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Chet -Child of Hephaestus

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Mekabi SilverHeart -Child of Apollo
-Daughter of Apollo


Chet: Chet sits on a bench out in the middle of camp. He watches the other people walk by while listening to his musics with his one earbud in. His thoughts wandering on projects and orders for him and other matters.

Mekabi: She walks around the camp looking at all of the beautiful plant life, as she walks by she sings a song that has been stuck in her head all day. She doesn't realise she's singing outloud. She continues singing the song while walking to the middle of camp.

Chet: He turns to the sound of a lovely voice singing out loud. He smiles as he sees an unfamilar face and decides to join in. He walks over closer to the girl and gently joins into the song.

Mekabi: She's suddenly aware of a new voice joining into the song she turns to see a boy singing along. She suddenly feels a bit embarresed  "oh hi" she says  "uhh, i wasn't singing outloud was i?" 

Chet: He chuckles. "You were. You sing wonderfully though." He takes his earbud out. "I'm Chet by the way."

Mekabi: She smiles, "nice to meet you Chet, i'm Mekabi."  A wind blows her hair forward and it accidantly hits Chet in the face, she suddenly feels embarresed again "I'm so sorry" she says as she quickly pulls her long hair back.

Chet: He ducks back as her hair bellows in his face. He just laughs a bit and shrug. "It's fine. Honestly it's impressive how long you hair is. it looks very nice." he extends his hand to her. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mekabi."

Mekabi: She shakes his hand "its a pleasure to meet you too Chet" says with a friendly smile. She sees the stables in the background and her eyes widen "is that a horse stable?"

Chet: He follows her gaze and smiles, turning back to her. "Yea, that's where the pegasus are. What to head over and see it?"

Mekabi:"Of course!" she says with a smile, she's always loved horses so seeing pegasi would be a dream come true.  

Chet: "Come on, I'll show you around it." He starts to walk over to the stables. He opens the door for her when they get there, showing off the few heads of the pegasi peaking out at them.

Mekabi: She walks over to one of the pegasi and gives it a pat. "Do you know how to ride them?" she ask Chet while she pats the pegasus.

Chet: He nods and walks over to the pegasus. "I do. Want to share a ride with me, Mekabi? Promise to take it easy."

Mekabi: "Sure it sounds fun" she says as she looks around the stable "you have saddles right?" 

Chet: "We do, or we could ride bareback. Whatever you would prefer." He grabs a nearby brush and comb and starts to clean the pegasus' coat.

Mekabi: She walks over to a wall where she saw a saddle and brings it over "i prefer saddles, plus its not good for a horse to have someone riding on them without out a saddle" she says as she starts to put the saddle onto the pegasus.

Chet: He shrugs and moves out her way to set the saddle down. He starts to secure the cinch and breast collar. "Every ridden a horse before?"

Mekabi: She nods while she secures the reins "i grew up on a farm and did show jumping" she says as she finishes securing the reins and saddle 

Chet: He walks the pegasus out of the stables. "Sounds like fun." He stops when they are outside. He turns around and smiles at her. "Hop on."

Mekabi: She mounts the pegasus with ease. She gives it a pat on the neck and looks at Chet "come on slow poke" she says with a smile.

Chet: He smirks and places his hand on the pegasus' withers in front of her and othe other hand on the back. He jumps up and uses his strength to easily set himself right behind her. he reaches around her at takes ther reins. "Ready?"

Mekabi: She nods looking up at the sky. "Ready!"

Chet: He clicks and the pegasus start to speed up to a run, unfurling its wings. With a few strong wingbeats, they leave the ground and begin to climb into the air.

Mekabi: She looks down at the camp surprised at how big it is. "Wow, its a good thing i'm not afraid of heights" she says as she looks down at the forest.

Chet: "The is a good thing." Once they get up a couple hundred feet uo, he levels them off. He points to the sound with the sunlight glimmering off it. "Look."

Mekabi: She looks in the direction he was pointing. As she looks at the sound her smile fades, she remembers her and her mom and step dad and brothers looking at pictures of the sound the day before they died. She looks in other direction closing her eyes "its beautiful" she says bluntly. 

Chet: He looks doen at her and sees her eyes closed. He tightens his jae and banks them away from the sound. "I'm sorry." They glide lower wandering over the strawberry fields.

Mekabi: She opens her eyes trying to block the memory out of her mind, "its ok" she says trying to not to sound upset "you didn't know."  She tries her best to focus on other things. 

Chet: "Still, it's my bad." He steers them over the forest, skimming over the tops of the trees.

Mekabi: She would've argued with him but she could see that he was one of those -I'll take the blame- people so she just watched the forest instead. "How long have you been at camp?" 

Chet: "Some six years now. Been around a while." They break clear of the forest amd he does a wide, low circle around the Big House.

Mekabi: She looks at the beautiful trees and her spirits lift up a little. She looks up at the sky and frowns "a storms coming."

Chet: He follows her gaze and sees the clouds rolling in, cursing in Greek under his breath. He wraps one arm around her waist and holds onto her tighly. "Right. Hang on." He makes a sharp turn back to the stables and kicks the pegasus to fly as fast as it can, suddenly accellerating with the wind howling past them.

Mekabi: She holds onto his arm as she brace's herself for a potentiol crash landing.

Chet: The plummeted towards the earth, but Chet was completely in control the whole time. When they came to their final approach, Chet had the pegasus do a hard stop when they were just above the ground. He held onto her as the halted suddenly amd they landed normally on the ground. As soon as the four hooves touch the ground, Chet dismounted and lead the pegasus into the stable with Mekabi still on its back. It wasn't until then that Chet let out a big sigh, looking up at her. "Sorry about the rough ending."

Mekabi: She just smiles and shrugs "its ok. Honestly i'm just glad we didn't crash into the stables"

Chet: He arches his eyebrow in modest surprise that she would think he'd do something like that. "I'd never try anything that would make that a possibility, promise. Sorry if I scared you, Mekabi."

Mekabi: She slides off of the pegasus and smiles. She walks over to him and gives him a hug.

Chet: He smiles back at the contact and hugs her tight with his free arm. "I guess you enjoyed it, huh."

Mekabi: She laughed a bit, "of course i enjoyed it. And trusted that you were in control the whole time."  She looks out at the heavy rain that started to fall.

Chet: He looks out with her. "Glad we came in when we did." He leads the pegasus back and start to untack it."I'll walk you back to your camp if you don't want to get wet."

Mekabi:  She looks out at the rain one more time and goes to help him untack the pegasus. She quickly looks up at the ceiling when she hears the sound of thunder booming outside

Chet: He looks over at her as she's looking up when it thunders. He pulls the saddle off and turns to put it away. "You like the rain Mekabi?"

Mekabi:  She looks at the pegasus and gives it some hay, "a little. Though when i was younger it scared me"

Chet: Once only the tact is put away he returns to her. "So which cabin is yours?"

Mekabi:  She looks out at all of the cabins and then turns back to him, "cabin seven" 

Chet: "Ok then." He shifts his body into metal and creates an umbrella out of his arm for her, and in the case of lightning, he drives metal stakes from his feet into the ground to ground himself. "Shall we?"

Mekabi: She stares at him and the umbrella a little confused about what just happened, "how did you do that?"

Chet: He shrugs. "Son of Hephastus power, I can turn myself into metal for a while. Come on."

Mekabi: She walks out with him, every now and then glancing at the storm as she knows that metal conducts electrity. 

Chet: He walks out with her and notices her glances. "Worried for lightning? Don't worry, I'm grounding myself." He smiles down at her but very careful to not touch her but still cover her completely.

Mekabi:  She glances one more time at the sky before turning and smiling at him, "ok. I'll stop worrying"

Chet: He nods and they walk back to her camp. Once they get there, me makes sure that she's inside before he drops his metal form. "Well Mekabi, it's been fun. Glad to have met you."

Mekabi: She smiles and then gives him a hug "i'm glad i met you too"

Chet: He hugs her back and smiles down at her. "If you ever need something, I'm in the workshop gor whatever."

Mekabi: She smiled and looked over his shoulder seeing that the storm was getting pretty intense, "you could come in if you want" she said looking at the storm "looks like the storm is getting pretty bad"

Chet: He followed her gaze and came to the same conclusion. He however shook his head, "I need to head back and do some work. I deeply appreciate the offer, Mekabi. Promise I'll sry off when I get back." He smiled at tmto reassure her.

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