Audrey Finn -Child of Hebe
-Lieutenant of the Hebe cabin

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Nin Daemon ~ Scrapper
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More Info:

-Kombo King

 Age: 19  Height: 6'0"  Weight: 233 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Miami, FL  Main Weapon: Pair of shoes that allow the wearer to walk on any surface and because of the effect the user of the shoes will always remain upright. Also, a pair of glasses that slow down the users perception of time and can zoom in and zoom out. Lastly a pair of silver and CB batons that can fire compressed air, there is a cooldown time of five seconds on each shot as the batons store air through movement.
 Accent: Neutral
 "Fight till the last breath! That is my creed!"

James Spall ~ The Aussie
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"The ocean is unpredictable. Well so am I"
Character's Bio

 Age: 15  Height: 1.7 meters  Weight: 54 kilograms
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Taken
 Birth Place: Australia  Main Weapon: celestial bronze sword called tsounámi (tsunami), can turn into a pen. Silver sword that is the same style as sword as first one
 Accent: Australian
 – You don't turn your back on the surf, so don't turn your back on me

Character's Powers

 3/6/9 Month Powers Unlocked


  1. Children of Poseidon can fire a powerful blast of water from their hands, equivalent to that of a fire hose, which evaporates after a short time.
  2. Children of Poseidon have the ability to conjure and freeze small amounts of water into durable ice weapons, which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also make small non-combative objects out of ice.


  1. Children of Poseidon can create an area around themselves that inflicts others with intense seasickness, making them dizzy and nauseous for as long as they remain inside. The user must keep their focus on maintaining the effect for the duration.
  2. Children of Poseidon can turn their body to water for a very short time, letting an attack pass harmlessly through them. This can cause extreme dehydration with repeated use.


  1. Children of Poseidon can breathe, are swifter and more powerful, and can heal slightly faster while underwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon can keep themselves and everything they touch dry in the water, unless they choose to become wet.
  3. Children of Poseidon can survive falling from any altitude as long as they land in water, and can go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the cold or water pressure.
  4. Children of Poseidon can communicate with and command equestrian animals, as well as all creatures that dwell in the sea.
  5. Children of Poseidon are innately less inhibited by severe wind and precipitation.


  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create minor earthquakes, large enough to knock anyone nearby off their feet, for a few seconds.
  2. Children of Poseidon are able to telekinetically move water at a high rate. The larger amount of water used, the more energy it drains. This can be used on ice, but is much more difficult and draining.
  3. Children of Poseidon are are able summon a specific horse, pegasus, or sea creature directly to their position, regardless of distance. This only works on creatures that they have a strong personal bond with.
  4. Children of Poseidon can calm, strengthen or influence the direction of the winds, though to a much lesser extent than children of Zeus or the anemoi.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon have the ability to create a torrential rainstorm overhead, which will downpour and cause high winds over a large area. The storm will gradually clear over time, and afterward the user would be substantially drained.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to shape a semi-living construct out of water, no larger than 3 to 4 times the size of the user, that fights for them for a short time. The user is weakened while the construct is active, and the longer they maintain the it, the more energy it drains.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Poseidon are able to transform their bodies into a state of pure water for a short time, becoming immune to most attacks. The hydrokinetic abilities they already possess are enhanced by this state, and they are capable of covering great distances in an instant while underwater. The user will be extremely drained once the transformation ends, and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Poseidon always know their exact coordinates when in water and are able to innately feel the difference between freshwater and saltwater.
  2. Children of Poseidon normally have a love for water, and generally excel at water sports.
  3. Children of Poseidon tend to be favored by animals of the sea.
  4. Children of Poseidon often have a natural affinity for horses and many grow up to become equestrians.

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Nin: Nin is jogging over to the Hebe cabin, checking and rechecking the straps on his bags, and making sure everything in general is in place. He is more than a little excited because he is spending a few days with his girlfriend in the woods. Nin can't keep a dopey smile of his face and tries to calm himself down when Hebe cabin comes into veiw. 

Audrey: Audrey threw a yellow sweater on over her green and grey casual fitness wear, while Kasey bought her red backpack to her with some effort. Dreaming of what camping with her new boyfriend in the forest would be like, Audrey decided to wait outside the cabin for Nin a pleasant grin resting on her face, not noticing the incoming demigod.

Nin: Nin spots her waiting on the porch for him and his smile becomes wider threating to strecth his face out. Seeing her standing there made him believe all is right with the world but he notices that she has not noticed him. Nin puts his bags down softly and tries to walk up to her without making noise to surprise her with a kiss. He makes it up the steps and is in armsreach of her.

Audrey: Audrey takes a couple of deep breaths, feeling the sun on her face, when she feels another feeling in her face. With a small sound of surprise, Audrey immediately recognizes Nin by his touch and presence. She leans forward and smiles into the kiss, her eyes shinning like the sun did only moments ago. Pulling back, Audrey flashed another sincere grin at Nin and swiped her hand through his hair. "How's my favorite boyfriend doing this fine afternoon?"

Nin: "Now that I am with you I am doing just fine." he replies with a smile. He wraps his arms around her to hug her close to himself just enjoying the moment. His forehead rests against hers when he talks again "You all packed and ready to go. The mortal bus runs on a strange schedule..."

Audrey: Audrey reaches for his hand and squeezes it. "All packed... I just have a, small, question." Audrey hesitated and remembered Kasey a few steps behind her. "How much can I trust you?" She said with a small coy smile, though she was really curious on whether it would be better to bring Kasey or not. 

Nin: Nin thinks for a moment and takes her hand with a smile "Even if trust could be measured. There would need to be another scale for how much trust and faith you could have in me." That's when his eyes find Kasey "If you want to bring the dog then let's. No other animals seem to like me but her." he shrugs "If only she was nocturnal though. I would have been able to read her mind." He keeps a hold on her hand and turns as if to leave "Come on Audrey. Nothing but space and oppurtunity awaits us."

Audrey: Audrey beamed for a moment, then joked, "At this rate, I bet Kasey'll be jealous of you, so don't count on her liking you forever." She gave a small laugh, but something inside of her was still a little nervous. This was going to be one of biggest risks yet. As they started walking, Audrey added, "Well, space, opportunity, and a lot of kissing." It sounded a lot better in her head.

Nin: Nin can't help but smile at that and turns back around to kiss her, missing her lips and kissing her chin because she was a bit taller on the steps. He starts laughing because of his mistake and can't help but shake his head "I totally failed with that one."

Audrey: Blushing, Audrey lets out a laugh too and steps down to his level. "C'mon, I think the camp has seen enough of our public affection." Grabbing her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder, Audrey asked as she started to lead him to the direct she was fairly positive was Half-Blood Hill, "Now how are we supposed to get this bus? Is mortal transportation such a good idea?"

Nin: "Yea. Let's get a move on." Nin picks up his bags when they walk past in the direction of the hill out of camp. "We are supposed to get on the bus like normal people. Also, it is a good idea. I got a lil money from Xanxus." Nin trails off "He seems to be able to print it using MiniRow and complicated tech". He shrugs and looks over at her "Don't worry. I will protect you from anything that might come our way Audrey."

Audrey: "We can pretend we're normal people, but we still know we aren't. I just want to be safe, Nin." With a smiling sigh, Audrey added, "And to have fun." And not to get arrested for counterfeit. "I'm sure everything will be fine," Audrey assured Nin (but mostly herself). She starts to feel an incline and Audrey assumes they are walking up the hill. With a more daring expression, Audrey raises her voice and calls back to camp, "We're going mortal!"

Nin: Nin can't help but laugh at how random yelling going mortal was. He pulls her close to him and moves from holding hands to wrapping an arm around her waist. "Don't worry love we'll be safe." They reach the top of the hill intertwined like that and the tree comes into veiw. 

Audrey: Leaning on his shoulder for a second, Audrey gave a small yawn. "I had no sleep last night... first Kasey was keeping me up and then I was to excited with this trip to fall back asleep. I apologize in advance if I'm a little loopy." At the top of the hill, Audrey grinned and gave him a peck on the cheek before asking, "Where to, love?"

Nin: Nin narrows his eyes and spots the begining of the trail to the right "Just over there Audrey and don't worry. On the bus you can catch some sleep. I'll be your pillow." He keeps his arm around her and takes the right passing through the camps border when their feet meet the trail. He can't help but shiver a bit as if he can feel the boarder between the mortal world and camp. 

Audrey: Audrey nods along with a content expression and takes careful note in the drop of temperature. She shifts closer to Nin, as if feeling him there would comfort her. Which it did. Taking a deep breath, Audrey was glad to have put on that sweater. Audrey whispered to him, her pink lips close to his ear, "Did you bring your weapon? I can't exactly carry a whip/dogleash in my backpack."

Nin: Nin grins and nods to her "Yea my guantlets are in ring form right now and my staff is at my side. No need to worry Audrey" He says her name softly and gives her waist a little squeeze to thank her and he thinks about how nice it is to have someone watching his back. With her at my side. What more could a guy ever need. 

Audrey: "Always two steps ahead, aren't you?" Audrey says with a small smile on her face. She lets out a warm sigh, loving the feeling of the ground under her sneakers. "How can this be anymore perfect?" Audrey asked rhetorically after a pause of silence. "How can you be anymore perfect, Nin?" She puts a dreamy tone to the way she says "Nin", adding gently, "Goodness, if I was an ice cream, I would certainly melt in your arms. And thats ok... because I trust you. I love you, Nin."

Nin: Nin grins and his heart beats a little faster "I love you too Audrey. Besides, Ice cream isn't as sweet as you are." Nin pecks her cheek quickly and notices they are close to the end of the dirt trail leading out of camp. 

Audrey: Blushing, Audrey continued walking with a bounce in her step as she said, "You know, my friends are getting quite suspicious about the nights we've spent together, Dove especially. Dove that harmonia girl... you've met her I believe. And I don't think this camping trip is helping." Audrey smiled, a small crinkle at the bridge of her nose.

Nin: "I don't have many friends but with friends like yours there is no need for enemies." He shrugs "What we do is our business and they should want what is best for you." He gives her cheek a peck "I am what's best for you." he says with a smile "Also, I heard from Harmond that there will always be a friend I don't like when dating. Dove is that one, I suppose."

Audrey: "Of course, love, we're the best for eachother and that's our business," Audrey said, failing at forcing the flush in her face. She smiles as he kisses her cheek, though it loses some energy as he expresses his displeasement with one of her most generous friends. Still, Audrey knew how stubourn and hard-headed Dove could be, and respected that. "Harmond and Dove half-siblings, you know, so our dating could bring them together as friends. Dove always talks about wanting to train her powers with a half-sibling."

Nin: "Hmm, Like I said not many friends. Harmond is more of an associate who I happen to know because he trains my little cousin. He is a very...non peaceful person to say the least but if your friend is up for it then I say let her. Harmond may stop going so hard on Ini." He stops talking when they reach the end of the dirt road. Nin spots the train station sign to the left and starts walking towards it "You remember the name of the place right? I had it in mind then forgot."

Audrey: "And how could a dashing young man like you not have many friends?" Audrey asked, her voice as smitten as she felt. She feels the ground harden more under her feet, the dirt road tapering into a real one, one she hadn't felt in a while. Stroking the beard she didn't have, Audrey said slowly, "No... I'm blanking too right now." Audrey's tone became distressed.

Nin: Nin looks up and sees a posted with a beaver on it and something in his mind clicks. "It was the Harri camp Audrey. It had the beavers! And it has the tent spaces." Nin starts speaking quickly to promote how grand the camp is and moves in front of her. "It is going to be fantastic baby, I promise."

Audrey: Audrey nods, the name ringing a bell. "Right," She said in a lost tone. Answering to Nin's last statement, Audrey said with a sly smile, "If you say so, baby." Audrey had always found it both amusing and cheesy, as well as endearing and attractive when people gave her pet names, but it didn't bother her so much that Nin did it too.

Nin: Nin pauses in front of her and his face starts getting extremely hot "Um, yea....Ha". Nin grabs her hand before turning around again and walking over to the bus stop quickly. 

Audrey: Wondering if she said something to upset. Audrey plastered on an uneasy smile and kept a few paces behind a fast-walking Nin, tethered together by their hands. Hearing the sounds of a distant rumble, slightly uneven tires on a slightly uneven road, the bus comes to a stop with a huffing sputter, and motor almost louder than the bus driver, who opened up the door to call out "Afternoon bus!" with a gruff voice. Audrey said in a low voice, "Well... here it is. Don't let me bump into to anything- or anyone.

Nin: "I won't" Nin says unintentionally gruff to match the tone of the bus driver. His hand tightens a bit around Audrey's due to how many people are on the bus. Nin leads Audrey onto the bus and his stare makes all the passengers avert their limbs from the aisle until he reaches the back of the bus. "Right here Audrey. We have seats feet for a king and queen"

Audrey: Audrey attempted to walk as she straight as she could in the aisle of the bus, looking straight ahead of her with a regal expression that wasn't normally worn with someone in camping gear to help conceal herself. "Why thank you, King Nin," Audrey said with a smile as she gave her backpack to Nin to put in the overhead compartment, feeling around the seat and sitting down, folding her hands in her lap. Turning to her right, Audrey felt the cold window next to  her, and she splayed her palm on it as if she could see through it. It gave her a sort of strength.

Nin: Nin takes a seat beside her still glaring down the patrons of the bus but feeling a little safer now that he can survey his surroundings. Five hours to go. I can make it five hours.....maybe but his thoughts drift off when he sees Audrey's empty hand. He takes it gently and intertwines his fingers with hers thinking to himself Forget the time. I'll enjoy this.

Audrey: Audrey closed her eyes, and shortly after she felt a hand tangle with her own. Trying to venture into a conversation that could last them the surplus of free time they'd have to wait on the bus, Audrey said, "So, Nin, let's play a game. It's called favorites... it's pretty much self-explanatory." She opened her eyes and turned her head towards his, her curls brushing across her face. "Whats you're favorite..." Audrey tried to find something unusal, deciding on, "Flower?"

Nin: Nin thinks for a moment "My favorite flower is honey suckcle. While I was out with Vifera he showed me the flower and told me to pluck it. I did and then he told me to drink, I thought he was crazy, but I did it none the less and it tasted great." He smiles thinking of the memory "So do I ask what is yours or ask another?" 

Audrey: Audrey grinned, feeling his warmth as Nin recalled the memory. Shrugging, Audrey said "My favorite flower is the rose. I find it interesting how the thorns can prick you as if it knows your going to touch it. I wonder if roses can see..." Trailing off, Audrey righted herself, and said, "Now it's your turn to ask me something." She ran her thumb over Nin's hand that was still intwined with hers.

Nin: "Hmm, what is your favorite..." Nin thinks for a moment and then grins "What is your favorite food?" He thinks about liqurice when he asks the questions and is happy to hear hers if only to try and get it for her. 

Audrey: Audrey had to think about this for a moment, before answering with confidence, “Chocolate– but not dark chocolate. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, and especially with raspberries or caramel. Or peanut butter… I could go on. One time on valentines day I got this box of chocolates from my,” Audrey paused, "from my friend and it was all I could do not to eat them all. They were great.”

Nin: Nin smiles "When it comes to chocolate I prefer dark to anything else but my favorite food is liquorice." He runs his thumb over her hand "The after taste is the best part. Your turn."

Audrey: Audrey felt the bus screech to a halt for a quick stoplight, but just the sudden movement was enough to send her heart racing, and Audrey was already bracing herself between the window and Nin when she realized what had caused the motion. What she hadn't noticed were the stares, but Audrey ignored that with a blush as she went on, "Whats, um, your favorite part of camp?" Audrey was careful to leave out the Half-Blood part, even if she was fairly certain no one was evesdropping on their mellow conversation.

Nin: Nin immediatnly feels bad when he sees Audrey brace herself and grab him because he gave no warning beforehand. He turns this disappointment to mild annoyance and turns a stare to every person on the bus that looked back. After a moment of this he thinks of a way to make his answer funny "It's gotta be t-" but he stops in the middle of talking when he sees one last person staring. It seems to be a little boy with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes. The type of kid who is an angel to everyone except for a few select people and Nin could tell it was one of those kids. He tries to ignore him and goes back to talking "It has got to be the area near the dining pavilion where staues are erected. Most of them are naked so basically it is a gallery of god nudes." He chuckles thinking back to Ini getting there and averting his eyes "How do you think the Aphro-" He stops in the middle of his convo because the kid flicks something at him which lands on his cheek, he can't figure out what until he sees the kid picking his nose. He furiously rubs his face. 

Audrey: Audrey continued to catch her breath as Nin started talking, though she was a bit confused when he stopped talking, until he finished the thought a couple moments later. She blushed, saying, "Of course," As she laughed with a small eyeroll. There is another silence passes in between them and Audrey puts her hand on Nin's arm before realizing that it was moving. Assuming he was just adjusting his hair, Audrey continued with saying with a yawn, "I think I'm going to catch some shut eye. Wake me up when we're there."

Nin: Nin nods before remembering he needs to say something "Okay love," he tells her while patting her thigh. "You get some sleep." He mutters under his breath "While this little brat gets what's coming to him" while moving a shadow under the seats. It crawls under the row in front and stops now under the row with the little kid. Then the shadow lifts slowly like a plant growing till it catches his eye and he looks down. With the little kid facing down Nin has the shadow suddenly grab his face like a parasite from predator, squirming wildly for a few moments before release. Then he makes the shadow a regular shadow again while the child cries; no one but him and the gods having seen what just happened. 

Audrey: Audrey drifts off, her head resting on him, but shortly after she hears the sounds of a sobbing child and stirred awake. "Nin! What is that?" She asked in a hushed tone.

Nin: He remains calm as he replies "A child began crying. Which I am sure you can tell, the reason for the matter however is comlicated." He rests his head on her shoulder and whispers "He flicked a booger at me...with incredibly accuracy. So after rubbing it off of my face...I made him the protagonist of an "Alien" movie." He swallows hard but keeps his head on her shoulder so she knows where she is when she wants to hit him "I sent a shadow to eat his face."

Audrey: "Gross," Audrey said with a shutter, before contorting her face and exclaiming, "You did what? Nin you can't do that outside of," Her voice dropped, "Outside of you know where." Moving away from Nin she dislodged herself from him, angling her self to face slightly towards the window and rubbing her temples. Audrey heard the child being comforted, an unknowing yet soothing female voice cooing, "It's alright, Tommy, the dog didn't hurt you, did it?" Breathing out of a huff of air, and collecting herself from the rather confusing wake up, Audrey muttered, "I knew this would happen, but out of camp? On this trip?"

Nin: Nin lifts the arm rest and wraps his arms around her waist "Shh. It's okay. There is no rule stating no power use outside of camp. Though I admit I went a bit to far trying to use a shadow to eat a child." He stops and continues in the same low tone "If you want me to. Then I won't use my powers while we are on this trip. How does that sounds?" He places his chin on her left shoulder gently and kisses her cheek "I apologize for waking you and for...again...trying to eat a child with a shadow parasite."

Audrey: Leaning back into Nin, Audrey looked up at him, her eyes wide but not really seeing. "No, no, I shouldn't control your.. your powers, I just... know what it's like to feel... helpless, to have power used against myself... I'm sure that kid is fine," Audrey said, "And, apology accepted." Reaching up and stroking his face briefly the a gentle affection, Audrey gave the smallest of smiles before closing her eyes and trying to sleep once more.

Nin: Nin didn't know if anyone on the bus was trustworthy but seeing Audrey sleep made him want to sleep as well. He looked at the dog and nodded to it, hoping it understood he was placing their protection in it's paws, and it was only then Nin tried to sleep. Audrey had dozed off while her head was on his chest so to keep her comfortable he made a shadow pillow of sorts behind him in the shape of a backpack. A final look at the rising sun and he was fast asleep.

It was a fairly bumpy ride the farther they got towards the campsite, but the biggest jump signaled the final stop of the bus. The bus now was mostly empty, and besides another old couple, Tommy and his family were still there, presumably going camping as well. "Ride's up!" The bus driver called back in his raspy voice, then killing the engine and coughing while he waited for the remaining passengers to file out.

Nin: Nin wakes up when the bus goes over the bump but stays in the position he is in, comfortable around Audrey. He opens his eyes when the bus stops and is greeted by the face of the child from before. He grits his teeth and his eyebrow raises but he doesn't use his powers. Nin smiles instead and upon seeing his smile the boy begins sobbing like when his face was eaten by shadows. No matter what I do. Kids, animals, and opponents never like me. 

Audrey: Audrey woke up shortly after Nin, listening to the footsteps of an older couple who held hands and climbed down the bus's steps. With a pleasant, easy grin, Audrey sighed followed but a long yawn, tilting her head up to Nin and saying, "I think we're there, Nin." Audrey sat up, adjusting her clothes and taking a deep, crisp breath. "Shall we?"

Nin: Nin sighed whispering " We shall " but, not missing the opportunity to kiss her neck he steals a peck and rises. Nin grabs all of their bags from the over head, strapping each to each other or too himself so Audrey wouldn't have to carry any, before reaching down to tap her hand. "I think the bus driver is looking at us. We should go quickly love"

Audey: As she didn't have any bags to carry, Audrey held the top of the seat in front of her a stood up as well. She touched his arm then side-stepped in the rather wide aisle, walking forward with the uncertainty that she had without her guide dog, or anyone to help her along. The young boy from earlier also happened to be getting up to leave, so by fate Audrey had to of course stumble on him. They both let out squeaks of suprise, and Audrey quickly backed up into Nin, bumping into him with a small bit of force. She felt like a human ping-pong ball. Half human, anyway.

Nin: Nin wraps an arm around Audrey to steady her and peaks around her to narrow his eyes at Tommy, who turns quickly with a sniff. "You alright love?" he whispers to her ear.

Audrey: Audrey tensed and in a small voice said, "Um, yeah." With a blush on the rise, Audrey went for round two and started walking down the aisle, pulling Nin behind her by his hand. When she felt a the ground drop, Audrey quickly caught herself again and attempted to go down the other steps.

Nin: Nin notices Audrey having difficulty getting the hang of walking down the ailse and an idea comes to mind seeing this. Nin forms a solid platform of shadow, barely noticeable to anyone looking at the floor, and with it the floor from where they are to the bus doors becomes solid and safe to walk on. He can't help but catch the fact that tommy stumbles and for that and that alone he is a bit sorry for using his powers.....a bit.

Audrey: Audrey continued to walk on, and without any further disturbances, she found herself walking down a dirt trail, grooved with use, that would lead into the forest. By now Audrey had learned that all she had to do was lead and Nin would follow, despite her natural urges to cling to safety and trail behind confidance. The chillness in the hair brought color to her cheeks; even her nose started to turn a subtle red, and immediately Audrey craved to be snuggled next to Nin again. Ok, so maybe some clinging was fine.

Nin: Nin was happy as they got off the bus without any further mishaps and even happier when Tommy took a left with his family down the trail to his campsite. He looks at the numbers on the signs posted and sees sign seven a couple feet away to the right. "Audrey we are gonna take a right in a couple more steps i'll say when" Nin's grip on her hand tightens when he realizes how dense the woods are packed. I won't forgive a single monster who interrupts.

Audrey: Audrey nodded, humming softly to herself almost without realizing it, as she often did when she was content. A breeze ruffling the leaves surrounding them and blew her curls back. Puffing out her cheeks slightly as she exhaled, Audrey said with a small smile, "When can we settle down in that tent for some quality time, hm?" Her teeth flashed in the sunlight and she squeezed back on his surprsingly hard grip.

Nin: Nin loosens his grip by a lot when he gets a squeeze back and with a chuckle he replies "I mean do we really need the tent?".

Audrey: "Whatever you think is best... I mean, if you brought one, we might as well use it," Audrey said as their trailed curved.

Nin: It takes her asking about the tent that gives him pause at her words Wait...quality time in the tent...then she aske- OOOHHH. I am an idiot. I'll tell her the cabin has a bed. "Audrey no need to worry about the tent. If it is quality time you seek...then I want to let you know.." he leans close and whispers in her ear "The bed is king sized" I think that should wor- What was that!! A shiver down my back like something dangerous or stupid is around. Actually......maybe a combo of both. 

Audrey: Audrey smiled with an amused expression and when he came close she ran her hand through his hair, and gave him a quick kiss. Only moments afterwards, however, a cracking of twigs sounded from the forest, and Audrey's skin when cold. "What was that?"

James: Going to Washington D.C to see an uncle he doesn't even remember having, was not how James wanted to spend his latest time in America. On his way to camp, James took a side track through a forest to give Red some time to actually be in a forest, until Red had other ideas and ran off from James. James heard two familiar sounding people as Red kept running, stopping Red before he got close to the two people, seeing that one of them was Nin. "Just a Australian that controls water and has a dingo." James said walking closer to the couple once he heard Audrey talk

Nin: Nin goes on a mental cursing rant in his head; insulting the domains of multiple gods but luck getting it the worst. Through clenched teeth Nin smiles, the smile a bit more frightening than him being angry, and he greets James. "Hey buddy of mine. What are the odds?"

Audrey: Audrey relaxed, hearing it was just a friend. With a smile, she said, "James! Haven't seen you in such a long time." She hurried forwards to give him an awkward hug, remembering how her friend Dove always seemed to greet people like that and got back positive response.

James: "Maybe me meeting another one of my few cousins and just leaving her." James said as hugging Audrey back just as awkwardly as she was while Red went up to Nin, nudging him with his nose. I hope Clementine doesn't see this and ask me about it. James thought to himself once he quickly stopped hugging Audrey

'Nin'Nin looks down at the dog and wonders why it is doing what it's doing This dog is almost as annoying as James. Should I growl at it...Nah that won't work. I'll just pretend it's not there. "How was your trip bro? Actually.....where were you in the first place?"

Audrey: Audrey walked backwards until she narrowly missed trampling Red and found her place next to Nin, reaching for his hand. "And how did you end up here, not at camp?" She gave him an inquisitive face, wondering if he was up to something else. What the else was, she was unsure of. 

James: "Not bad, just America is finally start to get on my nerves. My mum made me go see my other uncle and cousin, who I didn't even know was real, in D.C and I just left cause I couldn't stop laughing at the fact we are meant to be related. I just started to head back to New York and took Red here, which is how I ran into you two."

Nin: Another feeling spreads through Nin, one of foreboding, the chill he gets before a monster is present. Damn it James! One child of a big three, one primodial of the underworld and then the ice cream on the cake my girlfriend. Nin presses his thumb to the back Audrey's hand gently "Not to alarm anyone but a monster is near us and it's close....too close for comfort." 

Audrey: Audrey tensed, straining her ears for noises in the distance and took another step towards Nin, brushing her shoulder with his. She wasn't always panic-wise around impending danger, and that was apparent. "Well then we need to get out of here, three demigods out of camp must be pretty enticing for a monster." Of course, the one time I don't have Kasey or a weapon, I'm the most vaunerable. 

James: "Ha. One monster, I had to deal with that many in New Zealand, it wasn't funny. And this wasn't my fault, a monster would have found you two sooner or later." James said as he pulled off his silver sword. "This is going to be so easy."

Nin: Nin glances over and James and his eyes narrow If you end up accidently getting my girlfriend hurt. I will have to kill you, you tomhardy fool. It's then he hears a hiss through the trees and catches the glint of predatory eyes. "Oh goody, one of the various types of snake people." he turns towards Audrey "Did you bring anything babe?". He is already replicating her whip with shadows using his memory to reconstruct if she hadn't bought it. 

Audrey: Audrey closed her eyes and shook her hea, slowly starting to walk backwards. "No, I didn't but.. Nin, it's one thing to fight alone, but with more factors of people for all I know I could be attacking one of you guys." She stopped and took a deep breathe. "But I don't really have a choice in this, do I?"

James: "I just hope it isn't venomous." James said as he pulled out his other sword, and telling Red to scout around for anymore monsters. "I can make up for you not fighting. Your boyfriend on the other hand, I can't say the same for."

Nin: Nin nods before remembering Audrey can't hear him "Alright babe we can handle it." He is about to ask James if he is good before he hears the cheap shot James says "Well in all our fights I have won....so that line is mine saltlick." With that he balls his hand into a fist and his middle finger makes contact with the circle in the middle of his palm. Like a transformer metal extends out of his hands, bronze coating his arms all the way to his shoulders, then the Stygian iron blades come out of the forearms. "Audrey. My staff is in the bag to your left. It is a baton right now and easy to swing. If you feel something near you hit it.....if it is James hit it again."

Audrey: With a sarcastic smile Audrey said, "Ha ha very funny. Can we focus on not dying now?" Audrey rummaged through his back and pulled out the baton, tossing it lightly in the air to get a feel of weight. "I think I can work with this, sure." Acknowledging James, she asked, "You okay?" The more people prepared the better, especially considering Audrey thought of herself as a disadvantage.

The Lamia exits the bushes amber eyes looking between all three demigods angrily. Her body sways back and forth like when a snake sees a mouse. He unsheathes twin schimitar and hisses not even saying anything to the demigods in front of it. Then,true to form, it strikes lunging at the demigods hoping to end it before they can react. 

James: "And if it is Nin, hit it as hard as you can in the lower area. Yeah, just snakes are kinda what I hate most." James said before The Lamia came out from the bushes, Red jumping up from behind it, locking his jaws on it's left arm. "That a boy." James said before he covered himself in water from the area. It has no legs, so no earthquake. Water powers it is then.

The Lamia hisses and pulls it's left arm backwards; it's sword now occuping the space it's arm was in. Then it flips it blae to the left the edge of the blade in the position to slice the little dog open on contact. When it's close enough she pulls the blade backwards to cut through it. She throws the blade in the right hand at the one with the gauntlets. 

Nin: Nin raises his arm and deflects the blade with his forearm sending it into the air with his forearm blades. Then with the snake woman occupied he charges, sprinting the distance between them in moments, reaching her and jumping off her outstretched arm. In the air he grabs the scimitar and aims to bring it back down on the Lamia's shoulder.

Audrey: As the monster jumped out and began to fight with James and Nin, Audrey had immediately wished Kasey was there. She regripped the baton she was holding and suddenly blanked on what she was supposed to do. Knees locked, Audrey concentrated and used the offensive power she knew of to try to slow and weaken the monster down, hoping one of the other demigods would take the chance to make a more fatal attack.

James: Red would have got sliced in half if James didn't react and used the water covering him to keep Red safe. "No one tries to kill my dog." James said before he turned into water, heading straight to the Lamia, rapping around it's neck to strangle it.

The Lamia throws it's hand forward and pushes the boy in the air away but suffers a shallow cut on the arm that causes her to hiss. Even more angry at the demigods she whips her tail forward at the boy charging, aiming the thick part of it's tail at the boy's midsection. Suddenly it feels weaker, drained of vitality, and in anger it's gaze shifts from the three demigod in front of it. Her eyes land on the only female and it raises it's upper-body into the air poised to strike. 

Nin Nin let's go of the scimitar, dropping it while the wind is knocked out of him, and he lands a few feet away. He rises again with a groan and his eyes narrows on the Lamia in anger but it turns to worry when he realizes the gaze the snake woman has. He traces her line of sight to Audrey and in seconds is on his feet sprinting the distance for a second time just as the snake woman dives for Audrey. He roars into a shadow travel and reappears seconds later in the air next to the Lamia, which he proceeds to tackle.

Audrey: Feeling her energy fade a little, Audrey heard Nin's familiar voice roar, then felt the Lamia falling to the ground by her shocked self, grabbing at her foot. Audrey screamed and tried to kick it off, pounding it with the baton.

James: The Lamia's tail just went through James and he kept on joining, increasing the water amount from Red's water amour, starting to cover the Lamia's mouth to drown it.

The Lamia is nearly suffocated and choked by the boy now made of water; her death by the viscous liquid around her neck. She has plans to take the girl demigod out with her despite this and almost does so when she is tackled violently from her side. The dark demigod appears from a portal near her and that blow sends her careening off to the side. Despite the pain from it, it dislodges the liquid child and gives her an opportunity to breathe. She unsheathes a dagger strapped to her side with her new found freedom and swings wildly at the child on her side. 

Nin: Nin succeeds in saving Audrey but pays for it with his leg and arm which suffer several cuts of varying lengths. Nin scrambles off of her quickly, rolling to the side before reaching a distance safe enough to get back up. The Lamia does the same thing and her tongue leaves her mouth with a wicked grin; the snake woman gleeful at the sign of blood. Nin thinks nothing of it and grits his teeth against his bleeding wounds still ready to fight...to the death if need be. "I have someone other than Ini to protect now. I won't let anyone hurt either of them!" he says to himself before calling shadows from the forest and sweeping his hand right. A wave of densely packed darkness crashes into the Lamia knocking her over to the other side of the gravel road.

Audrey: Audrey twists away and runs the opposite direction, feeling around for something sharp she can stab with, despite knowing only CB can kill a monster. She heard Nin say something and the sound of blood rushing in her ears overwhelms her, scrambling the words. Then hearing something heavy skid across the gravel with an almost screeching noise, Audrey coughed at the cloud of dust that mushroomed around the Lamia. Still, amidst her dysphoria, Audrey found herself more focused to channel her powers, to make the monster's bones ache and it's muscles weaken until they felt like mush. Only time would tell to see if it would have a big enough affect on it to save her friends.

James: As Nin uses shadows to attack the Lamia, James rushes away from it turning back into his normal self, both his swords out. He then called on a nearby fire breathing horse, getting on it without a saddle. "I'm going to end this bastard."

The Lamia is suddenly turned to jelly and buffeted by a mass of blob-like shadow from the forest. It makes contact and forces her to the other side of the gravel bodily, consumed by the darkness so wholly the only sense left to her is pain. The wave forces her into a tree with a resounding Thwack that makes her ears ring. Dizzily she rises again and contemplates a retreat from the assorted group of demigods in front of her, but she surveys the battlefield for weakness before admitting defeat. She takes note of one breathing hard with his arm outstretched towards the forest, another on a lesser monster from the forest nearby, and lastly the girl who seems to have a disability. She pulls her thin lips back over her fangs and her tongue flits out tasting but at the same time smelling the place of battle. She smiles when another scent becomes present, another being, a stranger that turns out to be a small boy coming from around a corner. His small eyes go wide with a mix of fright, awe, and disbelief and her lips curl more, this time into a very twisted smile. "A ssseer".

Nin: Nin can feel all the pain. More than that he feels a mental fatigue from use of his powers. It is a lot worse than usual as he called on a massive surge of raw shadow. Nin drops his hand panting and considers using the last of strength to retreat with Audrey. That is until he notices the Lamia freeze and taste the air before smiling in the most unfriendly manner he had ever seen. Nin turns with a feeling of dread hoping Audrey wasn't the target of the smile but the feeling turns into an even more primal feeling of protection when a small child moves from around the corner. I-Is that Tommy?! Please keep walking kid. Please tell me you don't see that sliding, slimy, snake thing. Being the special child he is of course Tommy sees the snake, and of course it freezes him dead in his tracks. Nin knows he can't let the snake get past him. If it does it will make a meal of Tommy and from that distance she'd have Audrey as a chaser. He calculates the distance between him and her and knows he can't sprint that faster than the snake so he walks to the middle of the road and clenches his fist in a fighting stance, last stand style, against the oncoming monster. Is this what warriors feel...when everything they love is on the line. When everything they want to protect is behind them. A metallic taste fills his mouth and an unregistered feeling grows heavy on his chest I-is this fear?! He has no time to deal with his lacking emotional spectrum at the moment and stares down the snake woman who is getting ready to strike. "James! Watch out for her tail! She's about to mo-" then with a flash of blinding speed she rushes James. Nin silently sends up a prayer to every deity listening, a simple Please and he is in motion even while sending this prayer.

Audrey: It wasn't really silence that Audrey felt, it was more just a dimming of the outside world as her heartbeart echoed in the chamber of her chest. And it seemed all was still for a moment, until Nin's voice called out to warn James, and Audrey suddenly felt the strangest urge to try to go to his aid. But the even stranger part was that she did. Audrey listened around her and was able to locate the monster by the whoosing of wind as it bolted at high speed towards something, most likely someone she cared about. Audrey squinted in concentration and attempted to the monster to feel the sinking effects of old age, hopefully reducing it's fighting and defending abilities. As she focused, it occured to her that she didn't have a weapon, though she probably didn't have the current strength to multitask right then, and grunted out pleadingly, "Nin. James. Someone, get her while I can keep this hold."

James: When Nin yelled out to him, James quickly urged the horse to move out of the way and breath fire at the Lamia as the horse ran away from it. "Now I'm going to end it." James said as he jumped off the horse, telling it to not move or do anything, as he drew water from the ocean to make a 25ft high wave, making skinner, giving it more height, got into the middle of it and dropped the wave down on it, putting both his swords into the Lamia as he hit the monster with the wave.

The Lamia was hit by the fire and the heat disoriented her enough to almost drop her guard against the assault of the demigods. With a ferocious snarl however she whips out a shield that had been hanging from her back. The swords make contact with her shield and she grins triumphantly even while being forced backwards by the wave which loses momentum soon. It gives her the opportunity to shrug the water demigod off pushing the shield into him and continuing her mad dash for the small child. Her mouth wide open she springs into the air and plans to drain the energy from him when suddenly the demigod of darkness is in front of her, pushing the child out of the way, leaving him wide open for attack.

Nin: Nin had sprinted with all his power, might, and energy to reach Tommy before the snake and he had succeeded in doing so when she was forced back by James' wave. He feels a single moment of triumph before his entire existence is consumed by pain and regret for the action he had just taken. Pushing Tommy out of the way had left him open to the monster who had her jaw unhinged to eat whatever was in her path, he just so happened to make himself a to-go box. He feels her teeth latch onto his neck and he yells bloodcurdling feeling their sting as it tears into his flesh and drinks more than blood but his life. He struggles flinging, flailing and thrashing around but like any prey grabbed by a predator he simply loses the strength to continue fighting. His eyes drift close slowly and soon he goes limp in her grasp as she continues drinking from his neck. Then he feels a dull thud, which he assumes is him hitting the ground, and out of her grasp he can feel an ounce of strength to not give up. His will to live burns inside of him still but despite it he cannot move, only lay there helpless, his eyes open while the Lamia turns to the little boy and Audrey. Then suddenly he sees the Lamia's eyes go completely black like his and solid black inky tears slide from her eyes. She opens her mouth in a silent scream but no sound escapes past her fangs while the tears flow thicker and faster from her eyes. Her body contorts and she throws her head back further, her mouth now agape with this unholy silent scream, and he sees a shadow hand created from her shadow. He stares at it thinking he is imagining things as he is close to death but no the hand reaches up and starts to pull her into the shadow realm. She doesn't resist, maybe because she can't, and the Lamia sinks into the ether before his eyes.

Audrey: Audrey held out until she started to feel unbalanced, and almost without her full consciousness, let go of the curse. With a pant, Audrey paused to listen for either Nin or James to give the okay. Instead, to the quite morose contrast, Audrey heard a haunting howl that made her shudder. "NIN!" Audrey screamed, and for the first time she didn't care if the Lamia was still prowling. "James? James whats going on?" Audrey started to panic, wondering if everyone had taken off somewhere else. Audrey stumbled around, still tired, though adrenaline started to pick up again. Then she came to a halt, realizing what could have happen to provoke such silence. In pleading whispers, she asked, "Nin? Say something, Nin..."

Nin: Nin takes in a shaky, raspy, breath and he says in a low whisper "Hey, Beautiful." Those words cause him to cough violently but it triggers his body into moving; if only to turn over on his side. His body flops back onto the ground and his eyes search around desperately for a moment before setting on hers again. "This is the one time I am g-glad." he breathes shallowly "That you aren't able to see me. I'd hate for you to see me like this." His eyes stay locked into her gaze "I-is Tommy okay?"

James: His anger was making it hard for him to hear and the energy drain made it also impossible for him to move water to gain his energy back so he just told the horse to go away, seeing at that moment finally where Nin was, rushing over to him, his anger still clouding some of his thoughts. "You look worse than what Red leaves behind, dude." James said when he got to Nin. "Is Tommy that kid because it seems like he is."

Audrey: It had seemed the monster had left, but that didn't matter as Audrey followed the sounds of their voices until she dropped to the ground and reached out for Nin, grabbing his hand. It was slightly cold, but at least he was alive. "Nin," Audrey said, her voice shaky. "You scared me so much. What happened? Are you ok??" Audrey closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself. Audrey squeezed Nin's hand as James ran over too, thanking every god she knew the monster hadn't taken her boyfriend. Tilting her head towards James, she said, "Yeah. Nin kinda sent a demonic shadow after him while we were on the bus."

Nin: Nin has to force himself to speak "I-I don't think I am love. My body isn't responding to me". Nin swallows hard and manages a slight chuckle "The shadow wasn't demonic. Besides T-tommy deserved it." He tries to return the squeeze Audrey is giving but fails and loses control of his arm, the appendage falling heavily beside him. "I am not feeling so hot babe. I think I might take a little na-" his eyes begin to close and his sentence trails off softly.

James: He watched Nin and even with his experience with life saving, he knew he could do nothing. Watching one of his oldest friends at camp die before him, James started to cry a little bit. "Making a joke even at the end." James said as he looked around for a rock.

Audrey: Audrey sucked in a breath, grabbing at Nin's arm as if she was trying to wake him up. "Nin stop with all this. I don't think my heart can take it. ... Nin?" Audrey felt around for James. "James where are you?"

James: "Just looking for a rock. Red will be right next to you." James said as he told Red to be next to Audrey as he found a rock the size of a tomb stone. He got his sword out and craved 'Here lies Nin.' before moving it over to near Nin's head.

Audrey: Audrey pulled Red close to her, but she didn't find the same comfort as she might have gotten from Kasey. Heaaring a scrape next to her, Audrey asked with a sniffle, "whats that?"

James: "Tomb stone. Also don't use Red as a tissue because he won't like it."

Audrey: Audrey gave a bitter laugh. "Don't worry, Red's safe. But... did you just a tombstone. Does that mean..." Audrey didn't even want to say it. She new if she started crying, it would be ugly, loud, and probably forever, at least she thought so.

Nin Nin has no idea how to move his mouth anymore much less answer Audrey and hearing James say tombstone makes his teeth grind. Nin refuses to die, mentally screaming at himself that this isn't the end, and then his let's out his last breath. For a moment he is still in his body, still himself, the next moment Nin is staring into the eyes of the grim reaper. He defiantly bores into the holes that are supposed to be the reapers eyes before setting his shoulders and walking hand in hand with death to the underworld.

James: "Yeah. I'm no child of a death god but I've seen more than one person die before my eyes." James used some of the surrounding water to make a shovel then started digging a hole. "You can cry if you want."

Audrey: Audrey didn't like how... practical, really, it seemed James was being about Nin. Standing up she make her way to him, putting a hand on the shovel, as if to tell him, Stop, slow down. Biting her lip, her eyes stung with tears, but she fought them for James' sake. She knew that those two were close friends, even if they rough housed each other.

James: He stopped digging and hugged Audrey, holding her close, just to comfort her. "I've lost family and I cried. You lost your boyfriend, so I wouldn't judge if you did."

Audrey: Audrey wrapped her arms around James, leaning into him as tears began to free themselves. "He's just... so young..." Audrey could barely finish her sentance as her throat choked up and she could barely whisper without sobbing. Her shoulders shook as she did so, overtaken with grief.

James: "He wasn't that young. You literally look younger than him." He tried to make a joke to try to lighting the mood. "Your boyfriend wanted me to introduce him to some Nereids when we first met."

Audrey: Audrey swallowed and took a deep breath, pulling away from James and giving Red a pet. She gave a bitter laugh, and said, "Well he's got me now, so those Nereids don't stand a chance. I mean... he had me. Because he's... because... I can't even say it."

James: "Nin will be back. I've just got a feeling he's beating the snot out of Hades as we speak."

Audrey: With a grim thought, Audrey whispered, "What are we going to do with his body? We'll have to go back to camp eventually, and tell everybody this tragedy." She wiped away another tear, trying to be at least a bit more professional in front of Nin's friend.

James: "I was just going to leave him where he is, as like a reminder to what happened. Like all those guys in Gallipoli. If you want to bring his body back, I'll gladly do it."

Audrey: Trying not to think to hard or to rashly, Audrey asked decidedly, "Why don't we just camp here? Nin and I brought supplies, since we planning on sleeping out here before he... he..." She trailed off. "If you want, we can start setting up... maybe get Nin some water just incase..."

James: "He wanted to do it out in the bush?" James said with a smile. "Water's around here so I just would need to make it come to us if Nin ever did sit up straight. Where is all the stuff any way?"

Audrey: Audrey didn't the blind equivalent of rolling her eyes before saying, "It should be around in this clearing somewhere. Probably by him or a tree or something."


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