Sean & Mariana (Take Two)

  • Sean: He's in the arena, training with his sword and shield, but not his full battle armor. He was working with one of the dummies, and had set it to one of the hardest setting and the wooden dummy was really putting Sean through the ringer. He was getting real sweaty and gross from his workout
  • Mariana: She's observing from the sidelines. Mariana would join - Olympus above knows she would - but she wasn't really feeling well. The last thing she needed was to puke everything she'd eaten during the day just because she wanted to beat Sean's ass. So she resorted to sitting to the side, drinking coffee as she watched her brother train.
  • Sean: He finally blocks one of the dummy's swings and then lops it's head off with his blade, finishing the fight. He takes a deep breath, moving to place his hands on his knees from the exhaustion of the fight, trying to get his heart rate back under control
  • Mariana: "You're tiring too easily," Mariana says, although her voice is hoarse and it's slightly difficult to understand her. She takes a sip of the tea to try and alleviate some of the ache she feels. "Deep breaths, dude."
  • Sean: "I am," he says slowly getting to his feet. He then walks over to the water basin, stripping his shirt off and splashing some water on his face trying to cool down. "And I'm tired, yes, but I didn't tire easily."
  • Mariana: She shrugs and drinks from her tea again. Getting distracted, her attention drifts off to the other campers training; they were doing good, but Mariana prided herself on knowing all the training Cabin 3 was doing was paying off. She shifts on her seat; this shit was uncomfortable. "Wanna hit the beach?"
  • Sean: "Sure, why not," he says slinging his shirt over his shoulder
  • Mariana: She smiles and stands up. She feels a little weak, but hopes the beach will remedy it. She takes jogs, to catch up with him, and wordlessly falls in steps with him.
  • Sean: "You seen any of the Apollo kids yet?" he asks as they walk towards the beach. "Whatever this is, it's really taking you for a tough go around on the sick train."
  • Mariana: "I'm hoping going to the beach helps," Mariana admits, sighing heavily as she comes to realize that one of her nostrils was getting blocked. Fuck my life, she thinks, a little miserably. "If it doesn't work, I'm headed there. I'm not about to become one of those annoying campers who refuse to get treatment because they think they can tough it out or whatever."

Sean & Mariana

Mariana: She is standing at the shore of the beach, ankle-deep in. She's been testing some of her more recently discovered abilities, including turning herself into a horse. That's what she's doing right now, as a matter of fact, and is actually successful at it.}}

Sean: He emerges from the water after going to visit the water nymphs. He spots Mariana first, but he only sees her in horse form which leaves him more than a little confused as to why there is a horse on the beach.

Mariana: It worked. It actually worked. Personally, she's shocked to her core. She hadn't expected it to, she was still shaky with that particular ability. But, well, there it was - that nagging sense of a lack of energy. The fact that she's in contact with the water kept a level of consistency, so at least some of the energy she was losing with every passing second was at least partially returned. This was her first successful time, though, and it wasn't even a minute later when she involuntarily converted back into her human shape, toppling back and landing on the sand, on her buttocks. "Oh, fuck," she groans, both at the immediate stab of pain (that disappeared as quick as it came) and the large feeling of heaviness and tiredness on her. Her breathing is ragged. That ability would be of immense use when she was able to do it for a prolonged period of time and she didn't feel like passing out immediately after converting back.

Sean: When he saw said horse turn into Mariana it all made sense. "Finally figured out how to turn yourself into a horse I see," he says walking over to his head counselor and only best friend and offering her a hand up

Mariana: The water is very refreshing, and it makes up for all the energy that stint as a horse depleted her of. So she smiles apologetically when she opens her eyes and sees his extended hand. She shakes her head, the movement slight but noticeable. "I might fall," she says, as she closes her eyes again. "But yeah. Tiring, but cool. And weird."

Sean: "I can only imagine," he says to her. "The real trick is gonna be staying in that form for longer than a minute. Ideally this shouldn't happen either," he says gesturing towards her

Mariana: Her lids open again to reveal brown irises squinting to form a no fuckin' shit kind of look on her face. "Oh, really? I figured I'd cut my time down to half a minute and make sure I passed out immediately after," Mariana sasses. She then sticks her tongue out at him childishly.

Sean: "See, I was just making sure that wasn't your plan. With you, one can never be too safe," he teases right back at her with a slight devilish smirk

Mariana: "Wh - hey! Need I remind you I'm your Head Counsellor? Show a little respect!" Mariana exclaims out of indignation, though the mirth in her eyes sell her out. "Besides, if anyone would do that, it's you," she adds with a huff.

Sean: "Oh really? Need I count the amount of times you've dragged me off on some half-baked scheme and both of us have wound up in the infirmary?" he asks in the same teasing tone

Mariana: "Bu- well- I still ended up Head Counsellor! Comes to show how matured and responsible the cabin thinks I am. I was chosen over the lieutenant himself," Mariana stammers. She huffs. "Also, those ideas were not half-baked. We just didn't execute them properly," she grumbles. "Though speaking of, before I forget, you should challenge for lieutenant!"

Sean: "Why?" he asks with a raised eyebrow. "Is Jasper not doing his job?"

Mariana: "I mean... yeah, but he's not you," she shrugs. "You're the real MVP. You're, like, the Scooby to my Shaggy. The ham to my cheese. The het to my bi. We work out like peanut butter and jelly. And with everything going on, I think that's exactly what the cabins need. People they can trust as their seconds and firsts," Mariana shrugs, notably dodging elaborating on what the 'everything going on' means. She doesn't particularly want to break Alexander's don't say anything rule.

Sean: He raised an eyebrow, "You got a point there I suppose," he paused to think for a moment. "Sure, why the hell not. I don't got anything to lose."

Mariana: She beams. "Great! Go, do that now! Don't waste any time!"

Sean: "What?" he asks a bit startled. "Like... now now?"

Mariana: "Why would you want to wait?" she quirks an eyebrow. "Just get it over with."

Sean: He looks at her for a second before speaking again. "Fair enough. I'll get right on it."

Mariana: She smirks and nods proudly. "I'm rooting for you, Cassidy. Even though I should be unbiased."

Sean: He smiled a bit, "Good to know. I'm gonna kick Jasper's ass," he says with a confident tone of voice. "Then we'll be the most kick ass counselor duo this camp has to offer."

Mariana: His confidence is reinvigorating. What with everything going on lately, it's rare to see anyone at all bright, let alone sounding so confident. It's a welcomed change, personally. With a smile, she nods her agreement. "Yes, we will."

Sean: It's a fake confidence. But Mariana doesn't need to know that, so he smiles. "If you'll excuse me, I need to prepare myself for the fight," he says before walking off to the armory to borrow some armor. He didn't have his own as of yet


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