Boa Serpiente ~ Guardin of Snakes
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 5'7  Weight: 139 lbs
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: New York  Main Weapon: CB Sword that can be covered in his own venom
 Accent: American

Character's Powers

 ===All Animal Nymphs===


  1. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs. They also have a special, stronger connection with other animal nymphs.
  2. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  3. Their senses of smell, sight and hearing are enhanced, enabling them to sniff out monsters, track down demigods, etc.


  1. They are able to summon animals to aid them; they have the best control over their own animal type.

Specific to each Animal Type

  1. Each type of animal nymph has its life force attached to that species, so if a species were to go extinct the nymphs would die.
  2. Each nymph is able to change into the type of animal he/she is, and only that type. So the bear nymph could not turn into a mouse, but he/she could turn into a grizzly bear, black bear, polar bear, etc.
  3. While in animal form they have all the normal abilities of their animals. So if the nymph is a hawk nymph he/she can fly.
  4. While in regular nymph/person form, they only retain passive characteristics/traits from their animals. So if the nymph is a hawk nymph, perhaps he/she remains claustrophobic in enclosed spaces but cannot fly.


  1. Vary between species.

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Niome Wilson -Child of Aglaea
-The other half

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Cora closeup

Cora Wilson -Child of Aglaea
-The other half, Lt. of the Aglaea Cabin

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Bea -Honey Bee Nymph
-The honey bee that doesn't sting

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Niome: On top of Half-Blood Hill, the blue haired Daugher of Aglaea that is named Niome Wilson, stopped on the top of the hill looking down at her sister that was still getting up the hill, fixing up her hair. "Hurry up Cora. I want to go check if there are any really cute boys that I'll actually go out with here." Niome yelled out to her sister.

Cora: Cora was crotches beside an iridescent dragonfly, documenting the veins in it's wings. Being short and freckled made her look younger than her matured sister, but a lot of brains made up for it. "Coming, coming!" She called back, waving the handing she wasn't writing with. Closing the book, Cora raced up the hill to meet her sister, tucking the journal safely into the small bag Cora brought, eyeing Niome's bursting duffel. Cora smiled jokingly. "And yet you refuse every suitor that comes your way. Remember Jake? Hottest guy in school and you barely batted an eye."

Niome: "Yeah I remember him. I still don't like him that much but some of the boys here could have some of the other Greek love and beauty gods as their parents." Niome said back to her sister before grabbing out her camera from her bag and taking a picture of Camp Half-Blood. Having a look at it, Niome noticed two people walking towards them. "Do you reckon those two are coming our way" she said showing Cora her camera.

Boa: After the fearful time with Bea trying to get over his fear of bees, Boa started taking Bea up to Half-Blood Hill, hoping that he had the chance to actually kiss her. Soon the wind changed and Boa smelt two strong demigods smells. "Do you smell that Bea or am I just going crazy" he asked Bea.

Bea: As they sauntered up half-blood hill, Bea stood what seemed to be dangerously close to him. But she didn't move an inch away and she didn't care. Lifting up her nose to the air, Bea replied, "No..." The honeypbee nymph had the strongest urge to add: I know something else that makes me crazy

Cora: Cora scribbled some more notes and diagrams about her surroundings before looking over at the sleek camera Niome presented her. "A true artist, sis." Leaning forward and taking a closer look, she added, "Looks a like a blonde girl wearing yellow and some tall guy in black and red. Think they're... together? Standing awful close whispering about something." Around Niome, Cora was truely herself, and she knew that if the couple approched them she'd be forced to cower behind her sister, whether she wanted to or not. She went back to drawing a cumulonimbus cloud.

Boa: "To me it smells like two demigods, so hopefully it is just interference from camp" Boa said to Bea. "I'll go check." then Boa turned into a baby Red Belly black snake and went up the hill quickly, seeing two girls and going back down to Bea once he found out who was up the hill. "Two girls, look like sisters but one has blue hair so I'm not sure about them being sisters"

Niome: "They could be together, you never know." Niome said as she zoomed in the picture, until she felt something brush by her feet, screaming slightly and almost dropping her camera. "Did you just feel something rush over your feet, sis" Niome said.

Cora: Cora whipped out her spear. "Yeah, I did..." Cora looked around, and seeing no immediate threat, she ventured, "Think it could be a mythical animal? An invisable one? Oh I need to find it! I have an idea of a trap and..." Cora blabbered on, pulling out her journal and black pen, looking around, this time with eager eyes.

Bea: "Blue hair? Is that natural?" In the underworld, no one had colored hair unless they were born with it. Thinking for a beat, Bea said, "Maybe I can buzz over to a nearby hive and get some welcome honey. Honey is the best gift to give, ya know." Smiling with gleaming eyes, Bea touched his arm before zipping off to find a jar, some ribbons, and of course a hivel

Niome: "You and you're journal. You still got that flower I gave you." Niome asked as she flicked through the pictures of her camera, finding the picture she recently took of their home.

Boa: "Well it could be just dyed" Boa said before Bea left to get honey as he messed around with a rattle snake.

Cora: Scratching a few more strokes, Cora replied without looking up, "Yes, me and my journal. And of course I have it, you gave it to me." She looked up and smiled affectionately at her sister before glancing at the picture. It gave her a bittersweet feeling in her heart, a heart weak from misuse. Her head was the only thing she needed. It was the only thing she had. Except Niome, and maybe Jasper. "I wonder if dad sold our stuff," Cora said quietly, trying at a light humor but not really feeling it. This was really happening. "Here, maybe we should keep moving along."

Bea: Before she left, Bea replied, "Dyed?" Soon after she came back. Bea presented Boa with two warm jars of fresh honey, tied with gold colored ribbons with quaint bows. "When I'm dead, I want the world to remember me for the nymph who spread honey." Of course, Bea knew she was immortal, but had heard some cute son of Notus talking to his half-sibling about his legacy. It seemed like a nice thought. Bea knew very little of life above the underworld– what she knew living in the past of greek mythology. Dyed. Dead. The words felt forgein on her tongue.

Niome: "I don't think he would. He raised us by himself and loves us so it could be just a memory of us if he has kept our stuff. I hope he hasn't sold our stuff because I left most of my good clothes and a lot of my hair dye at home." Niome said as she kept going through the photos, stopping at one that Miles took of the both of them.

Boa: "If that happens, I'll probably just be remembered as that nymph's friend" Boa said as he took Bea's honey and started walking up the hill

Cora: Cora nodded as listened to her twin, glancing up at Niome as they looked at the picture of the two of them. "Just you and me now. We have each other's backs." Cora smiled.

Bea: Bea giggled, imagining what of their lives they could leave behind them. "That's right, Boa." She smiled and hurried up to him, falling into step beside Boa. "Now let me do the talking. You... you have... not the best first impression." Bea smiled, though it was easy to remember the horrid first impression she recived from him. Sadly, some of her fear and disgust was fresh. It was hard to love a snake.

Niome: "We always did have each other's back but now we're going to have to really depend on each other more than we ever have, which means I can complain about your looks more often." Niome said, smiling as well, putting her camera back in her bag and taking out eye shadow, fixing her makeup.

Boa: "If they're children of Ares I'm talking first. Any other you can talk first." Boa said as they reached the top of the hill, staying quiet.

Cora: "Well, maybe later you can give me a makeover," Cora said, trying to cheer up her sister. She rolled her eyes at Niome fixing her makeup for the umphtillionth time that day, and started walking before she stopped stone cold dead in her tracks. The couple from the picture were walking over, whispering something, and the cold looking man was holding two jars of honey. They must be demigods too.

Bea: "...And how will you know that, my favorite scaredy snake nymph." Bea's hazel eyes widen and she slowed her paced, pulling Boa by the elbow back with her, nudging her head towards a girl walking towards them. The leaned over and whispered, "That one of them?"

Boa: "Well I can tell" Boa said as Bea elbowed him. "Yeah that's the two and they don't seem like Ares kids so you talk"

Niome: "Yeah once we find which cabin is mom's" Niome said as she put her makeup away and seeing the two people from the photo, being instantly attracted to the boy. "Well, hey cutie" Niome said walking over to the boy, brushing against him and using her powers to stun him with her beauty.

Cora: It took her a few a seconds to realize that she needed to catch up with her sister. Doing so, Cora watched in horror as her sister (of course) flirted mercilessly with the first "cutie" she saw. Yet, the daughter of Aglaea suddenly didn't have use over her tongue. 

Bea: After Boa gave her permission to take the initiative with the two newbies, Bea took the honey jars back to give them personally to the girls. But suddenly she wanted to smash the honey on the ground as the blue haired demigod glided over to, as far as she was concered, her little snake nymph. Wrighting jealousy bubbled up to her brain, and Bea smiled despite her world melting. First she leaves boyfriend to come to the surface, and then something that hasn't even really started is getting pryed away from her. Gripped the jars like her life depeneded on it, the honey-bee nymph stepped forward with as much lanky grace as she could muster. "Hello." She said mildly, stepping towards Boa and pressing their shoulders together slightly.

Boa: Not being able to move no matter what he did, Boa just stood there as it seemed like the blue haired demigod flirted with him and Bea started trying to make the girl stop by acting like his girlfriend, which was something he would never complain about. Once he could move after a few minutes, Boa started feeling a bit awkward because he really liked Bea but the demigod was making him feel confused.

Niome: Seeing she was being blocked by the other girl and her little trick wore off, Niome changed her clothes and makeup to look like the best she ever has, a leather jacket and really heavy eye shadow, losing some of her energy. Once doing this, Niome pushed in between the other girl and the boy, getting closer to the boy, feeling his biceps. "You have such big muscles" Niome started blinking her eyes a lot at the boy.

Cora: Cora shot Niome a look of disbelief, suddenly interested in looking at her shoes. Her sister was like a cat. All the men in her world were mice and she loved to chase after them, catch em' and maybe toy with them, but she didn't want them as far as Cora was concerned. It felt unfair. But around others– especially strangers, it was like she forgot the english language. The male demigod look confused and content and a little flustered, while the blondie stood proudly beside him, smiling at nothing if not life itself. She looked perfectly relaxed, at ease, brushing shoulders with the guy. Cora thought she could learn a thing or two from her.

Bea: Bea's blood boiled. Who was this girl and who did she think she was? Soon Bea realized that girl could change her clothes and makeup. The girl was stunning and even Bea was slightly taken aback with a different kind of jealousy. Must be a spawn of the beauty gods, Bea thought, or worse, the love ones. The nymph just set back her shoulders and stood straighter, holding up the jars of honey with stiff arms, despite how the girl shoulder her way in between her and Boa. As Cora blushed a bright red and took the honey, Bea slinked around to the other side of Boa, standing closely than even the girl dared to get to him, and linked her arm with his. "Yes, he does. Now if your done admiring my... uh," Bea tried to think on feet, hoping Boa would go with it. This girl meant trouble. "My lovely boyfriend here, I'd like to introduce myself." Glancing at Boa, Bea continued, "I'm Bea, this is Boa Serpentine..." The nymph glanced at the sheepish, small girl who stood at more than a respectful distance away from them. "Who might you be?"

Niome: She may seem like the biggest airhead and much dumber than Cora but Niome understood that the brief hesitation from Bea meant that either she was lying or it will be happening soon, which is something Niome didn't want to happen at this moment. "We could always share Boa for the time being. There is heaps of him to go around" Niome said as her left hand started going towards Boa's torso.

Boa: Nice save back there with the boyfriend thing but it isn't working much Boa said through the nymph link, moving his hand into Bea's to try and get the girl off him. "Would you please quit groping me. I only let my girlfriend do that and you are defiantly not Bea" Boa said going along with Bea.

Cora: Cora looked up at the taller her girl big eyes like a scared deer in front of headlights. "I'm, C-Cora," She mumbled with a quaver in her voice, her eyes darting from her sister to the strangers. "Daughter of Aglaea."

Bea: Losing the battle to fight the blush rising in her cheeks about all the talk about Boa and their relationship status. I only let me girlfriend do that. He was actually going along with it. It might've been humorous to look back at but it was still awkward right. "Share him? Excuse me?" How did this girl not understand boundries? The girl's friend standing far away from them apparently was a daughter of beauty goddess, and yet she seemed more reserved than whoever was lurking around Boa. Maybe they were sisters.

Niome: "What you don't know wouldn't hurt you" Niome said, winking at Boa before she walked back over to her sister, knowing the couple had enough of her trying to get in with one of them. "Sis, you've got to get over being scared around people other than me and Jasper" she said to Cora, hearing the nervousness in Cora's voice.

Boa: In Boa's head, everything was a mess of celebration of getting the girl to stop flirting with him and what he thought of Bea. He relaxed a bit when the girl went over to Cora, still holding Bea's hand, but got kind of disgusted when the girl winked at him. So is this a thing now, you and I pretending to be a couple, or is it not pretend? Boa said/thought to Bea.

Cora: "It's not that easy, Niome." Cora snapped back in a hushed tone. She stepped closer to her twin for a feeling of safety. Next to ech other, their heights were almost comical in contrast, being 8 inches apart. "Now stop flirting with that girl's boyfriend and ask them for help." Because I can't do it myself.

Bea: Bea glanced down at their entwined hands, and it set a rush of warmth up her arm. Were they an item now? Boa, it doesn't matter if we are or not, we have to convince her to back off, Bea reasoned, dancing around the truth. Either I'm sorry or you're welcome. Bea turned to face Boa she grabbed his face to kiss him, looking at Niome straight in the eye. She hoped she sent the right message. Oh Jeremey, she thought, what have I done?

Niome: "I can't really ask now while their making out right in front of us, can I?" Niome said, giving Bea a death stare as her and Boa kissed. May as well just find another cute boy to flirt with she thought to herself as she waited for Boa and Bea to stop kissing.

Boa: And I'm meant to be aggressive Boa thought as Bea went in to kiss him, going along with the kiss but keeping all his true emotion about him kissing Bea down but making the kiss long enough to make sure the blue haired girl would stay off him

Bea: The honey-bee nymph let go of Boa, taking a step back and looking back down at the jars of honey. "Here, got it fresh myself," Bea said sweetly, like nothing happened. She handed one to Cora, and as she reached out ot give one to Niome, her hand "slipped" and the jar of honey shattered all over the ground, the honey oozing in a puddle at Niome's feet. "Oops, what I clutz I am." She smiled and gave a small giggle. "Now, daughters of Aglaea, why don't we show you around camp?" 

Cora: Cora barely managed to lift up her jaw as she accepted the jar. "W-what kind of demigods are you two?" Silently, she congratulated herself for initiating a conversation.

Niome: "Doesn't matter. I don't like honey anyway" Niome said as Bea dropped the honey at her feet, moving away from it a bit so it didn't wreck her shoes.

Boa: "Well, we aren't actually demigods. Bea and I are nymphs. I'm a snake nymph while Bea is a honeybee nymph, Cora" Boa said to Cora, feeling more comfortable around Cora than Niome.

Cora: Cora nodded, shooting her sister a look that hissed, be nice. Stepping forward slightly, she glanced at Bea. "M-makes sense, I-I-I guess." How did a snake nymph and a honey-bee nymph ever get to together? Let alone kiss in publc like that. Cora decided then that she would stay single unless someone came along who she really liked. She had seen how tedious flirting is with her sister, and Cora couldn't put herself through the heartbreak. And it didn't matter whether she cared to stay single or not, she could barely look a cute boy in the eye. Even Boa made her uncomfertable. He radiated a kind of dominance that made her want to back away slowly.

Bea: "Well then," Bea said, clasping her hands together cheerily, looking Boa, Cora, and Niome all in the eyes, "Why don't Boa and I show you both to your cabin? Here, I can take one of your bags."

Niome: "No I can carry all my bags plus I don't want it to drop and everyone seeing my stuff" Niome said, picking up her bags full of clothes and makeup

Boa: "The Aglaea cabin if I'm not mistaking is the one that makes people feel happy" Boa said.

Bea: Bea rolled her eyes at Boa. Well said, she thought. Niome comment was a bit strange as well as quite obvious, and Bea ignoring it. "Alright, right this way you two," The nymph said, motioning for them to follow her.

Cora: She put away anything that wasn't in her suitcase and followed Bea. "Yeah, uh, Boa. I suppose she is. And I believe beauty aswell, but I suppose I don't take much after her."

Niome: Niome followed the nymph, turning her clothes and makeup back to what it was before she tried to impress Boa and grabbed out her phone, texting some of her friends from before she went to camp.

Boa: "Your sister seems more like that part of your mother's control than you" Boa said to Cora.

Cora: Losing most of shyness– which was suddenly replaced by offense, Cora asked, "Excuse me?"

Bea: The honey-bee nymph blushed in embarresment for Boa. "He didn't mean your sister was my beautiful that you, he just, uh..." Bea trailed off. Changing the subject, she said, "We should be there soon."

Niome: Hearing her sister arc up at Boa, Niome started recording her sister and Boa secretly in case Cora did hit Boa

Boa: "What I meant was your sister seems more about her looks, trying to look more of her opinion of beauty, while you on the other hand, don't seem to care as much as your sister does about her look".

Cora: Shooting her sister a glance, Cora looked down at the ground again and let Boa and Bea lead them to their cabin. "Um, yeah, ok."

Bea: They stopped before a magnificant marble cabin, and Bea stepped aside, waving her hand grandly at the door. "Here it is, the Aglaea cabin."

Niome: Turning off her phone when Cora did nothing to Boa, Niome just followed them, saying nothing, just looking at everything. "Wow better looking than what I expected" Niome said when they reached the Aglaea cabin.

Boa: "Yeah, it is not what most people expect when they first see it" Boa said.

Cora: Cora smiled broadly and whipped out her journal again, giving the cabin a quick sketch before looking up to see the three others staring at her. "Uh, yeah, it's n-nice."

Bea: Bea smiled. She could see how Cora had a cute, innocent quality to her. Maybe she was like her sister– flirtatious beyong meaning, but had a boyfriend. It seemed likely, since Cora seemed uncomfertable around Boa.

Niome: "Well, now I can take up that offer of giving you a makeover now, Cora" Niome said as she started going into the Aglaea cabin

Boa: "I feel sorry for you, Cora, if you're sister is like this all the time".

Cora: Feeling like she should stand up for her sister, Cora countered quickly, "She is like this all the time, but don't fell sorry... that's how I like her." Looking up and smiling at Niome, Cora added. "How about we go inside, and you can have me try on that red lipsticks you keep raving about?" Cora gripped the handle of her suitcase at ready.

Niome: "Only if you don't make yourself look like you did before cause I'm not wasting it if you do that" Niome said opening the o door and walking in.

Bea: Watching the twin demigods disapear into the cabin, Bea turned to face Boa. "So... uh, boyfriend," Bea said, glancing back at the cabin. She wasn't really sure how the two were last on terms, because Niome. Jeremy's voice in her head seemed to get louder. How can you do this to me? It seemed to plead.

Boa: "So that is what I am to you now" Boa said moving closer to Bea. "I only thought you kissed me was to get Niome from annoying me but now it seems like you were jealous that she could get to me before you could"

Bea: "Well aren't you full of yourself," Bea said moving so that they were inches apart. "But I think some part of you wouldn't let her. I think that you want to be mine. My... boyfriend." The word felt wrong after so long.

Boa: "You're right on both things actually. I would never date a girl like her. Too into her looks and flirting heaps. You on the other hand, I would gladly spend the rest of my immortal life with" Boa said before looking around for anyone then leaning in to kiss Bea.

Bea: Bea smiled. She knew that Niome had been tempting, but could it be that he choose herself over her? Wrapping her arms around his neck Bea kissed him back, half caring if anyone did see them. Then she pulled away, looking at the ground with wild, guilty eyes, muttering, "Jeremey," Only just loud enough Boa might be able to hear it.

Boa: She kisses me to get Niome leave me alone but stops when I kiss her for real? What is up with her today// Boa thought as Bea stopped kissing him. "Who's Jeremey? And don't to tell you didn't say it. Snakes may not have proper ears but I still heard what you said"

Bea: Bea looked up at him with pleading, glossed eyes. "He's..." She looked down at the ground again, not sure how to explain who Jeremy was. "Another nymph, from the underworld. Dear, dear friend of mine."

Boa: "If he is a friend of yours, why did you stop kissing me and say his name? It seems like he was more than just your friend" Boa said bending down for Bea to look at him.

Bea: Bea looked at him again. "Because maybe we were more than friends. Are." She bit her lip, feeling terrible. Terrible for Boa. Terrible for Jeremey. Terrible for herself.

Boa: "So if you are, does that mean your just cheating on him with me because if you are, you'll never see me again. I don't like my emotions being toyed with so please let it be something else"

Bea: Bea bit her lip, taking both his hands in hers. "No, no... it's not like that. Last we left, it Jeremey and I had... gone our seperate ways. It was just so soon that you and I..." The honey-bee nymph paused. Letting go of his hands and taking a step back, she looked at him with furrowed brows and a disbelieving gape. "You would have just left me, just like that? You think I'm toying with you? Have you ever thought you'd be doing just the same to me?"

Boa: "I don't think you're toying. I'm just listing a possibility. I would never toy with a beautiful girl like you"

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