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Golden fields by my mona lisa-d50aqqi

Farah -Animal Nymph
-Guardian of Golden Eagles

Iris Message – 09:52, May 14, 2015 (UTC)

farah was walking down the strawerry farm when she bumped into somebody


Oscar Blunt -Child of Hephaestus
-The younger mechanic
Age:= 12 Height:= 5,3 Weight:= 133 Ibs
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= American
Species= Half-blood Main Weapon= None

 – "Help is just a word"

Bumping into a young woman while running beside the strawberry field Oscar fell and landed on his back.


Oscar: "Uff, oh i'm sorry miss." I hope she didn't get hurt.

Farah: oh its kid." its fine" she smiled

Oscar: Oscar slowly got up and brushed the dirt that had stuck to his back when i fell. "It was my fault miss i didn't look where i was going and i simply.. uhh ran into you." He bows his head a bit to show that he is truly sorry.

Farah: she smiles.." no need to worry.." she said"im not like those other people here.." she shook her head" whats your name?"

Oscar: Oscars looks up again. "My name is Oscar blunt, i am son of Hephaestus in case you were wondering." He smiles back but the smile quickly fades away. "What do you mean you're not like other people? Are there mean people here? I only just arrived here and does not really know much people."

Farah: "yeah" she rplied "someof them" ...." im Farah by the way, guardin of golden eagles"

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