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le rp

Roger: he was by the waters sketching the figures as they moved across the waters

Claire: Claire was walking by, before she turned to look at him, and basically fell flat on her face when she tripped over a branch. 

Roger: he heard the crackling sound and saw Claire as she fell straight on the face. As if on impulse he walked up to her and gave her his hand you ok? he asked carefully in his mind there was a sudden thought on how he just reached camp yet there he was being prince charming once more

Claire: "I'm... I'm fine." She said, as she took his hand getting up. In her hair she had sticks and leaves, on her face she had dirt. Claire looked kind of like a forest monster. She sighed softly, pulling the items out of her hair. "Thank you." She said, in regards to helping her. 

Roger: I'm roger he said introducing himself to the girl as he offered his hand to shake Nice to meet you

Claire: "I'm Claire. The pleasure is mine, Roger." She said with a smile, shaking his hand before she finished pulling the items out of her hair. 

Roger: as he pulled his hands away he looked around wondering on what to talk about. Being an introvert he was never good at talking he should try but the thought never did help umm are you new? he asked the first thing that was on his mind not knowing if it was going to offend her or delight her


Mel:i'll add more >.<


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