Etty: Etty made her way through the forest with nimble feet. On her back was a bag, filled with goodies and a blanket. In her hand, was her standard bow. She only carried a few quivers in her other hand, confident in the safety of her destination. The forest trees began to thin and once she broke through the foliage, Etty stood in the clearing that she'd internally claimed for herself and Johnny.

Johnny: Sneaking away from the Sanctuary was an easy enough feat since he'd been doing it for so long. Surprisingly his constant absence didn't arouse much suspicion. Figuring Etty would be supplying most of the snacks, Johnny just bought a large bottle of soda and some cups since he had a sweet tooth. He usually mixed this stuff with vodka, but he was trying to curb some of those habits.

Etty: She'd set up the large blanket, a quilt she'd stolen from one of her siblings. On the blanket rested a container of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. There was some slices of lemon cakes that she'd taken from the pavilion. She didn't have much of anything else, but she figured he'd bring a little something.

Johnny: He ended up arriving quick enough, yawning a bit since he had woken up fairly early today. "Just brought some drinks okay, wasn't sure what you'd even wanna eat." His tiredness was apparent in his voice.

Etty: "No problem," she chirped. Etty was wide awake and chipper. Her skin was glowing, she'd done a little bit of makeup, and her eyes were bright. 'Not enough sleep?" She wondered, patting the blanketed spot beside her.

Johnny: "I'd say I was thinking about you, but that'd sound really corny so." Johnny cringed a bit at the thought of those cheesy one-liners he constantly used on girls in his youth. Plus he looked awful with blue hair dye. He quickly sat down next to her, greeting her with a kiss to the cheek. He smiled upon seeing her face since he previously had a neutral expression. He liked seeing her in a good mood.

Etty: "Well if not that, what were you doing?" she mused, cheeks growing red at his soft kiss. Her brows furrowed ever so slightly, as an idea came to mind. "You weren't fighting were you?"

Johnny: "Damn do I really seem like the violent kind of guy?" He mockingly acted offended, having come to think of himself as a somewhat mellow person. "But no, I was just ended up working out a bit before I came over here." The usual post-workout musk was erased by a hasty shower and the scent of a fairly expensive cologne, something he'd been saving for a nice girl.

Etty: A smile tugged at her lips as she took a deep breath. Etty's nostrils flared at the scent of his cologne, which was very appealing, and caused her to give a full blown grin. "Does that mean you freshened up for lil old me?" She teased, batting her thick lashes.

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