Niome Wilson -Child of Aglaea
-The other half

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Ini Seraphim ~ The light of Dark

More Info:


 Age: 17  Height: 5'11"  Weight: 234 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Columbia  Main Weapon: Twin daggers that become a bow
 Accent: Neutral
 "The light of the darkness is the darkness of the day"


Niome: Climbing on top of the Aglaea cabin's roof, Niome had her camera out and laptop next to her for the photos she took, pointed at the forest and fully zoomed in, watching some of the monsters and animals in it

Ini Ini is running through the woods full speed duking and dodging trees, rolling under branches, flipping over logs, and generally being precisely reckless on his dangerous trek through the woods. He unsheathes his daggers at a stopping point and leaps up stabbing them in the bark of a tree and sliding to a halt across it's trunk before planting his feet on the tree and hopping down. Man that was intense wonder where in camp am I right now?

Niome: Looking through her camera, Niome saw something quickly go in and out of her sight. Niome followed it as much as she could, stopping at where it stopped, not being able to see it very well, so Niome took a picture of it. Uploading it to her laptop, Niome zoomed in on it and fixed to resolution to see what the picture is, seeing a boy. Niome quickly packed her stuff into her bag and jumped off the roof, ran towards the boy as fast as she could

Ini Ini notices a figure running towards him and raises his eye behind his mask wondering what he should do in the situation and comes to the conclusion that the tree is the best option. Then he jumps and lowers gravity on himself making him fast enough to run up the tree vertically do to the lesser gravity. Once in the branch he hides waiting for the person to pass underneath and possibly mumble something important under there breath.

Niome: Finding that the boy she saw in the photo has gone, Niome started looking for him, looking through the trees in case he did go up one. Seeing the boy from the picture, Niome tried to get the boy to talk to her by increase how much people felt please around her

Ini He raised an eyebrow under his mask but his tension eased suddenly though he began thinking Why do I suddenly feel at peace?. He created at rope from moonlight and hopped down stopping a few feet away from the ground before letting go and landing on the floor in a crouch. He rose slowly and cocked his head to the side wondering why it felt like they knew each other for years rather than just meeting. "Hello?"

Niome: Not being able to see his face, Niome decided not to flirt endlessly with him. "Hey. You're pretty fast. I could barely see you in the picture I took that you ran into" Niome said hoping she didn't sound like weird by saying she had a photo of the boy

Ini Ini wasn't phased by the fact that the girl had a photo of himself having met strange people all over camp. What he was worried about is the fact that she has technology at camp and a camera at that. "Um. Thanks for the compliment...I think. Hello I am Ini and you are?"

Niome: "Well, my name is Niome Wilson. I'm guessing you not one of my half siblings because I've never seen you in the Aglaea cabin"

Ini Hmm she must be the friendly type. I still have yet to meet a single member from my cabin even if we are half siblings my only family is...Nin Ini frowns under his mask and goes silent as he thinks of his father but remembers he is in a conversation and coughs quickly before stumbling over a few words in a hurry to get them out. "Ye-yea *Cough* yes. You would be right in assuming I am not one of your half siblings. I haven't ever heard of Aglaea actually to be honest with you. What were you doing out here though?" I don't know who she is or what she wants so i'll keep information to a minimum until I find out her intentions

Niome: "Not many people have heard of Aglaea, mainly because of one of her spheres of control overlaps with Aphrodite and people just overlook her because of that. The reason why I'm here is to talk to you."

Ini Ini doesn't drop his guard to nods his head indicating he is willing to listen to what she has to say I wonder why she would need me? So many questions about her"

Niome: "So do you have a girlfriend or in a relationship?" Niome asked Ini as she moved closer to him

Ini Ini's eyes open wide under his mask taken aback by the question asked and he goes silent for a minute his brain trying to process the question. "N-N-no I umm, uhhhh, I no. I don't have a girlfriend Ms.-Ms.Wilson" he is still off guard from the question and starts breathing a bit harder unnoticeable through the mask but harder none the less.

Niome: "Why don't you take that mask off? I hate talking to you and not being able to see your face"

Ini His nervousness fades and it is replaced but steely resolve and a firmness to his voice "No" saying it as if that word is absolute law in regards on the matter of the mask. I don't know why she wants my mask off but I am not giving it to her or taking it off for her. after this thought crosses his mind he narrows his eyes under his mask and watches her closely for any sudden movement towards him.

Niome: "I only asked before I changed it to a hat and look for myself but now you said no I won't"

Ini: She is a problem and i need to wrap this up quickly "Is that all you wanted to ask me about? If so i think i should go." He makes a move to turn around and walk off no longer as open as he was before.

Niomw: "It was the only thing I wanted to talk to you about but not the only thing I wanted to do with you." Niomw used her powers and made her appearance change to stun Ini and put a false sense of joy on him and quickly moved over to him, lifted his mask a little bit and kissed him on the lips, keeping the kiss going until the effects of her powers wore off so Ini would know what is happening to him.

Ini: He is nearly caught all the way off guard when Niome tries to attack him with her lips but because his guard was up he only catches half the stun resisting it long enough to create a mask of moonlight under his mask. Ini is delirious when she kisses him but snaps back to his regular self when she pulls away and his dagger is in his right hand in one smooth motion quick as a heartbeat; the dagger is pressed to her throat in another and under his mask his mouth is in a scowl. Thorough clenched teeth he whispers "Don't you ever do that again." he channels energy through his blade and the dagger becomes a sword; glowing with the moonlight he just pushed through it letting her know he is deadly serious.

Niome: Wow this guy is no fun. Niome thought to herself as she didn't really feel the warmth of Ini's lips. "What, don't tell me you lied about having a girlfriend or even worse for me, your gay? And if my laptop and camera are broken cause of fast you moved and that freaky sword you're paying for both unless you let me kiss you again or you kiss me." Niome said as she changed Ini's mask into sunglasses, smiling slightly at that, and reaching into her pocket and grabbing hold of her makeup brush.

Ini: "I didn't lie because i was being honest. I really don't have a girlfriend and you almost stole my first kiss. No I am not gay and i am sure all of your stu-" Ini is cut off when his mask is changed into sunglasses. He is relieved when he realizes his moonlight mask is still in place and he sheathes his dagger, but he folds the sunglasses up and puts them in his pocket to give to Nin later. "Is there any reason to continue this? What are you trying to gain?"

Niome: "I'm obviously looking for a boy to date or just kiss but you can't see that." Niome said before she once again changed her appearance to try to stun, ran into, knocking him over while she took out her makeup brush and turned it into a knife, where she placed it under Ini's throat while on top of him and placed a kiss on where his check would be under the mask. "I'll move this if you let me actually kiss you once."

Ini: Ini had expected something but was caught off guard again by her movement and was knocked backwards a knife suddenly to his throat. "I won't give anything to you that easily." he replies in a playful tone of voice kinda warming up to her impulsive attitude though still considering it could be just her presence. He cancels gravity completely and they float into the air Ini turning over so that he would be on top of her from his position he cocks his head to the side. "Get to know me and i may kiss you. That or find another guy." Taking advantage of the fact that the mask is made of moonlight he turns the mask into a blank face giving a thin line mouth and dot eyes.

Niome: "I'm letting go of you when you just start warming up to me." Niome said as she pushed her knife in a little bit deeper into Ini's throat, trying not to hurt him to much. Being below Ini and not liking being crushed by his weight, Niome thought of a way to be back on top, so she made Ini feel like he was being weighed down by adornments, making him slower, and kneed him in the groin, giving her a chance to roll him over and not be crushed by him. "So how do you like this now?" Niome said as she turned Ini's pants into a denim mini skirt. "Getting a little breeze up there?"

Ini: Ini grabs her wrist when the knife is pressed deeper and moves her hand back but he squeezes involuntarily when she knees his boys nearly crying out in pain. Ini shifts gravity lifting her off of him and anchoring her to the tree nearby so that she can't move then Ini creates a dome around himself stripping out of the skirt and then retracting the dome around himself so that he is covered from head to toe in a moonlight jumpsuit including his mask; the only thing not made of moonlight on him being his blades. "I should leave you up there! However i'm a moderately nice guy soo" then Ini releases the gravity and allows her to drop; stretching his arms and legs a bit after she falls because of the power use. This is getting annoying maybe i should leave liked i planned too

Niome: "Yeah sure you're a nice guy." Niome said sarcastically as she floated to the ground. "You are so not fun when you just keep rejecting me. All I'm trying to do is have a little fun." Niome changed her appearance *her pic in WB* and walked over to Ini. "You will fall for me and when you do that will be the worst day for you."

Ini: Ini takes off at a jog into the forest before yelling back "My worst day came and went. So i'd never fall for you!" then Ini picks up speed through the trees and becomes a blur of white light; leaving the strange girl and thoughts of falling for anyone in the dust.

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