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Emily Rose Everhard

Jillian -Child of Astraeus
-Daughter of Astraeus

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Pietro -Child of Nike
-Son of Nike

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Jillian: Jillian was walking through the camp, bored and without much to do. Since she arrived she mostly spent time playing music, reading in her cabin, or at mandatory activities. Right now, none of those applied. So she had decided to look around and see if she could find one of the few people she'd met before, and then proceeded to so far find no one at all.

Pietro: His dad would be hating him right now. All thought out his life, Pietro had been told to practise something his good everyday but Pietro had gotten sick of training over the pass couple of days, so Pietro was just casually sitting by the camp fire.

Jillian: Looking around, Jillian saw someone by the campfire to her right, and froze. Why am I a nervous wreck all of a sudden... She didn't recognize the figure, but he looked relatively peaceful. Nonethless, all of Jillian's muscles tensed.

Pietro: He just starred at the fire, completely unaware anybody was around, until he heard something large moving way off behind him, something that wasn’t Jillian but when he did turn around to see the noise, he saw a girl he briefly remembered and have her a little wave.

Jillian: With some trepidation, Jillian waved back, and began to walk over. He recognizes me I think... so that's probably good? She took in his facial features and eyes, trying to remember if she knew his name, but in the process caught herself looking a little too long. He's kind of cute... Mentally, Jillian kicked herself.

Pietro: A brief memory surfaced as he looked at the girl, and a little bit of a name, as he moved over a little bit to show the girl that he wanted her to sit next to him

Jillian: She awkwardly sat down beside the boy. "Hi... how are you?" Act casual, she thought. Don't seem anxious. It's ok.

Pietro: "Good, how about yourself?" Pietro look at the girl a little bit more to see if he could remember what the girl' said name was.

Jillian: "Not bad." Her hands were beginning to shake.

Pietro: The pieces clicked together in Pietro's head. "Your name is Jillian right and we've met before?"

Jillian: Jillian relaxed. She remembered meeting Pietro before, briefly. "Yep, that's me. Are you Pietro?"

Pietro: "The one and only," Pietro said, smiling. "Why were you're hands shaking just before?"

Jillian: Her cheeks flushed. Damn it. "I'm sorry... I was just anxious, I didn't mean to."

Pietro: Pietro laughed a little bit, seeing Jillian's reaction to his question. "I think it's more than that."

Jillian: Jillian looked at him quizzically, not understanding what he meant. "I'm an anxious person. Like, always."

Pietro: "So you are normally like this and it isn't because you've got a crush on me, like I was thinking?"

Jillian: DAMN IT. "Yes! No! Kind of! Um..." She buried her face in her hands, her cheeks burning now. "Maybe?"

Pietro: "There was a lot of answers there, so I'll go with maybe as your answers," Pietro said as he shuffled where he was a little, trying to let out some nervous energy. "That first answer would be mine if you said that to me."

Jillian: "Oh.." She blinked. He... likes me? "Thank you."

Pietro: "So does that give you any idea for what you answer is?"

Jillian: The small girl fidgeted. "Yes," she said very quietly and nervously.

Pietro: "Sorry, what was that? I could barely hear you."

Jillian: Jillian covered her face with her hands again. "I said yes."

Pietro: "Then would you like to go to the Valentine's Dance with me?" Pietro said nervously, which was very unlike him.

Jillian: She was a bit shocked. No one had ever asked her out before. After a second, she smiled. "That would be very nice."

Pietro: Pietro just sat there silent, unmoving and mouth wide open like a fish for a second. He hadn't expected Jillian to say yes really. "Really? It would be so epic, you and I going together. Do you want me to met you there or pick you up or what?" Pietro asked, extremely quickly

Jillian: Jillian couldn't help but giggle at his expression. "I'll be at the Astraeus Cabin, if you'd like to meet me there." She smiled. "I guess I'll see you at 7ish, a little before the dance starts?" She quickly skipped away before she could lose her sudden confidence, head in the clouds.

Valentine's Dance

Pietro: He was very much early to meet Jillian, so early he had been waiting outside the Astraeus cabin for almost an hour. He sat just outside the door, with a rose he had gotten from some Persephone kid.

Jillian: Jillian, on the other hand, was ready to go on time, but absolutely terrified. Dolled up in a red dress, with a bit of makeup one of her cabinmates had put on her and a pair of black heels, she hadn't ever been on a date, let alone went to a dance with someone. She breathed in and out deeply a few times in an attempt to calm down. Why the Hades did I say yes? Swallowing her fear, she walked forward and opened the door, unfortunately swinging it right towards Pietro, possibly about to hit him.

Pietro: Pietro only noticed and reacted to the opening door in the last second, just before he was about to get hit and quickly moved out of the way. He would have said something to the person opening the door, but that idea quickly died out when he saw Jillian. "You look amazing."

Jillian: Opening and closing her mouth, Jillian was a more than a little taken aback by the compliment. Blushing bright red, she smiled. "Thanks." She took a closer look a Pietro's outfit. "You're looking pretty good too, I gotta say."

Pietro: "Not as amazing as you, though. This is for you," Pietro said as he handed Jillian the rose he had. "Just wanted to try to be romantic."

Jillian: Her heart melted. "Aw, Pietro!" She hugged him, careful not to squish the rose. "No one's ever gotten me flowers before!"

Pietro: He felt a bit awkward when Jillian hugged him, all because he didn't know if he should of hugged her back. "Always a first time for everything when you're with me."

Jillian: Jillian pulled away and smiled. "Let's go to the dance!" She was practically vibrating with what used to be nervousness, but was now excitement. "This is going to be so so great!"

Pietro: "It will be more than great, it will be epic." His hand was twitching like crazy, all because Pietro wanted to hold Jillian's hand but didn't know of he should. "Have you ever been to a dance?"

Jillian: Noticing that both of their hands were shaking (hers always doing so because of her anxiety), Jillian took a risk and reached out to hold his. "Not me." She turned to look him in the eyes, slightly worried. "You ok?"

Pietro: He looked down at their hands. "I am now. My hands were shaking because I was unsure if I should try to hold your hand or not."

Jillian: Jillian smiled. "No worries. Mine are always shaky. But hey, let's go to the dance!"

Pietro: "Lets go then, Miss Beautiful." Pietro said, smiling as he started to walk towards the dance.

Jillian: Practically skipping, Jillian was more excited than she expected.Maybe it was the flowers, maybe the prospect of having a date to the dance, or maybe even just anxiety in disguise - but she was happy, and ready to have a good time. "What kind of songs do they usually play, do you think?"

Pietro: He laughed a little bit as he saw Jillian skipping. He was excited but not excited enough to be skipping. "If it's anything like dances in movies, it might be some cheesy slow songs that get people to dance together."

Jillian: She grinned. "I wouldn't be too opposed to that, I think."

Pietro: “It'll be a waste of time if that doesn’t happen. It would be amazing dancing with you.”

Jillian: Jillian pointed ahead. "Hey, here it is!"

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