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Trip Mason ~ Child Of Tyche
Trip Mason
Roll the dice babe x
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More Info:

 Age: 15  Height: 5'8  Weight: 127 lbs.
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Ireland  Main Weapon: Throwing Axes
 Accent: Irish
 – Take a chance, and you might get lucky


Kyle Jäger - ♔ Son of Limos ♔
famished soul • vulture's nest • lt. counsellor 🩸
-Find what you love and let it kill you.

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The young son of Limos had a formal yet light lime dress shirt, black tight jeans and brown semi-formal loafers with electric blue seams on them. Kyle walked calmly towards the pavilion in order to retrieve his black watch, which he'd strangely left there last night at dinner. Kyle had a condescending smile plastered over his face which also included a very light stubble. His hair had been neatly combed into his daily and stylish hairdo. As he walked by he looked at his nails and made sure that they were neatly trimmed and filed.


Bao: Bao continued to walk until he came across the dinning pavilion. He decided to walk around the tables until he noticed a watch on the ground near the Limos table. "Huh, what's this doing here?" He said this as he bent down and picked it up. He decided that he'd go and find who it belonged to.

Trip: Trip was chilling outside the dining pavilion, when he saw an Asian kid fumbling about near the Limos table, Sam was feeling pretty lucky, well he's always feeling lucky. So he decided to stroll over and see if he could get up to some mischief for the day

Kyle: Noticing two guys in the Dining Pavilion at a time not close to any of the meals, Kyle became a bit suspicious. He jogged over to the Limos table and tried to ignore the guys, but they were close. Kyle started looking for the watch all around the table, then on the seats and finally under the table with no avail. "Agh... verdammt!"

Bao: Bao turned his head when he heard footsteps approaching. He noticed two guys entering the dining pavilion. He thought it was a bit odd, but then he noticed one of them searching for something. He stopped for a moment and then decided to speak. "Hey are you looking for this?" He asked this pointing to the watch he held up.

Trip: Trip quickly glances upwards, and sees the twinkle of gold on the expenisve watch, "Hope that shit is CB, otherwise it's not any use here." With that he dusts himself off and holds out both hands to either guy. "Trip Mason, Son of Tyche, Ambassador of Luck and the guy who wins an awful lot of poker. At your service" He announces with a playful bow

Kyle "Yes, I was actually looking for that." he took it from the Asian stranger in a polite way before looking at the other stranger and putting on his watch gingerly with an abnormal ease. Shaking his right hand very firmly with his own right hand. "Kyle Jäger, son of Limos, hence the location of my lost watch. At your service too, Mason. And who may you be?" He turned to Bao once again.

Bao: Bao looked at the two strangers as headed the guy back his watch. He didn't speak for a few moments as Mason and Kyle introduced themselves. He finally spoke with ease in his voice. "Bao, son of Thanatos. Also at your service I guess." He looked at Mason for a moment and then spoke finally spoke. "So you're good a poker? Or is that just your powers talking Mr.Luck." He said this in a playful manner as he sat down on one of the seats.

Trip: "Well, a true magician never gives away his secrets" he says cheekily, "But between us, it's a little bit of both, but more often than not,mom bails me out"  He takes a seat on the Limos table, and opens his mouth once more "So fellas any ladies on the radar?"

Kyle: "Well, I've got my eyes on a few. Nothing official though. One of the closest ones is a Poseidon girl. Dark hair, fair skin, dark eyes... She's beautiful."

Bao: Bao shook his head as to get his hair out his face as he answered Tripp. "Well then, you must be quite the Mamas boy. He looked at Kyle with a look o distain and decided not to say anything about having more then one girl in mind. He didn't like people who acted like that, but then again he didn't know the situation. He looked back to trip and finally responded. "Well, I don't really know many girls, but I do have my eye on an Aleous girl. She's quite beautiful." He said this as the girls popped up in his head.

Trip: "Watch your mouth Bao, you seem like a decent guy, but nobody talks about my mom like that" he snapped. Trip than turned to Kyle, "She's not Pearl by any chance, the one with a killer body?"

Kyle: Kyle's fresh and clean face turned pale. "Well, indeed she is Pearl. The only girl I have my eyes set on at the moment," Kyle kept his voice calm, cool, elegant and steady, even if his German and French accent show through. "Do you happen to know her, by any chance?" Kyle arched his seductive left eyebrow in a curious fashion.

Bao: Bao looked at him and then was taken aback as he apologized. "Sorry man I didn't mean to offend you." He sat there quietly for a few more seconds as the other two talked about a girl named Peral. "Who's this Peral girl?" He asked curiously.

Trip: "Pearl, is the hot girl, who wants me and looks amazing in a bikini" he says as he smirks confidently

Kyle: "Who wants you? I'm sorry, but if she actually likes you then I may have overestimated her and her likes." Kyle grinned in a disgusted yet sassy way. "I'm sorry but you don't look like something more valuable than a one night stand. Not trying to offend anyone here." Kyle shrugged.

Bao: Bao looked back and forth from both of them and then just busted out laughing. "Ya know girls aren't objects right? They're is no use in fighting over her unless you actually really like her and aren't using her." He said the last part a little more towards Tripp then Kyle. "To be quite honest I agree with Jäger. no offense."

Trip: "Thats real nice and all, but she was all over me in the lake yesterday, and I'm taking her on a date" He says confidently. Trip than turns to Kyle and pats him on the back while whispering "Better luck next time kiddo". He looks Bao up and down and says quietly, "Don't get the wrong impression of me, I like this girl and it's not a whole pump and dump act".

Kyle: "Do not call me kiddo. Ever. Again. Thank you." Kyle shrugged off Trip's hand away from his shoulder. "And if she's going with you on a date, I'm afraid it must either be your luck affecting her, or she is not as smart as I thought she was."

Bao: Bao couldnt help but feel like punching Tripp. He held back the urge as he got a bit closer to Tripp and started to speak. "Ya know, I dont inderstand what girls see in you. You're a jerk and just stating something like that shows how you really are." He said this as his anger was about to boil over. "Lastly she sounds like shes stinging you along." He said this as he sarted to sit back down.


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