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Elliana and Uselo

  • Elliana: The girl was sprawled out in the sand, positioned perfectly so that the sand and water met at her waist happily, dozing like a cat in the warming sun. Elliana sighed, relaxing, eyes fluttering closed and calming into a nap.
  • Uselo: Uselo was doing lengthup and down the coast as he was getting used to his shark form more and more. He descided to head in fornthe day,ahifting back to a human and swimming to the surface. When he got closer to where he could arand up. He saw the girl laying there. Momentary concern to her safety took him as he called out to her. "Hey, you all right?"
  • Elliana: She scowled as her peaceful nap was disturbed, flipping off whoever was bothering her and summoning a wave to carry them away. "Go away."
  • Uselo: He continued to walk as the wavesirged towards him. He used his own powers to split the wave and water around him for tge moment it would have hit him. He held up his hands,"Sorry, didn't mean to bother you if you were fine."
  • Elliana: She cracked an eye open, glaring intensely at the older camper. "I swear I AM FINE!" Elliana hissed dangerously, trying to summon another wave towards Uselo.
  • Uselo: He raised his eyebrow as he steps to the side and diverts the wave enough, holding his hands out has he walked onto the sand. "Alright, my bad, you can stop throwing water at me now please."
  • Elliana: She scowled, relaxing slowly again. "Nope. You bothered my nap, so you pay." Elliana responded, sending another surprise wave at Uselo.
  • Uselo: He didn't have time to dodge this one but he let it wash over him and repelled the water off of him leaving him dry. "Whatever girl. Just don't choke on a random wave that hits you." He turn up the beach and delibrately walks away.
  • Elliana: Elliana watched with faint tears forming in her eyes at the harsh words of Uselo. "I-I'm s-sorry, sir! I-I'm r-really s-sorry!"
  • Uselo: He looks back and stops, taking a moment to let out a small sigh. he walks back to her and gets down on a need next to her. "Look, I was just making sure you were alright. Try not sending waves at people because they happened to wake you up looking out for your wellbeing, ok?" He gives her a sincere but sericous look, a small hint of a smile.
  • Elliana: She nodded, hesitantly leaning her head on his shoulder. "O-Okay... S-Sorry..."
  • Uselo: He looked down at her, a bit taken back by her resting his head on him. He hesitantly patted her back lightly. "It's fine. I'm Uselo by the way."
  • Elliana: She tilted her head carefully. “E-Elliana.”
  • Uselo: "That's a real pretty name. Elliana." He cracked a bit of a smile at her.
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