Nyxil: Nyxil walks along the grass directly next to the sprawling driveway since it makes less noise, Daybreak plodding shortly behind. A dim cigarette hangs from his lips again - he gave in and resumed the habit a couple weeks ago - and he has a big backpack slung over his shoulder in addition to his usual gear. He mostly absently stares at the grass as he walks, but looks around at the vast surroundings once in a while. Why does he even... need all this space? It takes him a solid ten minutes to even reach the door. The late afternoon sun that had welcomed him when he first shadowtravelled a few miles away turned to sunset over the mountains. He's about to shadowtravel right past the door when it occurs to him that there may be other people in the house that he'd freak out by doing so, so he rings the doorbell, then sits crosslegged and pets Daybreak as he waits.

Blake: He sits in the middle of a pile of papers, swiftly writing his signature on each one. His focus is not disturbed by the constant chatter on maids of butlers and the occasional look ins by his grandmother and wife. He doesnt look as kept as he usually does, his jacket filled with creases, his pants with a faint stain on it, a coffee stain. He has been up for only a few hours and yet again his work strikes at him. He does hear the doorbell sound throughout the house and doesnt look up until one of his butlers and two of his cousins that were bothering with the coattails of the butler come up and tell him that a ragged boy is outside with a glowing dog. His eyebrows perk up at this and he heads for the door in great stride, his butler by his side. He reaches the door and opens it rather quickly, walking away as he tells his staff to prepare some food for the ragged boy, smiling as he does so.

Nyxil: He hops to his feet as the door opens and his mouth hangs open for a split second, ready to lie his ass off to some butler that would assume he was a homeless person and bring a fire poker to scare him away. Instead Blake opens the door. And immediately turns away. Predictably. Meh. Nyxil flashes Daybreak a smirk and leads his pet after Blake. A draft stepping through the door threatens to blow out his cig, forcing him to shield it with a hand for a moment. Only after a second of silence making sure his tobacco was safe does he take in the mansion around him. The ritzy sights likely would've threatened to send his cigarette on a final suicidal dive from his jaw if it weren't for the fact that he'd aquainted himself with mansions before. Somehow? Oh. Oh, yeah - I've broken into a couple places like this. Yeeeep, that's definitely it. He laughs under his breath at the novelty of finally walking into such a pointlessly expensive place legally. There's only one real distinction that catches his attention about this mansion. Normally you only break into places when there's nobody awake. And this place is bustling. He cocks his head slightly as the sight of family carries his thoughts to darker places, but burries them just as quickly as they arose. He smiles as he follows his friend further into the veritable palace. "And good morning to you too, sunshine. I found your front gate at, what, ten in the morning, y'know."

Blake: As he is leading nyxil to the dining room, he says "Well, i hope you enjoyed the scenery and had a nice work out while you were at it." He enters the dining room which is lavishly decorated with silver and gold pieces, a chandelier hangs from the ceiling, glowing brightly, swinging in a slight motion. He straightens his jacket and calls for the food to be brought to in for them. The staff bring out plates of time appropriate food, they bring out glazed hams, butter soaked croissants, fries, burgers, in case nyxil wanted some. They also bring out fondue ad plate after plate of chocolate and even a whole turkey covered in spices. He sits down at the head and invites his staff to eat since they have been working so hard to keep from disturbing him. He feels it is the least he could do in the moment and seeks to do more.

Nyxil: Nyxil sprawls across a seat sideways and lets his tired pet curl up on his lap. The wolf is easily as big as he is, but, being made from light, usually didn't weigh much. Daybreak peeks a curious glance at his master - normally this would be the point where he'd be shoved off - but Nyxil makes no objections. Instead he smirks, dropping his backpack to the floor with a loud clamor, and raises an eyebrow at the whole feast. It's been a few days since his last real meal, and more since his last rest, made evident by the darkness under his eyes. Even Daybreak's exhaustion is visible in his unusually obvious translucence. But Nyxil smiles and goes to work on a burger, lounging back and watching the mansion's staff lazily as he chews. He decided as soon as he stepped foot in the beautiful estate that he was going to play up his rude peasantliness as much as possible.

Blake: he stares at the glowing wolf intensely, calling up one of his staff to bring a steak or something for the poor thing. He crosses his arms and smiles at Nyxil's lack of manners and pleasantry. "You can eat as much as you want, if you ever want more you can just ask a member of my staff. I can tell you havent eaten much." He says with little to no worry in his voice, knowing that nyxil is always somehow on the run either from enemies or the police.

Nyxil: "Yeah... This whole trip," Nyxil explains between bites of his burger, "wasn't scheduled. Got like twelve bucks on me but that doesn't exactly help in the middle of the Eurozone, eh?" A server sets a plate of steak on the floor beside the pair, which warrants a confused glance from Daybreak. Eating always seems to make the wolf uncomfortable. He doesn't need food to survive, and somehow manages to regain his energy by simply lounging in sunlight. Nyxil himself doesn't fully understand how it works. He gives his companion a not-so-gentle nudge of encouragement anyway. He could eat if need-be. This is our rest stop. Eat up so you won't be a useless pile of fur in the morning, Nyxil urges him mentally. Daybreak flops off his lap at nibbles at the stake a bit, then notices the fantastic taste and enthusiastically chews the whole thing between his teeth. Nyxil sets down his burger for a moment as if about to speak, but smirks without continuing and returns to his food.

Blake: He calls over another butler and speaks some words in italian, the butler runs off in order to do as asked. He waits for awhile and the butler comes back with two briefcases in hand, resting them onto the table. "Ok. in these two cases, i have atleast two million total. I dont want you walking through europe or america as a part of my family and not have money." He turns the cases around and flips them open.

Nyxil: Nyxil's eyes widen for a split second, but he quickly switches to a fake frown, feigning insult. "Hey now, do I look like that much of a charity case?", he asks. He gestures at himself demonstratively, ignoring the fact that he looks like he hasn't changed clothes in a year (which he hasn't). You looff like youf'd need that mukch morney just to phay a water bill for a long enough shower, Daybreak intercedes via empathy link. For some reason the chewing was audible across telepathy. Nyxil shoots him a glare and a kick, then leans back, waving his burger in one hand as he talks. "I'm good without your money, Blake. Just need a place to crash for a night... and a drink, probably."

Blake: He frowns at nyxil declining his offer but pushes the case forward in an act of defiance. He knows his friend can take care of himself but not as much as he ought to so he may need the money. "Running around, dodging trouble and barely getting places to rest and freshen up is not what i would call good. So i insist, take it. Buy daybreak something with it, eat a lot, shower, buy a house or some new weapons."

Nyxil: He rolls his eyes at that insistent look on his old friend's face, but bites back the urge to protest further. He always hated charity, and this felt pretty similar to it, but the reality was that Blake knew him well. Nyxil had no problem living ruggedly - he actually preferred it to some extent - but the money wouldn't hurt. Hell... Fine. I can get some supplies and stash the rest somewhere where I won't have to think about it. Problem solved."Alright, if you're going to be so insistent then I'll bite. But only half. No way I'm fitting two of those things in my backpack anyway," he says with an exasperated shrug. He gingerly sets one case next to his pack with his non-burger hand, but slides the other back to Blake.

Blake: "I wonder what you will do with the money, but lets not talk about that now." He sets his feet down onto the table and calls his butler to bring wine, beer and rum. "So whats up?" he says as he puts his mouth on a small bottle of rum.

Nyxil: "Is it hard to believe I just dropped by," he says, "to see a friend? I always make an effort to stay in touch, after all." It had been months since the two last spoke, and months again since the time before that. Despite how rarely their paths cross, Nyxil never gets the sense that their friendship wanes. He smirks and finishes the burger with another bite, then continues while turning an unopened beer can between his fingers, "I was in the area looking for someone. Well, things've been tiring and boring, so here I am to visit an old mate - alcohol." He raises the can for a half-assed toast.

Blake: He raises his rum bottle with a slight smile on his face. Happy that Nyxil had come, the tension that he had visibly goes away and he becomes more relaxed, less poised and proper, like an actual normal teenager. "Alcohol. And yes i know you make an effort. But you cant stay in touch with somebody who you have trouble finding. Example. Moi."

Nyxil: "Heh, ya don't say," Nyxil says. Turning the can over repeatedly causes it to spray everywhere for a fraction of a second when he opens it, but he presses the thing to his lips before it makes too much of a mess. He lowers it again after a long drink and continues, "I tracked this place down with a damn phone book and got lucky you were home. ...Alright, question: What do you even do out here?"

Blake: "What do i do? Well you just caught me in the middle of mountains of paperwork distracting me from doing it, by the way, thank you for that. I handle family business, spend time with my cousins, my grandmother and my wife and sometimes jump off cliffs to see the scenery itself pass by. It relieves stress which i have a lot of." He says as he smiles wearily, his golden eyes shining in light of the humor in the dangerous situations he puts himself in.

Amethyst: "Honeeeyyyy," she called lovingly, skipping towards him with a tray of sandwiches and fruit juice floating behind her. Solidified rainbow beams were just too practical to leave behind camp. The demigod wore matching flat shoes to a simple salmon sleeveless, up to the knee dress. Even after 4 years -- she's 19 now -- Amethyst's delicate mind and love for her husband has been barely changed; however, due to maturation, she had became more aestheticallly pleasing ... like a hill of flowers. "Oops." Upon reaching the door, the daughter of Iris was surprised to see another person -- probably another demigod. Was this Nyxil, the friend Blake mentioned a lot? She wasn't so sure. "Sorry, I didn't know you had a guest," she momentarily bowed her head innocently, hiding her blush from embarassment. "I did bring food though. May I?" She asked, more of begged with her sweet eyes.

Blake: He shadowtravels behind her and hugs her. He is practically beaming and radiating affection for amethyst. With a wide grin he shadowtravels back to where he was sitting. "Of course Princess. This is my best friend. Nyxil." He says this, completely disregarding the fact that he was acting like a lovestruck idiot for a second. "

Amethyst: The tray made its way to the table before the son of hades disappeared. Where did he...? Oh. Amethyst, despite being used to their affectionate displays, was surprised -- the good kind, of course. Her delicate hands crossed and traced over Blake's arms. "Oh! Welcome to our home, Nyxil!" She beamed, still grinning and treasuring Blake's embrace.

Nyxil: Nyxil leans back in his chair and swishes his beer can as he watches the two, a bemused smirk spreading across his lips. The two looked completely incompatible right until the moment they were next to eachother. He raises an eyebrow at his friend, then shrugs and puts his feet up on the table. "Thanks for the rich people's hospitality, Mrs-", he glances away to avoid laughing, "... Mrs. Ashthorn. I'd say I'm sorry to just show up like this, but... Nah, it was worth it to make Blake have to deal with me. You were in the Iris cabin years ago, right?" He smiles and takes another drink.

Amethyst: The daughter of Iris was complacent towards Nyxil's manners. She remained bounded by her husband as she replied the priest, "Yeap! Why so?" Amethyst was curious of what the bet was.

Nyxil: "Ah, it's just-" He shrugged. He still felt like laughing his ass off at the whole situation, and it kinda showed. "Nah, nah, I'm not gonna be too snippy with the lady of the house. Being, like... respectful in general, it's a rare thing from me. Props." He raised his drink, smiling. "It's just, you really did a number on Blake, clearly. 'Cause, like. Here I was in Camp back whenever, probably sitting there thinking, jeez, Blake sure is Blake-y, and whatever, and then you spirited him away to try on rings and be legally bound in holy matrimony and stuff. You sure fixed this guy up," he smirked. "I'm not one to talk, all things considered, but who would think the, like, personification of colorful and spirited sky-moisture n' stuff... and some shitkid about the fatalistic doom and gloom final resting place of souls?" Aside from the fact that that question wasn't properly formed at all, Nyxil laughed and downed the rest of his beer.

Blake: He walks from behind Amethyst towards Nyxil. He smiles as he walks, despite his friend being an idiot. His hand clamps down on Nyxil's shoulder. "What was that about shitkid? Is the pot calling the kettle black?"

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