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Zahara: Zahara didnt have anything to do thus she thought about going out for a jog to have a sense of camp. She was wearing her blue Tracksuit one of the few things she brought here to camp as she walked out of the apate cabin. As she reached the half mark of her trail she looked down at the tracksuit thinking about the few memories that it gave her she looked pain about those that left her behind It doesnt matter...she said slowly as she did a back flip hoping that would clear her mind

Natalie: Having woken up from a fitful nap, she sighs and stands, dusting off whatever dirt managed to cling to her clothes. Shaking her head to clear off the last vestiges of sleep, she begins walking back to her cabin. Unfortunately for Natalie, her path crossed with Zahara's trail. When the child of Apate back flipped, Natalie barely dodged, but managed. She shoots Zahara a disgruntled look. "Watch where you're flipping."

Zahara: She turns to natalie a bit surprised yet she hid it behind a smile Sorrry!! she said cheerfully I'm still getting use to camp soo she laughed hoping it would make the air less tense I'm xing ai by the way and you are???

Natalie: She raises an eyebrow at Zahara, before shuffling a bit, feeling rather awkward. "Natalie."

Zahara: upon hearing her name she paused as natalie was one of her friend that back-stabbed her before in school yet she refused to let that be in the way of her future Natalie thats a nice name she praised slowly it means Christmas day doesnt it...a day full of happiness she giggled and smile showing her happiness...or is she?

Natalie: "Yeah..." Her eyes turn sad at the mention of happiness, something she hadn't felt in a long time. "What does Xing Ai mean? I admit I don't know my Chinese."

Zahara: ummmm she paused trying to remember what the monk told her loooong ago ummm I think the monk told me xing means fortune while ai means love she said slowly monks come up with the weirdest of names she laughed cheerfully hoping to hide the scar thats in her heart from her past

Natalie: She chuckles lightly before shrugging. "I honestly wouldn't know anything about monks. We didn't have them in London... or at least, I don't think we did."

Zahara: london? wow you came from there thats soo far!! she said quickly trying to divert the topic away from her and onto natalie you must've seen a lot of interesting things

Natalie: She shifts her weight from foot to foot, not really one for socializing. "Ugh, I guess. London's not really any different than America... just less I guess? Less noise, less pollution... but definitely more rain though."

Zahara: she nodded her head London sound soo fun! she said faking a happy tone something she's been doing for years and years I heard there's the big ben the clock tower the palace is there a palace? she asked mocking a child attitude toward the introverted natalie

Natalie: She flashes Xing Ai an expression which clearly says she's not amused. "Why don't you go find out for yourself? I don't have time to entertain your questions about every single thing about London."

Zahara: hearing natalie retort she was held back oh umm sorry she said bowing her head down as low as she can its just I never been out of china before and only read these places from books she said slowly stating her case soo I thought you would know better cause your a local she continued while bowing the second time I'm sorry

Natalie: Seeing thast Xing Ai didn't mean to offend her in any way, she sighs wearily. She runs a hand through her hair before another sigh escapes her lips. "It's fine. These past few weeks have just been rough on me so sorry if I blew up at you."

Zahara: despite feeling hurt she hid it behind a smile its ok I understand she lied as she made her voice as natural as she can Anyhow do you want to talk about it? she asked offering her guidance toward her senior

Natalie: She shakes her head, turning it so she can watch the sunset. "Not really."

Zahara: she looked around then back at natalie ummm I'm sorta hungry soo how about I buy you dinner to apologize for today??

Natalie: She raises an eyebrow at Xing Ai, a look of confusion coming over her face. "Buy me dinner? Why go through the trouble of buying me food from, I assume, the nearby town when it's so easily free for the taking in the Dining Pavilion?"

Zahara: she blinks a few times There's a dining pavilion? she asked a bit blur sorry I just came here I've been eating packed food ever since arrival so I dont know much she said simply crossing her arms looking a bit uncomfortable with this state

Natalie: A mental image of Xing Ai eating ready-made canned meat pops into her head and causes her lips to twitch into a small amused smile. "Well, now you know. Despite how Camp teaches us how to survive, the people who run this place aren't heartless enough to not give us warm food served on plates." She tries to fight the urge to widen her smile, especially at another mental image; one of Xing Ai sitting on her bed, cans of food surrounding her.

Zahara: she noticed natalie's reaction yet she pretended to not mind even if her heart was already giving her a thousand doubts as she wonder what was making natalie smile. Her thought went back to her past when she was bullied back in the temple yet she choose to not show her weakness upon a new person let she be a friend or a enemy... Like I said I havent had the courage to look around that much I guess being from china you dont know your surrounding yet

Natalie: She nods sympathetically, remembering her first few weeks at Camp. "I know the feeling. Suddenly moving from England to New York was definitely a culture shock of sorts."

Zahara: culture shock...she said slowly remembering the past of how she moved from the temple to the big city yeah culture shock she nodded her head looking away sooo shall we go??

Natalie: She nonchalantly sticks her hands inside the pockets of her jeans, leaning all of her weight on one leg. She tilts her head slightly the side, thinking over if she really wants to go to the Dining Pavilion. With a slight shrug, she nods. "Mkai. Dining Pavilion, right?"

Zahara: I dont really mind she said weakly I dont really know the place so I guess what ever your having? she said simply with one of her fake smile

Natalie: Her gaze remains on Xing Ai, easily recognizing the smile as an insincere one. However, she doesn't ask on it, seeing as it's not like her to pry. She shrugs again before turning around and heading towards the Dining Pavilion. "I hope they have some mashed potatoes. I'm in the mood for some mashed potatoes, hopefully with gravy. Maybe some meat bits too?"

Zahara: the things natalie said was foreign to her as all she did was nodded her head never hearing about mashed potatoes or gravy as she stared up to the sky trying to find an inch of hope for the future to come as she let natalie lead the conversation

Natalie: She trails off, seeing as how Xing Ai wasn't exactly conversing with her. She awkwardly plays with her fingers, wondering if she's really that bad at socializing.

Zahara: it didnt take long for this ex social butterfly to notice the mood and to how heavy it was thus she took it upon herself to start the topic sorry she said quickly before going into a topic I'm still new to this place so my english isnt that good yet... she lied trying to give reason to her silence soo when I heard the word mashed potatoes I began to think back on whether I've eaten it when I was back in china.. she looked back up onto the sky before letting out a fake giggle and believe it or not I havent I just eaten some frogs and dogs but never mashed potatoes

Natalie: At the mention of eating frogs and dogs, she turns a bit pale; her vivid imagination showing her images she'd rather not imagine. She sends a small weak smile at Zahara. "You've have dogs and frogs..." She trails off a bit, cringing again. "...but you've never had mashed potatoes. You've lived a sad life." She jokes.

Zahara: she gave a weak smile you have no idea... she said slowly but I guess thats the part of life you have to find the good in everything regardless of what it is.. she said doing a flip like this one I met a new friend she forced a smile to natalie as she walked in front of her walking backwards being careful not to fall right??

Natalie: She gives a chuckle, wholeheartedly agreeing with Xing Ai's words. "Yup. Sometimes the good things are just overlapped with the bad ones, so we can't always see them immediately." She slows down, practically coming to a stop. "By the way, in about 8 steps, the ground's gonna get kinda muddy so you might want to move away from the path." She points a bit behind Xing Ai, where the ground turns to a sudden dark brown color, indicating that that portion of the ground was wet and muddy.

zahara: she looked at the the muddy ground and saw a few trees around she smiled want me to show you the high road? she asked natalie with an idea in mind as she guessed her weight thinking she can bring her up

Natalie: She raises an eyebrow at the question. "The high road? I wasn't aware Camp had something like that..."

Zahara: she grinned as she was reminded of a movie well then let me show you a whole new world.. she said with a smile offering her hand to natalie hoping she guessed the reference

Natalie: Not understanding what Xing Ai wants her to do, she just stared at the hand being offered to her, an eyebrow raised in a silent question; confusion clear in her eyes. The movie reference flying over her head, as she wasn't that into movies when she was younger.

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Hara: she let out a soft giggle before stopping herself as she did not want to scare natalie away wow you must be more of a reader than a watcher... she said slowly before looking up into the trees still do you want me to show you a whole new world?

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Natalie: She shrugs, indulging Xing Ai for a while. "Sure, why not."

Hara: with that permission she climb up one of the tree and with her glasses (that she kept in her pockets) she bended her glasses and it then turn into a staff she pulled on the staff which became a trinumbchucks. She threw part of her weapon to natalie take it.. and with that you can see the sky.. she said simply

Natalie: She eyes the weapon with apprehensive eyes, having learned not to underestimate weapons. Still, her curiosity got the better of her and she grabbed onto the nunchucks. She then raised an eyebrow at Xing Ai. "Now what?"

Hara: she grins as while natalie was eyeing her weapon she was busy wrapping the other half on the tree so that natalie's weight would be evenly distributed now you hold on tight.. she said as she pulled natalie up onto the tree welcome to the high road

Natalie: Her eyes widened, and a small squeak left her lips when her entire body was suddenly lifted off the ground and onto the tree. When he feet touched the branch, she instantly let go of the weapon, shooting Xing Ai a look of displeasure. "You could have just asked me to climb the tree."

Hara: she laughed but that would take a long time.. she said as pulled her weapon together making it into a staff before squishing it changing it back into her glasses anyhow have you ever been here?

Natalie: She raised an eyebrow. "Where? Up in a tree? If so, then yes, yes I have. Numerous times, if you must know."

Hara: she laughed really I guess I should never judge a book by its cover she said slowly to natalie anyhow we should still go before it gets dark right?

Natalie: She gave a noncommittal sound, eyeing the view with a gaze full of melancholy. A soft sigh escapes her lips as her eyes travel from the view of Camp to the endless sky. "You can go on ahead, if you wish. I'll wait for the darkness."

Hara: but aren't you hungry at all??

Natalie: She thinks it over, tilting her head slightly to the side. After a while she merely shrugs her shoulders. "I can go for a little while without food."

Hara: she looked around and saw it was about sunset thus she looked back at natalie as she checked her pockets for some food. Luckily she found some unopened crackers and biscuits here.. she passed it to natalie hoping she would take it out of good gesture

Natalie: She looks at the crackers in surprise before shifting her sight towards Xing, with a small frown on her face. "I can't take that. It's yours."

Hara: she laughed if whats mine is mine and whats yours is yours it makes the world such a dull and sad place to live does it not? she looks to the west as the sun begin to set I grew up with a monk that barely knew me. he shared everything with me and he even gave me my name soo I'm not about to be selfish with someone when he gave me everything I ever needed

Natalie: She looks at the crackers in her hands. Soon a small smile forms on her lips as she opens it. She splits the crackers in half, taking one portion out of the wrapper. The remaining portion, she waves at Xing. "While giving to others is a kind gestures, you must make sure to leave some for yourself, as well. The world, after all, is not always as kind as that monk you know." She takes a small bite from the biscuit; all the while staring at the rapidly waning sunset.

Hara: may it be the moment or her mask finally breaking but all she could reply was not this world or the next... she said simply as she closed her eyes holding her necklace the only remainder of her dear mother

Natalie: She glanced at Xing Ai, who still had not taken the remainder of the biscuit. Seeing the girl clutching what appeared to be a necklace, she turned her eyes away, giving her a moment of privacy. Natalie pretended not to notice the change in Xing. "You know, if you don't take this biscuit, it's gonna end up all soggy and gross."

hara: she snapped out of her daze and turn to natalie letting go of her necklace huh oh yeah sorry she went to natalie and took one of the biscuit you know if i was a guy I would totally say "this isnt the way its suppose to be and etc etc etc.. i owe you another date etc etc etc" if i was a guy that is she laughed hoping her bad joke lighten up the mood a bit

Natalie: She lets out a small cheerful laugh. "Good thing you're a girl then." She tilts her head towards Xing, a curious look in her eyes. "Say, have you ever dated someone before?"

Hara: she looked at her as if she was mad uhhh monastery girl... soo I've never date.. even at the circus school I never dated anyone before...

Natalie: She blinked, the information processing in her mind that Xing came from a monastery. "...ugh, right. Sorry." She takes a bite of the biscuit in her hand, to avoid saying anything else that can further embarrass her.

Hara: she laughed dont worry some people of the monastery never go with dates... they just have kids... she said simply sitting down taking yet another bite from her biscuit same with the circus school ..she looked down remembering why she worked so hard to be strong.. she was almost a rape victim..

Natalie: She frowned a bit in confusion. "Circuses have schools? I always thought they recruited people based on talent..."

Hara: she shakes her head not in china... she said slowly where i'm from we take pride in our circuses and fireworks.. we work hard on them to make sure we keep our spots..

Natalie: She nods in understanding before jumping from her previous perch on the tree branch. She settles herself on the ground beside Xing, legs outstretched and hands behind her, supporting her weight. "What was it like, being part of a circus? I've only ever seen one or two back when I was in London."

Hara: she thought back on her memories at the circus school the bullying events, the harsh training they had to go through but also she knew what circuses means to most people...happiness thus she turn to natalie with a smile A one of a kind experience she said simply which wasnt a total lie.. as it was a one of a kind thing..

Natalie: She tilts her head down slightly, eyes trained on the grass. A small, gentle, yet heart-breakingly melancholic smile graces her lips as she reminisces about her father and how he'd travel occasionally to perform. "A one of a kind experience huh..." She clenches her hand lightly, fisting the grass without meaning to. A small prickle at the back of her eyes indicates an oncoming onslaught of tears but she wills it away, not wanting anyone to see such a weakness, especially not someone she only just met.

Hara: she noticed her reaction thus looked down at the grass as she knew how she felt the pain of telling people she's fine yeah.. she said slowly its.. she paused looking up wondering what to say to her wonderful? she said as she thought back on her memories whether was that word a proper word to use no not wonderful.. she clenched her locket a different ...she nodded still holding on to her necklace a memorabilia of her mother yes a different feel...something you can never get ever...

Natalie: She closes her eyes before raising her head towards the sky, letting the moon's light dance across her features. She understood what Xing was trying to say. With a soft sigh, she whispers the word that came to mind. "Ephemeral... It's a fleeting feeling, but one that leaves an impression on you, yeah?" She opens her eyes before flashing a happier smile at Xing Ai. "Gods only know what we'd give to have that kind of feeling again."

Hara: she nods as she felt the tears coming out but she refuse to follow thus she balance herself and started to hang backwards from the tree (you know what I mean right?) the feeling i wish not to feel but it makes me grow.. in a weird way..

Natalie: She gives out an amused chuckle. "Feelings are weird. I try not to think on them too much, or else I just end up confusing myself."

Hara: she smiled at natalie hearing her words but they say the heart knows better than the brain as it over complicates what the heart knows naturally...

Natalie: She shrugs, making a noncommittal noise. "Heart or brain, I don't really care which is right or which knows better. Both are necessary in order for people to live anyway."

Hara: she looked down at the ground in her state some may be dizzy but she was trained to keep those thought out yeah but some choose to live by one and not the other... like the both of us.. ..we choose to live by thoughts as we learn how our hearts could be wounded..

Natalie: She frowns internally, wondering how Xing could have possibly come up with the notion that her heart was wounded. Little did she know that her acting was not as great as she thought it was. She tossed her head back, letting her hair cascade over her back. She then raises an eyebrow at Xing, a look of boredom on her face. "Whoever said my heart was wounded?" She tries to sound cold, but deep in her psyche, she knows that she's only hiding, trying to prolong moment when the pain would really hit her.

Hara: she smiled as she turned to her cause one broken heart can tell another broken heart without a hitch she said simply indicating her own broken heart and dilemma

Natalie: She eyes Xing with a wary gaze, before giving up and shrugging, turning her head forward once more. "Birds of the same feather flock together, huh?" The corners of her mouth lift up slightly into a self-deprecating smirk.

  • Hara: she shrugs yeah but have you always wondered where they fly off? is it to somewhere better ? somewhere where we would just dream off to a better future?

Natalie: She once again shrugs her shoulders. "Maybe it's to find the place where they should be. Or maybe for survival. Who knows? The only constant thing in this world is change, anyway."

Hara: she nodded her head as she streached out her hand trying to reach the sun wanting to grasp the blazing sun thinking that would ease her pain do you ever wish to join them? she asked in a semi serious manner in the sky.. free ??

Natalie: She raises an eyebrow but doesn't look at Xing, opting instead to turn her gaze to the sky. "Perhaps once upon a time, I did. Perhaps I still do, in my dreams. But I'm nothing more than a human, and I was never meant to stand anywhere else but on solid ground."

Hara: she laughs my feets were glued to the ground but the idea of wings does intrigue you does it not? the ability to go anywhere without being constrain ?

Natalie: She shakes her head. "It's intriguing but an unattainable dream. I'd rather not dream about something so useless if it's something that cannot be achieved in the first place."

Hara: she laughed as she brought her head back wondering the truth of her remark Its not a crime for a flightless bird to dream of the sky.. she said slowly cause its better to have a dream then just drop dead and die.. she continued even the wright brothers started with just a dream.. and now we're living it.. a dream keeps humanity alive.. a dream can become hope,... a dream can become a wish.. its a dream you dream...a promise you make to yourself to make it real..

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Natalie: She cocks an amused eyebrow at Xing. "Are you always this philosophical? Or is it just because you're with a stranger?"

Hara: she once again shrugged maybe both? I dont really know... I just miss my mom.. or that person I once called mom.. she looked down sad I dont know what I know anymore..

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Natalie: She keeps her gaze forward, watching as people pass by and even gazing at the few nymphs tending to the grass just a few ways ahead. "I don't know what you know or what you think you know but I know that you're alive today. You're breathing, thinking -- living. And I guess that's enough knowledge for you to start on."

hara: she looked up into the sky once more but the world requires us to think more than just the basics she said simply holding her head back we need to know more than just how to breath and think but how to dance to time everlasting song...

Natalie: A small self-confident smirk appears on her face. "Well, to hell with the world then. I dance to my own rhythm. Just enjoying each day is enough for me."

Hara: but the dance you dance is thought by someone she said simply pointing out her points flaw To dance your own beat you need to still follow the laws of logic.. as she spoke a leaf falls onto her palm (for effect shhhh) we can dance to our own beat but society will scorn us and push us away.. till the point you wonder.. is being different a blessing or a curse? she crushed the dead leaf in her hands as she let the wind blew it away dont you think so?

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