Callista Butler Daughter of Demeter

 Age: 11  Height: 5'1" 
 Sexuality: Bi 
  Main Weapon: Knives

Trea Pierce5

Trea Pierce -Demigoddess · Daughter of Melinoe
- “If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.”

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Callista: Finally out of the stuffy infirmary, she walked through the forest, the only area she was comfortable roaming. She was scared if she tried to interact with anyone, they'd report to the doctors back at the infirmary of her location. So, unfortunately for her extroverted self, she was alone with the trees. Which wasn't too bad. They kept her company, at least.

Trea: Trea almost completely exhausted herself traveling while intangible. She popped up in the forest from seemingly nowhere and collapsed to the ground falling to her knees and short of breath not too far away from where Callista was. She rested on her elbow before dropping onto her back and looking up at the sky.

Callista: She yelped in fear as a girl appeared out of nowhere a few feet ahead of her. "A.. A ghost!" She cried out. She was very unfond of the paranormal, and this was very paranormal to her.

Trea: Trea laughed, which was difficult with the lack of air currently getting to her lungs, it sounded more like she was wheezing. "I'm... not... a... ghost... not... yet." She slowly turned her head in the direction of the voice she not only heard but was also speaking to. "Did... I... scare... you?"

Callista: Now, hiding behind a tree, she poked her head out a bit, looking at the girl. "Yea..." she replied.

Trea: "Sorry. Didn't mean to. I'm just playing around with my powers. I'm getting better at stopping before I pass out."

Callista: "I see..." she said, coming out from around the tree. "My name is Callista," she started, hoping to strike up small talk.

Trea: "Callista. I'm Trea." *She waited a little to try and stand on her own two feet.* "What's got you out in the forest?"

Callista: She smiles deviously. "I wanted to get of the infirmary. I climbed on the trees to get here, so one would see me," she explained. "I did this a lot with school too."

Trea: "I guess me finding you is our little secret. Unless someone ends up finding the both of us." She chuckled a bit. "Why'd you have to escape the infirmary? Were they holding you hostage?"

Callista: She nods. "They said I wasn't healed enough yet, but I feel fine. Even better now with the fresh air."

Trea: "I think that's a thing." She nodded as well. "Fresh air. And sunshine. Maybe not for every person who ends up infirmed, but you don't look so bad to me. Do you know hurt you were? Or ... did you just wake up there?"

Callista: "Well, I'm pretty sure I had a couple broken ribs. That's the major thing. Everything else was a few bites, scratches and a burn. Not fatal really, just painful. But they fed me sweet stuff and it started feeling better." She explained, answering her first question. "I got here last night. I passed out when I crossed the border, and I woke up a few hours ago in the infirmary."

Trea: Trea's brows rose. "At least you woke up. And just like you said it wasn't fatal. So all in all that's pretty cool to be honest. Not that you got hurt or ended up in the infirmary but that you survived and your got a awesome story to tell all the other campers you meet. I bet they'll all be as impressed as I am."

Callista: She smiles broadly. "Good~ I was looking for a little something to boast about. I'll need it."

Trea: "You think so?" She tilted her head curiously. "Everyone's got a story to tell. I haven't heard many of 'em so I don't know how they compare. But in my case I just happen to think yours is pretty cool. Then again I'm kind of strange."

Callista: "What's your story like, then?"

Trea: "Definitely more spooky than impressive, if you get scared easily. My story has ghosts in it."

Callista: "Um, we'll save that story for another time then," she laughs nervously, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

Trea: Trea laughed a bit picking up on Callista's nervousness. "It's not that scary. But I'll spare you the details. For now."

Callista: She bit her lip, then sighed. "Fine..." she consented.

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