, pulling out an earbud and almost grinning. "Hi! Uselo! What are you doing here?" She paused, "Wait Uselo. What are you doing here?" She repeats, the smile disappearing and replaced with curiosity. She looks back at the camp. "No way."

Uselo: He laughed and nodded. "Yea, just got here. Son of Palaemon would you believe?" He offers her a hug since it's been sometime since they've seen each other. "How've you been Polly?"

Polly: "Better." She answers simply, moving towards him to give him a hug. "You don't seem too surprised to see me. Did you hear about Waikoloa... You know. The thing."

Uselo: He gave her a good squeeze during the hug before nodding. "I heard, and I saw you and Paavo get taken by Joshua. And he's ultimately the reason and way I got hear myself." He put on a bit of a smirk. "Just because I'm not surprised doesn't mean I'll still stoked to see you again."

Polly: "What, stalking now?" She teases with a smirk. "I'm really glad you and your mom got out when you did. Papa wasn't so lucky. Speaking of parents, who..." She gestures around. "Which cabin do you belong to?"

Uselo: He poked her shoulder. "Same one of my dad as I said. Palaemon. Sea god of sharks." He drops the teasing and smiles at her sympathetically. "I'm sorry about your father. Who'd you find out your mom to be?"

Polly: "Right. Dur. The shock made me skip right over that." She chuckles.When asked who her mother is, Polly visibly deflated. "Look, uh... Before I tell you, I don't want you to think I'm some kind of monster - Paavo and I really didn't mean to start it, it just... Happened." Polly explained, her hand moving to the back of her head. "My mother's the Goddess of Volcanoes. Aetna."

Uselo: His raised one eyebrow as she was trying to make sure he wasn't going to freak. "Ok." When she revealed who her mother was, his entire eyebrow arched at the news. "Oh," He tried to shake the feeling of shock from him, setting his hand on her shoulder. "Are you doing ok with that news, Polly?"

Polly: "Do I really have a choice?" She answers in nervous laughter. "A volcano killed my friends and family, and I am basically the spawn of a volcano. Would you be okay with that?" Polly sighs a little. "Paavo seems to be okay. Either that or he's pretty great at hiding stuff from even me."

Uselo: He frowns in concern, having know her and how something like this would eat at her. "If you somehow had something to do with the eruption, how could you have known? And that's the risk we take living there." He wraps his arms around her and hugs her tightly again. "You aren't some peak filled with magma. You're Paolosolonu'u Akana."

Polly: "Yeah. Paolosolonu'u Akana, Daughter of Aetna, the Goddess of Volcanoes." She scoffed at herself, but she accepted the hug, her arms wrapping around him and her face nuzzling his chest. "I don't want to be here, I just... Wish everything was normal again."

Uselo: "I don't think we can live normally now." He leans his head on top of hers, stroking her back softly. "But we can get through it together if you need someone other than Paavo."

Polly: She can't help but grin. "I wouldn't mind another friendly face," she admits. "I guess we know why we were so different as kids, huh?"

Uselo: He laughs lightly and he pressed his face into her hair. "Makes a whole lot more sense now. I hope camp itself hasn't been that rough for you."

Polly: "For the most part. I've been very left alone. Which I suppose is the best thing for me." She grins. "How about you, Shark Boy?"

Uselo: He grins at her and her brighter mood, raising an eyebrow at the nickname. "Starting that already? Well, I literally got done with the tour and had an itch to swim. bad surprise" He laughs and holds up his shirt. "Which why I'm here and shirtless currently."

Polly: "Fair. You always did love the ocean." Polly shrugs. "I was just... training, I guess. Can you believe she gave me Samoan Fire knives? I can barely handle a kitchen knife, much less something that flames up."

Uselo: "I do remember being over and hearing you drop a knife while in the kitchen." He sticks his tongue out at her teasingly. "But I bet this is the best place to learn."

Polly: "Yeah, plenty of people to teach me, and all that..." She sighs. "How long do you think you'll stay here?"

Uselo: "Pfft, don't know, few years of coming here?" He looks into her eyes and shrugs, truly unsure of his future.

Polly: Nods in understanding. "You're not going to try and leave? Become a surfer like your mom?"

Uselo: The idea did sound appealing to him, and surfing was one of his favorite pastimes. But the look on her face pulled him down from the dream, realizing how hard it would be for her if more people left her life. He shakes his head and gives her a smile. "Not any time soon, no."

Polly: She gave him a half-smile. "But you want to. Don't you?"

Uselo: He shurgs, smiling at her, holding her close. "Not take badly, only a hope for now. Don't think I get to run away from this whole demigod stuff for a while."

Polly: She grins. "I guess you need to train, too." She teases. "Once I get a hand on this weapon and powers thing, I'm getting Paavo and I out. First step is learning how to defend myself. You could come with us~"

Uselo: He looks at her a bit surprised. "Why would you want to leave? Did you not have something try to kill you out of nowhere before getting here?"

Polly: "Yeah, when I was twelve. But this place isn't home. My lava-mother basically forced me to come here... Maybe she erupted the damn thing. Who knows? I don't. I don't know her." Polly frowns. "I'm just... It's always been me, Paavo, and my father. I don't know the people here and, frankly, I don't care to."

Uselo: He couldn't relate to her and was sort of at a lost. He didn't want to see her run off and get hurt. "Have you talked to your god-siblings? Mine were nice enough. And they say everyone here is looking out for everyone else."

Polly: Polly frowns at his words. "They're not my siblings." She responds. "But no, I haven't spoken to my cabin mates yet."

Uselo: "Give them a chance." He feels bad for her,he didn't want to make her made but he also wanted her to stay. "Maybe you'll figure out who you're mom is really like more than than deity of volcanoes. And you do share her with your cabin mates." He shrugs a bit, hoping he said the right things.

Polly: She sighs. "I honestly don't get it. Do people tend to think that just because they're Gods, makes up for the fact that they were not there for our entire lives. They show up once or twice to say something vague and stupid to guide us, and then they're gone again! Just because they're all powerful doesn't make them not-assholes."

Uselo: He found himself lost for trying to calm her. He himself finds himself on edge from this argument. He looks out over the ocean for a second before looking back at her. "Want to go for a swim?"

Polly: Polly knew she was getting worked up, so she gave in when he very clearly tried to get her to calm down a little. Honestly, his question tickled her a little. She couldn't help but give a small smile. "Would you makle fun of me if I told you I never learned how to?"

Uselo: He smiles back, happy to see where the conversation was going. "I wouldn't, I'd just say let's stay ing the shallows where we can stand," He reached down and grabbed her hand and starts leading her to the water. "Come on."

Polly: She looks down at her clothes - Polly supposed she wouldn't have to worry too much. She was just wearing a skirt and tank top. So, she shrugs lightly and takes his hand, kickng off her shoes and following him into the water. "I am definitely out of my element here.... Pun intended."

Uselo: He grins back at her, chuckling as he had also tossed his shoes aside. "And I'm in mine." He lets her walk up next to him and the waves was washing over their ankles. He smiles at her and squeezes her hand. "I'll keep you safe, Lava Girl." He winks and starts to lead her our a bit further.

Polly: She chuckles. "You really want to start that, Shark Boy?" She teases. "Aren't we getting a bit deep?" Polly points out as he walks them further in.

Uselo: "We'll be alright, you can get your clothes wet. One of the guys in my cabin told me a neat treat." He smiled back at her, reassuringly and he moved out where the water started to come up higher. "And I'm very sure I want to start that. Miss Magma."

Polly: Polly chuckles. "You were always better at making up nicknames than I was," she notes. "I'm not worried about clothes, I'm worried about drowning. You know, one day, I'm taking you to the top of a volcano."

Uselo: He hears the hint of fear she had and he walked back to her, standing behind her he wraps his arms around her waist and holds her tight. "Only if you promise to trust me. We'll just walk out until the water's at your waist."

Polly: Her face reddens, very slightly. "It's not like I'm scared or anything." She answers with teasing indignity.

Uselo: He smiles and waits on her the. "Come on show me then."

Polly: "I..." She looked over to the water, staring at the ocean in front of them. "I'm good here."

Uselo: "I'm right here, nothing it going to happen to you." He watches her and seeing as her intentions were clear he decides to leave it, letting go of her waist. "Alright Polly." He walks around her and strides easily out until the water is to his mid thigh.

Polly: "wha- don't just leave me!" She whined, stepping forward. "Look isn't there usually a drop or something? I just don't want to die!"

Uselo: He turns back and walks back to her. "Sorry for walking out. And there's no drop out where I went. Probably not one for several hundred feet." He takes her hands reassuringly, smiling. "Nothing bad will happen to you while I'm here, promise."

Polly: "You're not sorry. The only reason you did it was because you knew I'd follow!" She accuses, smirking lightly.

Uselo: "Maybe a little but I didn't mean to scare you." He stands there with her, letting the waves wash up the backs of his calves, still holding her hands as he thinks. "Do you trust me, Polly?"

Polly: She sighs. "If I say yes can we get this over with as soon as possible?"

Uselo: "If you do. I'll walk you out and then walk you back in,and that'll be all." He gives her sincere grin.

Polly: "Alright fine. I trust you." She answers with a sigh.

Uselo: He grins wider, "Awesome." He starts to walk backwards into the surf slowly, never letting his eyes leave her. "There's nothing to worry about."

Polly: Talking. Talking helped when Polly was nervous - Always has. "Did you know I can swim in Lava? At least, people say I can but I haven't tried it yet, Mostly because I don't know how to swim, and also, I'm a bit scared. It's lava. Who wouldn't be scared?" She rambles as she steps forward, following his lead.

Uselo: Watching and listening, he nodded in light surprise. "Sounds impressive and reasonable. I can give you lessons if you'd like. And apparently I can swim as a shark if I can figure out how." He walks out till the water is at her waist, some how whatever warm water in the area was stirring around them.

Polly: She laughs nervously. "A frikkin shark. You're kidding right?"

Uselo: "I'm not going to turn into one, at least not now." He smirks at her, and stand next to her and hugging with one arm. "See? This isn't so bad."

Polly: "It's cold. I didn't think the ocean would be cold." She frowns.

Uselo: "I mean we are up north in the winter. Not as warm as home. We can get out now if you're cold." He starts to walk her out.

Polly: "Wait, let me try..." She stayed put, focusing on the water in front of her, trying to use her abilities to heat up the water around them, even a little. She grins as the water begins the heat up, stopping it just after it gets pleasantly warm. "So... Even I'll admit, the powers are nice."

Uselo: He looks down at the water then up to her, grinning wide. "That's so cool!" He sticks his hands in the warm to feel how warm it is. "Best think I know is I can breath underwater."

Polly: She grins back at him. "I've seen Poseidon kids move water. Can you do that?"

Uselo: He thinks for a moment, shrugging his shoulder. "Maybe, I don't know. I'm let you know if I can." He smirks mischievously at her.

Polly: She grins. "You'll let me know?" She splashes the water in his direction. "Why don't we just simply find out?" Polly continues, splashing him once more.

Uselo: He laughs as he splashes her back. "Alright alright. I'll try it." He takes a deep breath as he focuses on the water around him, feeling himself extend out into it. With a weird twisting feeling in his gut, the water in between them explodes out, drenching him both. He wipes his face, laughing hard.

Polly: She laughs along with him. "Hydrokinetic! That's so cool. I wonder what else we can do..."

Uselo: He smirks at her. "I'm sure we can learn everything we are capable of if we stay and train."

Polly: She groans. "Fine. But only because I have to."

Uselo: "Who knows, maybe you'll start to like it here." He smiles as he flicks a bit of water at her.

Polly: She flicks water back. "I will if I only hang out with you and Paavo. Then everything will be good."

Uselo: "I would hope we aren't going to be you're only friends." He teases but he smiles down at her. "But I'll always be around for you, Polly."

Polly: "Good." Polly reaches for his hands, intending to pull him into a close hug. "Everyone else around here freaks me out a little."

Uselo: He holds her hands for a second, smirking a bit. "And a son of a shark god doesn't?: He chuckles before wrapping his arms around her.

Polly: "Please. Not nearly as much as I freak myself out. I mean, hello? Daughter of a Volcano Lady?" She smirks. "Besides, I know I can trust you."

Uselo: "I think it's pretty cool though. And thanks, I'll do my best to not betray that trust." He smiles at her and hugs her tightly and closely.

Polly: "Whatever, Shark boy." She chuckles. "Lets get out before I freeze to death, hm?"

Uselo: He nods and takes her hand. "Alright Polly, even though freezing to death would be the last thing I think that could kill you." He smirks and starts to walking to the beach.

Polly: "How would you know?" She teases. "You may be used to the beach but I'm not." She starts toward the beach

Uselo: "You just heated up like 3 bathtubs of water in the ocean. I think you'll be fine from freezing." He bumps her lightly with his hip and winks at her. He quickly but smoothly moves his hand so his fingers interlace with hers.

Polly: Her face reddens a little as their hands meet. "I mean, that's fair. But it's also something I didn't know I could do. It could tire me out easily, for all I know."

Uselo: He nods as they finally return to the sand. "Good point. And you won't have to use tlit to dry yourself off." He smirks as he causes all the water to be repelled from both of them ans their clothes.

Polly: She watches the process, her mouth falling agape. "Okay, that was cool." She concedes.

Uselo: He laughs and nods his head again. "Yea, and helpful too." They make it bacl to where they left their stuff, Uselo still hold her hand. "You have any plans after this?"

Polly: "Besides training? No, not really.... Might have taken a jog, but I can do that later." She smirks. "Why?"

Uselo: He smiles back. "Nothing special just curious. I'd love join you for a jog or whatever else you're doing. I"ve got nothing to do and hanging out with you sounds wonderful."

Polly: "How about we go do something in town? Go out for dinner, maybe?" Was she asking him on a date? Even she was surprised at that. "I mean, you don't have to or anything. And I'll pay. Speaking of paying, I need to get a job, I think. I don't have any other way of getting money."

Uselo: He smiles wide at her proposal. "Sounds awesome. And I'll pay for you if you're worried about it Polly. I'll take care of it." He kind of moved in a smidge closer to her.

Polly: "I'm not. Not yet, at least." She chuckles. "Alright. We're going out to dinner." She grinned stupidly at his answer, though she tried to play it cool.

Uselo: "Then I'll keep you from worrying for now." He smiks a bit before matching her grin. "Do you need to head back to her cabin or do you want to head out now?"

Polly: "I could.... I should probably clean up a little. I look like a mess." She shrugs. "But... I'll meet you at the gate tonight? Around... six?"

Uselo: "I think you look great, but alright. Six it is." He regretfully let's go of her hand and graps he stuff. "Cya then Polly." He starts to leave and head back.

Polly: She grins. "Yeah. See ya then." She confirms with a nod, before turning back to walk to her cabin. She had to tell Paavo, immediately.

Dinner Reunion

Uselo: Uselo had changed into a longsleeve v-neck that fir snug on him, jeans and sparreys. He now waited at the entrance of the camp fopr Polly to arrive.

Polly: She arrived not long after, wearing a cardigan and jean capris. "Hey!" She called out when she saw him. "Hi." She adds as she gets closer, grinning a little.

Uselo: He turns in the direction of the voice, smiling as soon as he sees her. "Hi, ready to head out?"

Polly: "Ready as ever," she answers. "I'm gonna be honest, I've never been to any of the restaurants in town. I don't know what's good or not."

Uselo: "Maybe we find something good." He grins as he takes her hand. "Lead the way."

Polly: Polly holds on to his hand and nods. "You been into town yet? It's actually kind of nice."

Uselo: "Haven't a chance to explore camp much less the town sadly." He shrugs. "Guess you can show me around a bit."

Polly: "I've only explored a little - I've been here less than a week, you know." She teases. "But discovering new things with you doesn't sound so bad."

Uselo: "Almost a week more than me," He winks as the start off towards town. "I think it sounds pretty good too, as long as it's with you."

Polly: Polly chuckles. "I don't remember you being this smooth as a kid."

Uselo: "It's been a while since we've seen each other. I've matured a little." He smirks and chuckles with her. "But I'm still probably the same surfer boy from them."

Polly: "No you aren't." She answers, matter-of-factly. "You are definitely different. We both are. I'm slightly more depressed, and you a very very flirty." She grins. "Not that it's a bad thing."

Uselo: He smiles back with a sense of care and concern, holding her hand a little tighter. "Gald you enjoy it. And I hope I can help get you feeling better."

Polly: She squeezes his hand back. "I'm just mourning, still. I'll live." Polly assures him. "Ooh, what about French?" Polly points to a restaurant they come across.

Uselo: He looks and shrugs, looking back at her. "Sure, sounds interesting."

Polly: She nods, then walks into the restauraunt, hand in hand with Uselo. "Table for two~" She said to the hostess as she grabbed a seat.

Uselo: They follow thr hostess to a table where they sit down across from each other. He smiles at her as he glances at the menu.

Polly: Polly looks over the menu too, taking a moment to decide. "So, how's your mom?"

Uselo: "She's doing well, mostly working now. How Paavo doing? You tell him about me yet?" He looks up frombuis meulnu to tall to her.

Polly: She chuckles. "I did. He says hi!"

Uselo: He chuckles with her, smiling. "That's good to hear. Guess I can say hi back to him when we get back."

Polly: "Yeah, I think he'd like that." She grins. "Maybe I could visit Hilo. We could go see Waikoloa. Eventually."

Uselo: "Sure, just let me know when you want to go." The waiter comes for their orders. "A Coke and the veal dish please."

Polly: "Tea and chicken alfredo." She adds on to Uselo's order.

Uselo: He hands over their menus and reaches acorss the table and takes her hand gently, smiling. "So have you done anything at the camp so far?"

Polly: She grins, taking his hand. "Not really. I've just been keeping to myself - Training and eating and sleeping...."

Uselo: He smirks a bit. "Think you can squeeze in time for hanging out with me? Or is you're schedule too packed?"

Polly: "Open as a bird." She grins in response.

Uselo: He grins back and gives her hand a small squeeze. "Awesome. Glad to hear it."

Polly: "You're not gonna be too busy for me, right? I mean, with all the girls around..."

Uselo: "The who?" He gives her a cheeky grin amd wink.

Polly: "Oh please. You noticed some of the girls checking you out, I'm sure." Though she grins at his response. "Would it be weird to admit I was a little jealous of that?"

Uselo: He thinks about it for a moment, starting with a smile. "No, I think it's kind of cute actually."

Polly: "Uh huh." She replies, almost as if she didn't believe him. "You're just saying that."

Uselo: He just laces their fingers together, smiling and looking into her eyes. "Come on, you know I don't just say things. I mean the words I say."

Polly: "I do remember that about you," She chuckles. "I also remember you being dramatic."

Uselo: "Yea, I can be." He chuckles with her. He looks up as he sees their order head towards them. He waits till the last moment he can wait to let go of her hand. Sitting back and taking in the smells. "Hmm."

Polly: She sits back as he does, grinning as she took a fork. "Well, the service is pretty great." She notes. "So far so good."

Uselo: He picks up his silverware as well. "Everything has been very good." He starts to dig in, nodding in approval. "Very tasty too."

Polly: Polly bites into her chicken alfredo. "It really is!" She adds, seeming a bit surprised. "Never had french food before." Polly notes.

Uselo: "Me neither but this is wonderful." He continues to eat, taking drinks on occassion.

Polly: After they finish eating, she glances around for a moment. "Should we get dessert too?"

Uselo: He sets his water dowwn after having taken a drink. "If you'd like, dessert sounds good." He smiles at her as he works on the last few bites of his food.

Polly: "Well. I am a bit tired. Food won't help, I get sleepy when I overeat."

Uselo: "Alright, anything else you want to do before heading back?" He flegged the waiter and asked for the check before turning back to her and leaning onto the table.

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