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He was walking back to his cabin from a Greek Mythology lesson on King Midas and was considering all the possible things the gods could have done to prevent it from happening. He was wearing black jeans and a grey t-shirt as he walked along the path of the dining pavilion on the crisp and cold winter morning.
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More Info:

-Reaper on a Whim / Head Mortician

 Age: 14 but technically 17  Height: 5'11  Weight: 127 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Taken by Leah
 Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  Main Weapon: Sickle and Jackknife
 Accent: Neutral
 – "Memento mori - Remember your mortality. Remember you will die."



Ivan: He saw a girl he had recognized from times before and thought to himself I have seen her a lot maybe it's time to actually talk to her and get to know people he then altered his course so that he would be walking near her and when they were a couple of feet away he looked at her, and put a big smile on his face and waved "Hey" he said happily but softly as he made his way toward her

Sylvia: The daughter of Eros turnwd her head slightly to see a young man from Thanatos attempting to talk to her. She was supposed to hate everyone from Thanatos or at least that was what Skylar had sai. She had a look of distaste on her face as she attempted to ignore him.

Ivan: He thinks to himself Uh...did I ever talk to her before? No no I haven't. What could the problem possibly be? do I look weird? he subtly looks himself over nope same as always he turns toward the Child of Eros unaware of the feud that has been brewing between there cabins for some time now "Uh don't mean to be rude or anything like that but have I like met you before and made you angry or something or is there something else I did wrong?" he asks shifting his weight between feet nervously wondering what on Earth could he have possibly done wrong this time

Sylvia: Sylvia shook her head in irritation. "Of course not, are you that oblivious to the going ons? There's a feud going on between are cabins you nub." She said this as she moved her bangs out of her face as she started walking again.

Ivan: He laughs "Oh I have been around fall longer than all these petty rivalries they are a waste of time. In war you have to unite all sides or we all suffer. Dividing us apart solves nothing I told my cabin leadership that when they were elected but they never listen. In the ancient times we got conquered because the Romans turned us against each other and I would like to not be an accessory to our collective downfall" he replied thinking to himself Wow so they are starting this whole feud business again huh. Well they better stop before someone takes a sword and fights someone else as he leans against the tree wondering whether she will see reason "our society only thrives through problem solving holding grudges just spills more blood then we already have to"

Sylvia: Sylvia was a bit amused by the boys sudden burst of unneeded babbling. She didn't care if they all fell. After all she wasn't the type to fight. " Whatever you say, i'm really not much of a fighter anyways, but I really don't wanna get in trouble with Skylar." She said this crossing her arms.

Ivan: He laughs again "Oh they just have these petty fights to get noticed when you really think about it they don't have a whole lot of problems and if you aren't a fighter why fight her battles are you afraid of her? She can't go around saying that everybody should never talk to anyone or cut off personal friendships with another cabin just cause she wants to put on a big show" he argues thinking to himself wow these people have gone absolutely nuts going to have to have a talk with someone about this later

Sylvia: The daughter of Eros shook her head, and felt like elbowing him, but he did speak some sense. "Um Skylar is the head counslor, and he" She said this putting emphasis on thw word he. "Isn't someone you wanna mess with, and especially someone you don't want to fight."

Ivan: He turned to her and smiled "Well Skylar can only act on what he sees so all you have to do is make it where he never knows and all is well" he says thinking this is how these things usually fall apart he walks up to her and leans on the tree near her "If you just say your going out Skylar doesn't know what your going to do besides even if she asked you could just make something up not like they are going to go and track your scent or something like that" he said to her

Sylvia: She looked at him and giggled mischievously, as he had called Skylar a girl again. "One, Skylars a boy, two, you're probably right, three, this conversation is kind of boring.

Ivan: He laughed "Well that's nice so what do you want to do?" he asks her raising an eyebrow and smiling at her warmly "what do you Eros children like to do?" he asks thinking well I hope I broke this whole petty rivalry thing at least between us

Sylvia: She rolled her eyes, why is this boy insisting on hanging out? It was a little irritating, but she wasn't going to comment on that. "Normal people things." Wad the only answer she gave.

Ivan: He leans back against the tree his smile slowly fading away "Uh well if you don't want to that's cool too I guess" he says his voice slowly disappearing as he got quieter

Sylvia: She was starting to feel a tiny ping of guilt at what she had said. "Wanna go to the archery range?"

Ivan: He looked up at her "Sure would you like to shadow travel or walk?" He asked her calmly

Sylvia: She looked at him wide eyed, she had an irrational fear of what lurked in the dark, but she wasn't going to state that, though her tone gave off some relief. "Walking is fine." She said this as she started walking towards the stables, the archery range near it.

Ivan: He walks with her thinking I sense a fear of darkness within her as they walked he whispered to her "I sense you have a fear of the dark I hope you can talk to me about it I will tell nobody if that's something your afraid of" as they got to the archery range and he got her a bow and some arrows before getting some for himself and setting up at one of the targets "So want to practice on moving targets or stationary" he asked trusting that she would talk to him about it eventually

Sylvia: She tilted her head, giving him a sort of venomous look, because no way in hell was she ever going to admit she was afraid of something. A few minutes later they had arrived at the archery range, the bot getting bows & arrows for both of them. "Stationary is quite boring, moving targets work."

Ivan: "Alright" he said as he set up moving targets for both of them and starting working through his routine watching her occasionally as he shot the arrows missing very few times due to experience

Sylvia: She looked at him fr a moment as she took aim, she missed one the whole time, not from experience, but because of her father being Eros. "Trying to impress me?" She said this jokingly as she fired off another arrow, embedding it the center of the target again.

Ivan: "Not at all just trying to get it right" he says "seeing your innate talent doubt I could impress you at all in any way" he says to himself but loud enough where she could hear

Sylvia: She looked at the boy and nodded, because of course he couldn't impress her, because very few things could. "True enough, but you really should hold your bow right, and you might make more shots."

Ivan: "One second" he says as he aims and shoots at a steel panel causing the arrow to ricochet in many directions before hitting the center of the target. He then aims carefully and shoots another arrow splitting the first one as it hit the target "Finally got that to work" he says looking at her with a smile

Sylvia: She laughs and then splits the arrow in the center for a 3rd time. "I ran out of arrows, I'll be right back." She had accidentally split most of her arrows, or broke them when she purposely fired it at a tree.

Ivan: He claps "Alright" he says as he makes an astral arrow and fires it incinerating the target

{{Post|Sylvia|When she returned the target nearest Ivan was completely incinerated. "What did you do?"]}

Ivan: He smiled "This" he says as he conjures another astral arrow and incinerates the next target

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