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Beat: Comes closer to the two "Oh come on guys, Lets have fun, wanna play a game? "

ichiro: I dont think your gonna listen to us soo why do you even ask?

OOC:its just ichiro..

Beat: "So this is what i thought, we will have a ...wait we can't do that, we need more members and a why don't you ichiro think of something fun for us to do,"

OOC: Can't think of a game for them... >.<

ichiro: bath what??? he asked a bit curious to her words

Beat: "Ohhh, it's nothing, but really, guys, what fun can we do, oh, how bout we prank the bystander"

ichiro: no...he answered simply its against my principles to do that...

Beat: Smiles "Ohhh, come on, it was just a simple joke, don't be so serious all the time."

ichiro: absolutely not...

Beat: Smiles, "wow, It's almost fun to irritate you" 

ichiro: he rolls his eyes dont make me use my powers...

Beat Smiles"Hey, I never ask you, but who are your Godly parents?"

ichiro: hebe the goddess of youth

Beat "really? Did not expect that, thought you might be one of those Hades kid or maybe even Thanatos"

ichiro: If I was you wont be standing...

Beat "Oh come on, don't be like that"

Tim "Please excuse his word, we had...a pretty bad day."

ichiro: bad doesnt begin with it

Beat "I guess it's better if I don't ask what happened to you guys. He said feeling concern. "How bout we eat some ice cream?" she smiles.

ichiro: not a fan of ice cream...

Beat Looks surprise "What!?? Who doesn't like ice cream, they're like the best thing that man has ever created."

ichiro: apparently me..he answered dryly

Beat "Ohh well ! What do you want to do ichiro? " she said feeling a bit annoyed at him

OOC:want me to bring someone in before beat kills ichiro??

OOC: Your Char ? then yes

OOC:hmmm let me think first >,<

OOC: Sure thing...

ichiro: other than es..before ichiro managed to say another word a girl came by and gave him a tackle hug

xylia: ichiro..she said in a dreamy voice as ichiro fell to the ground

ichiro: hey xy ...

Beat Looks at Xylia "Hello" in a great volume and a positive aura

OOC:give me a moment xylia is not the easiest char to rp >,<

Tim: looks at the woman, "Hi"

OOC: My I ask why???

OOC:she's super super de duper innocent >,< hard to rp..

OOC: Then why you pick her now?

OOC:cause she's cute >,<

OOC: Can we start the Rp now ??? XD

xylia: she turns to beat a girl....she said a bit surprised..

Beat Looks at Xylia, "Um, is there something wrong with being a girl???"

'xylia: nooo its just you look pretty she said still in that dreamy voice of hers

Beat smiles then blush "Ahhhhhh, thank you so much I'm Beatrice by the way! you are?"

xylia: beatriece? she said repeating the words what a nice england name...she said slowly its very much different from ichiro...she looks down right ichiro??

ichiro: was struggling to keep his cool yeah xy can you do me a favor and get off?

Tim: "And my name is Tim! nice to met you."

Beat "Hey, don't say something like that to her! She's just being honest. Ichiro is a weird name"

ichiro: xylia finally get off him and he gets up its japannese..he said simply

Tim:" Was Shock "Really? So that means your a Japanese?"

ichiro: first son...he said looking away a bit in pain from memory...

Beat "Hey why so sad? Life's too short to have an ugly face...cheer up!"

ichiro: he lets out a sigh trying to keep his cool stop...he said suddenly

Beat: "Um, what's the matter Ichiro?" she said feeling confuse

ichiro: he tries to hide that pain feeling lets just say the past has its way of reminding me...

Beat: "Well don't cry about it, let's eat some ice cream!" she said to cheer him up.

ichiro: he opens his mouth to protest but decide otherwise and follows beat

xylia: ice cream? oh I love vanilla!! she said simply

beat: "see, even she wants ice cream ichiro, come on let's have some!"

ichiro: he rolls his eyes fine...

Beat: She skips all the way to the ice cream stand "Ill have a chocolate flavored one Sir" looks back at the others "hey, what do you guys want?"

OOC:....I'm tempted for the ice cream man to just pull out a gun and start shooting....

OOC: I actually want to see that....hhhmmmm....

OOC: well then you do the crazy ice cream man...I did Landon soo your turn to be crazy

Ice cream man : Smiles Evilly, "Here you go girl, want some spices in there"

Beat : "Umm... What???"

Ice cream man : She Hits Beat in her neck, near the throat. Beat struggles to breathe as she gets weaker and became paralyze.

Tim : "Hey guys, Beat might be in trouble" as he pointed his finger in Beat's direction.

ooc: is this crazy enough??? ohhh, can't think of a name for the ice cream man

OOC:this is beyond boss I see you in a new light now...anyhow a kick on the neck would cause paralysis....

OOC: OK...change the faint to paralyze...let's just say the man is part of a human evil organization that do something bad...for a little back story for the man ><

Beat "Help" she said weekly"

Tim: "Guys,lets go there...she needs help" as he started walking towards them

OOC:no boss what I meant by paralyze was that the fact that injury is long term and is quite hard to heal from unless you want her to not feel anything ...anyhow how about you just make the dude show his gun and do a hostage situtation?

OOC: Sure

Ice cream man : He got his gun from behind and pointed it at Beat "If you come any closer kid, I will make sure that there's gonna be a body you'll mourn tomorrow" 

Tim: Ok, Will do what you want, Just don't hurt her okay!"

ichiro: he goes to tim use your powers....he whispered

Tim: What should i do, make flowers?" he whispered back

ichiro: I dont know do something as all I can do is make him in pain

Ice cream man : "Hey you kids, stop mumbling or I'll kill her immediately"

Tim What exactly do you want from her?"

Ice cream man : Smiles evilly "Just like to see pain on people!"

'ichiro: he let out a sigh as he used his powers to make the man feel the pain of age

Ice cream man : The man scream so laud...

Tim: He was about to use his power and make some vines appear but he realize they where in a public place and they were making a big attraction to themselves. Some people gather around watching in horror, some run away.

ichiro:pushes tim get beat!

Tim :He runs toward beat and pushed the man away, He gets Beat before the man can react.

Ice cream man : In pain, he pulls the trigger of the gun aiming at nothing.

OOC:now what?

OOC: Idk...let someone get shot...just kidding :P but seriusly, i have no idea 

OOC:....your more of  a sadist than me...

OOC: Yeah, XD but what now...?

OOC:...wait >,<

OOC: okay :)

OOC:police comes?

OOC:Okay then what???

OOOC:bank robery??? IDK >,<

OOC: How bout we end this day and start some days later??? does that sound okay ???

OOC:ok we end this with the cops coming and beat being in the infarmary sounds good?

OOC: That seems legit :)

OOC:shall we start?

OOOC: YOu stary...please :)

OOC:why the extra o? and also how to start??? its your char >,<

OOC: Typo >< and idk how to start :)

OOC:beat wakes up in the infarmary and sees people?


Beat: She went outside of the infirmary, wanting to have some fresh air.

OOC:can I bring someone else? ryusei he works in the infarmary soo...

OOC: Sure

'ryusei: he was tending to his garden in the infarmary when he saw beat excuse me this is not visiting time..he said in a mature voice

Beat: ""Um, sorry, I'm a patient her!"

ryusei: really/ you dont look like your a patienthe said flatly

OOC:no mercy from him

Beat:Was offended about what he said. "Well, I am so deal with it, and who areb you anyway?" he said a bit angry.

ryusei: one of the doctors here and if i were you i would mind my manners..he answered getting up going to beat but before he could suzaku came and intervene

suzaku: hey ryu!! there's a bug there...she sa pointing at a random direction as her other hand tried to get a hold of beats hand

lily and roger

Days later...

Lily: she was walking at camp, trying to find something interesting to do.

roger: he was sitting near the edge of the lake drawing like always

Lily She saw roger and decided to come closer "Hey, what you doing?"

roger: like always she was dismiss

LILy : "hEy roger!" she said loudly as he took away his drawing pad.

roger: he was of course started and look up seeing lily oh its you

LILY: "i can't bealive that your drawing again!" she said as she sat down with him.

roger:he raised his eyebrow why so?

Lily: "Well, i assume you draw every day, and well, cant you do something else?"

roger: he grins what makes you say that?

Lily: "I guess i have that feeling...anyways, what are you drawing ?" 

roger:shows her a picture of the lake

LILY: "Wow, this is amazing as usual roger.!"

roger: he nods yeah and i already got a buyer too...he sighs should I sell it? he asked looking at lily'

Lily: "But you're already rich ?"

roger: soo???

Lily :"Then whats the point in selling it then"

roger: he shurgs for charity..he said simply maybe?

Lily "Rich and kindhearted, you certainly are a chick magnet huh Roger."

roger: ignores lily as he stares at his painting

OOC:no reply?

OOC: Sorry ><

Lily: Smiles "Still debating on weather to sell it or not?"

roger: he nods yeah...its kinda nice but yeah...

Lily: "Just go for whatever your heart wants, okay?"

roger: yeah....he nods soo what are you doing?

Lily : "Well, I was looking for something interesting to do, them i saw you, so i was hoping you know any thing fun to do?"

roger: he blinks a few times fun?

Lily': ""Have any thing in mind like Pegasus riding or sparing with a cyclops?"

'roger: you sound like you want to go rock climbing...he said slowlly

Lily': We;l if it can kill my boredom, then i think that's okay?

roger: makes a 0.0 face you never seen the site yet have you??

Cait, Leo and Suzaku's RP

Leo: "So ladies where should we go?"

both cait and suzaku looked at one another

suzaku sure newbie where do you want to take us?

Leo: "What?I was asking you guys where to go. I'm new, I don't know a lot of places here at camp."

suzaku: she thinks for a few seconds hmmm she looks at cait how about we send him to the wall??

cait: she makes a 0.0 face the wall seriously?

Leo: "Wall?" he asked "What is this wall your talking about Miss Caitlyn?"

cait: the climbing wall many people die there especially on the extreme one...

Leo: "Thanks for the info miss suzaku and no., I do not want to go and die. Lets choose another one. Probably safe this time please?"

suzaku: awww no fun she said suddenly before caitlyn gave her a light nudge owe!! I know I'm a thousand years old cait but seriously that hurts! she said quickly as she rub the sore area

Leo: Confuse when Suzaku addresses Caitlyn, Cait (Leo knows that Cait is Suzaku and vise versa) """"Why did you refer Miss Suzaku as Cait...Miss Caitlyn?""

cait: she had that oh shoot moment uhhh..

suzaku: she rolls her eyes a bit annoyed let me just say this straight you mistaken my iddentity I'm suzaku and she's points to cait cait neither of us wanted to tell you cause we felt its rudecait quickly cut suzaku

cait:which is...

suzaku: she rolls her eyes yeah but now you know newbie I hope you dont get embarrass she said faltly

OOC:thats suzaku...

Leo: somewhat shock about the truth being relieved. " I... I Guess That's okay.... and yeah, I'm still Leo if you're wondering"

suzaku: she rolls her eyes dont worry I didnt expect you to have a crazy twin brther who is an axe murderer....she paused do you? which caused cait to gave suzaku another light nudge

cait: keep your mouth shut for 5 minutes please! she begged

Leo: "Uhhhmmmm.....'" he mumblled as he was left speachless

suzaku: she makes a 0.0 face you have a killer brother? cool!

Leo : "What?"he said as he was left confuse "I have no idea where this conversation is coming from, ...though the idea of having a killer brother does sound cool!"

'cait: until he kills you...she said sarcastically

suzaku: but thats what make him lucky! cause the two of us could be killers too but we're not!

OOC:suzaku have this ..way of looking at thing >,<

Leo: "what if your whole family was a bunch of killers...a family of assassins, that would be somewhat cool if they don't kill you!"

cait: it would be a wonder how your still alive!

suzaku: and it would be weird how he's not one of them...

Leo : Smiles "Lets put that killing though aside, aside from the lava wall, what fun things do you have in camp?"

suzaku: she had an evil grin apples?she said slowly

cait: we are not doing the apples and arrows thing with a newb suzaku! she said sternly

suzaku: hump fine...she said a bit annoyed the mall then?

Leo "Wait mall, not really my thing Miss!"

suzaku: looks at leo a bit annoyed stop the miss thing or else we're going straight to the archery range! suzaku said firmly

cait: she rolls her eyes or we can just go to the cafe in town? cait suggested to keep suzuku calm

Leo: "That seems okay, lets go!"

suzaku: turns to cait how boring......she said as childish as she could as she cross her arms

cait: she laughs as she whispers to leo careful with her she's having one of those days...

Leo: "Uhhh....what kind of days...ohhh wait, i get it" he said as he forced an ankward smile

suzaku: I can hear you you know? I'm old not deaf....she said a bit annoyed

Leo: "I guess we can have enough of are we really ganna go to the cafe?"

both of them nodded as they head to town..

OOC: Time skip to when they are in the cafe???"

OOC:sounds good to me

At the Cafe

Leo: "Here we are guys!" he said as he open the doors for the ladies`

suzaku just went in not caring  about leo as for cait she went in then look at leo

cait: come on....

Leo Sure thing" he said as he fallows the ladies.


Leo He was not paying attention and he suddenly bumped into a lady, "Um sorry miss..." he said. "Jaimee, you're also here?" he said as he look up on the lady's face he just bumped into.

Jaimee :"We'll I was getting bored in my cabin so i decided to come here!"

OOC: Intruduce another character!!?! :>

cait: turns to jaimee jaimee???

OOC:is this the char I claimed? hmm cant remember >,<

Leo: "Um yeah guys this is Jaimee, my bestfriend! and Jaimee this is suzaku and Cait?"

Jaimee: She smiles, "Um, hello!"

OOC: I think so...

cait: she waved her hand hi jaimee...she said slowly soo are you two together? she asked bluntly

OOC:how to kill a conversation in 10 minutes or less by caitlyn get it in stores now...

Jaimee :"Oh no no, we are like brother and sister!"

Leo:Laughs awkwardly, "Why would you ask that?"

OOC:hahaha XD

suzaku: their conversation interest her and she came in with an evil smile on her face oh thats easy you hot she points at leo and your cute..she points at jaimee  and the only reason your not together is because eros arrows havent cought you yet...but that can be change...she said slowly as she took out her phone i have him on speed dial interested in my offer?

OOC:ridicules equations by suzaku! a best sellar at the stores!

Leo: "Who is Eros?"

Jaimee: "Cupid I think, but seriously guys, we have no romantic feelings for each other, so that's a no"

Leo "Wait, suzaku have connections to cupid"

suzaku: she rolls her eyes I'm a nymph I have connection to every god ...she said simply

Jaimee :"Oh, so you're not a demigod huh?" Looks at Cait "So are you also a nymph?"

cait: I feel insulted that you think I'm that imatured......she said slyly to jaimee trying to hurt suzaku's pride

suzaku: she rolls her eyes well what do you think sadiki would say if he hears that....she said a bit annoyed

cait: she laughed there's a difference he's a kind spirit while your a sadistic nymph that enjoy seeing people suffer...cait said flatly anyhow we should sit...

OOC:ouch cait that hurts >,<

Leo :"Well, I have no idea what you are talking about!" he said but was happy he and Jaimee was out of the conversation "I think we should order now."

OOC:I want to bring landon in >,<

OOC: sure, but whu?

OOC:the dude that brought his gun!!!


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