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Nyxil & Blake

Nyxil: Nyxil came back from the woods some time around seven, hair wet from a quick nap on dewy grass. It was the middle of winter, but camp's magical borders did a good job of hiding that. Instead of snow, camp was just covered in some morning fog off Long Island Sound. He made his way to the Hades cabin and tossed a rock against its wall - outside the part that would correspond with Blake's room. He had a hunch that Blake was at camp, though he couldn't place why. Oh well. Nyxil was geared up to travel, not that most people would be able to tell since he was still in the usual hoodie. But he also had his crossbow on his back, and burlap cloak thrown over one shoulder. He settled against the wall he'd hit and lit a cigarette.

Blake: He appears somewhere near Hades cabin and notices Nyxil just stabding there, choosing once again to slowly kill himself with cigarettes. He walks toward Nyxil at a moderate pace, picking up a rock without breaking his stride. He holds the rock between his fingers and gauges the distance, after a moment he chooses to throw the rock at Nyxil.

Nyxil: Nyxil ducks to catch the rock in the hand still holding his cigarette to his lips. He pinches the cigarette with his teeth and looks over the rock for a second, tossing it up and down to gauge the weight. Once he's satisfied, he throws it upward and feints as if to dropkick it back at Blake. At the last second, though, he switches footing and kicks it into the woods. He takes his smoke out of his mouth and smirks at Blake. "It's funny, I just got done throwing a rock at you too. Well, your room wall. Where you should be, cause it's like seven in the morning and only crazy people are already up n' wandering around by now."

Blake: He stops walking as soon as he is a few steps from Nyxil. "You've been to my house, you've seen how i live and how i act. I'm not exactly the spitting image of a normal person and neither are you."

Nyxil: "Ain't at the truth," he jokes back. He hefts the crossbow strapped over his back, and nods down the way to camp's entrance. "Sure you can guess by the look of things, I'm about to head out. Walk with me? There's something we need to talk about 'fore I go."

Blake: "Alright." He immediately turns towards the entrance and begins walking. "Catch up."

Nyxil: He rolls his eyes with a smirk and jogs a few steps to catch up. For his typical joking and attitude, his expression is solemn.  "Okay, uh... Alright, I'll be out with it I guess? I've... I've been in a pretty clear headspace lately. Been looking back on things. Don't go all laughing on me when I say this, cause I really am trying to be serious about this."

Blake: "Spit it out."

Nyxil: "I... Fuck. Blake, I make a fuckload of mistakes. I screw things up a lot. With Efrain. Sam. With Holly, twice. Well, more like-Like every continued moment of my life that I don't go to... ... You know what I mean. I fuck things up all the time, and I know it. It's not because I don't care, and I'm not acting like it's excusable that I do, y'know? I get it. I fuck things up, and that's something I really need to stop doing. But I get that I'm the problem, I'mthe fuckup. I'm rambling. My point is that I'm aware enough to know I shouldn't trust myself. I've been sensing something lately, and I'm gonna check it out. Might take me pretty far away. And who knows, by all reason it's probably something good. But the whole situation just seems kind of off. I have a bad feeling about it. So..."

Blake: "I'm aware that you make mistakes, you're a father aren't you. It won't do well to dwell on such things. If you feel the need to follow your sense, ill be alert to hear the ringing in my ears."

Nyxil: He goes silent for a moment, over the direct mention that he had a kid. But, that's exactly why you need to be doing this, he reminds himself. It sucks, but so does everything else. No beating around the bush, no apologizing for asking. It's a lot to expect someone to do for you, but this is Blake. Not Aria, not some random stranger. He sighs and continues. "Blake, it's just a matter of time - and I'll try not to, no shit, but I'm being real. It's a matter of time before I fuck things up again. So when that happens, if it gets really bad and I start doing bad shit. I need you to keep me from ruining things too bad. I need you to be my conscience. Keep me in check. If it comes to it, then..." He trails off, not because he doesn't know what to say, but just because he's sure Blake understands what he's getting at. Blake's the son of Hades. He of all people is qualified to understand.

Blake: "Alright. Kill you if you go rogue, i can do that." He stare intensely at Nyxil, trying to wonder what could possibly be at the end of the path he is traveling. He shrugs, opting to not wonder too much.

Nyxil: He smirks. Yeah, that was what he expected from Blake. To the point. How Nyxil liked things anyway. He toys with the thorn laurels under his hair in silence until a soft burst of behind them signals his partner's return. Daybreak had been acting strangely ever since they first felt the distant presence, a few months ago. But it was all just nerves. The wolf was anxious to get to the bottom of things. He wove through Blake's legs before falling in line with Nyxil.

Blake: "I guess this feeling has something to do with Daybreak more than it does you." He strectches his hand out toward Daybreak, absently wondering if he has fur or not

Nyxil: Daybreak lets Blake's fingers pass straight through him, somehow expressing amusement telepathically. Ah-ah, no steaks, no deal. Them's the works. I know what succulent stuffs you got back home. Keep 'em coming if you wanna touch! Nyxil kneels down to nuzzle the wolf between the ears - his connection to Theia prevents Daybreak from avoiding his botherings. "Dude, you know he's not gonna be carrying cooked steak in his pocket. How fuckin greasy would that be?" He jokes, but still sounds distracted. A thought occurs as he keeps walking. "Reminds me. You still have that bear cub?"

Blake: "I don't carry steak on me, not anymore." In response to Nyxil's question, he pulls out the bone whistle he was given and blows on it to call Barysh. "Visit me again Daybreak and you can have your steak although i dont see why you even need to eat." Out of the woods, a big brown bear appears behind Blake and stands upon its hind legs, roaring in greeting.

Nyxil: It's not about a need. It's about a neeeed. Why live a life without twelve-ounce tenderloins, when you could live a life with them? You get me, right Baryshnikov? Daybreak slips away toward the bear, unfazed by his growth, and starts circling him and sizing him up. You gotta be eating them good steaks. And hitting the gym, too. Nyxil, on the other hand, does actually falter slightly. For some reason he'd just kind of assumed little Barysh would be a cute cub forever. He shrugs after a second and raises a hand in a slight wave. "... Yo."

Blake: Noticing Nyxil's hesitance, a thin smile shows up on his face. He gestures to Barysh with a slight nod of his head."He was not going to stay a small cub forever." He reaches out for barysh and motions for him to come down so he could pat his head.

Nyxil: Nyxil reaches a hand toward the bear, but pulls it back after a second of hesitation. Something from along his empathy link with Daybreak had suddenly soured his mood. He glances warily at his partner, unsure of what the wolf is thinking, but Daybreak just plods back to his side with his tail low. ...Huh.

Nyxil motions at Blake to give him a second, and kneels down next to his partner, sending his concern across the link. The wolf responds reluctantly. Nyxil... we should get going. This is important. I'm sure of it. But your cautiousness... and seeing your steak-friends... It clicks in Nyxil a second later. Daybreak was worried that he'd talk himself out of leaving. Nyxil smirks sourly. He wouldn't back out. Daybreak had no reason to worry. But for his partner's sake, Nyxil does get to his feet again with a sigh and fix his gaze on Blake. "Yeeep, well..." He, again, isn't sure what to say. Leon always knew how to get in touch, so Nyxil would just leave abruptly. But who knew when he'd see Blake again?  Well, Blake probably understood his feelings on the matter anyway. No reason to dance. He just shrugs and holds out his fist.

Blake: "Next time we meet, I hope i won't have to kill you and Daybreak." He bumps his fist against Nyxil's and turns around right after; He gets Barysh's attention and motions for him to walk into the forest. "Good Luck. Lets go hunting Barysh." His first words aimed toward Nyxil, He walks back into the forest with Barysh.

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