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Zahara: She just got settle into her room being a newbie and all. Not having anything to do she deiced to take a walk out wearing this shirt [1] matched with jeans and boots her long hair was tied in a bun and as she walked out of the cabin she took a deep breath taking one more look at the surrounding hoping with this walk maybe she could just take into account everything that just happened

Theodore: The young man walks around camp, eyeing each camper with caution and disgust. He was wearing his favorite shirt [2] completed with black skinny jeans and pure black Converse, his hair styled up. With earbuds in his iPhone 6 in his pocket, he crosses his arms, thinking about how he doesn't belong at camp, around disgusting individuals and commoners. The boy sees a couple of campers chasing each other, laughing. Theodore rolls his eyes, Pathetic, he thinks.

Zahara: she looks around her cabin seeing all the campers and how they react her heart felt lonely yet she was reminded of her past on how her trust was turn against her... it wont happen again this is a new start...she said suddenly shaking her head rubbing her arms slowly feeling some of her scars new start she said once more before taking a step forward giving the world her famous fake smile...

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