Lolli -Child of Aglaea

 Age: 18  Height: 5'3  Weight: 115 lbs
 Sexuality: Whatever she wants 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Sword
 – Pretty is, as pretty does.


Lolli: She was back to sketching, although in a new location, thanks to the use of Alex's jacket. Now she didn't have to worry about how cold it was and how long it'd take to return to the warmth of her cabin. So she chose her location to be a river, whose water was littered with chunks of ice. Quietly, she hummed to herself as she drew out a lone stone that rested in the center of it all.

Axel: *It had only been a week since he had come to Camp Half-Blood with the intention of bettering himself in the field of battle, his father had brought him here for a reason, for whatever reason that may be, he had been told that he was some kind of Demi-God which when revealed to him didn't truly seem to surprise him as much as his pops had been expecting it to. Axel would be walking around the camp grounds with his hands tucked away in his pockets, on his wrists were a pair of white armbands with a big blue "T" engraved on the fabric- a gift from his mother. This was a new experience, but more importantly it was a new step for him since he was only 11 and saw many people who were much older than him in the same cabins and what not. The boy would take a moment to stretch upon arriving at the river, Axel would release a tired sigh as he set his eyes on the cool waves. After a few moments he turned his attention to the woman nearby- tilting his head to the side he would stare at her a tad confused as to how to approach her.*

Lolli: She could feel him staring, the kid. A part of her was curious about him, as he was the first kid she'd notice at the camp. Sighing, she stood up and approached him. She didn't have much interaction with children, so she was a little awkward. "Hey there... kiddo," she greeted.

Axel: Axel would still have his head tilted to the side when she approached him, but he would adjust his posture and extended his arm outwards in a kind gesture as he greeted the woman. He had offered her a handshake as his sign of greeting. "Good morning, name's Axel, nice to meet you," he said with a small smile etched on his face, though he did not know her he felt safe enough around her in the sense that he didn't feel like he needed to keep up his guard. "What's your name?"

Lolli:  Her eyes narrowed slightly before she gave him a genuine smile in return. "Lolli," she replied as she shook his hand. Since she wasn't too tall herself, he didn't seem very small, but she also didn't have much experience with kids. "How old are you, Axel?"

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