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Leo ~ Son Of Hypnos
    ~ 08:51, November 8, 2015 (UTC)

More Info:

 Age: 18  Height: 6'2  Weight: 145 lbs
 Sexuality: straight  Relationship Status: single
 Birth Place: Houston, Texas  Main Weapon: Celestial Bronze Sword

 – "I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?"

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Jasmine Reyes -Child of Demeter
-The Sunny Princess

 – 09:14, November 8, 2015 (UTC)


Jaimee ~ Daughter of Asteria
Haley-ramm oo.png

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves!"
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 5'7 
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Canada  Main Weapon: Celestial Bronze Sword

 – "Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.

Character's Powers

 Asteria Powers


  1. Children of Asteria have the ability enchant a single weapon by infusing it with stardust and stellar energy for a short time. Damage dealt by the enchanted weapon is stronger than before, and may produce slight burns on anything that touches it.
  2. Children of Asteria have the ability to focus an intense beam of plasma which will burn anything it touches.


  1. Children of Asteria have the ability to summon a cluster of miniature stars directly in front of them which can be used to block incoming attacks; the stars, however, dissipate quickly.


  1. Children of Asteria can see perfectly in the night as if it were day.
  2. When the stars are out, children of Asteria always know their location.
  3. Children of Asteria can communicate with the souls of the recently deceased.


  1. Children of Asteria can summon a star large enough for them to stand on, that they can use to ride, the longer the star is maintained, the more energy it drains
  2. Children of Asteria have the ability to create temporary light sources, similar to concept of a flare, which will light an area for a short time.
  3. Children of Asteria can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring their sight at times.
  4. Children of Asteria have the ability to conjure a dense and hot cloud of stardust, which will suffocate and distract anyone enveloped in it for a short time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Asteria have the ability to conjure a small supernova, which will burn at anything in its wake on a 10m radius, as well as producing a loud booming sound coming from the explosion. It cannot differ friend from foe and will affect anyone or anything nearby.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Asteria have the ability to summon a large group of undead, about seven, which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner. The user is immobilized while the corpses attack for them.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Asteria can conjure a living constellation, though the size is limited to no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, and it immobilizes the user while the constellation attacks for them


  1. Children of Asteria make excellent astrologists.
  2. Children of Asteria have an affinity for understanding prophecies

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Leonard: Leo was wearing a plain orange shirt, jeans and sneakers that were covered in mud from his practice a while ago. He decided to relax so he got his guitar, sat at a bench in front of the Hypnos cabin and started to tune the guitar.

Jasmine: Jasmine just came from the strawberry fields, carrying a small basket with strawberries when she heard a guitar being played nearby. Since the sound came from the way she'll pass to get to her cabin, she decided to search for the sound. She found a guy covered in mud playing the guitar. She just stood nearby, the beautiful guitar sound relaxing her, making small flowering plants to sprout near her.

Leonard Leo continue to play his guitar. He would have done this more if not a random flower/plant sprout between his feet, making him lose his concentration. He freak out by surprise so he stand up, scan the surroundings and saw a girl holding a basket. He thought that the girl was playing a prank on him and gave her a suspicious look.

Jasmine: She was still looking at the guy when he suddenly stopped playing. She realized that a small flowering plant sprouted from the spot where he was playing. When the guy threw her a suspicious glance, she gave him an apologetic look and walked towards him. "Ahmm, I'm so sorry about that," she said pointing to the plant. "I didn't mean to disrupt your playing. Its just you play so good that I can't help but let my natural plant reflex work," she said, rubbing the back of her neck.

Leonard: He still has his suspicion about the girl, but decided to give her the benefit of a doubt. Thought he was still a bit perplex about the whole flower sprouting shenanigan, he was flattered on her compliment on his playing. “Well, let bygones be bygones they say” he said “and ahhh... glad you like my playing“ he added with an apparent smile on his face.

Jasmine: "Good," she said when he said that they should let bygones be bygones. "I'm Jasmine, by the way. Daughter of Demeter," she smiled. "Saying that your playing is good is an understatement. If you'll ask me, I'll say you're an Apollo," she said and continued,"But since you are sitting really comfortably in front of Hypnos, I'll guess you are from Hypnos," she said, emphasizing the word comfortably.

Leonard: He laughs when he heard that Jasmine was considering him to be an Apollo's kid. "Demeter huh? actually thought you where a Persephone kid..." he said "and yeah, I'm a son of Hypnos. Leonard's the name, but you can call me Leo, guess being comfortable is what we Hypnos kids are generally know for huh...." he continued."Nice to met you Jasmine."

Jasmine: "Persephone? Weird," she laughed. "Well, considering my mom's Demeter, I guess Persephone's a sister," she joked. "Anyway, I guess that comfortable thingy because I have a friend from Hypnos. Her name's Amani," she said. "You want some strawberries? I altered it a bit, but its still strawberry. I gathered some because I'll make a jam and send it to my father back home," she said.

Leonard: Leo was not in the mood for strawberry, but decided to get one from the basket Jasmine was offering. He took a bite and was pleasantly surprise that the fruit taste good. "Wow...this are better than what my mom buys from the market.Your father would surely love it!" he said. "But what do you mean by altering the strawberries?" he asked when the strawberry had already been consumed.

Jasmine: "Well, since my Dad's an agricultural scientist, I learned things from him when it comes to cross-breeding. So, I bred wilder strawberries with more domesticated strawberries and you know, being a daughter of Demeter, I could easily talk to my strawberry plants and yeah, the strawberry's better," she said with a smile. "Sorry, if that sounded a bit... geeky," she said, scratching the back of her neck.

Leonard: Though he does not understand half of the things she said, he just smiled. "No biggie, my best friend, who also happens to be a demigod here at camp can sometimes be the nerd in the conversation, so... I guess I'm use to it ?" he said as somewhat questioning his own statement. "But seriously, you can talk to plants to make them taste better, just curious?"

Jasmine: She shook her head, "Not exactly make them taste better instantly," she said. "We talk to plants to like, make them feel better and make them feel comfortable. After we make the adjustments that the plants need and when plants feel at ease with their surroundings, they produce better fruits. So, we're only enhancing them with plant talk," she said with a smile. "The taste will still depend on the cross and since you said it tasted better, then my crossing is successful," she continued. "How about you? What do Hypnos kids do with their spare time," she asked curiously and sat on one of the steps. "Have some more if you want," she offered him the basket.

Leonard: He just nod as he listened to Jasmine explaining about the fruit. When ask what do he and his sibling do, he went silent and think for some seconds. "Well..." he said as he grab another strawberry Jasmine was offering. "Most of us just...sleep I guess. Sometimes we can communicate when we sleep. But technically, we do a lot of sleeping!" he finished the sentence while taking a small bite at the strawberry. "But when I'm not sleeping, I usually practice my sword skills or playing the guitar."

Jasmine: She laughed, "Obviously, you guys love sleeping." She also took a strawberry from a basket. "You're really good with the sword?" she asked. "For a Hypnos kid, you're really active and let's say, busy," she said with a smile. "Honestly, I want to get better with fighting but I am the world's biggest klutz so I guess that's quite impossible," she said with a shrug. When she turned to her left, she miscalculated her angle and she bumped the bridge of her nose and forehead to the post of the stair's railings. "Well, that's a proof," she said, grimacing but laughing while rubbing her nose and forehead.

Leonard: You guys love sleeping is an understatement, Leo thought to himself. But when Jasmine bridge of her nose and forehead, he was concern for the girl. "Are you okay, Jasmine?" he asked but seeing that she was laughing, he says, "Wow, you're not kidding when you said you were a klutz" he had a small laugh and continue "Good thing nothing bad has yet happened to you and your berries. We can go to the infirmary if you want, just to be sure it is alright"

Jasmine: She shook her head, still laughing a bit, "Nah, I'm fine. The infirmary must tend to more important injuries." She showed him her cheek with a fading scar, "I got this when I was tripped by my own feet at the beach. Thankfully, my friend from Hecate helped me heal it and remove the scar," she said with a smile. After nibbling on her strawberry, she asked, "Could you play something again?"

Leonard: He nods to what Jasmine said. When ask to play the guitar, he decided to comply to the request. He sat to the bench and positioned his guitar for him to play it. "I have a mediocre voice but I am pretty good in the guitar" he confess as he strung the strings when he realize something "Oh, what the hell am I going to play?" he ask looking at Jasmine.

Jasmine: She shrugged, "Locked Away by R. City and Adam Levine would be awesome," she said smiling wide and excitedly. Before he began playing, she asked, "Would you mind if I sing along with you?" She smiled shyly. "Well, I'm not as good as Apollo kids but I know a do from a re."

Leonard: He nods in agreement. "Nice choice song!" Leo said smiling. "And of course! You can sing along, the more the merrier, like my father always say." He started to play his guitar with the tune of the song Jasmine suggested. "Jasmine, sing the first verse will you..."

Jasmine: "If I got locked away, and we lost it all today, tell me honsetly would you still love me the same? If I showed you my flaw and I couldn't be strong tell me honestly would you still love me the same," she sang while bobbing her head. She urged him to continue singing the verse.

Leonard: He smiles when Jasmine was singing. It was better than what he expected. "Right about now...If a judge for life me...Would you stay by my side? Or is ya gonna say good-bye? Can you tell me right now? If I c..." he suddenly stops not only singing, but on his stringing of the guitar. "Sorry... I lost my concentration..." yawns "...feeling tired...Hypno kid thing, sorry!"

Jasmine: She laughed hard when Leo explained the Hypno kid thing. "No worries, I know the feeling of doing things only cabinmates understand," she said. "Do you want to go inside first and have a nap or something?" she asked. "I could always come back later if you want to talk to me?" she said. "By the way, did my voice break your eardrums?" she said with a smile.

Leonard: Leo shakes his head with disagreement. "No need for that Jasmine, I'm all right now It was just ...something I guess." he said laughing with Jasmine. "And don't you worry, your voice isn't bad! I actually think it was good! Sorry I broke our perfect duet!" he said as he continue laughing.

Jasmine: She shrugged. "You could just call me Jas. Good thing we could still hang out a bit," she said still smiling. When he complimented her voice, she flipped her hair in a funny manner and laughed, "Well, my mom fell for my dad because of haranas, you know, love songs," she giggled at the thought. "Your voice was pretty awesome, too," she said. "I think we should do duet more," she said.

Leonard: He laughs with her as she flipped her hair. He smiles as his new friend, Jas, complimented him with his singing capabilities. "You know, you're right, we should continue to pursue this musical thing.We had something going..." Then an idea pops into his mind. "Let's make a band." he said with a joking expression seen both in his voice and face, but had every intent to be serious with it.

Jasmine: Jasmine's eyes widen in delight at the bright idea. "That's briliant! But where will we get the other members? It can't be a band and were only two," she said, her smile turning upside down. "You know someone who could join us?" she asked Leonard and started nibbling on another strawberry.

Leonard: Leo was shock that Jas easily accept the idea. "You really think it's a good idea?" Just thought it out of the blue?" thinks for some time when Jas rise the idea of getting other band members "Well...I know one who can play the organ! but I guess we need more huh?" he added as he also grab a strawberry from the basket.

Jasmine: "Of course, I think it is," she said. "That might sound rash but the idea of having my own band excites me," she giggled. "Well, looking for members would be a bit difficult if you ask me but it will be worth it." Jasmine stood up and grabbed a dried twig, pretending that it was a mic. "Imagine the crowd shouting our names," she said and twirled around, still giggling. "I know a guy who can sing well, too and I could play the ukelele and the flute."

Leonard: He was smiling the whole time Jasmine was imagining she was in stage, crowd cheering them. "Yeah, and we could be famous, record labels, awards...we could be legends!" he said with a laugh. "But if we can have enough members we have to think of a name, it has to shout awesome and legendary..." looks at Jas, "You have any ideas for it?"

Jasmine: She sat down again, a bit dizzy from twirling. She furrowed her brows, "I suck when it comes to thinking of names. How about you? You have any ideas?" she asked him.

Leonard: Looks up at the air before saying "Nah... I got nothing good! All I can think of are garbage and useless. I think we should jus..." his voice trailed off to a stop when he noticed a familiar face walking towards them. He gave her a smile and wave his arm. "Hey! Jaimee"

Jaimee: She too smiled and waved back at Leo. She didn't notice Jasmine and walked past her. The truth is she was bored at her cabin and decided to spend time with her best-friend, Leonard "Hey, Leo! " she said.

Jasmine: She sat a bit farther from the two, seeing how awkwardly close the two are. You are the newcomer, Jasmine, her mind told her. She smiled wide in case Jaimee, or that's what she thought Leo said, looked at her direction.

Leonard: He was smiling at Jaimee until he realize the situation Jasmine was in. "Oh yeah...Jaimee this is Jasmine, a friend of mine, a daughter of... Demeter???" he said while pointing at Jasmine with a questioned look as if saying Did I get your God parent right?

Jaimee She turned toward Jasmine, finally noticing her. She meet the smile that Jasmine was giving. Looks weird at Leo, "It seems your not sure of what your saying!" turns her attention to Jasmine, "Um, hi Jasmine right? Nice to meet you, I'm Jaimee, a daughter of asteria." she said as she extends her arm for Jasmine.

Jasmine: She nodded at Leo, assuring him that he got her god parent right. She took Jaimee's hand and shook it. "Yeah, nice to meet you, Jaimee," she said.

Leonard: "It's good that you're here Jaimee, Jasmine and I was talking about making a band together. I know you can play the organ... so how's about you join as ehhh???" he said with a grin.

Jaimee: Made a skeptical face upon hearing about the idea of a band. "You sure about this you two? I mean having a band is difficult and the risk of chaos is high, and I highly doubt you can succeed and claim fame!" she said the slightly turned around at Jasmine, "Sorry if that was a bit to harsh!" she exclaimed

Jasmine: Jasmine frowned a bit when Jaimee sounded a bit skeptical on their plans. "Well, that's not so optimistic," she said, feeling a bit down but not discouraged in putting up her own band. "Well, in my view, having a band is not merely for the chase of fortune and fame. Sometimes, or most of the time, people put up bands because they just love the music they're making and that's what I am totally feeling right now," she said, starting to smile again a bit.

Leonard: He was smiling the whole time Jas was lecturing his best friend about music. "Yeah, Jas is right! We're just here for the music, and for the fun of it, though we can also have a little the fame and fortune, am I right?" he said jokingly.

Jaimee: She sigh "Well, I guess you two are fixed on the idea already, huh? Guess no harm in trying, this may be the one that kills my boredom, and can occupy me for some days If you still want, I can join you, though I can't promise I'll always be present and all."

Jasmine: She winked at Leo when he seconded her notion and when Jaimee agreed to be a part of their band, she beamed wide. "Good to hear that Jaimee! I promise not to obligate you to attend if you're really unavailable," she said and jumped to hug Jaimee.

Jaimee: She was surprised about the sudden hug of Jasmine but decided too let it be, "Wow, you're a bit clingy aren't you little fella! " she just smiled and accepted the warm hug of her new friend.

Leonard: Smiled with the thought that the band will be fun. "this is going to be awesome guys!" then he quickly frown when he realize something "Hey!, we still need to come up of a name, any ideas you two?"

Jasmine: "Yeah, sorry," she pulled away from Jaimee but was still smiling. "Its just that when I get too excited, I don't think. Leo, can't think of a name," she shrugged.


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