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Jake Blackwell ~ Son of Hades

"To write is to make your mark on the world, in the culture and on the soil of the earth."
He sits up on a tree branch, writing a poem and watching the dryads. He sings a song he wrote. "oh the stars fall to the ground, making a great sound, and i watch them fall as my feet shuffle down these white halls."
Character's Bio

-Avid Writer
 Age: 14  Height: 5'7  Weight: 120 lbs.
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Connecticut  Main Weapon: CB Sword and dual CB Hunting Knives

 – "choices are never easy, but sometimes what seems the worst can be the best choice to make."

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Hades can create and launch long shards of obsidian from their palms.
  2. Children of Hades can create small fissures in the ground which spew plumes of hellfire for a few moments before closing. The hellfire is more powerful than normal fire, but can also harm the user, so this power must be used carefully.


  1. Children of Hades have the ability to create a dome of hardened earth and gemstones, roughly two or three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a short time.
  2. Children of Hades can conjure a set of very durable bone armor around themselves which grants enhanced protection against physical attacks. After a time, the armor grows brittle and falls off the user’s body.


  1. Children of Hades are able to communicate with and command the dead, and are able to sense spirits or other undead beings.
  2. Children of Hades are able to communicate with and command hellhounds they encounter.
  3. Children of Hades can sense when a mortal, half-blood, nymph/spirit that they know has died through a "buzzing" in their ears.
  4. Children of Hades are able to instantly destroy undead in a single attack.


  1. Children of Hades have the ability to Shadow Travel, to teleport from shadow to shadow; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Hades have a heightened control over undead and can usurp dominance from others who control undead who aren’t also children of Hades.
  3. Children of Hades can telekinetically shape and control dead matter. The more matter moved, the more the user is drained.
  4. Children of Hades can perform rites to summon a specific ghost from the underworld for a time, using offerings of their choice. The more offerings given and the more specific they are to the intended ghost, the more likely they are to appear. Ghosts that have been granted reincarnation, or are trapped Tartarus or the Fields of Punishment, cannot be summoned.
  5. Children of Hades can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hades are able to summon skeletal/zombie humanoids/animals to do their bidding. The more animals summoned and the bigger they are, the more energy is drained. Any armor/weaponry the undead possess increases the strain of the summoning. The undead can then be commanded telepathically their summoner. The longer they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained of their energy.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hades are to project their consciousness into any undead minion they command, taking direct control of their senses, movements and actions. However, their own body is left vulnerable for the duration.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Hades are capable of entering into a contract with a willing soul, either prior to their death or after meeting them as a ghost. Once a contract is made, the user gains the ability to summon the spirit into an undead recreation of its former body, formed from the earth, to fight alongside them for a time. The undead would retain all of the skills and physical abilities they had in life, including weaker versions of any special powers. When the summoning ends, or the spirit's summoned body is destroyed, the user is left heavily drained and could possibly faint. Only one contract can be held at a time.


  1. Children of Hades have innate knowledge of the Underworld, able to guide themselves and allies to how to enter,explore and escape the Underworld. (as long as they aren’t already dead)
  2. Children of Hades tend to have dark attitudes and appreciate shadowy places.
  3. Children of Hades typically have an appreciation for the earth, feeling more comfortable on the ground rather than being in the sky or the sea.
  4. Children of Hades often grow up to make great morticians.

Owned by: Jake ~ Posted on: 10/22/15
Yaya dub transformation 3

Jasmine Reyes -Child of Demeter
-The Sunny Princess

 – 11:34, October 23, 2015 (UTC)

Jasmine was sitting on the ground near a tree with a basket of fruits she has gotten from the fields. She was staring at the sky as the clouds shaped like different animals float above.After a while, she heard a voice singing on top of the trees so she stood up and picked her basket. She walked towards the tree and peered up, seeing a guy in black sweatshirt. Being her usual self, she greet him, "Hello!"


Jake: He instantly shuts up and looks down, moving his notebook up to cover his blush. "Hai..."

Jasmine: She waved to him. That's weird, her mind said. He has a good voice yet his hiding behind a notebook? "My name is Jasmine!" she yelled from below. "Nice voice," she said sincerely.

Jake: "how much did you hear...?" He Shifts in the tree, and slowly puts his notebook down

Jasmine: "Well I heard stars and floor and I think it sounds awesome, too," she said honestly. She raised her basket a bit. "You want some?" she asked him.

Jake: he hops down from the tree, gathering courage, and tilts his head to the side. "It's probably poisoned." He says playfully with a small smile, but takes an apple. "Thanks, Jasmine, right? I'm Jake, son of Hades."

Jasmine: "If I want to poison you, I could have shoot poisonous plants right where you are," she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes. She smiled and shook her head when he still took an apple from the basket. "Yes, I'm Jasmine and thanks for thinking I'm a killer. Nice meeting you, Jake," she said.

Jake: He shrugs. "You really can't blame me, i've been almost killed many times." He bit into the apple, sighing at the sweet taste. He stops chewing, spacing off, a poem idea coming to him.

Jasmine: She shrugs. "Well, you've got a point there, but would you expect a beautiful face like this to kill you?" she said jokingly. When she noticed him space out, she asked him, "Hey, you okay? Does the apple taste bad or is my joke not good?"

Jake: he shakes his head. "Yeah, sorry. Just had an idea about a poem. And i heard your joke, but it was in the background." He takes another bite.

Jasmine: She looked at him curiously. "What's the poem about?" she asked. She sat down under the tree on one of the roots. "Care to sit down?"

Jake: His sword appears in a scabbard across his back and he draws it, leaning on the handle. "No thanks, i've been sitting on a branch and i'm tired of sitting. And i'd rather not say..." He shifts uncomfortably.

Jasmine: Her eyes wide when the sword suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Seeing the sword, she kind of felt afraid about asking what the poem was about but she asked anyway. "What's the poem about?" she said a bit softer than her first question

Jake: his eyes narrow, then widen in reailization. "Oh... Oh i'm sorry does this sword scare you? Oops..." He sheathes it and it disappears. "I've grown so used to it i don't think anything of it, i'm sorry." He sits next to her.

Jasmine: She breathes a sigh of relief. "Well, I'm not afraid of weapons but it kind of took me by surprise," she said honestly. When he sat beside her, she asked again, "What was the poem about?" Taking a wild guess since he was from Hades she said, "About Death or Treasures?"

Jake: "that really annoys me. Everyone assumes that because of my dad. No, it's about the apple, and a certain person." He sits crisscross facing her so she can't read as he writes. "Sorry, but i don't let anyone read my poems unless that person is special and trusted by me. So, no one yet. Except..." He trails off and frowns for a millisecond, then it goes back to normal.

Jasmine: "Sorry," she apologized for thinking so stereotypically. "An apple and a person?" she asked, thinking that maybe he felt nostalgic when she gave him an apple. She tried to peek at his notebook but failed. "Aww, Jake, lemme see it please," she asked. When he said that there's a person he trusts, she suddenly became curious, "Who is that person?"

Jake: he shrinks into himself, shy. "C-can you please drop it?" He asks quietly.

Jasmine: She was shocked by his reaction. She took one of his hands,"I'm so sorry, I'll not ask anymore," she said and sat quietly beside him.

Jake: he sighs. "I'm sorry. I reacted so stupidly. It's just... Bad memories. Untrustworthy people. None of it is your fault." He slowly relaxes, taking a deep breath. "I'm... I'm okay. I just... Is it possible we could go to the arena? I need to take some stress out on a dummy."

Jasmine: She squeezed his hand gently. "Don't worry if some people came to hurt you. They're just there so that you could also meet the people whom you could trust," she said smiling, and she remembered her Dad. "Okay, if you want to," she stood up with his hand still in hers.

Jake: "Hey Jasmine?" He asked. "Thanks." He awkwardly hugs her, and he relaxes at the flowers he smells on her.

Jasmine: She hugged him back, though hesitantly at first. "For the apples? I'm a Demeter so I could give you more of that," she said and rubbed comforting circles around his back.

Jake: He laughs lightly. "No, for reminding me that there are good people in this world." He pulls away from hug. "Hey can i show you something real quick?"

Jasmine: She laughs. "It's nothing!" she said with a bright smile. "I love seeing people be more positive everyday," she said. When he asked for something, she just nodded her head and said yes.

Jake: "I could use a little positive in my life." He grabs her hand and they melt into the shadows, appering in the Arena entrance. "Thats what i wanted to show you." He said.

Jasmine: "I'm happy to know that," she said. "No worries, I was conceived with sunlight inside my mother's womb," she said. When they shadow-traveled, she felt a bit dizzy and she almost fainted. She was enthralled by the journey but she felt a bit nauseous. "That was amazing," she said."What did we just do?"

Jake: he grabs her waist, making sure she doesn't fal over. "That was shadow traveling. We're in the arena now." He pulls hands off her waist, deeming her safe to stand, but is ready to catch her if not.

Jasmine: She applied pressure to the bridge of her nose and massaged her temples. "Oh, shadow-traveling," she said. "That was cool. But weren't you tired? I think it consumed much energy," she said. She tilted sideways. "Sorry, this is the first time I did this."

Jake: "and i'm not letting you again because you looked faint. Yeah, it removed a good chunk of my energy because i had you, but it wasn't that far of a distance. Now, i feel like practicing." He steps back from her, and his hunting knives appear at his side.

Jasmine: She felt his hand on her waist so she mumbled a barely audible,"Thanks, I'm okay,". When he let go of her waist, she sat on the ground to ease a bit of her dizziness. She watched his knives appear and waited for him to train

Jake: He looks at her, concerned, and breaks off a smallpiece of his emergency ambrosia, handing it to her. "Eat this. Please." He puts it in her hand and sits down, back against the wall, abandoning his plan to train.

Jasmine: She took the piece of ambrosia and smiled at him gratefully. "Thank goodness you have this," she said. When she finished her ambrosia, she was feeling a lot better. "Thank you for that," she said and sat closer to him.

Jake: He is worried about her. "Feeling better? Did it help?"

Jasmine: She smiled. "I am feeling much better now," she said gratefully. "Why aren't you practicing yet?" she asked. "I thought you would want to release some stress

Jake: He sighs. "Yeah, i decided against it." He looks up shyly. "You're a daughter of Demeter, i'm assuming. I hate using you, but could i possibly... Could you... Could you give me a tiger lily seed so i can plant it?" He asked, blushing.

Jasmine: She smiled at the fact that she recognized her god parent. "Tiger lilies huh? Why Tiger lilies?" she asked. "I guess I could get some from the garden later," she said.

Jake: "i'd love you forever if you did. They are my favorite flower." He picks up an orange leaf and twirls it between his fingers.

Jasmine: She raised an eyebrow at what he said. "You'll love me forever, huh?" she laughed. "Nice one, Hades boy but I'll still get you one though you'll not love me forever," she said. "Those orange flowers are you favorite? Why?" she said.

Jake: "Orange is such a beautiful color. And they taste good, i think. Plus i think they are really romantic..." He smiles, pulling out his small notpad. "Lemme just..." He writes down the poem idea he just had before he loses it.

Jasmine: "I see," she nodded and laughed at his joke about oranges. "I thought most people think pink or red or something like that is romantic," she said. When he pulled out his notepad, she tried to take a peek at what he is writing.

Jake: "i see red as more of a sexual color, as Eros or Aphrodite. I'm a son of hades." He doesn't notice her trying, but he closes a bit more in on himself to make sure she can't if she tries seeing it.

Jasmine: "Sexual?" she burst out laughing. "Red is sexual. Are all sons of Hades like you?" she asked, amused with him. "That is a very critical analysis, though," she said. She is still trying to take a peek on his paper to no avail.

Jake: He puts his pad away. "No, my siblings are dark and scary. I'm bubbly. Usually. Though i do have mood swings."

Jasmine: She sighed when he put away his notepad. "Dark and scary? I think that would be fitting," sh said, nodding. When he said the part about mood swings, she shrugged. "Mood swings are normal and I can tolerate them," she said.

Jake: "I hate that stereotype. It'd be easier if my parent was Aphrodite or Apollo. But no, i get stuck with stupid Hades. I don't blame him, my aunt told me my mom was an amazing person. And the mood swings are from my past." He shrugs.

Jasmine: She laughs. "Owwkay," she nods and smiles at him. "I think Hades kind of suits you in a way, though," she said.

Jake: "i don't think so. Hey, do me a favor?"

Jasmine: "Yes, you do. You look kinda mysterious to me. That's why you fit in Hades," she said. "Ahmmm, go ahead. What could I do?"

Jake: "Mysterious, i guess. But i' an opposite of my siblings. And tonight, i don't know how brave you are, but go up onto the Demeter roof? I want to share the stars with you." He said.

Jasmine: She smirked. "I'm no chicken, Hades boy," she said. "I'm not afraid of the dark," she continued, but thinking I still prefer sunlight, though. "I'll meet you at the roof later and we will share the stars together," she said.

Jake: "see you there, then, Sunny Girl. Oh, and i'm afraid of the dark, but not the night." Smirking, he fades into the shadows cast by the wall. He appears in his cabin and flops onto his bed, exhausted.

On Demeter Cabin's Grass Roof

Jasmine: She climbed into the roof and settled there. She lied on her back and starts watching the stars while waiting for Jake.

Jake: Jake sneaks to the Demeter cabin, then shadow-travels the few feet onto the roof. He hopes she didn't notice him, and lys down behind her on the slant. "Surprised. Didn't think you actually would." He says casually.

Jasmine: When she looked to her left, she was surprised to see him. When she recovered from her surprise, she smiled at him. "I actually try to keep my words so though I am not a fan of dark places, I'm here," she said smiling.

Jake: Jake laughs. "I'm resisting scaring you right now. Don't worry, Jasi. I'm here to comfort you." Flashes a genuine smile. "Punny. We're like night and day, almost literally."

Jasmine: She scratched her head and laughed at the pun. "Night and Day, huh? Crazy but you know what, I'm not trying to be an Athena Kid here but maybe there's a reason why we met," she said, staring at the stars. "You came to help me overcome my fear of darkness and I came to you to make you see that most of the time, there'll always be day after the darkest hour."

Jake: He stares at her, amazed. "How did i never notice that? I swear, you are one unique girl." He keeps staring, captivated by her beauty.

Jasmine: She tucked a stray hair behind her ear. "You know Jake, I've been called lots of names like klutz but I've never been called unique before," she said to him. "So, care to share your poem?" she asked and looked at him.

Jake: "Jasmine, you ARE unique. Alright?" He flips over, staring up at the stars. "No. I'd rather not, i'm sorry. I dont trust you enough yet.

Jasmine: She shrugged. "Okay," she said, not feeling hurt. "Maybe, one day you would." She shivered a bit, feeling cold.

Jake: He notices her shiver. "Hey, you cold? I'd be happyto help with that." He sits up.

Jasmine: She nodded. She sit up, too, wondering what he'll do.

Jake: he cautiously wraps his arms around her, watching for any sign of pulling away.

Jasmine: She felt his warmth when he wrapped his arms around her. She didn't pull away and rested her head on his shoulder. She continued watching the stars.

Jake: He gains confidence and pulls her closer. "Beautiful, the stars." He whispers as he stares at them.

Jasmine: She smiled and looked at his face while he looks at the stars. "Yes, they are beautiful," she said while still staring at him.

Jake: He doesn't notice her staring, He is too busy captivated by the stars. He absentmindedly pulls a blade of grass from the roof and twirls it in his fingers.

Jasmine: She doesn't know how long they were in that position. All she know is that her eyelids are feeling heavier and before she knows it, her head is already resting on his shoulders and she's fast asleep while snoring softly.

Jake: He kisses the top of her head softly, quietly humming a slow song. He's cautious in his movements, trying not to wake the sleeping girl beside him. He is content, with her against him and the stars above him. He nods off after about half an hour.


Jasmine: She woke up and found herself entangled with Jake. She gently sit up so as not to wake him up. She went down the roof to get some fruits from the garden. She also took some tiger lily seeds and placed it on her woven seed pouch to give to him. She climbed up back again to the roof, hoping he was still there when one of her foot slipped.

Jake: Jake awoke, a feeling of panic crossing over him until he realizes where he is. He smiled as he remembered last night. When he heard someone climbing, he crossed the roof to the sound. As he looked down, he saw Jasmine slip. He reached out and barely managed to grab her wrist, preventing her, but her momentum brought him down. He shifted so as they fell, he landed first to soften her fall.

Jasmine: She closed her eyes, afraid of the fall but she felt someone pulling her wrist but she fell anyway. But instead of falling on the grassy grounds, she fell on someone. When she opened her eyes and saw Jake underneath him. She worriedly sits up. "Are you okay?" she asked frantically.

Jake: He sits up, feeling no pain, and starts laughing hard. "Oh man, Jasi, you're literally falling for me, hm? I promise i'll always catch you, though." He says, smiling.

Jasmine: She rolled her eyes, not feeling concerned anymore since he looked like he's fine. "You'll catch me everytime huh?" she smirked.

Jake: He blushes a bit. "Of course. Why would i let you fall?" He stands up.

Jasmine: She raised both of her arms to him, as if asking him to pull her up.

Jake: He pulls her up, then trips her, catching her and smirking. "i told you."

Jasmine: She rolled her eyes. "You know I was gonna say 'You raise me up not catch me' but since you tripped me, my witty line flew with those birds," she said pointing to the birds flying overhead.

Jake: His eyes fixate on the birds, specifically the beautiful full blue bird. He watches it, silent, his face unreadable.

Jasmine: She watched his face as he watched the birds and smiled, thinking that he looks cute. "You have a crush on one of the birds?" she asked, joking.

Jake: He doesn't hear her, as everything around him fades away. Its just him and the bird. "Beautiful..." He whispers. "Like Jasmine... Why is the bird so much like her?" He whispers to himself.

Jasmine: She's still looking at him and he whispered inaudibly. All she heard was the word 'Jasmine' so her brows furrowed and she asked, "Come again? What did you just say? I thought I heard my name."

Jake: he blushes, shaking his head to get out of his trance. "W-what? N-no not at all..." He stutters, a bit embarassed.

Jasmine: She shrugged. "Okay," she said, putting her hands up. "Wanna grab some breakfast?" she asked.

Jake: "Sure. But is this a date?" He asks, smirking.

Jasmine: She laughed a bit. "Whatever,Jake. Suit yourself," she said. "What do you want for breakfast?" she asked.

Jake: "well, i need to go to my cabin first, but then we can go. And just food. I don't mind." He says.

Jasmine: "Okay," she said. "Just go to the same tree where we met yesterday. I'll just cook breakfast and pick some fruits so wait for me there, okay?" she said and went to her cabin.

Jake: "Sure thing, Jasi." He says. He returns to his cabin and rifles through his bag, pulling out a brown paper bag. He makes his way to the tree,YuYu lounging in his arms.

Jasmine: She went to the gardens to gather some herb that can't be found in the house. She then baked some bread, cooked spaghetti and picked some fruits. She then placed the foods in the basket and headed off for the tree.

Under the Same Tree

Jake: He sees Jasmine walking over with a bunch of food, and he gets up from his spot on the roots to help her carry it.

Jasmine: She saw him rushed towards her and allowed him to carry the basket. Following Jake, she noticed, was a pure white kitten so cute. "Jake! Your cat is soo cute!" she said, so amused with the kitten. "What's his name?" she asked when they reached the shade of the tree.

Jake: He laughs. "Cuter than you? You're the cutest thing here. This is YuYu, he's just here." YuYu rubs his face on Jasmine's legs as Jake reaches into the bag to take out the contents. He spreads a picnic blanket on the ground, and takes out a plate for YuYu, putting a bit of raw salmon on it. The cat saunters over and starts to eat, and Jake sits. Jake looks at Jasmine. "Sit down?" He asks.

Jasmine: She rolled her eyes when he said she was the cutest thing in CHB. "Sweet talker," she said in pokerface but laughed afterwards. She sat on the mat, pat YuYu's head and kissed its forehead. "He's really sweet," she said. She then brought out the contents of the basket, some plates and some cutleries from the basket. "I cooked these myself," she said proudly.

Jake: His stomach growls. "it looks soooo good, Jasi." He says, staring at the food. His stomach growls. "I can't wait to try it..."

Jasmine:  She handed him a plate. "Bon appetit, signor," she said and smiled. She scooped some spaghetti and put it in Jake's plate. She placed some in her plate too and got a slice of bread. "Does YuYu eat spaghetti and bread?" she asked.

Jake: "thanks." Jake says. YuYu slowly slinks up to Jake's plate. "Yeah, you can give him some. Strange cat, he'll eat everything." He says, smiling. He looks back at Jasmine, taking a bite of the spaghetti. "This is really good..." He says, dreamily.

Jasmine: Jasmine puts some spaghetti and bread on YuYu's plate and watched the cat eat the spaghetti with gusto. "I think he's a really amazing cat," she said and pat YuYu's head. She shrugged when Jake said the food was good. "Demeter children are said to be good cooks and bakers and my Dad really cooks amazingly so I guess its in my blood," she said and ate a spoonful of spaghetti.

Jake: He unintentionally tunes out, his attention focused on the amazing food, which is gone within minutes.

Jasmine: Because she was having a fun time with Jake and YuYu, she didn't noticed that there's nothing left of the food. She just noticed when she tried to scoop some more spaghetti from the container but there was none. She looked at Jake and shook her head, but was smiling, "Where sis you and Yuyu bring the food?"

Jake: He reaches into his bag and grabs the hotpot full of chinese Lo Mein. "This is mine and YuYu's favorite food." He pulls out 2 bowls and scoops some into each.

Jasmine: She smelled a great aroma coming from a hotpot. She smelled noodles and she was correct when Jake said it was Lo Mein. She took a spoonful from one of the bowls and decided it was great. "Who cooked this?" she asked with a smile.

Jake: Jake blushed. "I did..." He says, shyly, afraid of judgement.

Jasmine: She made a straightface. "This Lo Mein is not good," she said. After about 2 seconds, she smiled wide and said, "It's fantastic!" she said and get some more from the hotpot.

Jake: His entire posture slumped when she said it's not good, but i brightened a bit when she changed her mind, though he still wasn,t fully convinced because of that first phrase. But he smiled uncontrollably, amazed that someone finally managed to make him smile so easily.

Jasmine: "Hey, Hades Boy, cheer up. I was just kidding," she said sincerely. "Honestly, when I smelled the noodles' aroma, I had a feeling it tastes good. It makes me miss home, though," she said, remembering thta her Dad also love chinese noodles and pancits.

Jake: .how so, if i may ask? If not, that's okay, i understand." He says with a genuine smile.

Jasmine: "No, it's okay," she said. "It's just I miss my Dad so much because he loves pancit and noodles like Lo Mein, Chow Mein and Canton," she said. She let out a sigh, "This has been the longest time we're apart."

Jake: He scoots over and hugs her, trying to comfort her. "It hurts to miss someone, but often it,s for the best. It makes us stronger." He says soothingly.

Jasmine: She hugged him back and pulls away gently. "Yeah, I guess so," she said. "Thanks, Jake," she said and continued eating her Lo Mein.

Jake: "i told you i'd never let you fall, and that means emotionally as well." He says, then finishes his Lo Mein. YuYu comes over and settles down in Jasmine's lap. Jake looks at the purring cat and laughs. "Someone likes you." He says.

Jasmine: She smiled widely. "Thanks for not letting me fall," she said. She giggled when YuYu climbed down and settled at her lap. She stroke YuYu's head, neck and belly and when he purred, Jasmine laughed. "How could I not like an adorable creature like him?" she said, looking at YuYu.

Jake: "He is cute. But hes a beggar." He scratched the cat's ears then laid back to look at the the clouds.

Jasmine: "A beggar?" she asked curiously. "Too cute for a beggar, I say." She continued petting YuYu until the cat fell asleep. She started humming a lullaby tune.

Jake: He laughs, his arms behind his head and his eyes closed. "That's how he begs, makes you fall for him." He starts to nod off, but then shakes awake.

Jasmine: "A charmer would be a better term," she said and continued humming. When she noticed Jake nodding off and then awaken, she laughed. "Is my voice that good?" she kidded.

Jake: "you have no idea, daughter of Demeter." He mumbles. He opens his eyes and looks at her.

Jasmine: She raised an eyebrow. "No idea on what?" she said. She smiled at him at when he looked at her.

Jake: "quite how much your voice soothes me." He closes his eyes as not to see her reaction.

Jasmine: She giggled and blushed. "Really? Then I should've been an Apollo kid. Oops, sorry Mom and Dad," she said, still giggling. "Its just I really love singing and singing to soothe you, Hades boy."

Jake: "giggly today, hm?" He asks, eyes still closed. "sing me a song?" He asks.

Jasmine: "Whatever," she said and rolled her eyes. "What song do you like?" she asked him.

Jake: "pick a song." He says, smiling. YuYu jumps off jasmine's lap and saunters over to lay on Jake's chest.

Jasmine: She sat closer to Jake, "Okay, Well, I'm a big Taylor Swift fan so, here we go," she said. She took a deep breath and started, "we were both young when I first saw you...". She sang the lyrics as soft as possible.

Jake: Jake listens attentively, captivated by her voice. He waits until she finishes to speak. "That was beautiful..." He opens his eyes and looks at her.

Jasmine: She blushed. "Thanks, Jake," she smiled and tucked a hair behind her ear. "Could you sing, too?" she asked.

Jake: "s-sure. You need to take thing dang cat off my chest though." He laughs.

Jasmine: She laughed and took YuYu to her lap. She stroke YuYu's fur and kissed its forehead. "Sweet thing, you are." Sh then turned to Jake and smiled wide,"Sing now," she teased.

Jake: He smiles as YuYu rubs his cheek against her affectionately, then he takes a nervous breath. He trusts her not to laugh, but this was nerve wracking. He sits up and closes his eyes. "Hey there delilah, whats it like in new york city..." He sings Hey There Delilah by Plain White Ts, losing himself in the song and forgetting anyone is near him and listening.

Jasmine: She laughed when YuYu rubbed his cheek against her. She listened as Jake sang the song and when she saw him lose himself in the song and nail it, she just smiled so wide, happy that Jake is feeling the song. When he was done, she clapped and did a standing ovation. "Bravo! Sobra Saliente!" she said and laughed.

Jake: Jake blushes hard, his hands covering his mouth and red cheeks. "Sorry... It kinda sounds bad..." He said self consciously.

Jasmine: She sat down again and picked YuYu up to her lap. "Bad? If that's bad then there's no good," she said with a smile. "Since were singing, how was the song you were writing on this tree yesterday?" she asked.

Jake: "oh that stupid thing? I finished it but i'm not singing it so don't ask." He says, his eyes getting a bit dark.

Jasmine: She raised both her hands in surrender, "Whoah there hot stuff, chill. I was just asking. I'm just curious, you know," she said looking very apologetic.

Jake: His eyes widen as he realizes how mean he was. "Sorry! It's just... Everyone asks that. And uh, i don't share my works with anyone unless i trust them implicitly. Which is no one. Sorry.." He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

Jasmine: "Its okay, no harm done," she said with a smile. "I'm really just curious coz you really have a good voice and maybe we could collaborate on it or something but since you don't wanna talk about it, then its okay," she said and got another slice of bread.

Jake: "why do you cling to the idea that my voice is good?" He asks as he takes more lo mein. YuYu hops up and melts into the shadow he came from, no doubt going to the hades cabin.

Jasmine: "Everyone has their own taste and I really think its good," she said. "You want me to get my ukelele from my cabin?" she asked. "Aww, YuYu's gone," she said when YuYu shadow-traveled.

Jake: "it's rare for him to stay in one spot for too long. The fact that he stayed this long means he really likes you. And sure, we can do a duet with your ukelele." He said with a smile.

Jasmine: "Really? Then let me get my ukelele," she said and stood up.

Jake: "alright, i'll still be here." Jake says.

Jasmine: "Awesome!" she said and ran back to her cabin. When she returned, she was a bit panting but carrying her ukelele. She saw Jake still sitting under the tree. "Heeyo. So, I'm back with my little baby," she said with a huge smile. "So what do you want to sing?"

Jake: "Pick a song, i'll sing anything." He says with a smile.

Jasmine: "Okay," she plucked the strings of her ukelele and started a mellow version of Jet Lag by Simple Plan and Natasha Bedingfield. "What time is it where you are? I miss you more than anything..."

Jake: He starts to sing along, harmonizing an octave below Jasmine's. He begins to sway and close his eyes, getting into the song.

Jasmine: She smiled when Jake lost himself in the song again. When they finished the song, Jasmine giggled and told Jake, "You know, we should do this more often."

Jake: "We should hang out more often. you're a really cool girl." he blushes, turning his face away from her.

Jasmine: She blushed with his words and tucked a tress of hair behind her ears. "You're cool, too, you know," she said.

Jake: "I'm tired. i'm gonna go nap." He excuses, trying to cover the fact that he's running away, afraid he might say something stupid like usual.

Jasmine: She furrowed her brows, wondering what really happened. "Okay," she reluctantly allowed him to go.

Jake: He melts into shadows, after saying an apology. He appears in the hades cabing and flops onto his bed, startling the cat that was lounging there. He sighs and buries his face in his pillow, YuYu climbing onto his back.

Jasmine: She stood up from the ground when Jake left, still feeling puzzled about Jake's hurry. She walked back into her cabin and went to her room where she lied down and though of everything that happened

Jake: He feels really bad, not sure if he could go and find her. he's confused about how he feels toward her.

Later that Afternoon

Jasmine: She fell asleep on her bed while thinking. When she woke up, it was already 4 o'clock in the afternoon. To clear her mind, she took a walk on the Demeter Cabin's garden.

Jake: Feeling bad, Jake decided to go up onto the Hades cabin roof to calm down his nerves.

Jasmine: While she was tending to her flowering plants and tomato seedlings, she looked at the skyline and she saw Jake sitting on the roof of his cabin. She made a patch of grass with fluffy white flowers that could be carried by the wind and when the wind blew, the flowers went to Jake's direction.

Jake: Jake had his eyes closed, and was hit by a few flowers. He opened his eyes in surprise, looking at the flowers in his lap. He looked around for the source, spotting Jasmine on the Demeter roof. He melted into the shadow cast on his part of the roof from the setting sun, and appeared on the roof behind him, breathing deeply to mask his panting.

Jasmine: She felt down and closed her eyes, feeling the remaining warmth of the setting sun on her skin while hugging herself and without her knowing, a tear streamed down her cheek.

Jake: Jake slowly wipes the shed tear away. "I'm sorry for running away, Jasmine." He whispers.

Jasmine: "No, don't be," she said and shook her head. "It's okay. If you feel that way, okay," she said and sat. "Just tell me why. Why are you running away from me?" she asked with a melancholic tone.

Jake: Jake sighs. "I've never been so close to someone. And, normally, when i am close at all, they turn on me or die." He says, carefully taking her hand lightly.

Jasmine: She let her hand be taken and used her other hand to wipe some more tears that are now flowing in her cheeks. "Please, believe me when I say that I'm not one of them. I will never ever hurt you."

Jake: Jake kisses her forehead. "i know. i'm sorry." He opens is arms for a hug.

Jasmine: She went to his arms and let herself be hugged. "It's okay," she mumbled almost inaudibly.

Jake: He hugs her tight. "I promise it won't happen again." He rubs circles on her back to soothe her.

Jasmine: "I hope so," she said. While in that position, Jasmine murmured something out of the blue, "You smell like catnip."

Jake: Jake laughs lightly. "YuYu's fault, he found some, though i don't know how. Did you secretly give him some?" He asks, smiling.

Jasmine: She laughed a bit. "Nope. Maybe your cat is just that smart," she said with a smile.

Jake: Jake poked her sides lightly. "Are you lying?" He asks.

Jasmine: She poked his nose, "I'm not lying," she said. "You're underestimating your cat, Jake," she said with a smile.

Jake: "Yeah, you're right. YuYu is my family." He says, smiling.

Jasmine: She looked at his face and gave him a huge smile. She inched his nose a bit hard so she ran, "Oops, Sorry," she said laughing while runnning.

Jake: "Hey!" He exclaimed, laughing. He got up and ran after her, and caught up to her. He tripped her, catching her, the only way he could thing of stopping her. Her momentum pushed them over, and he made sure to land on the ground, she landed on top of them. He was laughing, only vaguely aware of the distant pain in his back from the fall.

Jasmine: She squealed when Jake tripped her and giggled when he caught her. When she lose her footing, she squealed again, now sounding a bit more scared. When she fell down on top of Jake, she giggled but as soon as she realized their position which was a bit too close, she suddenly sat up and looked at him worriedly, "Are you okay?" she asked.

Jake: Jake starts laughing. "Yes i'm okay, it's no big deal. Are you okay though?" He asks with a protective tone.

Jasmine: She smile at him, "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm a bit heavy, you know," she said and stood up, dusting off her leggings.She offered him a hand.

Jake: "no, you aren't heavy at all." He sits up. "why don't you just sit next to me?" He asks, taking her hand.

Jasmine: She smiled and took a seat beside him, "There," she said and placed her head on his shoulder. A hyacinth plant grew near her feet.

Jake: He notices the flower. "I'm assuming, after hearing about how some Hades' children sprout gems from their emotions, that you have the same. Is that true?" He asks.

Jasmine: She nodded. "Yeah, you could say that," she said with a smile. "But I can control it most of the time," she said.

Jake: "most of the time? What can trigger it?" He asks, curious.

Jasmine:  She thought about it for a while. "Hmm, sudden release of emotions most of the time," she said with a shrug. "I never produced a plant that big before without me knowing it," she said, eyeing the flower which is still growing. She stopped the growth immediately and smiled at Jake.

Jake: "so what emotion triggered it this time?" Jake asked curiously.

Jasmine: "I've been through a lot of emotional moments lately," she said with a laugh. 'But maybe, one of the reason is this," she said, pointing their distance.

Jake: His eyes grow wide in shock and the butterflies start in his stomach. "Jasmine, do you like me?" He asks.

Jasmine: She looked at the ground and blushed a deep red. "I-I...U-Uhmmm..." she stuttered. Because of her inability to form coherent words, she just gave him two short nods while still looking at the ground.

Jake: He sits there in shock, speechless. When he finally got the ability to speak, he managed to sigh in relief and mumble "Oh thank the gods."

Jasmine: Now it was her turn to be speechless when he seemed relieved when she told him that she likes him. She looked at him, a smile staring to form on her lips but retaining her deep blush, "D-does that mean...?" she said, unable to continue the question.

Jake: He smiled. He took her hand in his, hugging her, whispering in here ear "Yes."

Jasmine: Her eyes widen when he whispered and she hugged back. She then rested her head in his shoulder.

Jake: They fall into a comfortable silence, and he wraps his arms around her, not sure how to go forward.

Jasmine: Jasmine looked at Jake, "So, does this mean I'm your girlfriend now?" she kidded.

Jake: "Does this mean you want to be my girlfriend?" He smiles.

Jasmine: "Do I look like I don't want to be your girlfriend?" she asked back with a smile.

Jake: "Well, yeah, but you'd be my first. I'm not one to have girls crawling all over me." He smiles.


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