Kevin Mako ~ Human Bull Shark

Sharks aren't monsters. They are just misunderstood
Character's Bio

 Age: 16  Height: 1.76m  Weight: 65kg
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: N/A
 Birth Place: South Africa  Main Weapon: bo staff that can split into two poles and shrink into smaller poles the size of pens when separated into two with a push of a button on each the retract in when the two componates of the staff come together. As long as he has this weapon in any of its forms and so does his brother, Kevin can always talk to his brother telepathically

 – Sharks aren't monsters they are just misunderstood

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Palaemon have the ability to grow multiple rows of shark teeth and then dislocate their jaws in order to attack with them.
  2. Children of Palaemon are able to tap into primal shark instincts which allows them to attack with enhanced speed and ferocity. However, this ability can often lose to loss of self-control and only lasts for a short time.


  1. Children of Palaemon can become thick skinned like a shark while in human form which causes them to be resistant to physical attacks.
  2. Children of Palaemon have the ability to create a defensive shield made from the electroreceptive energies they perceive around them for a short time (sharks have the ability to detect eletrical stimuli around them).Due to the electrical nature of the shield, if anyone comes in contact with it they would receive an electric shock.


  1. Children of Palaemon can innately breathe underwater and everything they touch in their human form, stays or becomes dry in water, unless they want to become wet.
  2. Children of Palaemon, can survive falling from high altitudes as long as they land in water, they can also go as deep into the ocean as they desire without any effects from the water pressure.
  3. Children of Palaemon have the ability to hear prey or enemies from many miles away, as sharks have extremely sharp senses of hearing
  4. Children of Palaemon are normally affected by blood and when they smell it much like a shark. They will normally go into a frenzied rage and attack whoever is at the source of the blood. If the target is an ally, they can resist the urges through sheer willpower.


  1. Children of Palaemon have the ability to summon sharks and command them. The more sharks summoned/commanded and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained.
  2. Children of Palaemon are able to transform into any currently living species of shark while underwater. The longer they remain in this form, the more energy it drains; and the longer the break they need between transformations.
  3. As Palaemon was also a sea god, his children have the ability to Water Travel, a sort of teleportation; the further the distance, the more is energy drained, and there must be a substantial amount of water at both ends.
  4. Children of Palaemon have a degree of control over water, but not to the extent of a child of Poseidon. They can manipulate water to be used as a shield or move water to fire a water blast of high pressure. And they can telekinetically move it with their mind. The longer they maintain control over water, the more energy is drained.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Palaemon have the ability to transform the surrounding area into a harbor as their father was the patron god of harbors. Whilst this harbor is in use, the user can fight in its waters and have their existing powers enhanced substantially. The harbor that the user creates can vary in size, and the larger the harbor is the more it drains the user. After the user relinquishes hold on the harbor they are somewhat drained and the power may only be used once in a fight.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Palaemon can materialize semi-living water constructs that take the form of sharks. The constructs have the strength and instincts of normal sharks. They can float around in the air and will follow the commands of the user. They can summon up to 3 sharks, such as Great Whites or Hammerheads, or up to 7 smaller ones such as a cookie cutter sharks. The bigger they are and the longer they stay solid, the more energy is drained. Once the user dismisses the sharks, they are somewhat drained and the water sharks dissipate into harmless puddles of water.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Palaemon can morph their bodies into a humanoid shark form, in this form their strength is doubled. Their skin becomes durable as in Defensive 1. Their skeletons turn into cartilage, much like that of a sharks, so that they become more flexible and their bones more resilient. This can aid them in fights as it halves the weight of their bones, making them lighter on their feet and faster as they have less weight to move around. Also their existing Hydrokinetic abilities become stronger. Once the user reverts to their normal form, they are quite drained and will struggle to move or stay conscious.


  1. Children of Palaemon, usually prefer to be near and/or in the water.
  2. Children of Palaemon, generally enjoy water sports, and are excellent swimmers.
  3. Children of Palaemon are normally talented at chasing and hunting their prey.
  4. Children of Palaemon tend to be much more comfortable than other people with swimming in the ocean because they are not frightened by sharks.

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Aurore Parthenopaues -Child of Hecate

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Kevin: Deep in the forest, Kevin was walking around the forest, waiting for any monster to take him on with his bo staff out fully. Kevin then smelt the smell of blood and started running towards it, hoping two animals or monsters were fighting. Yay just another animal carcass Kevin thought to himself as he found the source of the smell, flipping it over with his bo staff

Aurore: She sat on a rock in the forest, playing with her ring. She would touch the jem in the middle, and transform it into her sword, before making it back to a ring. Her white hair was in a braid, making ehr seem like a demi-god Elsa. A soft sigh escaped her lips. 

Kevin: His above human hearing caught what he thought was a sigh so Kevin started slowly walking towards the direction he thought the sigh came from, making his skin harder in case whatever made the noise was a bit of stab first ask questions later. Kevin soon saw the back of a girl with white hair's head so he kept staying behind her hoping she couldn't hear him moving

Aurore: Thinking she was alone, she starting singing osftly to herself. It was 'The hanging Tree'. "Are you, are you, coming to the tree? Where they strung up a man, they say who murdered three. Strange things have happened here, no stranger would it be, if we met at midnight at the hanging tree..." She held onto her necklace, the one of a tree that was ever so slightly tarnished. 

Kevin: While the girl was singing, Kevin moved around the forest to where he was in front of her but still hidden. Slowly walking out from the foliage, Kevin started clapping. "Encore encore" he said

Aurore: Her eyes flew open, and her sword was in her hand, in less than a second. After she looked him over, she put it away, blushing. "Um... Thanks..." She said softly, hiding behind her bangs. 

Kevin: "You're lucky my dad gave me good hearing cause I could barely hear you saying thank you" Kevin said as he split his bo staff, shrinking each pole and putting the poles into his pocket.

Aurore: She blushed, as she look down at the forest floor. "Yeah...." She said, a little louder, but still with barely any volume. 

Kevin: "Are you a demigod or just a nymph? Oh wait forget I said that. I saw you with a sword before and I only know of one nymph with a sword but his a dude so that means you must be a demigod" Kevin said as shark teeth replaced his normal teeth without him knowing

Aurore: "Demi-god." She nodded, before she noticed the rows of shark teeth, started appearing. "Are you... a nymph?" she asked slowly, raising an eyebrow. 

Kevin: "A fellow demigod just like you, but a son of Palaemon" Kevin said as he felted the shark teeth grow in, making them turn back into his normal teeth

Aurore: She nodded slowly, watching him, still slightly blushing. Now, since he had heard her sing, she wanted to crawl into a hole a die. Well, maybe just go without chaocolate for a week or so. 

Kevin: "Not very talkative are you" Kevin said as he kicked the ground

Auore: "Nope." She replied, playing with her hair before she sighed. "I'm Aurore, by the way." 

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