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Aolani: Sitting at the edge of a secluded part of the lake, Aolani sat in the sand, her feet touching the water. She hummed to herself, enjoying the time she could spend alone and with no one around. Aolani didn't really like interacting with people unless they were really friendly which most of the people at camp weren't.

Orion: He is swimming around the lake his fin poking out of the surface of the water as he leaps in and out. During one of these leaps he see a girl out of the corner of his eye at when he slowly swims over to her making dolphin noises as he pokes his head out of the water

Aolani: Aolani smiled shyly at the pretty dolphin and raised a timid hand in a shaky wave. "H-Hi."

Orion: He turns back into a human wearing no shirt and a swim trunk "Hello" he says in a soft sweet voice as he puts his hands on the shore and looked up at her

Aolani: Aolani blushed softly as she saw the boy's face, looking down at him. SHe had never met an animal nymph so handsome. "I-I'm Aolani... W-What's y-your name?"

Orion: He sees she is shy so he tries to be as nice and soft as possible "I am Orion its nice to meet you" he says quietly and sweetly

Aolani: "Nice t-to m-meet y-you, too.. W-what are y-you d-doing h-here?" The more she knew about someone she didn't know, the more nervous Aolani got. It seemed a bit difficult for her to grasp the concept of friendship at this point with strangers, but she liked the way Orion talked. It was sweet and kind and he seemed to respect her boundaries.

Orion: "Oh you know just chatting with the other creatures here relaxing doing the regular old thing what about yourself?" he asked thinking Wow she is mighty afraid of something

Aolani: "N-Nothing!" She replied a bit too hastily and nervously. "Just, ah, relaxing..." She smiled a bit, trying to convince him that she wasn't lying. Which she wasn't, she just hadn't had people talk to her in a long time and conversation was difficult for her as a human.

Orion: "Ah I see maybe you should try swimming some you know let the water flow around you it feels great" he said not knowing that she was in fact a fish nymph

Aolani: "I-I do... I-It's really fun and everyone d-down there seems t-to like me m-more than the p-people up here... T-That's good I-I think, I have a h-home down t-there, b-but not up here... I h-heard that nymphs g-get homes u-up here, b-but so f-far no o-one has t-told me anything a-about it..."

Orion: "Ah well I have a little you know vacation place at the bottom of this hear lake want to come and see?" he asks "and you don't have to be shy I won't hurt you" he says with a sincere hopefully comforting smile

Aolani: "What d-do you mean b-by v-vac-cation place?" Not only did Aolani not what he meant by this, but she didn't trust him all that much either. However, she was curious as to what his place looked like and what he meant.

Orion: "Just kind of like one of our houses out in the ocean its just here cause I don't always stay here" he says "but if you don't want to come there that's cool maybe to one of the undersea restaurants or something I don't know what do you like to do? he asked

Aolani: Her eyes widened in surprise. "You have a whole house to yourself in the lake?" She asked incredulously. "I-I usually just stay in the anemones a-and corals.. I-I didn't k-know there w-were restaurants either..." She admitted shyly, having no idea about any of the things Orion was talking about.

OOC: To be honest I kind came up with that whole thing due to Atlantis

Orion: He climbed up and sat about a foot next to her "Well you know this lake is one of Poseidon's outposts within camp so he built a city for the local fish people community to live in while they are here and I so happened to pick up a house in there" he said with a shrug and then a boyish smile

Aolani: "I-I didn't think the lake w-was that big.." She wondered to herself. "B-But what do you mean f-fish people, d-do you mean t-the nymphs who c-can breathe u-underwater?"

Orion: "You know nymphs and the other sea creatures under the realm of Poseidon" he says before smiling and saying "Its quite deep and has ledges everywhere"

Aolani: "T-That sounds w-wonderful." Aolani said truthfully, a small wistful smile on her face. "B-But I d-don't think that's t-the place for me... S-Sounds too c-crowded..."

Orion: "Hey don't judge a book by its cover" he says with a giggle "but whatever you want anything particular you like to do?" he asks as he lies back on the grass and looks up at her thinking wow such a beautiful girl I wonder why someone like her would be so shy maybe something has happened to her perhaps

Aolani: She shook her head and hugged her knees to her chest. "I-I usually change back to my fish form after sunset a-and wait f-for the s-stars to come o-out so I can f-fall asleep w-while I c-count them..."

Orion: He smiles "Anything you do during the day?" he asks before thinking aloud "I wonder how far you count usually if I count something I am like within the 150's before I fall asleep

Aolani: "I-I usually g-et up to about one hundred, b-but then I-I lose my p-place..." She admitted with a sheepish smile on her face. "I-I don't really d-do anything d-during the day, I-I usually sleep o-or eat I-in my fish f-form... I-I'm usually only h-human when I-I'm alone..."

Orion: His face turns a little more serious "Well why are you alone? Your pretty and nice people would love talking to you" he says as he throws small stones into the water creating ripples

Aolani: Aolani blushed some and hid her face a little, turning away. "I-I don't l-like talking to people... T-They make m-me nervous..." She watched him create ripples in the water, trying to distract herself from her own thoughts and feelings."

Orion: "Aw that's no reason to be embarrassed I am sure you would talk really well with people see how you are talking to me perfectly fine with no problem" he says with a smile "Would you rather talk to me as a dolphin than a human?" he says with a smile

Aolani: "I-I don't know... I-I don't really stutter w-when it's telep-pathic communic-cation.." She tugged at her hair nervously. "Big g-groups m-make me a-anxious.."

Orion: "It will be fine don't worry I will be there to support you you won't have to worry about a thing if you get scared just take shelter under my fin" he says

Aolani: Aolani considered this for a moment and nodded. "O-Okay... I'll g-go with you..." Aolani liked the thought of someone taking care of her or the fact that someone wanted to make her feel better when she was scared. Even little things like offering to hide under someone else's fin made Aolani happy.

Orion: He stood up and dived in the water before resurfacing "Come on lets go" he encouraged her with a grin as he turned into a dolphin

Aolani: Aolani dove in after him, right before she touched the surface, she turned into the small, golden angelfish she was and followed after him.

Orion: He led them down to a deep underwater city and stopped near by a small simple house "This is my house" he said to her before continuing on to a undersea restaurant

Aolani: "We're not going inside?" Aolani asked, a bit disappointed that she wasn't able to see how it looked on the inside. Her stutter was gone since it was telepathic communication now.

Orion: He stopped abruptly "Oh I thought you didn't want to go inside if you want sure" he says as he turns back and goes into the undersea house letting her in first "ladies first" he said

Aolani: "Are you okay with it?" She asked unsurely, swimming into his home a bit reluctantly. She looked around, taking in what she could see in interest and curiosity.

Orion: "Of course" he says as they walk into the house. It's a simple place on the left is the living space with a sofa and a big screen television on the opposite side is his bedroom in the back and to the right is the kitchen space and to the left is the dining room

Aolani: Aolani saw Orion transform into his human form and reluctantly changed back as well. "I-It's really p-pretty..." Her stutter was back. "H-How did you g-get all that stuff d-down here?"

Orion: "I didn't I just bought it from the shops over there" he points to the plaza before sitting on the couch "make yourself at home" he says with a smile

Aolani: Aolani stood where she was, still pretty uncomfortable. "H-How did y-you g-get everything in h-here then?" She asked, curious about how everything came to be. "A-And how d-do they s-stay on t-the ground?"

Orion: "a lot of help and magic" he says as he prepares some food "hungry? I can cook something up for you" he says

Aolani: Aolani shook her head. "I-I don't e-eat that m-much, b-but thank you.." SHe declined politely, slowly making her way over to the couch.

Orion: He made some food and came back "So want to watch tv, relax, play board games, what do you like?" he asked

Aolani: "I-I think I-I used to play manc-cala w-when I-I was b-back home, b-but I forgot how t-to play..." Aolani said quietly, ashamed of her memory.

Orion: "Awww that would have been fun want to go to like the undersea park or something?" he asks

Aolani: "I-I don't like h-high roller c-coasters..." Aolani wasn't too sure about heights, but she never had an experience to rationalize this fear; it was more general.

Orion: "I will be right beside you nothing to fear but if you still aren't convinced we could ride the low ones" he replies

Aolani: "M-Maybe we can j-just walk a-around instead b-before we d-decide on anything yet..." Aolani said quietly. "A-And I t-thin I'll be i-in my fish f-form instead..."

Orion: "Alright" he says before turning into a dolphin "lets go" he says as he swims over her so she is under his fin

Aolani: She quickly changed into her angelfish form and stuck closely to his body. She felt safe and sheltered from the rest of the world which was a good feeling for her, one that she liked a lot.

Orion: He moved his fin to shield her before beginning to swim towards the underwater city

Aolani: She hid under his fin, but was still able to see cleary. She sent waves of awe and surprise without meaning to.

Orion: He swam towards all the major seeing points and landmarks giving her a tour of the underwater outpost "It's a nice place to live" he remarks at the end as they swim back to his house

Aolani: "I-It seems l-like it, b-but not m-my type o-of place..." Aolani replied quietly. She wasn't so sure how she would live here if she did, but the thoughts made her anxious and nervous.

Orion: "Why might I ask?" he comments wondering her mindset

Aolani: "I-If I want a house, I-I want to be a h-human a-and not underwater. B-But if I-I'm a fish, I want to s-stay underwater a-and in a small coral."

Orion: "I would stay in a coral but I am too big to fit in one" he says "So what do you want to do?" he asks

Aolani: "Y-You want me to decide now?" Aolani squeaked in fear, overthinking Orion's words and becoming an anxious mess like she always did.

Orion: "You don't have to you can just sit down on the couch, lie down, relax, watch some tv while you think or something like that no pressure" he says with a smile

Aolani: "C-Can I nap here f-for now? J-Just this once?" Aolani asked timidly, not wanting to seem like an intruder or something like that.

Orion: "You can anytime its your house as much as it is mine" he says with a smile as he sets up the pillows so she can sleep on them and sits next to her "Would me being here make you more comfortable?" he asks

Aolani: "N-Not r-right next to me, b-but maybe nearb-by..." Aolani changed back into her human form and laid down onto the pillows, looking up at him. "I-I appreciate your h-hospitality, O-Orion..." She said quietly.

Orion: He sits on the single seat chair next to her "It is my pleasure Aolani" he replies as he watches her and smiles

Aolani: Aolani smiled a bit back at him before becoming uneasy under his gaze. So she turned around so her back was facing him and she closed her eyes.

Orion: He turned on the tv at low volume and watched occasionally looking back at her to make sure she was okay

Aolani: Having a good dream for the first half hour, Aolani was okay. But then the nightmare came. It wasn't clear to her, but she knew something was wrong. She was no longer in control of her own body during the dream. She whimpered and began to shake.

Orion: He looked at her with a start got up and went over to her and held her shoulder gently whispering in her ear "It's okay you will be alright" among other encouraging words

Aolani: Aolani moaned in pain and clutched at her stomach, thrashing in her spot now and sweating a bit. "N-No.. No no please no..." She murmured.

Orion: He squeezed her arm softly and held her to make her feel a little more protected

Aolani: Aolani's voice caught in her throat and her back arched, her face full of pain as he her body froze. "Please..." She whispered, before falling limp again.

Orion: He sat next to her and cradled her head rubbing her forehead to make sure she stayed calm he was beginning to worry about her

Aolani: Aolani didn't move at all except for the slight movement of her chest, a sign that she was breathing. Her lips opened and closed at intervals sometimes, but this was normal because her lips were dry.

Orion: He slowly calmed down and went back to watching the television thinking about when she would wake up and what to have for dinner

Aolani: Aolani gulped and shivered some before opening her eyes about have an hour later. Not knowing where she was at first, Aolani sat up straight with a gasp.

Orion: He wasn't paying attention so she banged into his chin as she got up "Well looks like someone woke up" he says as he rubs his chin

Aolani: "Ow..." Her voice cracked as her eyes became hot. She fell back onto the couch and rubbed the top of her head. Aolani would have cried, but they were underwater.

Orion: She fell back onto his lap and he rubbed her head "It will be fine soon" as he massages her head before saying "I came over here cause you seemed to be having a horribly bad dream so I came to comfort you" he says hoping she isn't mad at him

Aolani: "I-I don't even know what I dreamed about..." She frowned softly and avoided his eyes for a few moments. "But thank you for trying... Luckily I'm not as annoying in my fish form. I-I think everyone w-would like that better.

Orion: He held her head and gently tilted it towards him "Your not annoying I was just worried about you you are a great person I like you as you are don't worry" he says smiling

Aolani: Aolani smiled softly and nodded once. "O-Okay... T-Thank you t-that's s-so sweet, Orion... I-I don't think a-any one's e-ever said t-that to me b-before." Of course, she didn't recall most of her time before her incident, so this statement wasn't necessarily true.

Orion: "Why thank you" now how about you lose that stutter in your voice? I have invited you into my home I shouldn't seem that foreign to you should I?" he says

Aolani: Aolani frowned and shook her head gently. "I-It's not something I can c-control..." She said quietly. "I-I'm sorry..."

Orion: He sighs "Alright" he says before looking back toward the television thinking about why she is the way she is

Aolani: "I-I know p-people get w-weirded out b-by my stutter o-or think o-of me a-as not n-normal... B-But it j-just seems like y-you're too polite t-to say so..."

Orion: "No no its not that your a great person I just am thinking about what causes those kind of thing to occur is all your perfectly fine" he says with a smile

Aolani: "I-I don't know... I-I'm pretty s-sure I wasn't b-born with it..." She said quietly, ashamed of her flaw.

Orion: "Aolani usually people that have had that happen to them are people who haven't made peace with some bad event that has happened in there life" he says "are you okay is there anything you want to talk about?" he asks in a concerned voice

Aolani: "I-I don't know..." He face became darker and her breathing got heavier. "I don't know.. I I I I don't know..." She started twitching a little, like a malfunctioning robot.

Orion: He held her and waited for her to calm down "I have invited you to my home I have done nothing bad to you" he says to comfort her and possibly make her tell

Aolani: She reluctantly clutched at his body, seeking for comfort as she shook in fear. "Y-Yes... Yes y-you have..." Aolani nodded once and buried her face in his chest.

Orion: He holds onto her tightly and protectively resting his chin on your head "You can say nothing bad will happen to you don't worry"

Aolani: Aolani bit her lip and hid her face from his. "Why...?" She whispered quietly. "Y-You have no reason t-to..."

Orion: "My only reason would be to try to help you" he whispers into her ear as he pats her back trying to calm her

Aolani: She blinked hard to stop tears from coming into her eyes. "But I'm nothing.." Aolani replied quietly. "I-I'm just s-some stray a-animal you t-took pity on a-aren't I?"

Orion: He hugs her harder "No your not your a great and majestic nymph don't let anyone tell you otherwise" he says

Aolani: Aolani bit her lip and said nothing more, knowing that he wouldn't give up his case.

Orion: He held her until he could feel no more tears "Now want to tell me what's going on?" he asks

Aolani: "Nothing's going on.." She said quietly, hiding her face. It was true, it was just the way she was.

Orion: He cradled her to him "Are you sure nothing bad has ever happened to you in life?" he asks

Aolani: "E-Everything was fine w-while I was i-in Hawaii... I was r-really happy there.."

Aolani: "No... N-No nothing bad. The people in H-Hawaii were t-the cheeriest a-and kindest p-people I had ever met."

Orion: "What about outside of Hawaii? You can trust me I won't say or do anything bad to you don't worry I am trying to comfort you" he says squeezing a bit harder

Aolani: She gripped him tightly and nodded. "I-I know.. I-I k-know, Orion... I-It's just that I-I don't know what t-to tell you.."

Orion: "Tell me whatever hurts you" he replies calmly rubbing her back soothingly

Aolani: "I-It's just... I know I-I'm not the same... Not ever since Hawaii. S-Something happened," she whispered and her eyes began to heat up. "And I-I'm too stupid t-to know w-what it was... Everything h-hurts. It has been for a w-while... Y-You must think I-I'm crazy or d-deranged o-or mentally ill.. I probably am..." He voice broke and she hid her face into his shirt again, not helping the tears from her eyes spill.

Orion: "You aren't deranged just something horrible has happened to you."He says as he pats the back of her head and hugs her to his chest "Were you assaulted in anyway perhaps?" he asks

Aolani: "I don't r-rememb-ber anything o-okay? N-Nothing..." She replied, defensive and scared.

Orion: He hugs her tighter "It's okay I will protect you" he says

Aolani: She sniffled and nodded, hugging him back. "Thank you..." She whispered. "I'm sorry, I-I'm being over d-dramatic.."

Orion: "I can tell it isn't drama you have something stuck inside you and I am trying to pull it out so I can help you that's all" he says letting her lie on him

Aolani: "I don't know what it is... I would tell you if I could, but I can't. I wouldn't be this way if I did know, I know I wouldn't.

Orion: "What did it feel like?" he asks

OOC: Aolani should have some idea what happened to her lol

Aolani: "I-I don't know what happened... I guess i-it was so bad, I-I forgot about it." She replied.

OOC: No. Orion's smart enough to figure it out

Orion: "I get this feeling you were sexually assaulted at some point in your past" he says as he hugs her tighter thinking she will cry again

Aolani: Aolani's eyes widened and she shook her head. "No..N-No, that can't be..." She whispered.

Orion: "Are you sure it sure sounds that way" he says as he hugs her tighter "I will protect you" he says

Aolani: "No...No! No one's ever r-raped me! That's... That's insane! H-Hawaii i-is the b-best place I-I know!" She said frantically.

Orion: "But it might not have the best people you seem like a person who would have a very bubbly always upbeat personality but something has taken your innocence away which leads me to think that" he says before looking at her "Some people are pure evil but not all of us are I will protect you and put my life ahead of yours you have suffered enough" he says to her before hugging her back into his chest

Aolani: "T-Thank you v-very much O-Orion..." She said quietly, her mind still on the thought of someone raping her. It had never occurred to her that something as bad as that was the cause of the tamper in her memory. "You care a lot... I-I hope to r-repay the favor s-someday."

Orion: "I don't expect anything in return" he said calmly as he hugged her tighter trying to make her feel at ease and at home

Aolani: "I-I just can't let t-this kindness go t-to waste..." She replied softly before smiling just a bit. "Orion, you're crushing my b-bones a l-little."

Orion: "I offer to protect you cause frankly and I am very nervous when I say this but I like you a lot" he says as he loosens his grip some and hides his face away thinking something bad will happen

Aolani: "D-Do you?" She asked quietly, a bit curious about it and if she heard correctly. "Why?"

Orion: "Your a very nice girl and would care and love everyone and anyone I would guess had your innocence not been brutally taken away from you" he says cradling her in his arms

Aolani: Aolani sighed and let herself be pampered by his touches. "T-That's v-very sweet o-of you but I-I'm just n-not sure that I-I'm ready for a r-relations-ship just y-yet. I-I think that I-I'd like to be with you s-soon, but I-I'd like to get used to h-here first, you know?"

Orion: "Well if you like how about you live here? You know have a roof over your head a nice spot where nobody will bother you I can keep an eye on you that sort of thing and alright I will be waiting patiently" he replies a little dejected

Aolani: "T-That sounds great. I don't really have many belongings anyway." She smiled at him. "And please just give me some time before I rush into anything serious, okay?"

Orion: "If that's what you want then sure" he says giving her another big hug "First time you have smiled and stopped sounding like you saw a ghost" he whispers "proud of you" he then lets her go "now question is where you sleep only one bedroom so I guess you can take the bedroom and I can sleep on the couch because I doubt you are comfortable with us sleeping in close proximity to each other" he says

OOC: Will she trust him or will she not

Aolani: Aolani hugged him back just as tight. "I think... I think I'm okay with sleeping near you. I don't want you sleeping on the couch and I don't want to either. So... Yeah. I could get to know you better while living here. We could bond a-and talk and stuff."

OOC: Blunt. And yes she will trust him

Orion: He looks at her in awe "I am honored you like and trust me enough to share a bed with me" he says "so what would you like to do?"

Aolani: She turned her head to him and smiled a little. "How about we take a nap? I'm kinda tired, how about you?"

Orion: "Sure" he picks her up and walks to the bedroom sets her on the bed and climbs in next to her making sure to not get close cause she might not like that

Aolani: Aolani turned on her side, away from him and closed her eyes. "Thank you." She said, still facing the wall.

Orion: "For?" he asks as he turns and faces her back and closes his eyes

Aolani: "Everything," she whispered, starting to fall asleep already.

Orion: He smiles and watches her sleep

~ Time Skip ~

Aolani: Aolani woke up the next day and almost had a panic attack as she shot up in bed. She had no idea where she was. But then she remembered. Everything was okay. She was with Orion and he would protect her just like he had promised. She looked to her side where he was and smiled a little bit. Allowing herself to relax, she laid back down on the bed and tucked herself underneath his chin and to his chest.

Orion: He stirs a little in his sleep dreaming about fish when he feels her snuggle up to him and instinctively puts his arm around her and continues to sleep for a bit

Aolani: "Orion...? Are you awake?" She asked softly, pulling back to look at his relaxed face.

Orion: He stirs and wakes up smiling at her so close to him "Hey did you sleep well when did you wake up?" he asks as he yawns and smiles at her

Aolani: She nodded her head. "Mhm... Actually it was one of the best sleeps I've had in a long time." She said through a short laugh. "Thank you. I just woke up a few seconds ago.

Orion: He smiles at her and holds her tight "Well I am glad to hear that so what do you want to go and do now?" he asks

Aolani: She sighed contently and snuggled back into his body. "I don't really feel like doing anything today. how about you?

Orion: He curls around her to make her feel more comfortable "Me neither want to just lie in bed today?" he asks her holding her waist tight as he looks down at her snuggled into his chest "You seem to really like it in there not that it is a problem it most certainly isn't" he says with a chuckle holding her waist in one hand and rubbing her hair with the other

Aolani: She hummed happily as Orion snuggled her back. "Yup, I'm good here. I think I'm a bit hungry though and I kind of want to go back on land, don't you?"

Orion: "Yeah I agree" he said as he got up from the bed reluctantly and offered her his hand

Aolani: She took his hand gratefully and stood up, stretching her worn out body.

Orion: He quickly wraps his arm around her waist and snuggles into her neck "Should I leave so you can change or do you want to go as you are?" he asks her

Aolani: Aolani smiled a little bit at his affectionate actions. It reminded her of how her friends used to treat her back in Hawaii, but she quickly pressed that thought aside. "I'll go as I am. How about you?"

Orion: "I will do the same" he said as he started to walk to the door "We better hurry or we are going to miss breakfast"

Aolani: er eyes widened slightly as she followed him out of the house. "YYou can miss a meal? I-I thought it was j-just come and go?" She asked nervously, her stuttering coming back a litte.

Orion: "Well they don't serve all day but they make exceptions if you are a bit late" he said holding her closely and tightly "Don't worry"

Aolani: Aolani smiled at him. "Okay, I won't. Let's go."

Orion: He turns into a dolphin and swims out of the front door waiting for her to follow

Aolani: She turned into her angelfish form and followed after him quickly, staying close to his side.

Orion: He reaches the surface turns into a human and turns back to lend her his hand

Aolani: She took his hand after changing back into a human herself and followed him back to the main camp

Orion: They reach the dining pavilion and he turns to her "So what do you want to have?"

Aolani: "Um, what do you usually eat?" She was unsure of what normal people ate, so she wanted to observe a little so that she wouldn't make the wrong choice and weird people out.

Orion: "Well for breakfast usually bacon and eggs but you need to make a choice for yourself" he says with a warm smile

Aolani: "I'll have bacon... Um, what's bacon again?" She looked at his with an adorably confused look.

Orion: He chuckles and smiles handing her a strip of bacon "That's bacon" he says with a smile

Aolani: Holding up the piece of meat in front of her, she inspected it curiously. "Hmmm..." Sh placed it tentatively inside her mouth before lighting up. "Mm! It's delicious~"

Orion: He chuckles "I thought so" he says as he puts some bacon and eggs on her plate and goes to sit down

Aolani: Aolani followed him, munching on her bacon happily. "Very very good.

Orion: He sits down at the table and begins to eat his bacon and eggs

OOC: Hope that makes up for the lost time at least a little :)

OOC: It does I hope you build off of it

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