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  • Jace: Camp life had suddenly gotten a little less repetitive for him lately. Jace hadn't ended up playing video games while completely drunk again for once, it felt a little strange to not wake up with some hangover like he often did. But he wasn't complaining about that. Jace had amassed a nice collection of money by stealing from mortals and he ended up setting up a bank account that allowed him to order stuff online. He had ordered himself some hard copies of games along with some comics, manga and other goodies. Only downside was how he always needed to go to the post office to get everything. After getting dressed, he was heading out the door to get his stuff. He had just woken up so it was about 11 in the morning.
  • Cambria: Cambria had spent the night at her boyfriend(?)'s cabin and came back to get everything organized in her cabin. She became the new lieutenant counselor after her sister, Minnie was a no show however she was still excited to fulfill her new role.She walked back to her cabin when she saw Jace coming out from their cabin. Shock was all she felt because she rarely saw the infamous drunk from outside his lair. "Hey Jace.."
  • Jace: "What's up? Didn't see you around last night." Spending the night with a lover or something would be his first guess, especially given what cabin they were from. But Jace wasn't one to assume and he didn't really care about his sister's love life. He didn't appear to be in any sort of pain like last time, one could assume he wasn't currently hungover.
  • Cambria: She looked around at anywhere except for him, "Yeah, I was just at Nike's cabin with my boyfriend." Cambria looked over at him, "What did you do? The usual where you play video games and bring on the beer?"
  • Jace: "Girls always go for jocks don't they?" He didn't know much about every cabin, but he was aware of the affinity that Nike's children had for sports. But he smiled, glad that Cambria found someone. He hoped she had better luck than him with maintaining a relationship. "I mean that's not all I do sis, I'm actually quite the reader."
  • Cambria: "Not your typical jock, he's a little bit shy." She laughed, genuinely satisfied with her relationship with Ryder. "I'm not too surprised you like reading considering the huge nerd you are." Cambria concluded so from his bedroom decoration and interests.
  • Jace: "Mmm guilty." Jace wasn't about to deny that he was a giant nerd at all. Honestly reading was one of the main reasons why he wouldn't go to bed drunk. He couldn't read amazing stories such as One Piece or My Hero Academia drunk, it was just something that had to be done sober in his opinion. "I mean I could say you're a typical girly girl."
  • Cambria: She rolled her eyes, "Point taken, I mean you're a drunk nerd so that beats all the stereotypes. Anyways.. what are you doing outside?"
  • Jace: "Woooow that hurts, I don't stay in my room that much. I....try to make sure I get myself some fresh air every day or so." He was hesitant to tell her about the stuff he ordered since he feared she'd ask where she got the money. Something he'd rather avoid.
  • Cambria: She nods her head, understanding the need to get out of their cabin before becoming too stir crazy. "Can I come with you? If you're running errands or something like that."
  • Jace: "Down to fly?" Jace didn't waste time and summoned his beloved light blue wings, liking to make his trips into town as quick as possible. Being able to fly had to be his favorite demigod power without a doubt.
  • Cambria: She nodded and her pair of pink wings flutter as she descended into the air. "Where to?"
  • Jace: "Post office." Jace was quick to fly upwards, small feathers dropped to the ground as he ascended to meet his sister. He took a minute to appreciate the view of camp before he took off. Though after an incident when he just arrived at Camp, Jace was wary of any predatory birds that might've been up here.
  • Cambria: She followed her brother in flight, gazing at the scenery as they flew across to his destination. Once they reached there, she landed softly on the ground and her wings disappeared. "What do you need to pick up?"
  • Jace: "Just some stuff I ordered online, nothing big." As he landed back to meet her, Jace hoped the package he got wouldn't be too large this time. "So I heard you the Lt. spot from Minnie right?" Honestly the son of love had a hard time taking the girl seriously considering she was apparently named after a very old cartoon character. "How ya likin it?" Might as well make a little conversation as they entered the office.
  • Cambria: "Yeah, Minnie didn't show up so I got it." She shrugged, still happy that she got the position. "I haven't done anything yet, but I'm glad that I have power in our cabin. I feel like I could make a difference."
  • Jace: "Difference how? Being the counselor seemed cool I guess, but I'm not even sure what they do except tell us what to do." Having arrived, Jace said his name as the register and received his packages. There were several boxes of his orders, almost like Christmas had come early for him.
  • Cambria: She rolled her eyes at his ignorance and her eyes widened as she looked at the boxes. "What did you even order? This looks like a lot of things."
  • Jace: "Juuust the essentials. I get plenty of money from my folks y'see." Jace knew everything he had gotten was from stealing, but it's not like he was about to tell Cambria any of that. He stepped out with her, figuring it'd be easiest to just fly back.


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