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Madison Chung ~ Daughter of Poseidon

"Life is like the ocean. It can be calm and still or rough and rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful."
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 5'7"  Weight: 121 lb
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Miami, Florida  Main Weapon: A CB sword given to her by Poseidon
 Accent: None
 – "Smile! Not all the problems in the world are yours."

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Poseidon can fire a powerful blast of water from their hands, equivalent to that of a fire hose, which evaporates after a short time.
  2. Children of Poseidon have the ability to conjure and freeze small amounts of water into durable ice weapons, which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also make small non-combative objects out of ice.


  1. Children of Poseidon can create an area around themselves that inflicts others with intense seasickness, making them dizzy and nauseous for as long as they remain inside. The user must keep their focus on maintaining the effect for the duration.
  2. Children of Poseidon can turn their body to water for a very short time, letting an attack pass harmlessly through them. This can cause extreme dehydration with repeated use.


  1. Children of Poseidon can breathe, are swifter and more powerful, and can heal slightly faster while underwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon can keep themselves and everything they touch dry in the water, unless they choose to become wet.
  3. Children of Poseidon can survive falling from any altitude as long as they land in water, and can go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the cold or water pressure.
  4. Children of Poseidon can communicate with and command equestrian animals, as well as all creatures that dwell in the sea.
  5. Children of Poseidon are innately less inhibited by severe wind and precipitation.


  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create minor earthquakes, large enough to knock anyone nearby off their feet, for a few seconds.
  2. Children of Poseidon are able to telekinetically move water at a high rate. The larger amount of water used, the more energy it drains. This can be used on ice, but is much more difficult and draining.
  3. Children of Poseidon are are able summon a specific horse, pegasus, or sea creature directly to their position, regardless of distance. This only works on creatures that they have a strong personal bond with.
  4. Children of Poseidon can calm, strengthen or influence the direction of the winds, though to a much lesser extent than children of Zeus or the anemoi.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create a torrential rainstorm overhead, which will downpour and cause high winds over a large area. The storm will gradually clear over time, and afterward the user would be substantially drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to shape a semi-living construct out of water, no larger than 3 to 4 times the size of the user, that fights for them for a short time. The user is weakened while the construct is active, and the longer they maintain the it, the more energy it drains.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to transform their bodies into a state of pure water for a short time, becoming immune to most attacks. The hydrokinetic abilities they already possess are enhanced by this state, and they are capable of covering great distances in an instant while underwater. The user will be extremely drained once the transformation ends, and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Poseidon always know their exact coordinates when in water and are able to innately feel the difference between freshwater and saltwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon normally have a love for water, and generally excel at water sports.
  3. Children of Poseidon tend to be favored by animals of the sea.
  4. Children of Poseidon often have a natural affinity for horses and many grow up to become equestrians.

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Lunes Primm ~ Daughter Of Nyx
    ~ {{{2}}}


Lunes:It was humid and relatively hot January day, the afternoon cast a shadow over the camp. Lunes lay, feet crossed on the itchy grass that seemed to irritate everyone of her pours. In her hand she held a sketch in which she was amicably drawing , unbeknownst to any nuisances around her.

Madison: Madison noticed a girl lying down on the grass a few feet to her right. The camp was relatively deserted that day, and Madison, being here for two whole weeks and yet not having any friends, decided to go up to her. "Hey, I'm Madison," she greeted herself. "The awesomest person on earth. Who are you, by the way?" She gave a friendly smile (hopefully; Madison's smiles were very similar, and it was hard to see if she was gloating, smirking, or genuinely happy).

Lunes: Lunes was broken out of her artistic trance when she hears the annoyingly high voice of an all to happy indiviual. Lunes slowly looked up to the voice, setting down her pencil to look upon a girl with black hair and an all too perky smile. "Uhh...Lunes...Can I help You?" she said eyebrows raised at the amusing person in front of her.

Madison: Madison snorted. "You can try. But I'm stuck at camp with no friends - for like, I don't know, the first time in my whole life - so if you can help with that, thanks." Madison raised an eyebrow so that the girl would get the hint. She probably wouldn't, but it never hurts to try. "Sorry if I seem a little weird to you. I'm meeting kids right now who are totally weird and awesome at the same time. Wow, that doesn't sound like me, does it?" Of course she didn't expect an answer, since this girl didn't know Madison. "I'm naturally like this, perfect and all." She grinned. (Again, with the smile problem?)

Lunes: 'Youve got to be kidding me, Is this girl legit?' Lunes thought to herself as she listened to the borderline annoying ramblings of the girl. "Ummm...I dont should I put it...we'd click" She said using hand gestures making eye contact to prove her point.

Madison: "Of course not," Madison stated, as if it were obvious. "I'm a talkative individual, and you're like, hesitant. No offense." Madison had to limit to her rambles, something she was told often would be her downfall. It wasn't like revealing your crush to an enemy would help them attack any better, right? Still, Lunes was a little...well, to put it nicely, they most certainly wouldn't click. (OOC: Lol I'm not really like that...or am I...?)

Lunes: "Yep...Two Peas in a pod, YOU WANNA PAINT EACH OTHERS NAILS AND TALK ABOUT THE CUTEST BOYS AT CAMP, O.M.G THAT ALEXANDER, Id let him shivel my stick anyday...if you know what I mean. Lunes said jumping up and down, hands going up in the air at every movement with a fake preppy smile on her usually deadpan face. (OOC: LOL no <3)

Madison: The daughter of Poseidon's face brightened. "OMG, exactly!" she said brightly. "You are so getting the point!" She didn't catch the sarcasm. "But seriously? Alexander? He is, like, old. No offense, camp." She flipped her hair dramatically. Madison was nothing if not melodramatic. "Girl, you need to do something about that huge nose. And your hair? Are you for real?" She scoffed at the girl in front of her. (OOC: LOL thanks)

Lunes. Lunes's amused smile turns to that of anger and shock. 'what the fuck? this girl cant be serious' Lunes took a step foward and grabbed at the skinny girls boney shoulders pushing against a nearby. " I dont appreciate annoying 12 year old looking narrrow head flat chested girls insulting me?" Lunes said with a look that could kill that just happened to be on Madison at the moment. (OOC: This getting real...)

Madison: "Yes, you have quite an opinion, don't you?" Madison replied calmly. "I also don't appreciate many things. Insults are not one of them." She didn't react to the girl's sudden actions, knowing that her frame would not play to her advantage. Some smarts were in Madison's brain, after all. Instead she decided to be patient - one of the things Madison was not extremely good at. (OOC: Yep it is. I just reread Madison's personality and realized she was supposed to be outgoing and loyal...but whatever. I tried to stick to that personality in this one)

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