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because that ace wilder song is my life story

i know what you're playin'...other than girls!

Ace: A bored Ace is no fun at all, something that everyone has come to learn. The best thing to do - as is happening now - is to keep her away from people so she can't cause fights, and away from anything particularly breakable. "You are no fun at all," she says idly, "Why can't you just loosen up and help a girl out for once?"

Paxton: "Because then I'd die a little in the inside," Pax takes a prolonged pause, before a look in the fiery redhead's way causes a jaunty grin breaks onto his lips. "Figuratively and literally speaking, of course."

Ace: "C'mon, what's wrong with a little practical joking? They don't always have to hurt anyone. Sometimes they're just funny." She raises both eyebrows trying not to grin back at him, but, as always, catastrophically fails. "Also, what's life unless you die a little? Live life dangerously, Pax."

Paxton: "You mean besides the fact that it will only end up in about half a dozen fights, twice the amount of broken bones, and no happy ending?" Pax drawls out, arching a questioning eyebrow as he gives her a quizzical look. "Life is dangerous enough; no need to help it out in killing itself," he stops short for a second. "That... sounds deep. Life killing itself, thus resulting in death, which is the birth of a second life."

Ace: She rolls her eyes at him and glances out the window idly. That was breakable, but she wasn't particularly sure it was worth six billion cuts from glass shards. "You are such a nerd," she tells him, biting her lip to hide a smirk. "I'm sure that every girl you meet swoons over how wonderfully deep you are. Some girls are into that."

Paxton: He follows her line of sight. For a moment, he furrows his brow, almost reaching out to pull her away as is his instinct, but he manages to catch himself when he realizes she's looking out the glass, not at it. It's a giveaway she won't punch it or something, so he relaxes. "But I'm your nerd," he returns playfully, wiggling his eyebrows at his best friend. He pointedly ignores the second part. He doesn't have any girls swooning over him, nor is he interested in having them.

Ace: "Yes, unfortunately," she responds, trying to deadpan but the tone gives away the joke despite her efforts. "You can't be thinking about going your entire, eternal life with no romantic pursuits. Honestly, at this rate I'll have done more in 56 years than you will ever, and that would be both funny and kind of sad."

Paxton: Pax shrugs lamely, refusing to mention the fact that he just can't date anyone. It's not that he doesn't want to; he just can't. He puts on his usual, upbeat smile. "Keeping you in check is more than enough for me," he remarks, "You're like twenty-five different disturbed girls shoved into one."

Ace: Had it been anyone else, she might have made a comment like suggestive, but that would be just no. Weird. "Can we change it to twenty-seven? I like that better," she gives no indication of offense, leaning back in her chair precariously. Honestly, she's still a little fuzzy-headed from meeting Blodwen? How long are these things supposed to last? Then again, she's never really held feelings for anyone for longer than five seconds before.

Paxton: To be honest, he'd noticed something a little different to Ace, but he'd been unable to pinpoint what it had been. There hadn't been any major fights to break out - that he'd heard of - thus his silence on the topic. Still, he couldn't help but feel he should look into it. "What's so special about twenty-seven?" he asks with a quirk of an eyebrow.

Ace: "Nothing," she answers, truthfully, "It just has a better ring to it than twenty-five."

Paxton: "Not really, no," he snorts and shakes his head. "You're an odd one, have I ever told you that?"

Ace: "About six billion times in the past fifty-six years, yes," she replies, "But I'll forgive you for telling me again."

Paxton: He shrugs. Briefly, he feels the urge to make a comeback, but he knows it'll lead to further arguing, so he leaves the topic as is. "Interested in heading to the town or something?" he pauses, "Without causing trouble."

Ace: "I was completely, one million per cent with you until that second part," she sighs dramatically, "you really are boring." But it occurs to her that she might see Blodwen in town, so she got to her feet a little too enthusiastically even for her.

are you dreaming too?

Ace: Finally the redhead is tiring of 'escaping' from Pax - she's scarcely seen him since she got here, and it's beginning to feel less exhilarating and more straight up odd. So, she's sort of waiting in the shade of a tree for him to finally get the point and come find her. Meeting the cute snow nymph was a high point - she really couldn't get the other woman out of her head - but she had got all blushy and embarrassing, so it might be best to shake that off. A long sigh escapes her and she rests her head against the trunk of the tree. Being without someone whose entire purpose is to be with you is a weird experience. At this moment she doesn't particularly want to live that experience again, but she knows she'll forget this later and do it when she tires of his constant companionship once again.

Mercedes: In what seems to be a growing occurence, Mercedes is wandering around camp on her own, keeping to herself purposely so to avoid unwanted attempts at conversation; she's a little busy trying to come up with a good pranking idea to pull. She doesn't have a target yet, not really, but she intends on making this stunt a good one. She's young, but she's clever. She's more than positive she'll be able to figure it out within a reasonable timeframe that lets her record stay intact. After all, she is a daughter of Hermes. She's pretty much hardwired to be an annoying pest at camp, so she may as well play her cards the right way and come up with some way so the suspicion doesn't fall on her, but rather on one of her siblings. Or a discord nymph. Whichever works.

Ace: Unluckily for Ace she's always a prime target for these sorts of setups, even when she's deliberately trying to do nothing in particular. The girl was a little older than the child of Zeus she had met the other day, she was still skeptical that such a child should be walking around Camp alone. (She'd have done it.) But she's certainly not going to call her out on it, small children often had disproportionate wrath to hide. Not to mention that to Ace, shouldn't was near-on synonymous with should. She's reaching a point where even some company - Blodwen, Pax, anyone - would feel like a blessing. She lets out a long sigh, the day has, so far, been incredibly boring.

Mercedes: In her distracted state, Mercedes didn't really notice Ace until she was pretty much a few feet away from her, which in turn elicited a small surprised gasp from her. She steps back hastily, once she's positive the redhead isn't a fire-breathing demon. Or at least at first sight, where she can spring into action and try stabbing it until it turns into a pile of dust. She stays silent, unable to say anything, though she does eye the nymph warily, having never seen her around before. Even if Mercedes is a new camper, she's sure she's seen everyone by now.

Ace: Her eyes had already flickered away from the girl, distracted by something else, when she was noticed; they slowly shifted back at the sound of the gasp. She pushes hair back from her face gingerly. "You know, staring at someone like they're a mad axe murderer isn't usually a good way of saying 'hi'," she points out. Everyone recently seemed to have got that impression, and, honestly, she was more amused than hurt about the whole thing. First what with Raymond's satyr friend, and his sister - now this, it seemed. She could make a plethora of different identities in this way, but she's just too distinctive for them to work.

Mercedes: She archs an eyebrow questioningly. "Che cosa?"

Ace: She's faintly certain she knows what that language is, but either way, she doesn't speak it. "Uh...hva...what?" She finds the word she was searching for having sifted through Norwegian and Greek first. "I don't speak Italian, so..."

Mercedes: "I don't speak English," Mercedes talks back, in perfected Greek, once she realizes the woman likely talks fluent Greek, too.

Ace: Now that she understands. "Right, got it."

Mercedes: She awkwardly sticks around, mostly because she can't go further without leaving camp borders or entering the forest. Returning to camp right now is a no-no, so it seems this is the only viable option. Though it's not to say she actually enjoyed this. Oh, no, she'd very much rather be on her own.

Ace: "You haven't seen anyone else around? Peace nymph? Probably stressed out. He likes to keep an eye on me, but some days he's just not good at it."

Mercedes: "Maybe. Maybe not. You nymphs all look the same," Mercy points out.

Ace: "Right. Although, no offense to Pax, I'd rather not look like him. I feel like I'm far better as I am." She flashes a grin. "He just gets worried that I'll cause trouble. For good reason, but he just doesn't get how fun it is, what with the 'peace' and all that."


Neo: I wanted to play around with weirded-out Ace because she cares really, so throw anyone into this. :P

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