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A Walk at the Pond

Jack: Jack had followed the dove that was Sinclair across camp to the quiet atmosphere of the pond. With the sun just having set, the air was only a bit cool at the time. With her robe still draped over her shoulder, he watched the small, white bird lead his way.

Sinclair: She circled the pond for a moment, looking for the perfect spot to rest. Once she spotted it, she hovered before Jack and gave him a coo, before landing. She glanced around, making sure there were no children around, before shifting back to her two legged self. "Man that felt great," She grinned, stretching out her arms for the robe.

Jack: His eyes took in her body as he handed over her robe, grinning. "Helped me loosen up a bit." He glances around and also notes there aren't any other campers around. After she is 'dressed', he walks up next to her. "So you like coming out here?"

Sinclair: "Well... it's quiet for one, and how the light reflects off of the water, it's mesmerizing," her eyes were almost sparkling as she described her favorite location. A small breeze brushed passed them, causing her short hair to frame her face. "What's your favorite spot?"

Jack: He watches her as she loses herself in her space, smiling as her hair blow around her face. He stands right next to her and looks at he pond, but his gaze is beyond it as he thinks. "Sounds typical for someone like me but the arena is where I feel the natural. It's part of who I am when I was born a son of Deimos." He body stiffened slightly, realizing how singular his world seemed compared to hers.

Sinclair: She smiled up at him, nodding her head, "that's good you know your space. Humans get lost in the business of each other and forget about themselves. Finding a space for yourself, helps you find yourself."

Jack: He was pulled from his long stare, and turning to her, unable to not match her smile. He compliment helped him. "Thanks Sin." He reaches around her lower back and sets his hand on her opposite hip. He gives her lips a soft peck with his. "I appreciate that."

Sinclair: "Of course," she smiled, pulling him back to her and pressing her lips to him. Her tongue trailed his bottom lip, followed by a nip from her teeth.

Jack: A deep hum rolls from his chest as she kisses and teases. His body releases the tension he previously had, but a new desire grows in its place. He turns himself and her so they are chest to chest, wrapping his other arm around her slim waist and pulling against him. He dives back to her lips and kisses her more intensely, needing her touch badly.

Sinclair: Her hands slid up his chest and found their way to his shoulders. With a soft sigh, she broke the kiss. "I have a feeling, you'd take me right here, given the chance," she chuckled, eyes crinkled in amusement

Jack: Her assumption made him respond only with a pure, guttural growl. His holds on her tightened, leaning his face right nice right in front of hers. "You better be willing to comply if you're right." He had the smallest put must devilish grin, his eyes filled with a flood of lust.

Sinclair: She gave him a full blown grin, mischief evident in her eyes. Her nimble fingers trailed his jaw, before brushing his lips. "I don't recall me saying this was a chance," she teased, before returning to her Dove form. She took flight, hovering before him and you can see her amusement.

Jack: He was left holding into her robe again, closing his eyes. He takes a deep breath in and sighs a groan of frustration, opening his eyes back uo to her. "You're cruel, Sin. I don't know if I hate or love it yet." He flashes a toothy grin, failing to cover he obvious frustration.

Sinclair: She gave a chipper whistle, before circling his head and leading him to another destination she had in mind.

Jack: With a small snort be strode after her, wanting to stamp his feet with every step. But he decided against it knowing with was likely going to happen soon, he didn't want to draw attention.

Sinclair: She was not a one track mind kind of girl. She had a million feathers flapping in her brain and sometimes, she got a little side track. Honestly, the nymph wondered how long Jack would stay interested for, especially once he realized she was leading him to the dining pavilion.

Jack: The idea didn't strike him until they were almost out of the woods. He guessed she was going somewhere completely unrelated. He stop and takes a breath for calling up to her. "Sin, if you're going out in front of people, you should probably get dressed beforehand."

Sinclair: Her thoughts on food paused as she realized he was probably right. She looped back in front of him, quickly shifting. "Thank you, sometimes I forget that nudity is considered offensive." She stuck an arm out, to receive the robe, eyes still watching the road before her.

Jack: He hands her the robe, a waits a moment. "Don't you like that but that's for different reasons." When she's done he sets his hand on the back of her head and pulls her into him, kissing her passionately and hoping to relieve him of his frustration.

Sinclair: She laughed, giving in for just a moment, before her hand came between them. "Food first, big guy," she declared with a wink. The way her eyes flicked over him suggested it wasn't his full person that she was referring to as "big."

Jack: He smiles finally, take her hand in his and interlacing their fingers. "Fine, I'm actually hungry also."He walks with up to the pavilion.

Sinclair: "Realizing you're hungry is the easy part," she declared, nose sniffing at the smell of yummy food. "The hard part comes with deciding what ​to eat." Her nose scrunched up as she tried to figure out what she was in the mood for.

Jack: He only had to think for a moment before grabbing a fillet of tilapia, some pasta and a veggie medley. "I always just get whatever looks the best." He leans in and says hushly. "Sadly you aren't on the menu right now." He smirks as he stands up straight and heads over to her his drink.

Sinclair: She blushes as warmth floods her below, and she quickly stacks random items on her plate. While it wasn't quite a necessity, eating was probably one of her favorite things to do. Still hushed, she sat beside him, quickly shoving pasta pass her lips.

Jack: He enjoyed the color his words gave her, smirking just a bit more. He also starts to dig into his plate, but not with the same rush as her. He chewed, savored, and took sips of his drink.

Sinclair: She found herself watching him instead of eating. She could definitely see his resemblance to his father. It was an interesting observation. In that moment a question popped into her head, "What do you want from me?"

Jack: He looks over at her, a bit surprised by the timing of the question. But even he was wondering the same them. He finishes his the food that was in his mouth more slowly to give him time to think. He swallows and faces. "Right now, companionship is what I would like. Maybe to further the relationship if it seems fitting. If it doesn't work, I would still like to continue our sexual activities together."

Sinclair: She blew at her bangs, hand moving to rest under her chin. "Hmm," she nodded. She bit her lip in thought. What did she want, was the tough one. "I don't do relationships, at least... not with mortals, I apologize. I've just seen many nymphs break from getting attached to you all. Your lives are so fragile and go so quick, I'm not strong enough to bare the pain that may come with losing you..."

Jack: His face hinted at his mood of being upset at the news, but he looked her over and understood her thinking. He'd at best like to 80 if thing didn't get in the way. She had eternity, something he could only dream for. Her word still warm his heart with the affection, leaning over and kissing her temple. "I understand, Sin. Best I can do is say I'll try not to go anytime soon."

Sinclair: She smiled at the nickname, truly enjoying it. "Well that's enough talk of the past, where to next, Lieutenant?" Her mood completely did a 180, switching to a more upbeat.

Jack: Her personality never stopped amazing him, her bubbly self causing a wide grin to appear. "There's the option of my place if you want to head there. Otherwise I've got nowhere to be right now."

Sinclair: She hummed in consideration, goofily stroking her nonexistent beard. "I'm assuming you live with your half-siblings in Deimos' cabin," she stated, " I've never been there before!"

Jack: He smiles and laughs at her antics, standing up to leave. "Guess it's decided then, to Deimos cabin we go." He goes and takes care of their dishes when they're finished.

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