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  • Sooyeon: How long has been she away? She sighed and went out of Themis' Cabin wearing her usual casual attire, black v-neck paired with shorts and maroon vans. She walked to Hades' Cabin and knocked anxiously on Cody's room. Lately her boyfriend has been acting quite distant and somehow she's scared to death that their relationship would end eventually. Before coming back to camp after the quest, she decided to use up all the time she have spending time with him, just to see if there'd be a difference.
  • Cody: The son of Hades had been terribly busy the whole month, being the organizer of the big Halloween event. Apart from such, he had also received a weird dream from his father beckoning him to fight under his name again. In all honesty, there was a pang of regret in Cody. Was he using Sooyeon as a rebound all along? His feelings for Natsuko had not disappeared, or so he rechecked. That's why he was distancing himself from Sooyeon. It was not the same anymore. At the moment, the son of Hades had been on top of his bed, typing on his laptop. Clearly, he was busy, and the knock of the door had surprised him. Yet, as common courtesy, he opened the door and saw Sooyeon. "Oh, hey there." He smiled in a neutral manner.
  • Sooyeon: There is it again, the fake smiles. She felt her forehead in a split second but she decided to give him a smirk. "Hey are you busy?" she peeked into his room. There's nothing much for Themis Cabin and the cabin has been barely emptied which makes her more lonely. She sighs in mental exhaustion. Good work on feeling like a rebound though. She tells herself.
  • Cody: "Sort of," he replied, flashing a rather embarrassed smile. Nonetheless, he opened the door for her. He was guilty of not telling Sooyeon his real feelings, and even more embarrassed to not spoil his girlfriend as much as he promised. The laptop and tablet on his bed showed his messenger and search engine. Clearly, Cody had been trying to improve the event with more spectacular ideas.
  • Sooyeon: She thought of how he's not even excited to see her. She felt her stomach knot at the thought of Cody ending their relationship. Should she do it first? but she doesn't want to.. Either way she walked inside "Is there anything i could help you with?" she turned her back at him taking the chance to scowl and crease her forehead.
  • Cody: "Hmm... pretty much everything's settled. I need more ideas and people to reply the statuses of each event." He said, locking the door and returning to his bed. However, here we go again. Catching a glimpse of her scowl, the son of Hades felt worried. "Are you alright?"
  • Sooyeon: "Are you alright?" she repeated the question in panic but managed to regain herself immediately. "I-i mean, i'm fine." she looked at him with tilted head. "Are you sure i'm not interrupting you?" she raised her eyebrow at him. Ah, whatever. IF he'd end it might as well he do. Chasing for a guy and squeezing herself to a person who clearly doesn't want nor need her crushes her pride. She'll just wait for him to do it. ugggggh, why am i giving up already. She thought.
  • Cody: "Wait, huh?" He wondered what had gotten her so worked up. His eyebrows furrowed, and his lips turned into a frown. "I mean, apart from the event, counselor work, and another bloody battle, I'm alright..." His words were unsure, guessing his answer wasnt exactly the one Sooyeon wanted. Nonetheless, he had to tell her he was fine. The counselor couldnt break her heart.
  • Sooyeon: she nodded at him resisting the urge to run away but she's here because she chose to bring him back but right now, she's not quite sure how as it's always Cody who do the first move which she misses a lot right now. "I see, would you like something though?" she asked with a smirk. "I was thinking if i should bring you coffee but i was afraid you're not in the mood for it." she shrugs
  • Cody: He chuckled genuinely. "When will I ever reject something from you?" Then again, when has she ever initiated? The son of Hades, who was now on his bed, patted the area beside him. It was a signal for her to come and sit down with him.
  • Sooyeon: she nodded at him before sitting beside him. "So, tell me your plans." she closed up to him, leaving enough space for him to do his work. She'd definitely bring him coffee next time.
  • Cody: The son of Hades started to elaborate on the concept of the party: the costume contest, movies at the basement, self refilling alcohol, sketchy second floor, and more. "Yeah, so that's pretty much it." He smiled back at her. "What do you think?"
  • Sooyeon: "I suggest keeping an eye for those refilling alcohols." she chuckled, yes, she might seem a little bit of kill joy but drunk people can hurt other people. "But all in all i think it's going to be a great event." she nods at him quite showing how proud she is for him. "I can't wait for it, though i bet you'd be busy as ever." she playfully rolled her eyes.
  • Cody: "Yeah," he sighed, noting how accurate her words were. "Ive being summoned agan for Ares' entertainment." The son of Hades had just finished off a Lycan first round, and he was waiting for his results. Yet, the son of hades was pretty sure he'd make it back to camp on the day of the event. "But... be my date, ok?"
  • Sooyeon: She raised her thumbs for him "Do you even need to ask?" she chuckled before giving him a slight punch on his arms with her elbows.
  • Cody: "Yeah," the son of hades smiled. "I wouldnt want someone to go first than me, after all." As much sweetness his words contained, the counselors heart remained divided. He couldnt tell Sooyeon that he had been waiting for Natsuko's return or stalking her transactions to find her whereabouts.
  • Sooyeon: being a daughter of Themis, she could somehow feel that Cody wasn't telling something from her. None the less, she chose to keep her mouth shut. "Well, what would you do if someone asked me first before you have?" she tilted her head at him, curiosity is all over her face.
  • Cody: "Would you accept?!" He looked at her as if her situational game were true. Ya know, looking at her in shock and slight horro. Although he still loved Natsuko, a portion of him couldnt let Sooyeon go unless he was sure she had a better guy waiting for her. From the looks of it,Zayden had already left camp, so technically, Cody didnt trust anyone with her.
  • Sooyeon: To be honest, If only Zayden was still here i don't think i'll be that sad much as i have someone to tell about my problems but i manage a playful smile to Cody "I don't know no one dared to." she chuckled softly "Who would dare to invite me knowing that my boyfriend is the counsellor of the Hades' Cabin?"
  • Cody: He grinned. "Good point. Maybe... someone who's really interested. You're beautiful, you know that." The son of Hades was quite glad about her compliment; however, he was sure there had to be another Zayden around waiting to court her. Maybe... that would be better, no? Cody then jumped out of bed and took a turquoise hoodie from his closet. He then handed it to Sooyeon. "I've been meaning to give you this." He blushed, hoping to reconcile her doubts about him. "I heard girls like their boyfriend's hoodie, or something like that." The counselor knew their relationship was going downhill, and he simply couldn't decide what to do.
  • Sooyeon: "No really, if there was i would've told you first." she smirked at him wistfully. Sooyeon took hold of the hoodie and was resisting the urge to cry. Man, why does he have to be like that? their relationship's gonna sink soon wouldn't it? "Thanks." she said with a poker face and with her lips pressed together. "I haven't thought of that though"


  • Kim: Kim came out of Anna's room silently and suppressed a laugh after Anna's chat with her. She's been hanging out with Anna for some time now and it they became unbelievably close immediately making them both share secrets no one knew about. She's also been curious about this guy Anna always mention.. Lee Seunghyun? that guy made Anna want the ground to eat her up but anyway, she still wanted to meet the guy and interrogate him.
  • Seunghyun: Meanwhile, the Erotios had been in the gardens taking a nap on the bench. While his whole body lied down, his eyes had been covered by his arm. Seunghyun was clearly in a good dream, seeing him smile.
  • Kim: Once she's out from the sanctuary she made her way on to the garden wearing the tee Anna lent to her. She realized that it smelled like Anna but either way, she didn't mind. Before she could've entered the garden she already passed on a guy lying on a bench, the guy seemed to be asleep and it was hard for Kim to stop staring at the guy but she did anyway bc it seemed weird that he was smiling in his sleep.
  • Seunghyun: The erotios had felt someone standing in front of him, especially since the sunlight had suddenly darkened. Using his sense of smell, he had assumed the female was Anna; thus, he refused to move and smirk. "How long are you going to stare at me without kissing me?" He asked.
  • Kim: She was taken aback when the stranger spoke and was quite insulted. She scoffed and glared at him "Excuse me?. When did staring end up kissing a stranger i wonder?" she raised her eyebrow.
  • Seunghyun: Oh, sh*t. The Erotios immediately bolted up from his chair and looked at the woman. "Why do you smell like my girlfriend?" He asked, annoyed that it wasn't Anna. Seunghyun was clearly an introvert, and unless he had established a relationship with the person, the other part was a drag to him.
  • Kim: her forehead crease at him "Oh, you're Seunghyun?" her face suddenly lit up. So much luck for her.
  • Seunghyun: The irritation on his face remained. "Yeah. Who are you?" Clearly, it didnt matter if she knew him or not for whatever reasons. All he wanted to wake up to was smuggling his Anna, yet the female in front of him had caused him to falsely hope.
  • Kim: she laughed infront of him which seemed to be quite insulting so she covered her mouth to refrain. "No one apart from your so-called 'girlfriend's' friend." she placed her hand on her waist. "oops, wait. She's not your girlfriend anyway. I don't think so." she shakes her head.
  • Seunghyun: Now, she has done it. Seunghyun was even more irritated when she dared question their again unofficial relationship. "What are you trying to pull?" He groaned.
  • Kim: she creased her forehead once again before raising her eyebrows. "You don't really expect her to come to you right? I'm actually urging you to get up to your asses and do the move because." she rolls her eyes like this thing about women are quite simple. "It might not seem like it but she's actually waiting and if you don't move now she might think that you've really given up on her." she sighs "poor girl, her pride shattered to pieces just because of that one event." she meant when Anna became repulsive and wanted to beat the hell out of Seunghyun in order to slap the fact that she also loves him already in a way that is confusing in complex matter please don't mind me i'm playing with my vocabulary mayghad help.
  • Seunghyun: "And you suggest I march into her room with a bouquet of flowers, love poems, and vodka?" He shrugged. "She cant expect me to do everything if she's been avoiding me."
  • Kim: She once again shook her head before face palming. "I don't know is that how you do it?" she scowled at her. "Well duh, she's avoiding you so she could see if you're really into her." she grunts her eyes rolling once again. Seriously, is this really how guy thinks? "It's kind of like a test you know." she said as-a-a-matter-of-fact way "Anyway, i won't expect you to understand it that much. Boys will be boys." she sighed.
  • Seunghyun: The erotios sat upright and sighed. "Geez, what is it with society and gender roles? Guys get tired of chasing the girl around and being tested too, you know." Although Seunghyun had dearly loved anna, it was clear that he wanted her to make the first move already.
  • Kim: "Well, if Anna had correctly told me. She have never ever complained about your ego and i do think were just like that but,.." she sighed realizing that she's talking too much once again. "I do know that we pay it for more than that." she gives him a sad look. Anna and Kim had the same kind of rough road about being demigod then coming back to life as a nymph. Kim came back with her boyfriend living his life without him, it would make her so sad if Seunghyun gave up on Anna..
  • Seunghyun: "What's your name again?" He asked, wondering why was he taking advice from a random girl who claimed to be his future girlfriend's bestie. The Erotios had thought about reclaiming anna, yet, he couldn't think of ways to woo her creatively. That's why he wanted her to do it, so he wouldn't feel inadequate about his proposal. After all, his friends were much more dramatic than him, and he honestly thought Anna would like that over... just plain, lazy him.
  • Kim: she turned her back to him "Secret, i don't want Anna to know that i told everything what she wanted to her boyfriend." she raised her hand and wave it for a farewell before walking back to her room. Man, Anna would be furious if she knew Kim advised Seunghyun to reclaim her though, she hopes that Anna could already stop being so much more moody than she already is just because Seunghyun wasn't making any move.
  • Seunghyun: The Erotios frowned, attempting to remember her friends. However, the lazy spirit only left room in his memory bank for Anna -- like, literally Anna facts. Suddenly, he heard the announcement from the Hades counselor. "Halloween party, huh..." Seunghyun, as if blessed by Mnemosyne, then thought of possible date ideas. Upon being stuck, maybe Hypnos would bless him; thus, the male re-reclined on the bench and fell asleep.
  • Kim: Going back to her room, Kim knocked on Anna's room but quickly left and entered her room. She suppressed a giggle on her lonely room after pulling a prank on her friend
  • Anna: Celestine was all slumped on her bed when someone knocked. The nymph was wearing a crewneck shirt that used to belong to Seunghyun. It was just a plain navy blue crew neck shirt paired with an acid wash short. She slightly opened the door checking who could've knocked but then Shu, her dog rushed out of the room. Anna, who panicked quickly ran for her dear dog who went on the way out of the sanctuary to the garden. Unfortunately, Shu ran for Seunghyun who was sleeping at the garden but before she could even hide, she felt something prick on her sole which sent a quick pain. "Fuck!" she exclaimed turning her back and jumping with her uninjured feet to get away from the scene. Anna took a peek on her left foot which was now oozing with blood.
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