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Continued from Theo's page

Ariadne Cabin 

Benny: Just as Hunter was about to speak, Benny popped out of Theo's room. "Yeah, I don't bite. Unless you're made of candy or chocolate..." He stuck his tongue out at Theo. "Ew, were you kissing? Is this your boyfriend?"

Hunter:  "Nice to meet you Benny. Theo and your dad talk about you all the time." He smiled, reaching into his pocket and pulling out some candies. "Theo said you like candy, so I brought some from back home. Is it okay if I hang out with Theo for a while?"

Benny: "I suppose so..." Taking the candy, he jumped into one of the comfy chairs, as he gnawed on a jawbreaker. "I like him Theo. He can stay..."

Theo: Theo looked at Benny and then at Hunter. "So can you kid. I know Hunter wants to catch up, but we have all day to do that. Finish your movie kid. Don't let Hunter kick you out. I've never kicked you out before, and that's not gonna change now." 

Benny: "Hey I'm not a kid!" Benny stuck his tongue out and sat on the bed. Robin Hood played in the background but he knew the film well enough that he didn't need to pay any attention to it. "It's fine. The movie's almost done, and I was gonna get ice cream sodas with Ty anyway."

Hunter: "You look pretty short to me." Hunter chuckled, tossing a spare pillow Benny's way. "Theo's right. We have all day to catch up, and I thought we could do things together." He shrugged. "He's been too busy to show me the camp, now he's all high and important..."

Theo: "Hey, be nice." Theo shot Hunter a shut up look. "Benny's the Lieutenant of his cabin, so he's pretty much just as important. And I can only beat the kid in combat a quarter of the time so I wouldn't get on his bad side." 

Hunter: "Aww I'll be careful." Winking, he slyly slid his hands towards Theo's waist. "Don't worry babe. I'll protect you from Benny boy..." Hunter grinned cheekily. He was having a lot of fun. "Who knows? Maybe you'll show up to practice sometime."

Benny: "Yeah, I'll... I'll make you look old and gross..." He teased, bouncing on Theo's bed. "Umm, I'm bored. Can we go out and do something?" Benny stood up and folded his arms, standing on tiptoes to try and look threatening and failing in the process.

Theo: Theo smiled slyly and turned to Benny. "I have an idea. Show him. I think he's underestimating you." Theo focused in order  to increase Benny's passion to fight and show off his powers.

Benny: Already tempted to have a pillow fight, the son of Hebe channeled his youth to his muscles. Swiftly, he tackled Hunter towards the ground and thumped him with the pillow. "Gotcha..."

Hunter: Feeling his own weight collapse under him, Hunter's about to roll when he's struck by Benny. His muscles tense up, and he use his excess energy to create an air cushion. He pulls Benny with him, into the cushion of air. It feels somewhat like a beanbag. "Gotcha kid..."

Benny: "Are you okay? Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you..."

Hunter: "Don't worry kid. Not a scratch." He glanced to check himself over, before grinning slyly at Theo. "Benny, I think it's time Theo joins the party." Hunter chuckles mischeviously, ruffling Benny's hair before he tries to wrap Theo up in his blankets. "If I hold him, you tie him up..."

Theo: Theo laughed. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you've tried that before. I'm not a fan." 

Hunter: "Not in front of the kid!" He said, shooting a look at Theo. "C'mon, let's get him..." 

Benny: "We can wrap him up like a mummy..." Benny grinned, trying to cover Theo while Hunter tried his darndest to pin him down, even resorting to kissing him at one point.

Theo: "You guys are really funny." Theo summoned a string and commanded it to tried Benny's hand's together, and increased Hunter's passion for peace as much as he could.

Benny: "Hey, no fair!" He complained, trying his utmost to wriggle out of the string.

Hunter:  Hunter chuckled and planted a chaste kiss on Theo's lips, their bodies pressed together. "I know. You look cute like that, but I'll let you go..."

Theo: Theo stood up, backed away from Benny and Hunter, and released his grip in Benny's limbs and Hunter's mind. "Guess you guys forgot that my mom is the goddess of passion and therefore, I can influence every descision you make. Nice try though. So, who's up for ice cream?"

Hunter: "Oh really? I think I'd have a vested interest in keeping you as you are..." He winked and sneakily took a quick squeeze of Theo's butt. "Yeah, I don't mind. Whatever you both want." Hunter shrugged his broad shoulders. 

Benny: "Sure! Can we please visit the Candy Cauldron too? There's all sorts of candies there and I wanted to spend money."

Theo: Theo gave benny a really?  look and shook his head, laughing. "Sure kid. But you know how I feel about spending money. We don't need to, but if you really want to, go ahead."

Hunter: "Yeah kid. We'll head out..." Hunter ruffled his hair and picked up his jackets. "We walking there like normal or are we gonna portal ourselves in?"

Theo: Theo sighed. "Well, given the fact that you don't want to steal anything and actually want to follow the law, and I have wasted enough energy on you two already, I say we walk."

Benny: "Hmm okay..." Benny shrugged his shoulders, and walked on. "So, how did you both meet? Are you both boyfriends yet? Theo talks about you all the time, Hunter." He grinned cheekily, asking as many questions as possible on the way.

Theo: Theo sighed at all of Benny's questions. "Settle down kid. Stop interogating Hunter. You can ask me all the questions you want later tonight, after Hunter goes back to his cabin, just don't annoy Hunter with them." Theo rolled his eyes at Hunter and gave him a sorry-about-that  look.

Hunter: "It's fine..." He shrugged his shoulders. "We met at your dad's shelter. But go on, I'd like to hear what Theo has been saying about me..." Hunter teased, giving the son of Ariadne a playful nudge. Honestly, he felt a little bit annoyed that Theo was seeing Benny, when he'd just gotten there. But that was a conversation for later.

Benny: "Ummm, he said that you were really nice, and that he liked you. That's special because usually Theo doesn't really like anybody..." He stuck his tongue out childishly, acting just like a little brother when confronted with a chance to embarrass a sibling.

Theo: "Hey shut up, Benny!" Theo said jokingly, giving him a playful nudge. "I like plenty of people. Like, you, and Hunter, and me, and... uh..." Theo paused to think. "Yeah nevermind I hate everyone." Theo smiled at Benny and chuckled.

Benny:  "See what I mean..." Shoving Theo back gently, he looked up to Hunter. "Is he always mean to you too? He always treats me like a stupid kid..." Benny giggled, putting his hands in his pockets. 

Hunter: "Eh. It doesn't bother me. I'm mean back..."

Theo: "See Benny, being mean is fine. I'm not the only one who does it. And I'm not that mean to you. But you are a kid. Kid." Theo smiled slightly.

They all chatter away on the way to town. After getting a few essentials, Benny has stopped to get some ice cream and spend some time alone with Theo, while Hunter checks out the local sporting goods store and generally looks around. 

Benny: "So, do you like him?" Benny stuck his tongue out. He licked his triple chocolate chip ice cream and glanced towards Theo. "He seems nice. I thought you'd want to spend the rest of the day with him, since he's your boyfriend. We get ice creams and candies together all the time..."

Theo: Theo thought for minute before answring. "Yeah, of course I like him, but that doesn't mean I'm just gonna ditch you. Maybe not in a romantic way, but I like you too. You can stay. Just ignore Hunter if he tries to get you to leave."

Benny: "I know, I just don't want to make it weird. I could always hang out at my own cabin or go and visit Ty at his cabin. He's the counsellor now, so we'd have the big room to ourselves." He smiled cheerfully, getting some ice cream on his nose. "He's nice though. I'm happy for you."

Theo: "Benny, please. You can stay." Honestly, Theo wasn't really in a mood to be alone with Hunter, because he knew what Hunter would want to do, and Theo just wasn't feeling that at the moment. Camp Half Blood was like his home, and it was as if Hunter felt he could just show up whenever he wanted. "I'm a counsellor too, and my room is big enough for the three of us."

Benny: "Okay..." Benny nodded. "It'll be awesome. I can bring back some plushies and stuff from my cabin and we can have an awesome sleepover. Audie left some fairy-lights in the cabin, so maybe we could go in the dark night and decorate some cabins, or the Christmas hedges in your cabin." He beamed enthusiastically, his body shaking with excitement. "But I think you should talk to him.

Hunter: Returning from the store, Hunter had a couple of bags with him. "Sorry. Couldn't tell the difference between studs and cleats there. Got what I needed though..." He grinned cheerfully. "Are we all done here? I've got every thing I need to make myself comfortable. I've even got a Benny too." He winked.

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