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Rory: Freezing rain had fallen over the Spire last night, and a pristine layer of ice lay glistening over the grounds come morning. On days like these, Rory normally preferred to remain indoors. However, the very notion of remaining sequestered in the Spire for another day, cooped up with his motley band of "allies," grated upon Rory's nerves. Shortly after dawn, he had flown to a café in a nearby town which was rumored to be a meeting place for demigods of all backgrounds and factions. Although the Champions were still amassing their strength and had no current plans to strike against the other organizations, Rory figured that gathering intelligence on the enemy would be practical at any stage. Sipping a mug of Earl Grey and languidly flipping through the pages of Anathem, he listened to the buzz of conversation within the café.

Elysia: Elysia walks in, her typical black dress on, yet instead of black it's in a dark shade of purple, she hums, pulling out a bottle of lipstick and applying it, placing the cannister back in her purse, before she orders her typical cup of coffee. She mutters, loud enough for Rory to hear, yet not for the cashier, who was busy at the machines, about zealous demigods.

Rory: Zealous demigods, eh? Rory chuckled. He'd met plenty of those during his time with the Champions. This unfamiliar woman was not a Champion, but if she interacted regularly with demigods, she was likely affiliated with Camp, BC, the Huntresses, or perhaps even with clearsighted mortals. Regardless of which organization she had joined, she would no doubt be a valuable source of information. When she had received her beverage and turned around to find a table, Rory waved her over with a cordial grin. "I've had plenty of experience with 'zealous demigods' myself. What have yours gotten up to this time?" he asked, pulling out the chair across from him.

Elysia: Elysia sips her beverage, winking at the cashier, before sauntering over with a little sway in her hips. The man was certainly attractive, but he certainly was not Broken Covenant. Was he from the camp? She could ask Xanxus, but where was the fun in that? She promptly sat down in the seat, smiling cordially. "Some hedonistic brat saying how the gods should only be used for breeding, and commenting on Artemis." She wrinkled her face, clearly disgusted. "I swear, they get stupider and stupider each day." She groans. "And I'm supposed to be working with these hedonistic brats!" She whined, before tilting her head. "Are you from that camp?"

Rory: As the stranger approached, Rory briefly skimmed over the pages of her past with his powers. Elysia Aleksi, a daughter of Hecate and longtime BC member. From what Rory could discern, she frequently maintained a deceptive mien of friendliness when interacting with others, concealing her true colors and violent nature. Rory supposed she resembled him in that aspect, for he, too, had learned to wear a sociable mask in the company of others. "Oh my," he replied conversationally. "Loathsome behavior, indeed! I assume those 'hedonistic brats' aren't from Camp, then. Counselor Alexander would have their heads on a platter if he were to overhear such repulsive comments." Rory was certainly not a camper, but in this situation, allowing Elysia to assume his affiliation as being with Camp would allow the Champions to remain unnoticed for longer. "I take it you're not from Camp, either?"

Elysia: Elysia tilted her head. Rory could probably detect the girl's hyper developed sex drive, given the frequency of it. She rolls her eyes. "I mean, I'm no fan of Artemis personally, but you still shouldn't say such vile things about her. It's demeaning to any woman, period. If I had half a mind, I'd have whipped them then and there." She smirks, pulling her whip out just a little, feeling dangerous, before concealing it once more. "Nope, I am definetely not Camp. Too stuffy." She hums, her eyes gleaming in cold fascination. She didn't bother to maintain her mask. "There is something different about you. I'm not sure if I like it, or hate it." She states, but the underlying threat is clear. You are in dangerous territory.

Rory: Rory smiled wryly. It had been worth a shot, but Rory didn't have anything to lose if Elysia didn't believe him. In his experience, hostile people were among the most predictable people. "Interesting choice of weaponry," he circumlocuted, gesturing at Elysia's whip. "Mid-range melee. Though I must warn you, the attendants will throw a fit if they see you with that. The last time I stayed here, they evicted a Hephaestus imbecile for flaunting a dagger he'd recently created," Rory recounted. He continued to skim over Elysia's past, taking note of any information on the inner workings of the BC and potential conflicts of interest within its branches. "What brings you here today?" he asked, closing his book and leaning back in his chair.

Elysia: He could note that Elysia has frequently vented about the other factions, just wishing for everyone to get an equal say. The BC does seem to be divided by it's factions, somewhat. "Getting my coffee, getting away from the hedonistic imbeciles of Opus Superum." She grins. "What about you, stranger? May I know your name? Also, that's not all I've got, honey. I'm very versatile." She smirks, letting potential innuendo's flourish.

Rory: "Opus Superum. The demigod supremacists? I can see why you'd want to avoid that," Rory said mildly. Was this woman deliberately being suggestive? Licentious people disgusted Rory, but he maintained a benign expression as per usual. As the heir to old money, he'd met plenty of flirtatious individuals in his past; none of them had been respectable folks by any standard. "I go by the name of Joseph, fellow stranger. Might I know yours?" he asked, deliberately refusing to acknowledge Elysia's double entendre.

Elysia: She grimaced. "Yeah, those hedonist freaks were just..." She shudders in revulsion. "Civitas Popularis is much more reasonable." She could smell the lie he was saying, but she shrugged. "The name's Elysia. So, who's your parent? Mine would be Hecate." She braced for the inevitable rejection. The snot-faces did not tend to enjoy her type of company.

Rory: Should he tell the truth? Well, Rory had already refused to give his real name, and it would be prudent not to waste the ruse he'd already established. "As you've discerned already, I'm not exactly part of Camp, and alas, my godparent has not claimed me yet," he sighed. "I have my own theories on the matter, of course, but pardon me if I'm a bit wary of imparting what I know with you 'dark and dangerous' Broken Covenant types," he smiled slightly, shrugging with faux ruefulness.

Elysia: Elysia tilts her head. "Well, hopefully it'll be soon. The god will probably get Styx's wrath." She shrugs. "I may be dark, and dangerous, but I'm not what you expect." She rolls her eyes playfully. "I don't like the Opus Superum brats. Way too hedonistic."  She growls darkly. "Even though..I do not like the goddesses...You shouldn't say such things about a woman, period!" She snarls, slamming a fist down. "It's demeaning, and I..I'm ranting, aren't I?" She chuckles softly, shaking her head.

"You seem very different. I think I like it."

Rory: Hmm. In lieu of a response, Rory contemplated Elysia's recent words and also her previous ones. Throughout the course of their conversation, Elysia had repeatedly aired her discontents with the Broken Covenant. And she was a child of Hecate, making her a demititan... perhaps she would be interested in joining the Champions. "Elysia, have you considered leaving the BC as a way to distance yourself from 'the hedonistic Opus Superum brats'? If I may be frank, you don't seem to agree with their ideology. No matter how much you dislike the goddesses, you have some respect for them, as evidenced by you defending Artemis. If there were another group you could join--say, a group comprised entirely of like-minded demititans--would you consider changing your allegiances, by any chance?" Rory spoke softly and suavely, making sure no others were within hearing range of their table.

Elysia: Elysia tilts her head, thinking deeply in contemplation. Could the rumors be true..? She nods slowly. "I respect females, and I think Artemis is relatively fair. No woman deserves, be they mortal, goddess, titan or primordial, to be demeaned in such a manner. The things they've said about my own mother, nonetheless!" She snarls, before pondering his words.

Another faction? That's unprecedented. The rumors.."You mean, one like in the rumors?"

Rory: Rory shrugged nonchalantly. "I'm not familiar with whatever rumors to which you're referring," he said, filing away the information that rumors were about the Champions were already circulating, "but perhaps they're the same organization. What do you say?" Rory was deliberately being vague so as not to reveal too much information about the Champions before gauging Elysia's potential interests in the matter. He wasn't technically in charge of recruitment, after all, and extending such an offer to an untrustworthy source and leaking the information before the Council was ready really wouldn't be a pleasant situation.

Elysia: Elysia pondered. "I would indeed find such an organization..appealing." She slowly says, dipping her head. It wasn't as if she had friends in the Broken Covenant. But to betray the Broken Covenant? Practically blasphemous. She pauses, scrawling something on a note, passing it to Rory.

I can spy on the Broken Covenant for you.

Rory: Waving his hand over the same note, Rory shifted the ink into angular cursive, preventing any onlookers from reading Elysia's sacrilegious words while simultaneously conveying his own. When he passed it back to her, it held only one word: "Splendid." Although this usage of his powers substantially increased the chances Elysia would figure out his godparent, Rory figured that he'd already practically confirmed he was a demititan, and if she were to work with him, she'd learn his powers sooner or later.

Elysia: She grins. "Mnemosyne." She murmurs, before nodding. She pauses to think, before nodding steadily. Xanxus would be spared. That she would make certain of. "Mnemosyne is your mother.."

Rory: Rory shrugged noncommittally. "I believe we have more pressing matters to discuss as of this moment. For one, how will we remain in contact? It would look rather suspicious if we keep meeting up in such a public place, and our respective organizations' leaders may not approve of this transaction."

Elysia: Elysia nods. She pauses, before rummaging through her purse, and giving Rory a large book, with a crescent moon on it. She holds her own up, with it's own crescent moon, but reversed. Rory's book is black, with silver linings and a white moon, while Elysia's is white, with silver linings and a black moon. She smiles, before giving him a pen. "Magical books. You write something on yours, it'll pop up in mine." She murmurs to him quietly, enough for him to hear, not much else. "It'll also distort the writings so nobody can snoop through it. I can't snoop through yours, you can't snoop through mine."

That's redundant magic, but still.

Rory: "Excellent idea, and very fitting considering our unique talents, might I add," Rory nodded, impressed. "Though if everything we write on here is linked, we won't have to worry about each other snooping through our books, since we can already read those writings anyways, no?" He accepted the pen from Elysia but placed it on the table, instead opting to use his innate abilities to spread black ink across the page, this time in a calligraphic script. Can you read this? unfurled across the center of the first page of the book.

Elysia: Elysia nods. "Magic and Memory/Language. Fitting." She opens her own book, which vibrated and glowed in response to his writing. "Nobody'll see the glow or vibrating except us." They could see the other glowing/vibrating. She opened hers, before writing in her own calligraphic font, but a little more sophisticated than the typical. Yes.

She grins. 'The magic worked..surprising, seeing how this is experimental magic.' She thinks to herself.

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