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Andre De Leonada
Hades Camper
Loach default
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  "Welcome to the Hotel California, Such a lovely place, Such a lovely place, Such a lovely face, Plenty of room at the Hotel California, Any time of year, Any time of year, You can find it here"

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Hades have the ability to resurrect a single undead corpse which will fight, mindlessly, along side them until it is broken down or dismissed.
  2. Children of Hades can create very small fissure in the ground which spew small amounts of hellfire for a few moments before closing.
  3. Children of Hades have the ability to create a small tremor which topples everyone nearby off their feet.
  4. Children of Hades can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.
  5. Children of Hades have the innate ability to vanquish undead with a single attack.
  6. Children of Hades are able to communicate with the dead.
  7. Children of Hades can sense when a mortal or half-blood that they know has died through a "buzzing" in their ears.
  8. Children of Hades have the ability to Shadow Travel, a sort of teleportation; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
  9. Children of Hades have a heightened control over undead and can usurp dominance from others who control undead.
  10. Children of Hades can cause someone to feel as if they are trapped in a coffin for a short time, unable to move, however while the user is maintaining the hold, they themselves also can't move to attack
  11. Children of Hades have the ability to summon a large group of undead, about ten, which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner; the longer they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained.
  12. Children of Hades can, for a short time, enhance their weapons, or the weapons of allies, with a diamond coating that makes them unbreakable and stronger, this only lasts for a short time
  13. Children of Hades radiate death.
  14. They tend to have dark attitudes
  15. They like shadowy places.

Owned by: Slay ~ Avin
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Cecylia Pietrzak ~ Child of Deimos

    ~ "Fear? You mean that thing that makes you panic? I like it then. Watching you, helpless, is amusing to me."

More Info:

-Unholy Terror

 Age: 18  Height: 5'8  Weight: 119 Lbs.
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: None
 Birth Place: Warsaw, Poland  Main Weapon: Dagger x2, Long Sword
 Accent: European
 – ❝Well, we've got fear, then sheer terror. Fear can make you run faster, hit harder. Terror just makes you pee yourself and roll over like a dog.❞

The Seductress Meets the Chivalrous

Andre: Andre is sitting on the bench on the porch of the Hades cabin, trying to put on his hightop converse with one hand and with a toothbrush in the other hand. He ends up dropping the toothbrush. "Dangit," he sighs as he picks up the toothbrush, bites it and uses both hands to finish tying his shoes' laces. "I really need to buy a new toothbrush," Andre remarks to himself, with that, he decides to go to the shopping mall to try and locate some new threads and a fancy toothbrush. He drops the toothbrush in the outside trash can, rolls up the sleeves of his dress shirt and begins the walk towards the road to town, a few minutes later he's in the middle of camp, and decides to stop at one of the benches and check the heel on his left shoe. That is when Andre sees her... Andre sees this girl, and he really can't decide whether or not he should leave, or if he should risk getting rekt'ed. Andre throws caution to the wind and walks towards Cecylia, smiling in her direction as he slowly walks towards her.

Cecylia: Cecylia looks up as Andre approaches her and smiles to herself. "Come to make a new friend? Or maybe someone to talk to? Come sit down, you look worn out?" She smiles even wider, wondering if this boy could be one of the few that have decided to keep her company. She suddenly frowned, thinking of the last boy that had wanted to "spend time" with her. She shakes her head and scoots over, patting the other bench next to her, and starts looking over the green fields.

Andre: Andre smiles warmly, walks up to her and sits on the bench right next to her, hoping that his actions will keep her from frowning agin., "Well, I figured I'd stop here and ask what kind of toothbrush you used, because you have such a pretty smile, and I wanted to know how I could get mine to look as good as yours," Andre smiles broadly and warmly.

Cecylia: She looks at him and blushes lightly. "Well, I'm just... I use a normal tooth brush, y'know. And you aren't very cheesy, I must say. I expected cheesier." She looks at him and closes her book, wondering what he wanted, and if she knew what he wanted, would he get it? "Y'know, you must get this alot, but you're pretty cute." She looks past him a bit, looking at the trees, then back to him. "I'm sure you'll want to know my name before we get all mushy and stuff, so, I'm Cecylia."

Andre: He gives Cecylia a o.e look, "Mushy-- what? I, uhm, you're pretty cute too," he says in a slightly cracked and wavering tone, he then looks Cecylia dead in the eyes, straightens the color of his shirt, and his normal (not cracked and wavering) tone he says, "I need to finish brushing my teeth before any of that kind of stuff goes down, but, just incase, my name is Andre," he finishes with a cold grin.

Cecylia: She looks up at the sky and giggles. "Well, that's what most guys do. I was just wondering if you were that kind of guy." She sighs and looks down. "But they all left a day or two after. I just don't know anymore." She sighs looking at him, wondering what to do. She sees that he's not like most guys, but doesn't know if she's right or wrong, after all, she never was the best judge of character.

Andre: He grins, "You mean they don't brush their teeth before they kiss people? Ewwwwuhhhhhh" He gives a short laugh, "Well, I'm headed out to buy an electric toothbrush, because I'm getting buff from using a regular toothbrush," he smiles then adds, "You can come along if you'd like."

Cecylia: She smiles up at him and giggles. "Sure, I would like that." She hooks her arm in his and smiles even wider than before. "You seem like a fun person, so, I'll go with you~" She says to Andre in a sing-song voice.

Andre: He grins, and sing-songs back, "Aye, to day, far away, to be with you, it's true... on the journey of two!" Andre holds his arm in a gentlemanly manner, glad that she didn't try to hold his hand, as he preferred the arm in arm walk. He now begins to walk at a pace that will be easy for Cecylia to keep up with, as he doesn't want to drag her along with his long strides.

Cecylia: She smiles, gently looping her arm in his, leaning up and pecking his cheek. "You have a very nice voice, so, where are we headed?" She asks innocently, looking down at her shoes, blushing a tiny bit. As they wandered a bit further, she wondered what her brother would think of this, and then realized, she didn't care what he would think.

Andre: "Well, we are going to go get a toothbrush, So maybe a Target or something, I don't know," Andre smiles and lets his arm hang loosely while he walks with Cecylia.

Cecylia: "Wooh, Target! Hey umm... I need to pick up some clothes there, I'm.... Growing... Out of mine. Would you mind helping me out? If not I can come back some other time and pick them out then." She says with a slight smile aimed at the ground while blushing heavily, not sure what to say at this point, just enjoying the closeness of being with another person.

Andre: "On one condition," Andre he says, sort of implying/hoping that Cycylia will ask what that condition is.

Cecylia: She turns to Andre and looks up in surprise, now overwhelmed with curiosity, "What's that?"

Andre: "That I don't have to walk into the dressing room, stall, thingy place with you," Andre smiles, and pulls his car keys out of his pocket, and clicks the button, "Oh," feeling somewhat like this '>.<' he says "I forgot the parking lot isn't close to here. Grrrr," and he puts the keys back into his pocket.

Cecylia: She smiles and looks up at him with a small smile on her face, before saying lightly, "Awww, I was really hoping to show you some clothes though." She giggles and pecks his cheek, "Okay, I won't make you go in there, but you need to tell me what looks good and doesn't, deal?"

Andre: "Deal," he smiles, continuing to walk, "I still can't believe I dropped my toothbrush earlier, that's really saddening and embarrassing."

'Cecylia': She bursts out laughing at his statement, wondering why she thought that was so funny. Probably the way he said it. "Well, I can imagine more embarassing things to drop, honestly, but we won't get into that right now."

Andre: "I was putting my belt on one time, went to answer the door, took both hands off my belt and I opened the door with pants at my ankles and my boxers showing," Andre laughs easily, somehow at peace with the fact that he was unsure of why he said that.

Cecylia: Cecylia stops for a second, wrapping her arms around her stomach, doubled over in laughter, before straightening, looking back up at him, while giggling and smiling, before saying, "I would have paid to see that. I bet you look real good~" In a sing-song voice.

Andre: "I'll just leave it at, the mail lady wanted to know how old I was," Andre waits for Cecylia to stop laughing before he continues to walk.

Cecylia: She giggles, and felt a bit odd, honestly. She wasn't sure why, but she felt... Peaceful, for once. She smiled and said, "Y'know, I wouldn't mind hanging out with you more often, you're a fun person to be around." She then remembered the curse that Deimos had put on her, sighing, she decided that if she was to hang out with him, she would need him to know what it was. "There are times where I really hate the gods, you know? But there are those times where I just hate myself more. I know, it sounds odd. But, Deimos... Well. My brother and I discovered a bit of our powers a bit early on, so, we went and terrorized people with it, and Deimos cursed us. He put a curse on us that would make us see past wars, death, gruesome images of killings, anything to stir a ton of fear into us. And... It sucks. I can't sleep for jack, unless I'm with someone else, and I don't necessarily have anyone to watch over, or watch over me. So, sorry if I come off as clingy as hell, but it's just the fear."

Andre: "That sounds horrible," Andre frowns somewhat lightly, not an angry frown, but a frown that seems upset and somewhat frustrated with chance, "is there anything that can be done to fix said problem?" Andre starts to walk again, somewhat slowly though as he wants for Cecylia to be able to keep up.

Cecylia: "Well, no, not really. I try to become comfortable with someone and crash at their place, as childish as it sounds, I hate sleeping in my own room, it scares the crap out of me." Cecylia sighed, keeping pace with Andre and not sure how much to open up to him, just sighing and looking down at the ground, forlorn.

Andre: "You could crash in my room at the Hades cabin, but I'm not entirely sure how they'd take to having a Deimos kid in the cabin all the time," Andre offers somewhat hesitantly, knowing that his own relations with the other Hades campers wasn't always the best. He continues to walk, slowly coming closer to the parking lot.

Cecylia: "What? No! I could never do that to you. I don't want to be a burden for your cabin, even if that meant being able to stay with you," She said quietly, and she had a brief thought, not of words, but of her and him cuddled up together, shrugging it off, she knew she couldn't do this to him. "W-wow, that came out weird." She sighed and leaned on his shoulder as they stopped, not sure if he knew that she had a slight... Crush, you could say, on him.

Andre: Andre looks at her somewhat confused, then he holds out his hand to her for her to take. As he feels that it might help her current state, "It's fine, you won't have to tell them why you're there, I have my own room in the cabin," Andre smiles.

Cecylia: She blushes intensely upon hearing him say that, but holds onto his hand, smiling lightly, and speaking softly, "You better have two beds then, I'm not sure you'd want a girl cradled up against you," then giggles lightly.

Andre: "Only one large bed, for us to get lost in together," Andre smiles and takes a step forwards, waiting for Cecylia to continue to walk with him.

Cecylia: Cecylia ponders on this for a moment and then continues walking, not even caring about what they were doing, but wondering what exactly the cabin looked like. "I bet you say that to all the girls," She says suddenly, laughing, showing him that she was joking, but extremely curious at this point. "One large bed, huh? I wonder, are you a cuddler? You seem like it," She teases playfully.

Andre: he ignores the all the girls comment, not making it obvious that he's passed over it, "Cuddling is great, as long as the partner is willing to go further; however, not many are willing too," Andre says with a soft smile, having almost stopped twice just to look into Cecylia's eyes.

Cecylia: She stops for a moment, tilting her head to the side to process the comment. "What? Wait... What? Ohhhh! Well, not too many people are willing. As for me.... Let's just say, I like to cuddle after things go 'further,'" She teases and tosses him a wink, continuing to walk.

Andre: "Sounds exemplary, shall we go and experiment?" Andre asks, "I have another toothbrush, I just wanted a new one," He smiles, having stopped, not wanting to walk any further if she says yes, because if he were to turn around it would be a 3 minute walk to the Hades cabin.

Cecylia: "Oh so, just drag poor little me with you for something you want, right," She laughs and punches him on the shoulder lightly. "Well, we'll go get that toothbrush and then my clothes, because yes, I do need clothes." She stops and smiles at him, blushing, before saying, "Oh, and, if this is going to happen, you're coming into the dressing booth with me."

Andre: "You may have to stop me from getting us removed forcefully from the dressing room," Andre smiles, catching her hand and kissing the top of it. "Shall we take the Ferrari then?" he asks with a slight and happy muse.

Cecylia: "By all means, it's no fun if we're not caught," She says quietly and smiles, feeling his lips on her hand. "I would love to take a Ferrari. If I had one." She then did a double take with an expression of sheer surprise, as if she was a 2-year-old meeting her favorite hero for the first time, "Wait, you have one?"

Andre: "Well, if you count receiving a birthday present as owning what you receive," He smiles, "then yes, I own one," he says and pulls out the key-fab to show Cecylia.

Cecylia: "Okay, let's go. This should be fun." She very nearly skips her way alongside Andre, humming a small tune. She wondered if he would recognize it, and started singing a few lyrics out loud, "Don't know what's going on, don't know what went wrong, feels like a hundred years I, still can't believe you're gone~" and continued humming the rest as they approached the car.

Andre: He unlocks the car, the doors open up, and the engine turns on, "After you, Cecylia," Andre says as he stops just in front of the passenger side door so he can help her into the car.

Cecylia: "Such a gentleman." She slides into the car gracefully, admiring the inside and the cleanliness of it, before motioning for Andre to get in, "I have something I need to tell you, in private, so come on Andre," She says while giggling.

Andre: Andre gets in ontop of Cecylia, "I'm sorry, didn't see anyone there," Then he pulls the door shut, and slides over to the driver's seat, "Are your fingers, arms, legs, feet, toes, tongue and head inside the vehicle?" Andre asks as he closes his door.

Cecylia: "Yes, they are, and was sitting on me necessary?" Still, she found herself giggling in spite of it, and said, "Now, I have a secret to tell you, so just... Listen closely, okay?"

Andre: Andre puts the car in reverse, looks over his shoulder to see his backing up, "listening," He says somewhat off-handishly.

Cecylia: "Aww, it's no fun telling secrets if you don't lean your head next to the person telling it. It makes it all secretive." She said with a fake sense of disappointment, "Oh well. It wasn't important anyway."

Andre: He backs up the car until it's out of the parking spot, then leans over, "Tell now, I'm listening, thou havest mine divine attentions," Andre says.

Cecylia: "Well, you see...." She smiles and places on hand on his cheek, turning his head to face her, then firmly plants her lips on his for a few seconds, then lets go and smiles wide, turning away, whispering, "That's just a taste, maybe you'll get more later."

Andre: "Maybe we should try that again," He smiles somewhat mischievously, I didn't get to close my eyes that time."

Cecylia: She smiles and leans back, relaxing in the seat. "We'll save it for later," She teases and wonders what exactly they would do at the store.

Andre: Andre puts the car into gear and slowly drives up the parking lot towards the highway "on-ramp", "Any questions before lift-off?"

Cecylia: "I'd ask if you enjoyed that kiss, but that's a tad obvious, so no, I'm ready to go." Cecylia laughs and leans back, closing her eyes as she lets herself rest a little as they go to the store.

Andre: Andre guns it the second he gets onto the highway, hitting 55 quickly and passing it, "doo, dooh, dooooooh, dodo, doodooo, dooo, dohuhm, doodleeedooo," Andre hums as he drives.

Cecylia: She couldn't help but smile and look over at him, admiring the ease with which he drove, and realized, he must have felt comfortable around her by now, especially after all that had happened today, so she couldn't help but say, "You're cute when you're focused," Before blushing lightly, not used to giving such compliments.

Andre: "Focused, hmmm," Andre says as he turns his head slightly so he can look in the mirror at Cecylia. He notices her blush, and then continues to look at the road, the exit for the town coming quickly as the car "flies" down the road.

Cecylia: Sighing, she looked back through the mirror, trying to catch his attention, but instead tries to ask a random question, "Ummm. Hmm.... Do you think.. You and I could go on a date?" And immediately regrets her words, realizing she hadn't even thought this through.

Andre: "How's about we start it in the dressing room at the store, and finish it in my bed?" Andre asks, hoping that would seem date worthy to Cecylia, not sure if he was entirely certain about her motives, but to him, Cecylia seemed honest and he toyed with the thought of someone to sleep with, enjoyably.

Cecylia: "To most women, they would scoff and call you a pervert, but, I'm not the really romantic type. Just maybe, we'll go see a movie or something sometime, okay? But other than that, I would say yes to your offer, and there's nothing stopping me, but... Are you sure? I mean, being cursed and all with these nightmares... I don't want to mess with your sleeping."

Andre: "I sleep through a lot of things, like fire alarms, monsters attacking my house, and quite a few other things as well," Andre says, "How's about we see a movie today after we're done shopping?" Andre asks as he turns into the town, and starts down the stretch of road that leads to the mall.

Cecylia: "A movie would be nice, but, right now for some reason, I can't get over the constant fact that I want to jump your bones." She smiles and stares out at the road, before saying again, "But that can wait. A movie would be nice, after shopping."

Andre: Andre pulls towards the curb as he turns into the parking lot of the mall, then spins the wheel and parks near the target, which is practically at the entrance they came in at, "Jump my bones?" Andre asks.

Cecylia: "I'll show you later, assuming I'm still allowed to stay at your place." She smiles, and waits for him to kill the engine before opening her door and getting out, happy she was wearing pants and not a skirt. "Now, should we get your toothbrush first before we get thrown ou- before we get the clothes?" She asked with a false innocence.

Andre: "That sounds like a plan," He says as he turns off the car, pushes the button to open both doors, and steps out of the car.

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