Sinclair: She laid in her bed, thinking of the demigod she'd been associating herself with for the past week. It was odd, thinking about how this week had gone so well. Still, it didn't change her stance on dating.

Jack: Jack was working on his fighting form at the training grounds, hitting target dummies for almost two hours. However, he wasn't entirely in the activity. His mind wandered back to the nymph girl who had him enthralled for several days now. He found himself in a tension at the division. With a powerful slash he cleaves the dummy in two. He huffs and wipes his sweat. He makes up his mind and heads back and showers quickly. He hustles over to the big house, up to Sinclair's room, knocking on her door.

Sinclair: She recognizes his scent through the door and had popped up before he'd even knocked. "Come in," she chirped, bouncing on her bed in excitement.

Jack: He opens the door and beams a smile at her, walking over to the side of her bed. He bends over, setting his hands on either side of where she sat and kisses her deeply, having missed her badly.

Sinclair: Her hands slide up his muscular arms, causing her to sigh into the kiss. "If you continue to work out as you do, a simple hug will be enough to crush me,'" she teased. Her eyes gazed at him through thick lashes. She'd dyed her hair back to black, tiring of the pink. Yes, it was eccentric, but he made her feel more grounded.

Jack: He chuckles lightly as picks her up easily and wrapping her legs around his waist, holding her close to him. "You know I can be gentle when I need to be." He winks at her before giving her another kiss. "Hey there Sin. I like the new hair color."

Sinclair:  She squealed as he lifted her, grinning wide at the complement. "Thank you," she said softly, before splattering his face with kisses.

Jack: He grins wide and closes his eyes at her affection. He gently squeeze and plays with here ass. After she finishes, he slowly and deliberately kisses up the side of her neck to just behind her ear, nipping her earlob lightly after.

Sinclair: She let out a soft moan, extending her neck for his kisses. "From one work out to the next, huh?" She teased, nails digging into her shoulders.

Jack: He hums, flexing the muscle under her nail, both to let her sink them in and to show off. "Always having to do work. Just who I am. And I'm dying to give you a work out right now." He hoist her up even higher, her legs wrapped around his chest. He teases kiss around the collar of her shirt. He shifts her weight to one of her forearms, the other hand running along her thigh then up under her shirt, caressing her side and back.

Sinclair:  She moaned, extending her neck and welcoming his kisses. Her hands slid up his shoulders, before running her fingers through his cropped hair. " You're a tease," she mumbled.

Jack: "Can't say I don't leave you wanting." He smirks as traces her collar with the tip of his tongue before sliding her shirt up and kissing her exposed stomach.

Time Skip

Sinclair: She was sore. Like, went to battle with a field of monsters sore. It was good, but damn. A long groan came from her parched lips as the sun rose in her window... She'd been out for awhile.

Jack: He was still fast asleep. Not only had he trained, but being with her drained him of energy. His chest rose and fell steadily.

Sinclair: She smiled, plastering his chest with soft kisses. "Wake up, Lieutenant," she called in a sing-songy voice.

Jack: Her voice gently pulled him from his slumber, a soft groan letting her know he was up."Mmm, I'm up, Sin" He opened his heavy eyes to see her face and once again, the sight of her sparked a smile. He kisses her temple sweetly as he snaked one under her body and wrapped it around her.

Sinclair: "Good morning," she greeted with a yawn, a megawatt grin on her own face. "Sorry for waking you, but I have some business to attend to in the forest, and didn't want to vanish on you."

Jack: "Thank you, Sin." He rubbed his thumb against her back. "And alright. Maybe afterward we can have a walk on the beach or something?" He locked eyes with her and that only caused to smile just as wide as her. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers in a long, slow kiss.

Sinclair: She kissed him back, savoring his touch. "If I'm not too tired, sure," she agreed. Slowly she rose out of bed, stretching and popping any kinks in her back. With a sigh, she through open her window. "Feel free to rest here, I'll be back," she smiled as she sat on the windowsill, facing him. In a second she fell back out of the window, only to turn into a dove mid fall.

Jack: He found her eccentric at times, but that made her all the more appealling to him. He watched her as she left and already wanted her to be back. He take a few moment to just lay them before getting up himself and headed to the shower. He body ached completely, the hot water helped to sooth the pain. Once he was clean and dry, he return to her bed still drowsy and fell back asleep, taking in the scent of her in the covers.

Time Skip

Sinclair: She flew in on her angelic wings that came with her dove form. It was the early afternoon, but she'd finished her Nymph duties.

Jack: He was peacefully sprawled out on her bed fast asleep. Her light entrance doesn't even cause him to stir Just steadily breathing as his muscled chest rose and fell.

Sinclair: Her feathers poofed up at the sight of him. She landed gently on the bed beside him, head cocking to the side as she watched him sleep. He looked like a child in this state. Carefully, she transformed next to him, before reaching for a pillow. "RISE AND SHINE!" She belted, before slapping him with one of her pillows.

Jack: Her yell yanked him out of his sleep. He was about to move when his face caught the pillow. He groans in frustration and he turns his head and glares at her. "It's not a wise plan to try and surprise me. Hard to control my powers when you violently wake me up and you are the last person I want to touch with them.

Sinclair: She gave him a rueful grin, fists sitting on her hips while her brow quirked into an arch. All the while, she ignored her nudity. "Excuse me, Lieutenant, but I am a lot stronger than I look."

Jack: He had seen her enough like she is that he managed to keep his eyes on hers most of the times. He still had a habit of gazing over her curves in admiration. "Sin, I know you are strong. But I don't want to hurt you, at least outside of the bedroom." He smirked and sat up with his legs over the side of her bed, not having gotten dressed himself. "And why don't you call me by my name?"

Sinclair: She thought for a second, head cocked to the side and lips a pouting, "I do call you by name... just not outside of the bedroom," she argued, albeit weak.

Jack: He let a small sigh out his nose and shrugged the issue off for now. "Yea, when I make you scream it." He smiled up at her and reached out and grabbed hold of her hips, pulling her onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her sweetly.

Sinclair: She giggled against his lips, arms wrapping around his shoulders. Her eyes carrying a mischievous glint. "Do you really wanna know why I don't say your name outside of the bedroom?" She baited.

Jack: He looked back into her eyes, he had his ideas of what he thought her reason was but he decided to just let her answer. "Sure, why don't you say my name outside of the bedroom?"

Sinclair: "Because it makes me think of Jack ass... but you don't remind of of a Jackson either, so I'm stuck with Lieutenant," she explained. She was completely serious. Her face flat and her voice honest.

Jack: "Really?" He arched his brow, but as her looked at her, he knew she wasn't joking. He let another sigh go and closed his eyes for a moment. "Well that is a reason I guess. Glad you don't think of me as a jackass." He planted a kiss on her forehead.

Sinclair: "I do think you're a fine ass," She grinned, eyes closing at the feeling of his lips against her head. For some reason, it made butterflies fill her tummy.

Jack: He smirked at her, slightly rolling her hip into hims o her other hip to rotated up. "Likewise to you." He gives her ass a light smack, in a way that made more noise than it had actually impact.

Sinclair: Her teeth dug into her bottom lip and her eyes sparked with pleasure. With a sigh, she shook her head, "Let's get you out of bed."

Jack: He nodded and kissed her lips once more. "Well you're going to have to be the one that gets off my lap first." He smirked and kissed her more deeply this time, teasingly trying to make it difficult for her to do so.

Sinclair: She granted him a few more seconds with her lips, her tongue even gliding along the bottom of his lips to tease. Slowly she pulled away, before transforming right in his lap. She gave a cocky coo, as if to say, "there."

Jack: He grinned at her, knowing full fell he deserved that. He set her on the bed as he got up and started to get dressed. He stood at her bed when we was done. "So, whet do you want to do, Sin?"

Sinclair: Her wings stretched up and quickly became arms, stretching up over her slender frame. "Wellllll... no." She gave him a cheeky grin, lashes batting.

Jack: He rolled his eyes and he stuck his hands in his pockets. "I know, not me right now. How that beach walk I talked about?"

Sinclair: She rolled her eyes at his first comment, before popping off of the bed to get dressed. "Sure, let me shower and then a stroll along the beach sounds awesome," she gave him a wink as she passed him, hips swinging as she carried a pep in her step.

Jack: He grinned at her with a touch of want in his eyes. As she passed her, his claps her ass with his hand, this time letting it have a bit of impact and bite to it. "Great." He walked over by the door and leans on the wall next to it. She knew how to get to him too well sometimes.

Sinclair: She released an over dramatic moan at the slap, before turning on the shower. "We should get some food, too," She called to him, before stepping in to the hot water.

Jack: He chuckles at her moan. He pulled his pocket knife out and started to clean the dirt out of his nails. "Want to stop and eat at the pavilion or just grab something from there?" He called back to her.

Sinclair: "Let's have a picnic at the beach!" She calls, before dipping her head under the water. Ten minutes later, she climbed out of the shower, drying off quickly enough.

Jack: He waited until her the water turn off, folding his pocket knife up. "Want to bring a blanket or just sit in the sand?"

Sinclair: Instead of answering, Sinclair wrapped a towel around her body before strolling out. Humming to herself, she reached under head bade and pulled out a quilted blanket. "This should work, right?"

Jack: His eyes followed her as she walked out and then to the quilt, nodding his head. "Yea." He walks over and talks it from her and takes the blanket from her, throwing it over his shoulder. He kissed her lips quickly before continuing. "While you get dressed, anything else we need to take?"

Sinclair: She pokes her lips out in thought, before shaking her head. "I have no baskets, so no..." Quickly, she threw a dress on, despite the season, and slipped on some sandals. She worried not of underwear, "Ready!"

Jack: He looked at her for one second as he furrowed his brow. "You going to be warm enough in that, Sin?" He was honestly looking out for her. He didn't want her catch something or become sick in the cold.

Sinclair: She grinned as she raised on her toes to peck his cheek. With a soft slap to the chest, she chuckled, "Yeah. I've got a walking space heater with me." With her little joke came a wink, before turning on her heel to strut out of the room.

Jack: He rolled his again but smirked as he followed her up and walked with her. Her relying on him for warmth meant she was going to be very close to him for the picnic. "And what shall are picnic meal include? Whatever looks good when we get to the pavilion?"

Sinclair: "Yes!" She grinned up at him, her eyes shinning bright like a child's. "That and sweets," it was more than a statement, it was a declaration. "Maybe some aphrodisiacs like... chocolate!"

Jack: He laughed at her enthusiasm, raising his brow at her last comment. He thought about commenting on it but he just shook his head. "Whatever you want, Sin."

Sinclair: She gave him an overly innocent smile, though her eyes said something completely different. "I like the sound of that," she hummed.

Jack: He grinned back at her and reached down and took her hand. He brought her hand up and kissed the back of it. "I know you would." He gave her a wink as they arrived at the pavilion.

Mini Time Skip

Sinclair: Her feet left prints in the sand, as they walked along the beach. She sang a song under her breath, as they looked for a spot to sit.

Jack: He also looked around but he's gaze drew back top Sinclair every so enough. He couldn't help but smile, just quietly following her with the blacket and food.

Sinclair: "There!" She called, looking at a spot of sand that wasn't littered with shells and pebbles. "That looks like a good spot." In her hands were her sandals and napkins holding some more of their snacks. She hopped towards the spot in excitement, ready to munch.

Jack: He followed close behind her. "Looks like a great place." Once they arrive at the spot, he sets the food aside as he spreads the blanket on the ground, smoothing it out.

Sinclair: With a large grin and sparkling eyes, she plopped down onto the blanket, excitedly patting the spot beside her. "So tell me Lieutenant, if you could wash your demigod spirit away with the crashing waves of the ocean and just be normal what would you do?" She wondered, eyes looking at him with curiosity.

Jack: He sat down next to her with his brow furrowed as he thought. He looked at her then the ocean, the horizon as he processed his thoughts. He gazed for a few moment before turning back to her. "I stay here sitting next to you, as a demigod sitting next to a nymph." He cracked a smile at her as he wrapped his arm around her back.

Sinclair: "That's all... no dreams or aspirations?" She wondered. Leaning into him, she gazed at the horizon herself. "I'd have a family, with three kids, in Miami. I like the beaches in Miami."

Jack: "The question was if I'd jump into the surf and lose my powers. And I would find it awfully boring to not have them. As for my future if you want to know that, I would also like to have a family someday. Live somewhere in the Midwest, a good homely place. Maybe become a coach for something." He rubbed his thumb against her softly, holding onto her.

Sinclair: "Well if you weren't a demigod you could more easily do that," she explained, "but I agree. If I were no longer a nymph, I'd lose my only tether and be lost in the world for quite some time." She sighed, eyes looking up at him, "I know a daughter of a demigod, she and her dad seemed to live normally..."

Jack: He looked back at her. "Usually with age, a demigod's scent dies down. and usually children of demigods are normal mortals, unless there is a different godly entity they get." He shrugged his shoulders and reached over to the food and pulled it in front of them. He grabbed a sandwich and took a bite.

Sinclair: "You have a point," she chuckled, before moving to take a bite of his sandwich. She could've eater her own, but she liked to mess with him.

Jack: He raised his eyebrow at her but didn't stop it. He even moved the sandwich over to her so it was easier for her. He smirked at her and took another bite, chuckling.

Sinclair: Finally the words she'd been trying to say to him were able to come out. Something about the look in his eyes when he let her eat from his sandwich, made her have to say them. "Why are you wasting your time, essentially dating me, when you know it'll lead to nowhere?"

Jack: He dropped his smirk for a moment and thought before he shrugged his shoulders. "Trying to give you reasons to keep letting me into your bed I guess. I know the relationship will end up nowhere but I don't want to stop sleeping with you yet." He looked into her eyes, completely honest in his answer. "Am I a bad person for wanting that?"

Sinclair: She shook her head, before taking another bite of his sandwich. While it did make her feel some type of way, she wasn't offended. I mean, this is what she wanted from the beginning. "Fuck buddies then," she declared with a grin and a wink.

Jack: He matched her grin with his own devilish one. He wrapped his arm around her and hoisted her on to his lap. "I'm good with that." He leaned his lips to meet hers, kissing her roughly.

Sinclair: Her squeal was cut of by his kiss. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she kissed him back, releasing a muffled moan. Although, in the back of her head, she couldn't get out of her head how great of a person he was. While she didn't know what she was feeling, she did know there was no purpose in mentioning it.

Jack: He made out with her for about half a minute before breaking it off with a soft growl, a low purr almost. He sets the sandwich a side for the moment and started to give her neck some very close attention with his lips. He kissed up and down, nipping her skin lightly with his teeth. He wrapped his other arm around her and held her close to him.

Sinclair: She shivered before, extending her neck further for him. "You're insatiable, " she laughed.

Jack: He kissed just behind her ear and laughed with her, speaking softly in her ear. "Your not wrong there." He nipped her earlobe.

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