It had been more than half a year since the couple had broken up. Due to their egos, Seungri and Sabrina had not made up; however, it was evident their feelings had remained---well, at least in Seungri's side. In Seungri's knowledge, the twins took on new bodies: Seunghyun became a memory spirit due to Aphrodite's thirst for couples while Seungyeon became a priestess for Eros. Meanwhile, in Sabrina's eyes, their twin Erotios and Erotiad died; she didn't know they had hidden from the public and pretended to be dead. For the sake of drama, the siblings had even begged their mother to suck her pride and attend their dad's school for idols as their "dying" wish. Thus, on this beautiful Winter day of January, a story of renewed love begins!

Episode 1: A Moment of Crazy

  • Seungri: It was the start of the second semester for Seungri's senior year. The snow had softly covered the greenery and hushed the flowers to slumber. In homeroom, the first class, Seungri had also been affected by the lethargic weather. He sat down by the window and stared outside, contemplating deeply. The son of Eros was now getting over his grandpa's death; sadly, his grandpa wasn't the only one that died. Ever since he and Sabrina broke up, the son of Eros remained single but not ready to mingle (anymore); he had found no purpose in dating others. At the moment, some girls seemed to be staring at his porcelain, god-like features; however, inside Seungri's mind was about his pink haired goddess. He deserved it, didn't he? "Hayz,... I wonder how she's been?"
  • Ms. Park: "Class, I want to introduce you to our new student," the teacher stated. "She's a transferee from New York and...(blah blah blah)." Ms. Park turned to the new student. "Please introduce yourself, young lady." The class waited for the female to enter the classroom. While the boys prayed she's gorgeous, the females prayed otherwise.
  • Leo: Upon request the "girl" came in... "She" had long blond hair, her eyes was midnight blue and "her" skin was pale as the moon. hi there! "She" said in a mockup girl tone "she" was wearing the girls uniforms but it was clear "She" was a male. "I'm Leonardo he said in a tone that sounded more like screeching also miss park I hope you don't mind my friend coming too leo was the happy go lucky type and as he turn to the door awaiting another "girl" a boy appeared in his princely way he walked in confidently as he smiled to the teacher
  • Walter: good morning, my lady he bowed to the teacher ignoring Leo's glare you look like a beautiful goddess. He said slowly as he raised his head up before snapping his fingers and making a rose appear although this rose would not be enough to compliment that beauty of yours he snapped his fingers again and with that a bouquet appeared and he passed it to the teacher but I do hope this is enough he took one flower from the bouquet and passed it to a girl sitting in the front row kissing it ever so gently and I know you would be beautiful as well he winked at her and bowed to the girl before going back with leo I.Will never wear a skirt he said slowly to him his smile never escaped his face but his words were stern
  • Ms. Park: The young teacher blushed at the offer and accepted it ever-fondly. "Why, thank you. Welcome to class 4-A," she said, gazing at Walter and thanking heaven their age gap is little. "Right class?" The classrooms clamours in excitement. The girls scream over Walter, while the closet gay boys had found inspiration in Leo. "Leo, please take that seat beside Nahyun-shi. Walter-dear, please take that seat beside Bradley." The teacher had assigned the seats so no flirting could happen for Walter (unless he had a special interest for males).
  • Seungri: Meanwhile, the son of Eros still stared outside of the window, finding the scene too normal. Yet, since he was in class A, these people had to be good. Nah, no way can they beat him.
  • Walter: he he took his seat he brought nothing to prepare as he just came to agreed to Leo's offer a few days back yet as he glance at Leo taking his seat he took one look at Bradley and now guessing what happened. He thought of playing a trick so he took out his phone and started to.message Leo about his plan giving Bradley a few glances hoping he never notice him
  • Seungri: Just as Walter had hoped, Seungri didn't. The musical prodigy didn't give a damn to his new seatmate, which made him fulfill the jerky role further. It's amusing how women swoon over men like these.
  • Walter:he chuckled as he saw how Bradley's focus was away from himself "he looks as.lost as sabrina "he messaged to.Leo whom took no time but to sneak a peak at the boy.when he saw him he turned to Walter whom he nodded to" well time to put this weird plan in action "he said as he examines Bradley trying to guess where his phone was while hoping the teacher didn't catch him doing so"
  • Seungri: The son of Eros' phone was located in his pocket nearing his groins, so attempting to steal such would take an excellent thief. Seungri sighed, hoping Ms. Park would stop sermonizing morals and leave. The son of Eros came to school to be an idol, which he already was, not a church boy. Once the teacher leaves in the next post, Seungri would consider checking out his seatmate.
  • Walter: "after his through examination he noticed every item Bradley carried." Hmmm how boring not much money... "he said slowly in his mind wanting to scare the son of Eros a bit by stealing his money as well as his phone to execute his plab"
  • Seungri: Once Ms. Park had left, and the English teacher had entered, Seungri glanced at Walter. He swore that losing money and items were less shocking as seeing him. "You-." His eyes widened. "Why are you here?!" He accidentally exclaimed, causing the class to look at him. Nonetheless, a bow was all that was needed to help the English teacher forgive him.
  • Walter: "he actually laughed as he smiled not really giving Bradley an answer as he preyed on his behavior to let him take his phone away. Yet however he did manage a shrugged as he continued to stare at the teacher"
  • Seungri: The son of Eros mentally cursed at being snubbed, shrugging along. This had to be minus points for his reputation. He focused on the teacher and waited for recess. Seungri was often called to read out passages of a love poem by Robert Browning, and his rendition earned a round of applauses.
  • Walter: "he stare blankly at the blackboard not really knowing what the teacher was talking about in Korea. In his mind he was making an elaborate plan to just steal Bradley's phone." Hmmm "he took out his phone and messaged eddy wanting to play a bit 'lets bet how fast I can steal the boys phone ' he said simply as he took out a watch miss park was wearing before this (can we do this?). He stole it when she took the baquet from him and one of the earings from the girl in front row. He obviously stole both when he gave them his "gift" yet he didn't want to waste his effort so he took them out To take a picture for eddy to brag that he still was a thief "cheap knockoff" was the caption he send with the pictures as he excused himself to the bathroom taking this chance to pass back the watch into miss park bag yet for the earnings he waited a while wanting it to be perfect"
  • Seungri: The son of Eros finally took out his phone and placed it under his table. He saw a message from a girl seated across them in class, shrugging. He didn't reply and closed his phone, leaving it under his desk. Seungri had forgotten that Walter had sat beside him so he became nonchalant as to place it there. Since the two were seatmates, this was a wonderful opportunity for Walter.
  • Walter: "he went to glance at the class sabrina got it was two class behind his but he had a feeling she wanted that as she was never one to take center stage" well someone making friends "he noted seeing her making some friends in that class he waved at her but she ignored him thus he made his way back to his class..when he entered he placed the earning on the floor and with his feet slide it onto the floor making it land underneath the owners seat. Then when he went to his own seat he saw Bradley's phone he grind as he praised the God's for his luck so he slowly walked to his seat and during that time he placed a few changes in hiss grip. Then when he got there he pretended to fall letting all his change flew overheads" sorry "he apologized to the teacher as he slowly picked up his changes waiting for Bradley to either give him some room or help as both would be in his favor"
  • Seungri: This time, unlike what Walter had expected, the son of Eros stood his ground. He even extended a leg to distance himself from Walter. Dude needed to be taught a lesson for bothering him. He rolled his eyes. "Poor people and their change," he muttered under his breath, enough for only them to hear. Since he was miserable, he didn;t want a snob to feel happy. Seungri aimed to pierce the son of Harmonia with his words.
  • Leo: he noticed that and wanted to just kill the dude but Walter glared at him reminding him the idea. Thus with the reminder he took a deep breath and used his powers to slowly pull Bradley's phone to Walter and when it was in his reach Walter quickly got up and pretended the remaining amount of change was never there as it disappears showing that it was merely magical currency
  • Seungri: Immediately noticing the magical currency, Seungri knew something was wrong. Just when he was about to call for the teacher, the son of Eros realized whatever Walter stole was of little to no importance to him anymore. His photos and contacts were backed up. Before, he'd treasure it to keep Sabrina's number safe. Now, he could care less. They weren't together anymore. He doesn't need to care. All it was is an expensive phone. The son of Eros decided to let the two boys have their glory. It wasn't worth it.
  • Walter: he noticed how Bradley was nonchalant with his phone being in his hand but he didn't want to do.much anyway just do a few tweaks here and here now if either he or Leo message the due it would show that sabrina was the one that send the message even.if she changed her number months ago after their breakup. After the "swap" he have Bradley back his phone putting in a tiny little bug (courtesy of eddy the grey hat hacker) that would enable eddy to see what Bradley's been up to even give him some ads he would want Bradley to see" have fun... "he said slyly as he placed the phone in front of Bradley knowing the bug and number would not be seen to anyone without a hacking background (hell Walter had to listen to a 8 hour tutorial from eddy just to know how it works) "
  • Seungri: Being the least techy of the three, the son of Eros didn't really concern himself with anything. He took his phone back and placed it in his pocket. Messages from women flooded him constantly. Before, he used to reply. Now, they were left unanswered. Surprisingly, despite being cold, his lady friends still text him regularly. Well, if Eddy had anything in store, it would only involve his phone, a single device running on mobile data. Sabrina had a special ringtone. Even if ringing phones were chastened, Seungri made sure that her message had a tone. He just had to.
  • Eddy: with the bug being planted he started to search his phone seeing the dozen message he received "oh God he's worst than you Walter..."he said slowly reading each one he noticed how most was unreplied thus feeling bad he gave each girl a matchmaking ads on their phone (one that actually works) well hopefully that settles that... "he said as he did a few more tweaks he send Bradley a call from the florist asking him about a flower he never ordered "and this is just the start Bradley... "he said he waited Bradley to react to the call"
  • Walter: he was checking his phone trying to think up something to say to Bradley that would make him sound more and more like sabrina before giving up and sending Leo a message "cause your wearing the....uniform I guess your fitted for this than I am.. "he said sending it and receiving Leo's glare"
  • Seungri: Since they were in class, the son of Eros, who had anyone else on vibration mode, locked his phone. Although he wondered who would call at such an hour, his action shuts down the florist's call. Seungri reverted his attention to their now math teacher. He couldn't wait for it to be tomorrow. The students were given alternate days. While normal curriculum was imposed on T, TH, idol curriculum was done on M,W,F, S for the seniors.
  • Leo: he stared at his phone wondering what to say despite how he looks and how he knew sabrina better Bradley was a whole new subject "what would you say... "he asked himself but then he had an idea.. 'so your gonna go to the movie right?' He messaged him pretending sabrina accidentally send Bradley the message despite its actually being him
  • Seungri: The special ringtone rang, making Seungri quite shocked. Since he was focused on the current situation, the three boys playing tricks on him didn't even come to surface. The son of Eros bowed insincerely for an apology. He then opened the phone and made it silent mode. From his under desk,he saw Sabrina's message and wondered. Why now? Nonetheless, he ignored the message, thinking it was for someone else. Plus, they're over.
  • All three of the boys look depress how the didn't take the bait
  • Walter: "I swear he's worst than sabrina" he said in the group with eddy and Leo. He saw Leo nodded laughing a bit while eddy merely stalking Bradley's status wanting to add more and more stuff to just push him off
  • Seungri: Finally, it was recess! The son of Eros stood up from his seat, and women flocked over to him with snacks like a legion of pigeons to a handsome man with bread crumbs--except this time, the pigeons were the ones offering food. Seungri ignored the two boys and ignored the women too. Soon, a third of the girls attempted to shower their food to Walter instead. Seungri didn't care. He exited the room and headed towards the bathroom, also ignoring the clamor about some pretty girl entering the school two sections away from his. The son of Eros releaved himself and walked to the canteen.
  • Walter: when he got flocked he smiled and refused each one saying he had a date as he said that he took Leo and headed to the rooftop where sabrina and eddy was waiting for them. Both apparently already had bought food for the two so gladly Walter took the food and started to eat all three awaited for sabrina to say something
  • Sabrina: she obviously noticed the silence and sigh "I don't know why the twins send me here I don't know why I suddenly got a place and I FREAKING DONT KNOW WHY I agreed! "She said simply showing how impatient she was on this topic the guys kept quiet as the last two reason was practically their fault as them like the twins wanted the two back together as they were a mess without one another"
  • Eddy: wellllllll we get to enjoy the sights? "Eddy said simply just to make the air lighter the place where they were wasn't the same place as Bradley went the day of the breakup but another one that only some could access.the four obviously enjoyed the silence not wanting people to bother them as both sabrina,Walter and Leo was already making headlines. Eddy himself could make it in if he ever went to the class he was given to"
  • Leo: yeah that and I finally get to feel how to wear a skirt! "Leo said receiving the three gaze wondering what to say to him" and I like it "he continued eddy chocked on his food as *Walter looked away hoping to just erase the idea where as sabrina merely look at him nonchalantly "
  • Sabrina: don't worry kyoryu will Fix that "She smiled as it wasn't rare of her to erase any of Leo out if the blue idea. The four continued to chat as sabrina was unaware of the boys plan"
  • Seungri: The son of Eros returned to his classroom and quietly ate lunch with his friend Kyung. The two ate in advance and discussed about the upcoming performance. If they ate later, they wouldn't have less time for practice. For some reason, Seungri had to pay more effort to concentrate. It was as if his body was giving up on him. The son of Eros continued his meal in front of his friend. Kyung had thought the topic of girlfriends was not one to be discussed at the moment, especially since his friend seemed devastated from losing his. Once Sabrina left, Bradley got his life back together and worked harder. He was still a jerk; however, he was a better person for his future.
  • Soon the bell rang once again to indicate it was time to go back to class but however the boys elaborated a plan they knew sabrina was gonna skip the next class so they merely left her to her thoughts as Leo messaged Bradley once more but before he could press send eddy stops him as he himself had an idea
  • Eddy: let me do it "he said as he opened his own phone he knew eddy would not reply to sabrina but would he reply to cait ? The girl whom helped him a ton with sabrina? Nope he would not so he just used a random teachers number to use to lure Bradley to the roof His message to him was simple "need your help on the roof top please" he pressed send and then awaited Bradley to take action
  • Seungri: The son of Eros had received a message from a teacher. As Eddy had expected, he did reply, however, cautiously. Why the rooftop? "Principal's office," he replied, confident a monster wouldn't attack there. Seungri felt immensely suspicious, especially since a few empousai, lamai, harpies have tried to lure him out.
  • Eddy: he sigh upon his reply "do you want your points deducted if not just follow orders!" He replied to the boy a bit angry he waved goodbye to both Walter and he made his way to the computers room.he was now the worker there as he did a tweaks making him a new worker there as well as adding Leo,Walter and even sabrina here. He even manage to give all three perfect grade!"
  • Seungri: Upon receiving the message, the son of Eros flashed it to the Science teacher, who then allowed him to exit. Seungri held his weapons tightly as he made his way to the rooftop. With a sword in hand, he creeked the door open carefully.
  • As expected the message was just bait and as he opened the doors he came to hear of a song of a distant love story the voice was like any other love nymph song making anyone feel "motivated" or so it seem but the singer of that song was on the railing of the rooftop (when I say on the railing I mean she's up there sitting on the railing) she looked much different from how.she was her hair was no.longer pink but bright red however so still long and and a bit curly as before. She haven't let herself go as she in fact look a bit skinnier than before as for her skin she was very light. However so because she was facing the other way Bradley would not be able to see her face but the voice something he heard a ton of times...
  • Seungri: "Shit," he mentally cursed. The son of Eros felt his hair raising on his skin. The womans back didnt seem like a teachers. The uniform made him reconsider his actions. It couldnt be Sabrina, since her hair was now red. For some reason, it did feel like his past lover. Whatever monster she was, she could sing heavenly. The "siren" had made Seungri draw nearer to her to hear her love song. Since it was familiar, he had continued her song with the next two lines, hoping she'd notice him. Since he was a top idol, his voice was mellow and beautiful as the sea. There was still distance between them, in case she was a monster.
  • Sabrina: when she heard the singing she was obviously shocked so.shock that she fell down.... on the other side of the fence but because she was quick she changed to a pigeon landed safely on the ground...after 3 stories..." Who the hell was that... "She wanted to fly up to see who was singing as despite often hearing Bradley's voice she never heard him sing never occurred to her it was him. However so before she could go one of her 'friends' from class called her to come back inside as the teacher was looking for her so she abandon her desire and she went back to class"
  • Seungri: Upon her immediate response, Seungri withdrew his sword and rushed to the edge of the railings. He gripped them as he scanned the area like a hawk. Where was his angel? When he finally believed he could get over someone, she disappeared. Weird. Very weird. Does she also have powers like him? The son of Eros, who had failed to spot another red headed female, returned to the classrom. Being it was science class, Seungri,for a few times, was on topic. He stared out of the window and thought about...their chemistry. <3

Episode 2: "Painting Love"

  • Eddy: it was a week since the incident and all three couldnt believe what sabrina did.. each one saw what happened and was truly speechless as none had seen how "determined" she was to not see bradley "you sure this plan is gonna work? " he asked to walter when they meet up sabrina wasnt with them as she had made a couple of friends that she begin to like
  • walter: "since when do I ever had a plan for this.. "he said as shocked as he was but soon the school came to view so they parted ways. Leo and walter headed to class as for eddy went to the computer room playing with his "stuff"
  • All this while sabrina was in the music room like before she was skipping class. She never had a nicks for studying ...ever but she had a passion for writing songs a passion she hid a for a long time. When she saw the class was empty she sat on the grand piano and started to play a song.. slowly realizing it started to change into a new one "opss.. "she said when she finally realized that. Her hair was in a ponytail (with some loose ends near her ears) while wearing the school uniform she had some "accessories" to match it. She soon thought it was a good idea to make the piece into a song.. now all she needed was a lyric..
  • Seungri: It was early morning, and Mr. Bigshot had a chauffer to drive him to school. The son of Eros exited his polished Lambourgini and headed straight for class. While he was at it, he couldnt help but to think of that red headed chick. No, this was wrong... right? Seungri then heard music playing across the hall. He stopped by and peered in the window. For some reason, he wonder why there is all melody but no music.
  • sabrina: as like before her face was shield from the gaze of the people that wanted to see the song writer face however so she felt someone watching her thus did the first thing she could do jump off the window and run. She didnt want to stay there despite liking music she didnt intend to stay there any longer than she had to. She left the song that she just made, only managing to put on some notes and the title ... "painting love"... it was left behind to the one that would come into the room after her...
  • Seungri: Upon seeing her exit, the son of Eros swore he would break every single door and seal every window in the damn school. Seungri entered the music room and took the sheets left behind. His eyes trailed to see the lack of words; thus, he placed the scores in his backpack. Being a composer as well, he'd find the perfect lyrics soon enough, and she, being a musician, would love to have it back. The son of Eros walked to class and sat down on his seat, ready to learn.
  • walter: he saw bradley sitting down and thought it was weird how he was there a bit late but didnt want to push it. He even took the liberty of ignoring him for the rest of the week since he came which made it boring for walter so he glance at leo (whom was wearing boys cloths) before taking out his phone. He begin to compose something to say to the boy hoping it would poke him enough to react
  • Seungri: Another day, another hellish seatmate. Why couldnt it be her instead? The son of Eros then took out the score sheets and hit them underneathe his English book. He stared at the notes and softly hummed the tune to the song, letting the feelings overwhelm him before he would write. Just before he had reached glory, his eyes scan nothingness. Guess it wasnt finished.
  • Walter: He thought of something to write but then he noticed the scores and his eyes went wide with shock as he knew that writing.. it was sabrina. HE waited for bradley to notice but he was calm so he deduced bradley was unaware of her identity yet. However so he promptly updated his team on the update which made both as surprised as he was. Now the question was did the two meet?
  • Seungri: Well, course he wouldnt notice. He always wrote notes for her; however, she never wrote back. The son of Eros continued to contemplate on the lyrics. Unfortunately, whenever he had the words, they were disrupted by the teachers call for recitation. The frustrated musician clintched his fist and bit his lip, hoping for a miracle.
  • Walter: seeing his reaction he could tell he didnt notice it was sabrina so he messed the two... eddy replied with a laugh while leo merely asked back "how long were they dating until they wont notice each other's writing?" walter glared at him and merely replied back "they're relationship was as complicated as landon... she said slowly before staring at the teacher. He knew sabrina would never want her sheets back but seeing them work together in a way was interesting Hmmm maybe we should do "help" him.. " he wrote to the two. When eddy saw the message he sigh as he did the worst thing ever he pressed the bell for the fire alarm...
  • Seungri: While every other student panicked and reached for the nearest exit, Seungri walked towards the nearest window. He looked outisde to try and find the source of smoke. He knew he would never be incinerated due to his powers. He could simply grow wings and be off.
  • Walter: Upon hearing the bell he messaged eddy "i needed a distraction not a play!" he said as the teachers evacuated the students out of the classrooms. Sabrina was one of those people that was evacuated but she had other plans so she started roaming around hoping to find inspiration for her next song. She forgotten all about her old one as she had this tendency of never completing anything..
  • Seungri: The son of Eros ignored the Harmonia kid as he used the window as a form of escape. He stuffed the scoresheet in his Hershel and grabbed the bag. With his wings, he flew towards the roof. Seungri believed that unlike Icarus, he'd escape the flames. The son of Eros sat on the roof floor and hummed the tune repeatively, looking down at the panicked students.
  • As the boys went with the rest of the students sabrina leisured around at the gardens she was never the type to panic and for some reason she loved her connections with plants. "I miss being with trees..." she said simply remembering her youth "they're easier to handle than people... "she continued but then she heard a melody being brought to her by the wind she didnt realize it was the song she had written as it was seemingly tweaked to her, however so the song sounded nice. Because of the people panicking she didnt hear the voice so clearly but still hummed along for fun
  • Seungri: There was a school garden in a floor lower than the roof area he was at. The son of Eros had heard the returned humming and decided to find his siren. He leaned in to try and sort out of the direction of that sound. Blast those freshmen crying bout their unfulfilled dreams. This senior was trying to renew his.
  • Sabrina: she soon stopped and headed out of the school she wanted to do something fun and being here wasnt going to help her..
  • Seungri: Since the song was reciprocated,he immediately assumed the other party was the composer. The son of Eros was irritated that the voice stopped. By the time he had found its origin, a door was slammed shut, and he again saw that familiar red hair. Red. Pink. What is it with hair? A womans crowning glory had shunned him once more. He then rests on the railings and tries to find the source of fire. Damn it.

Episode 3: Bittersweet Perfection

  • It was a few days since the incident and a ton of people were obviously talking about the mysterious singer even her friends was exited.Sabrina however didn't share the excitement as she merely nodded her head and follow through the convo. The boys however were impress with sabrina singing voice. As none ever heard her sing and despite Leo giving her the gadget he never expected her to use it in such a way as he merely wanted that to be a device for her to communicate to him faster. Sabrina never did return to the music class as she was busy attending to her social life and theme thought of her scores being taken away never even bothered the nymph as she liked the people she was chatting up with. Despite not liking the harsh training (She mainly skips most of anything that requires manual labor) sabrina did do well in the studying part (even if she skipped some of those classes too). Walter and Leo both were good student well good in a way as Walter mainly played with the girls where as Leo kept on getting distracted with the technology Korea offered. As for eddy he was mainly avoiding drama... something he sadly fails as he received at least 3 confession daily. Either way let's go to today when the day was raining harsh outside the school. Thunder and lightning was raging on. The boys knew today's recess could not be held in their regular spot as the rain shows no indication of stopping as for sabrina for the first time she attended all her classes. Hating each one as she couldn't escape into the harsh environment. Thus now all 4 were stuck indoors clueless on what to do or what action to take
  • Seungri: Since it was a Wednesday, the son of Eros did not complain. It meant idol training, which he enjoyed best. Seungri, accompanied by Kyung and Hyun, became dancing to ASTRO's Go Back. The glass windows could easily spot the three dancers, and women (along with a few men) crowded around to see their famous senior team "working it." Since it was an exam, and they were the last to take it, their recess had to be extended.
  • Both Walter and cursed their luck for having to go through with the test. Well semi curse cause both did get an exception to learn the moves. Walter even manage to get one of the girls to stay non to teach him (despite Leo reminding him of kai whom was waiting for him back home). All this while sabrina was in her class. She was trying to pay attention but her mind started to write a song. She hummed and started to write on the piece of paper she had. It was different from the song before as this one had a more happy tune to fight the rain. Like before she merely manage to do half way before starting to lose motivation but this time she had some lyrics added to the notes. Not knowing how to continue the nymph merely drew a rainbow with a pot of gold on of the song. She looked at her seat mate whom was obviously playing with her boyfriend and thus added a heart at the end of the other side of the rainbow. Before she could add more the teacher noticed her. Obviously she placed another piece of paper above the notes not wanting the teacher to notice her ability to write songs. The teacher glared before taking away both piece stating she'll get it back by the end of the day. She nodded her head as she continued to write. The teacher soon left and when he did the weather was starting to clear up. There was a little drizzle but the wind was still blowing. The teacher was on his way back when a stray ball hit him. All his work flew being taken away by the wind... even sabrina's new song....
  • Seungri: By this time, they had already finished the test. The son of Eros was left alone by his other two groupmates, who decided to get lunch. The opened window allowed the drenched scoresheets and a testpaper to land on the ground. The paper was Sabrina's; however, it was so drenched only the score could be seen. "Class C," he shrugged, expecting the low score. Seungri then left that one on the ground and took the scoresheet, which he delicately read. It would be bad to plagiarize; however, til the owner wantwd to claim it, he took it.
  • Sabrina: she OBVIOUSLY didn't.want it back as she was the type to.move on and go.onto a new project despite the old one was never completed
  • Seungri: He kept wondering why he was receiving such notes and hated how they were unfinished. Wait, the testpaper. It couldnt possibly be from the owner, right? He took a picture of it with his phone. Sooner or later, Seungri just had to check out Class c.
  • While sabrina was deliberating on some new project the boys was playing with theirs. Leo was in the middle of a new device where as Walter and eddy were both trying to avoid girls hoping to be "true" to their loves back home. Suddenly sabrina heard her friends were going to the salon they invited her which she agreed upon. At the salon they got a whole new makeover sabrina changing her looks from the red haired she was to a blue represent the feels of the rain.
  • Seungri: It was finally dismissal. The son of Eros had passed by class C and found no red haired chick at all. Instead, he saw a few ladies who dare chase him around. Once he was out of their sight, he shifted into a dove and landed on their classroom window. A friend of his, Kyung, opened the window.
  • Hyun: Being a closet gay, the mortal, who could see through the midst, had grown fond of Leo. Since Seungri had never reciprocated his love, maybe it was time to move on. The mortal sat on Leo's empty desk and trailed his hand on it.
  • The two then conversed about the mysterious notes and lady Seungri had been seeing.
  • Leo: he was just about to enter the class when he saw what's happening Walter was no help as he recorded the thing which earned his glare. "He's cute... "he said slowly wondering what to say to him but Walter merely pushed him away upon him finishing his recording.
  • Walter: "come on let's go... " he said slowly "we can't let our leader waiting... " it was their turn to showcase their talents something both dreaded so they left the classroom without entering.
  • Seungri: the son of Eros sighed at his friend. "He might not be the best for you but you have my blessing," he smirked, chuckling at the conversation. Seugri even planned to infuse love magic as long as his friend would be happy. See? He wasnt a total jerk. The two males exited the classroom and passed by the dance rooms. They wanted to check out who was rehearsing.
  • Walter: he was rehearsing with leo wellllll for a while until he started hitting on the girls much to Leo's dismay. He tried to pretend it was merely to get facts from fiction but to Leo it seems more than that. Soon the girls manage to "convince" Leo and Walter to follow them out to have a karaoke session for fun. Leo whom was clueless agreed quickly much to.Walter surprised, as he knew this was not good for him. However so he did heard some footsteps coming close suspecting it to be people who.wants to use this class he called them all out to just enable.those people to use the class as to him they're done. The group soon packed up and started to walked out of the class. 2 guys 4girls.
  • Hyun: The mortal sighed as his new crush had left with 4 other girls. While Seungri entered the door, Hyun leaned on the wall and stared at Leo's disappearing figure.
  • Seungri: Noticig his friend was sad, Seungri pulled him into the room and played Sexy Free and Single. While the mortal began to smile, Seungri stretched for a warm up. He never really cared for his seatmate. The son of Eros then wondered where was Sabrina in all of this. How was she?
  • As was told Sabrina was never the type to showcase her love for others. Thus when she and Bradley left she merely moved on.. however so this is the present where she,Leo, Walter and eddy are in that school. Sabrina cares dearly for Leo whom helped her in numerous ways and Walter whom often gave her smiles so that particular day she prepared lunches for both of them. For them it wasn't rare for sabrina like Cecilia took a liking to cooking and thus was use to her cooking them food. However so on that day the boys forgotten their lunches and "accidentally " left them in the room where Bradley and his friend was in.
  • Seungri: The son of Eros, who had left his pencil case, returned to the classroom to get it. At such time,he had already been too hungry. Practicing without lunch nearly killed him. Upon arriving on his seat, he found a lunchset on his desk. Guessing it might be from a fan, he took the pack and opened it. He wrapped the bag and tasted the cooking. As he exited the school for his car, he appreciated the meal. Guess whatever fan made it for him, she just had to be a cook one day. Despite his lonely day, the sweets perfected his bitter soul.

Episode 4: The Thought of You

  • Cheon: It was math class at the moment. The timid girl, who was able to befriend Sabrina through the previous weeks, turned to her seatmate. She is currently dating Kyung, who was Seungri's frontmate. "Sabrina... do you have any plans for Valentines?" It's funny how people ask each other about their day, hoping they'd receive the question back.
  • Sabrina : she blinks a few times but shakes her head showing that she had no interest in pursuing in such disaster "not really why?".
  • Cheon: The girl frowned. "Oh.. why not?" She frowned, wondering why Sabrina had not chosen any one of their amazing boys.
  • Sabrina: she blinks a few times as she thought back on the boys. She knew each one was a good catch but she also came to terms none was hers. However so she can't just tell her friend that knowing this class was full of fans for the three. However so her mind escaped to Bradley and she unconsciously she touched her wrist remembering one of their endless tag game "let's just say... I lost faith .. "She said a bit bitterly she was a love nymph and to her to lose faith in love it means she lost faith in herself. She looked out onto the window wondering what else to say to the girl whom flower was still blooming, "but that's just me maybe I haven't found the one yet like you!" She smiled quickly as she took her hand "so what cha planning for him? Anything special?"
  • Cheon: "Kyung-oppa and I are going on a date. I already planned to bake him chocolates, since he enjoys it homemade... but...," she suddenly looked saddened. "Oppa said he might leave a little early to accompany Seungri-oppa." The hopeless romantic sighed, truly admiring her boyfriends loyalty. "Seungri-oppa said he has a girlfriend that he loves very much. He used to be happier before. I dont know what happened to him, so Kyung oppa will accompany him to go out and drink."
  • Sabrina: because she rarely calls Bradley from his Korean name she merely nodded not really able to see her points "welllll maybe that's his first love? " She assumed" you know what they say guys can never forget their first love but hey true love can bury it alive ! So how about you bring the dude to some mix? "She suggested for fun" or even a party who knows maybe after that you'll get your boy to yourself "She gave her friend a wink"
  • Cheon: The girl shook her head. "Seungri-oppa is very stubborn. Kyung and I had already tried to match him up but for the past six months, he refused." The mortal sighed. She was devastated her boyfriend had to carry a liability just 'cause theyre bandmates. From Sabrina's nonchalant attitude, Cheon became curious. "Do you even know oppa?" She wondered, as Sabrina was an exchange student. She then eyed the girl's face more intently, finding it beautiful indeed. "Why not go on a mixer with him?" She beamed in delight. It was nearing Valentines, so miracles could happen.
  • Sabrina: she was stared at Cheon face for just a split minute before saying " no" without any pity "I love you and I'll save you from a bomb but I love is another story ...."she explained slowly" if you mingle on that you'll forever regret it "She regretted her own words before" you can give him the bait "She explain slowly" but to make him bite that's a bit too far... "She bites her own lips especially if the bait isn't a willing one"
  • Cheon: "You're really pretty...," she commented bashfully, feeling slightly terrible being beside such a gorgeous being. The girl had natural better than average looks; however, being inside a school for idols, she was considered the normal. "Why not try? Some baits don't work...since they're not good ones."
  • Sabrina: she placed her hand on her chin and looked at cheon ever so lazily "considering how desperate you are now to beg me that means he practically went to every one of the mixer and refused everyone you know... didn't he? "She asked nonchalantly to her knowing the answer was a yes"
  • Cheon: Just as Sabrina had predicted, the girl nodded. "Yeah. He keeps telling us he has a girlfriend." The mortal then sighed. "...but I don't believe him now. He doesn't look as happy as before, and it's been 6 months...Kyung-oppa is very worried."
  • Sabrina: she looks at the girl seeing how worried she was thought this was a good time to.say what's been on her mind since the talk "maybe he's gay?" She said in a serious tone" you know it's a thing here or may be he's actually a girl that turned herself into a girl and have absolutely high taste ? "She may pushed the joke to far but it's better than having this topic"
  • Cheon: The girl suddenly widened her eyes at such revelation. Could it be Seungri had fallen for her boyfriend Kyung? Her face seemed like she was about to cry, especially since Seungri was prettier than her as a girl. "No, please don't say that. He can't be gay. I heard rumors about him dating Nayeon-unnie," she frowns, hoping Sabrina would not pursue it.
  • Sabrina: seeing her friends face turn pale made her almost laugh but she stopped herself as she merely smiled at her "welllllllll you do know in the olden days gays would be executed... "She said slowly explaining to her a theory she just made up" so to avoid suspicion they get together with some girl who's actually a lesbian and then when they can they go on group dates "She explained as she lean forward" had he been in a group date with the girl? May be the girl is also.a lesbian ....
  • Cheon: The girl shook her head profusely. "I've heard she only slept with men...," she admitted, blushing from her inexperience. "Plus, Seungri-oppa doesn't look gay. In fact, he seems homophobic," she chuckled, remembering how she attended a concert of the bands'. Their leader tried to avoid any contact from out of the closet homosexuals. She didn't know about Hyun though.
  • Sabrina: as like how cheon wasn't backing down she refused to let go of her theory as well." Wellllll some guys don't need to 'look' gay to be gay "She explained" and I say a ton of things too cheon dear doesn't mean it's true "She gave the girl a wink as she got up wanting to get out of the class for some fresh air" I defeated an 8 headed Dragon does that.mean it's true? "She asked her before leaving without hearing her answer she like always went off to skip class cheon could join her as she didn't care much or have any direction of where to go"
  • Cheon: When Sabrina left, the girl shook her head, seriously not believing her theories. The girl, who couldnt be suspected of skipping classes, bolted out of the classroom with Sabrina. "N-no! I don't believe you. What you said might be true but what I said might not be false," she explained, failing to see how it was a falacy to use as an arugment. "One time I talked to him. He said he'll never like any girl that is less than his girlfriend! Oppa even showed me her...," the girl suddenly looked at Sabrina's features. Although her hair had turned blue and her face had matured, it couldn't be...right? "Sabrina, have you ever dated a Korean boy in New York?"
  • Cheon: The girl followed Sabrina to the canteen and saw it was slightly full, due to the Junionrs enjoying. "Who was the best of them all?" She asked curiously.
  • Sabrina: being a love nymph she was fully aware of cheon's innocence so she thought of enjoying that a bit "best in what? "She asked" in bed? "She retorts back making some turn their heads to her while sabrina merely walked away laughing"
  • Cheon: The mortal blinked, believing a woman's virginity was the most sacred thing. However, despite being a prude, she was indeed curious. She ran up to Sabrina's side once more. "Unnie, unnie," she called. It meant older sister, and in this case, it mean their level of experiences. "Yes and no. Which one did you lovemost?"
  • Sabrina: she rolls her eyes the hope to stop cheon from asking her questions was a failure as she kept on asking more and more so she went to the vending machine and placed some change as she stared at the choices she have." I can't really pick... "She said slowly " each one was good in one thing and where the other lacks the next succeed.. "She continues "my first boyfriend... "She paused as the thought back on what kyoryu meant to her" was one of a kind... he was kind and gentle smart with his words but lacks trust... my next one trust me so much he died giving me his third... was a nightmare.. And my 4 was just plain weird... "She paused as she thought back on her past romance" my 5th reminded me of something I lost... while number 6 was just plain old rebound.... But my last one... hmmm what can I say... my last one "She paused as she pressed one of the drink" left an everlasting impression "She winks as she took the drink. Going off once more to just find an adventure
  • Cheon: The little hopeless romantic blushed at her unnie's comment. What did she mean by evelasting impression? Was it that? "Wait, wait, why did you break up then?" She frowned, especially since the last one held so much passion in her words. The seatmate was persistent in finding a date for Seungri. After all, she wanted Kyung all to herself.
  • Sabrina: she let out a sigh as she took yet another sip from her drink "sometimes things have a deadline "She explained to her" and our love just found it's "She explained further as she finished the can she tried to throw it to a distant can not managing go score" let's just say sometimes we're lucky sometimes we're not
  • Cheon: The mortal retained her frown. "Unnie, don't things have extended expiration dates?" She asked. "For example, my mom heats cookies one month after the expiration. She said it was still good as long as it was heated up." Sabrina's seatmate watched how the can was shot and clapped at the skills. Then agian, she could do the same. NOnetheless, it felt good to be appreciated.

Episode 5: I Can Hear Your Voice

Episode 6: Who Are You?

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