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a.k.a, How Pung Taeyoon Didn't Die

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Kylie: She sits indian-style on one of the stone benches scattered near the cabins, heedless to the fact that her once-white running shoes made dust cling to her navy-blue jeans. On her lap is a small clipboard holding what seems to be a word-search puzzle. One hand is a purple mechanical pen, which is expertly twirled by slender fingers, while the other hand is running through her blonde hair. A sigh escapes her lips as she stares at the word-search.

Maia: The brunette walked down Half-Blood Hill, a shoulder bag in one hand, and a familiar violin case in the other. Unlike her first time entering Camp three years back, she was a lot more decent. Her thick sweater was only slightly damp from the specks of white falling from the grey skies, and her boots were just a little worse for wear. Not that it mattered at the moment. Maia pulled her muffler up to her nose, shivering slightly from the cold. "What a time to be back," she said quietly, glancing around camp wistfully, and sadly. Had anything changed?

Kylie: With a tired sigh, she leans back, casting her eyes from the word-search to the sky. She looks at the setting sun blankly for a while, before truly comprehending its position in the sky. "Looks like its time for border patrol." With that, she stands, dusting off what little snow and dirt managed to cling to her. As she puts her things inside a small drawstring bag she brought with her, she hums a Christmas song to herself. Taking the coat -- which previously hung on the back of the bench -- and her belongings, she makes her way towards Half-Blood Hill.

Maia: The sun was halfway gone over the horizon. A dim hue of light casted over her face when she looked up. Sun.. the sun had set like this at her mother's death bed. Maia remembered clearly: her mother had asked her in a strained whisper to play the violin for her one last time, and the younger girl herself insisting it wasn't. Nevertheless, she picked up the beloved instrument and.. and her mother was smiling even through her pain, it was so difficult to watch. As Maia played the last note, the sun had set, and her mother along with it. Her heart tugged at the harsh memory, and Maia blinked rapidly. She won't cry here, not now. She let out a shaky exhale, her breath was as visible as smoke in the cold atmosphere. "Get to the cabin before sundown." She reminded herself, moving her thoughts to finding the way to her old cabin.

Kylie: It wasn't long before she managed to reach one of the paths leading to Half Blood Hill. Still humming to herself, she began the short trek up the hill, until a short movement made her stop. Her humming ceased and she narrowed her eyes slightly, in order to see the person clearly, despite the fading light. Brown mixed with blonde, a slender build with a paleness that she was familiar with. With disbelief etched on her face, she changed direction, heading instead towards the girl rather than towards the top of the hill. When she was a few meters away, she called out softly. "Back again, I see."

Maia: She paused, her mind perking up at the sound of that voice. Maia turned around, a smile pulling her lips at the sight of her half-sister. Her blonde hair may be longer and she probably had gotten taller, but Maia knew it was Kylie Shay. "Bit of a surprise, I know," she called back. In truth, she was just so happy to see a familiar face after one year.

Kylie: She shakes her head in mock disappointment, before placing her hands on her hips to add to the effect, regardless of the coat which was hanging off of one of her arms. "You had better not be expecting Christmas presents. I am, unfortunately, broke, so you'll have to do make do with just my presence. Maybe I'll even throw in a song or two, since it is Christmas time."

Maia: She feigned a pout, "Bummer, I was really looking forward to that new iPod, too. But I guess the songs will make do," Maia placed her luggage on the snowy ground, and crossed her arms. "Oh, and you too, of course." Oh, she missed playfully bantering with Kylie. Maia was hiding a chuckle behind her lips, but it was hard to miss the happy, sincere grin on her face. Her initial weariness and sadness had faded away for now, at least. The brunette had to hold herself back from running over and hugging her half-sister, that could happen in due time.

Kylie: A grin appeared on her face when Maia returned her bantering. After a few moments, she placed on hand under her chin, the other remaining on her hip. She then tilted her head in thought, a small noncommittal sounds escaping from her lips. Her eyes zeroed in on Maia's muffler and boots. "You know, I think I should have taken a leaf from your book and worn warmer clothes," she says sheepishly, all while gazing at her own attire: white running shoes, jeans and a white long-sleeved button-up. A small chuckle escapes her lips as she waves her coat slightly. "I doubt this will keep out the cold, no matter how well enchanted it is with magic."

Maia: She laughed softly this time, a light chuckle. "Oh, Kyls," she admonished as she herself looked over Kylie's attire, though her tone was not at all harsh. "Magic can only do so much," she said. While that did work occasionally, the cold, winter season always reminded Maia to put on a muffler at the very least. Her face and nose were especially sensitive to cold. Never underestimate the cold, or Boreas, the God of the North Winds. Her mother was the one who told her that... Maia shook her head. "Maybe a mug would help," she called, making sure her voice didn't crack.

Kylie: She imagines a steaming black mug, with hot chocolate and marshmallows inside, just waiting to be devoured. The thought almost has Kylie drooling, but luckily, she caught herself in time. She puts on an apologetic smile before shaking her head. "Maybe later? I have border patrol... which I'm not doing very well at the moment." She points her thumb in the direction of the cabin area. "Why don't you go get a room first, then meet me back here with two cups of something warm? Preferably hot chocolate. Coffee's fine too, if you want, but I need mine with lots of sugar." She gazes at Maia with a warm look, wanting nothing more than to drop all her duties and just talk with her half-sister.

Maia: "That sounds good," Maia said, holding out an 'okay' sign with her hand to show that it was all fine. A cup of hot tea or chocolate sounded so fantastic right now, too. "I'll meet you here in ten?" she asked, picking her bag and case in each hand. Maia idly wondered if she could make two cups without attracting any other half-siblings who'd ask for more. Maia had no qualms with her brothers and sisters, but making hot chocolate for everyone just sounded like a drag. She was tired and lazy and talking with Kylie was the only thing she wanted to do afterwards.

Kylie: She clapped her hands together twice to show her agreement. "Roger that. If you're not here in ten minutes, I shall have a search party arranged." She flashed Maia a wide grin before turning her back to her half-sister, intent on finding a spot that would help her both oversee Camp and limit her exposure to the cold. She had walked just a few steps before abruptly stopping and facing Maia again. "Before I forget! While you're at the cabin, can you drop by my room and get my scarf?" She puts her hands together and smiles sheepishly at Maia.

Maia: The brunette chuckled, "Got it," she called back before turning the opposite direction towards the Apollo Cabin. The cabin hadn't changed much over the time of her hiatus; Maia noticed this just as she stopped by the front door. She missed sitting outside and playing her violin in the evening, or simply hanging out at her bunk and watching the sun set out the window of her old room. Her old room was really nice too, and hopefully Maia didn't have to find a new one altogether. That would be a pain. She smiled fondly to herself as more memories from the past three years began flooding into her mind. She really missed it here. She opened the door: the cabin seemed to be empty, thank goodness. No need to worry about making hot chocolate for the others; her room looked the same too. Bonus. Maia left her bag and case on the bed, and headed towards the mini-kitchen to began prepare two mugs of hot, aromatic drinks. Hot chocolate for Kylie (extra sweet), and peach tea for herself (she had a packet). Before walking out, Maia hopped into Kylie's room and grabbed her scarf, wrapping it around her arms as she balanced the two mugs in each hand. As planned, ten minutes later Maia stood at the exact same place, waiting for her half-sister.

Kylie: As the brunette walked away towards the cabins, Kylie could only stare at the retreating figure with a warm gaze. It seems like Christmas would be much more happier than she had hoped it would be. With a small contented sigh, she began her patrol, slipping on her beige coat to keep warm. With her back facing the horizon, she lingers just a step away from the barrier which separates herself and the rest of Camp from the attacks of monsters; hands at the ready in case a monster actually did come out. Her sky blue eyes flicker from left to right, trying to pierce through the shadows. Without any hesitation, she walks along part of the perimeter of the barrier, ears trying to catch any sound that shouldn't be there. After a few tense minutes, she relaxes significantly; retracing her steps to return to where she and her half-sister had agreed to meet up.

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Maia: She seemed oblivious to any sound coming from out of the camp barriers. "Kylie," Maia sang out softly upon noticing her sister's form, and beckoned to her by holding out the steaming mug of hot chocolate. The sweet aroma of cocoa wafted through the air, already tempting and soothing by smell. "I got the scarf, too," she added, raising the same hand slightly to allow Kylie to glimpse at the cloth wrapped around her forearm. A sudden chilly gust breezed through her face, and ruffled her light brown hair just a little to the side. It made Maia shiver on the spot. Had the temperature dropped down? Maia mentally thanked herself for making the hot drinks, at least those warmed her frozen fingers a little.

Kylie: Upon seeing Maia and what she supposes would be her warm drink, a grin spreads on her face and she hastens her steps, heedless to the cold wind. Just as she was a few steps away from Maia, though, a chill ran down her spin. Stopping abruptly, she turns to the forest, just as she had done earlier; a look of uncertainty on her face. Pursing her lips, she turns her head slightly towards Maia without taking her eyes off of the forestry. "Did you hear that?"

Maia: Confusion washes over her features. "Hear what?" her eyes follow Kylie's direction of sight. White forest was all she saw through the invisible barrier. The trees were bare and unmoving, covered in thick layers of snow from branch to the roots. Everything seemed fine, "I didn't hear a thing," she said slowly, with a frown. Maybe it was a trick of the imagination, Maia thought. Surely there couldn't be too many monsters at this time of day. Well, there could be, but camp was usually very peaceful.

Kylie: She frowns at the forest, eyes staring intently at the shadows made by the clusters of trees. "...I thought I heard something fall. Something rather large." she takes a step closer, as though hoping to be able to see whether or not something really made a noise. Her frown deepens, before a sigh escapes her lips. She raises a hand to muss her hair up a bit, shaking her head lightly, as though to get rid of a headache. She turns back to Maia, an uneasy smile on her face. "Maybe it was just my imagination, after all." She moves to take her scarf from Maia's arm, wrapping it around her neck twice before taking her drink.

Maia: Maia nods slowly, gladly holding her cup in two hands, greedily stealing the warmth it was emitting. She sipped a bit of her peach tea. Peach tea became an obsession after leaving camp a year ago, though Maia wasn't really a big fan of peaches. It just tasted good. "If you say so," her own eyes briefly glanced at the forest, as if the minotaur or some other unwanted creature would drop in and try to kill a demigod or two. Hopefully not. Maia hoped fate was on their side for the evening.

Kylie: She heaved a contented sigh when the warmth from the cup spread to her fingers, closing her eyes at the same time, all while inhaling the aroma of the sweet drink. Unhesitatingly, she takes a sip of the hot chocolate, a hum of joy emitting from her throat as she felt the warmth spread all over. "Dang, that's good. You definitely know how make a nice cup of hot choco, sis." She takes in another deep breath, the smell of hot chocolate and slightly damp grass hitting her senses. Unfortunately for her, the alarm bells at the back of her mind wouldn't disappear. She casts her eyes once more to the direction of the forest. "I seriously feel like something's wrong..."

Maia: "You're welcome," she chuckled when Kylie said that, "You know who to call if you want a cup or more," she hinted. Maia had been thinking about opening a coffee shop.. we'll see. She took a bigger sip from her mug, watching as Kylie looked back at the forest, and shook her head. "Are you sure? Cause I see nothing," Maia replied honestly, lifting her head up to get a better look. Still nothing. It had to be nothing. "I'm pretty sure it's just the wind. It's colder than usual," she reasoned, facing Kylie. She kept the optimistic facade, but Maia could feel goosebumps rising on the back of her neck. It's nothing, Maia told herself. Nothing, it's nothing... that was when they both heard a loud snap of a branch. Undeniably, the sound came from the forest behind them.

Kylie: Before she knew what she was doing, she was already striding up the hill, hands poised to summon her weapons. Her half-cup of hot chocolate sat daintily on the grass, steam still drifting from the surface. 'Looks like I won't have time to enjoy it while it's hot,' she thought bitterly. She stopped walking just before the barrier, eyes never once leaving the foliage. She spoke, knowing Maia could hear her. "You don't need to come with. You're probably tired from the journey here. I don't want to put you in any danger."

Maia: The brunette shook her head vigorously, "I could use a fight," Maia said, placing her own mug next to Kylie's. A tiny ball of light shone in her left hand, illuminating the area around them in dim light. "I mean, I faced a number of monsters while I was gone, but I can't just back away and leave a sibling alone. They say two is better than one, no?" she asked with a wry smile. "The tea can wait, I'll heat them up later if you'd like," Maia added, walking to stand next to Kylie. Her eyes were already scanning the snow, holding the lightball up to see better.

Kylie: Her eyes softened, and the corners of her lips tilted upwards. How long has it been since she fought side-by-side with someone? "You've been gone for a while. Your skills had better not have dropped. Else, I'm dragging you to the arena, after all this is over," she says jokingly. With the extra illumination from Maia's lightball, she could see further into the forest. A number of bushes appeared to have been flattened, as though something large fell on it. The unmistakable silhouette of a tree branch on the floor was hard to miss. A wry smile forms on her lips, much like Maia's had earlier. "Looks like our night won't be as peaceful as I had hoped it would." She then pushes up the left sleeve of her button-up, revealing a charm bracelet. She pulls on the small bow and arrow charm with enough force to remove it from the bracelet. Almost immediately, a slick auburn bow and a half-filled quiver of arrows appeared in her hands.

Maia: Unfortunately, Maia didn't bring her friend the violin with her, so she she was weaponless. But the good thing was, she had her powers. "I had my fair share of monster attacks out of camp," Maia assured her, but there was a slight smile on her face. The ball of light slowly grew bigger, just inch by inch. "Demigods don't actually live peaceful lives, Kyls," she answered, creeping forward, closer to the barrier. Knock knock, who's there? I have snacks, as in, this light ball I could shove down your throat, Maia taunted inwardly, as if she could mentally call out whatever was in the woods right then.

Kylie: She makes a noncommittal sound. "I hear some demigods are actually able to live peaceful lives. I kinda envy them." She inches closer to the barrier, until only a few inches separated her from the outside. A smirk forms on her lips as yet another crash makes itself heard. "But then again, this life is also quite exciting."

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Maia: She nodded in agreement. If you put aside the 'never able to catch a break part,' the life of a half-god is thrilling and never unentertaining. "On a count of three?" Maia asked. Right at that moment, they heard a bloodcurdling scream, followed by heavy stomping.

Kylie: "Welp, so much for that plan." Without any further signals, she rushes into the forest, weapons ready to shoot. She makes sure to avoid protruding tree roots and thorny bushes, not wanting to waste any energy in healing minor wounds. When she saw the broken tree branch out of the corner of her eye, she immediately took a swift turn heading in the direction of the wreckage, only to see the silhouette of a rather large animal, towering over a teenager.

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Maia: Maia was quick to follow, she had used the light source to brighten the path ahead of them. "Oh, that doesn't look good," she commented, standing next to Kylie in a guarded stance. Her light ball was about twice the size of her palm now, it was glowing brightly and emitted a heavy amount of heat. The beast was unidentifiable, even the light ball was too dim to reveal it in the dark. She sighed, and narrowed her eyes. "I distract it, you shoot," the brunette suggested, taking two steps back and rolling her shoulders as if she we're preparing to throw a shot put. The situation was almost similar. Maia wanted to say something like, "EAT SHIT STUPID BEAST!" but that would just give them away, and Kylie would've whacked her for her language. So the girl simply trusted her aim and threw the now large ball of light. She watched it sear a path through the air, like a shooting star, and hoped it would hit the monster in it's face.

Kylie: She followed up Maia's attack with two consecutive arrows, one shooting directly behind the light ball, the other following a higher trajectory, in case the monster managed to back away. Without so much as another word, she ran forward, hoping to reach the fallen demigod before the monster could gobble him up. She conjured up a shield of light around the unconscious teen, as a precautionary measure. It wouldn't do well, after all, if the monster had allies. The closer she got to the teen, however, the clearer she was able to see the monster. "Of all the monsters to get, it just had to be something like orthrus. "she murmured under her breath, a deep frown settling on her face. Her eyes flickered to the demigod who lay still. She pursed her lips, torn between fighting the sphinx off or healing the wounded. Since their positions were no longer a secret due to their attack, she raised her voice enough so Maia could hear her. "We got an orthrus. Think you can handle it for a while?"

Maia: Maia tensed. Out of all the beasts she's slain in the past, she's never encountered an orthrus. Well, she was almost killed by one a few months back, it was by a miracle someone had saved her before it happened. The orthrus made her uncomfortable, and for a second she looked like she wanted to back off. But the demigod boy was dying, and it was just two of them. Kylie was the better healer. You can do it, Maia. she told herself. Her face turned grim, and Maia narrowed her eyes at it. Slowly, she nodded. "I got it. Keep him alive," she called back. Her attention turned to the two headed mutt, locating it's eyes immediately. She focused a light beam right there, knowing it would hurt and blind it. If that attack was successful, she conjured up a sword of pure light, big enough to weaken it at the very least, and charged, aiming for it's neck.

It took a while, but Maia had been successful in slaying one head, so the two would only have to deal with the remaining one, the more vicious, fiercer one out of the two. It was even fiercer now that it's fellow head was gone.

Kylie: At Maia's words, a small smile graced her face. "I'll leave it to you then." Without a second glance, she entered the small scope of her own light shield and began the process to help the boy as best as she could. She cast aside her bow, wincing lightly when she heard it thump against the damp earth. She knelt beside the boy before closing her eyes, hands poised above the boy but not really touching him. She tried to ignore everything else other than her own breathing and the boy before her. After a few moments, she felt her powers rushing out from her fingertips and into the boy. Thankfully, the boy's wounds weren't fatal. After a few minutes, the boy's breathing turned calm. After making sure that he was no longer in danger due to his wounds, Kylie stood from her position, only to feel dizzy due to the strain of having to heal someone while simultaneously keeping up a barrier. With pained eyes, she watches as Maia continues to attack the orthrus. She squeezed her eyes shut in an effort to alleviate the headache, before thrusting one hand in the direction of the sphinx. Almost immediately, a beam of light headed for the orthrus, though not as strong as Kylie had hoped for.

Maia: From Maia's knowledge, orthruses were savage carnivores... she had to slay this stupid thing before it eats any of them. Maia shot another beam of light at it, and slashed and hacked with her light sword at it over and over. As the brunette fought, the only sounds she could hear were the roars and growls of the mutt, her own heavy beathing and the buzz that rang through her ears. The latter was probably adrenaline rush. A little into it, she noticed the weaker beam of light Kylie sent out of the corner of her eye. She could tell her half-sister was already drained from healing the boy. "Don't push yourself!" Maia yelled to her, worried that Kylie might knock herself out.

Kylie: She opens her tired eyes in order to be able to survey the situation. By now, it was dark, the sun having long set and the moon's light unable to completely illuminate the forest due to the thick foliage. At Maia's words, she allowed her hand to fall to her side, cutting off the light beam. With a quick intake of breath, she removed the light barrier surrounding both herself and the unconscious boy; allowing her to conserve her strength. While grabbing her discarded bow, she watches the movements of both her half-sister and the orthrus. With slightly shaky hands, she readies two arrows, aiming for the eyes of the monster. If she could take away its sight, then Maia would have an easier time. With a few steady breaths, her grip on the bow tightened and her hands no longer shook. "Duck!" After shouting the short warning, she releases her arrows, hoping Maia's reflexes would be enough to save her in case the monster went even more berserk.

Maia: Just in time too, Maia's figure crouched to the ground as the arrow soared past her head. The momentum of the sharp weapon caused short strands of her hair to rise, and her eyes followed it as it landed promptly on one of the beast's eyes. It's roar resounded through the forest, loud enough that any demigod or mythical creature could hear it within a mile's range. Her ears were ringing again, and Maia paled slightly, "That's definitely gonna wake up camp," she muttered before getting up, holding her weapon steadily before charging at the beast again. Her sword attempted multiple slashes at it, but the sphinx, despite losing an eye, would still put up a fight. The brunette hoped Kylie could fire a second arrow towards it's good eye, but if she were unable to.. Maia will try stabbing it herself.

Kylie: At the roar of the beast, a curse unwittingly leaves her lips, more so when she notices that she missed the other eye. She tries running through other options as she readies yet another arrow, but the constant movement of the orthrus made it hard to aim for it's remaining eye. She grits her teeth in frustration, aiming instead at the orthrus' rather large body. A few seconds later, an arrow was embedded into the monster's side. She raises her voice, hoping Maia could hear her over the roars of the sphinx. "Think you can get it to stop moving for a few seconds?" While she says this, she already prepares another arrow, keeping the tip aimed at the orthrus' eye. She considers sending a heat wave to make the monster immobile, but decides against it, knowing that it could prove deadly, especially with her already depleted power.

Maia: Maia ducked again as it's claws swooped at her, and got up a second later. She was panting heavily, "I think that's the main idea, Kylie," the daughter of Apollo called back, raising her sword just above her head, parrying the monster's claws once again. The beast was pushing against the lightsaber (as Maia dubbed it), and Maia herself was struggling to keep up. Keep it still for a few seconds.. but how? Maia's arms were aching, shaking from he harsh pressure. She was tempted to let the sword go and have the beast stab her, but Maia doubt Kylie would be fine with that. Then she snapped, as if a lightbulb had appeared above her scalp. "You know," the girl said suddenly, "I think I have an idea." Maia closed her eyes, concentrating. You will feel immense nausea, so bad that you can't move without wanting to throw up, she willed the orthrus, hoping it would work.

Kylie: When she realized what Maia was doing, she released the arrow, watching it fly towards the orthrus, which had, by then, stopped moving due to nausea. A victorious grin appeared on her face, only to be wiped off mere seconds later, when she herself felt the need to throw up what little food she had in her stomach. She staggers towards the nearest tree, hand firmly clamped over her mouth. Unfortunately for her, the nearest tree was the one where the unconscious demigod was. Collapsing on her knees beside the boy, she desperately attempts to conjure up a shield. Fortunately for her, the gods seemed to be taking pity on her, and a shield of light formed around her and the boy, albeit a rather weak barrier. Almost immediately, the urge to barf evaporated, leaving her only slightly dizzy and squeamish. She tries to catch her breath, moving from her kneeling position to rest her back against the tree. With a rather annoyed tone, she calls out to Maia, "Might wanna tone down that curse a bit. Unless you want me to barf all over this boy here."

Maia: Maia cringed, "I guess I don't know my own strength," she said with a slight wince. "Sorry, sis!" She managed to tone down the spell just a bit, so Kylie would feel better. But it would risk the beast getting better simultaneously. At that time, Maia had attempted sound-travelling through the beast's incredibly loud roars, focusing towards it's weak spot. The sole orthrus head had no eyes at this point, but Maia acted quickly, not letting the beast have a light of day and stabbed, hard. There was a loud shriek, and Maia found herself in a rainstorm of monster ash. It fell over her face, over her winter clothes and basically ruined her outfit. A cold hand ran over her face, ridding off the dirty snow and ash. "Dammit," she muttered, letting her sword vanish. She dusted off more of the ash as she could from her body, walking towards Kylie. She smiled tiredly, "What do you think of my skills now?" she asked the blonde playfully.

Kylie: When the monster turned into ash, she let out a sigh of relief, glad that the ordeal was finally over. She released her hold on her shield only when Maia had approached her. With a blank face, she answered her half-sister's question. "I give you a C+. It would have been higher but, for some odd reason, I felt like puking my guts out near the end." She gives Maia a pointed look before considering everything that happened as water under the bridge. She pushes herself up from the ground, steadying herself with one hand on the tree trunk. Her eyes run over the still unconscious male. "Do you think we'll be able to carry him decently back to the Infirmary? I don't want to accidentally drop his head on a rock or something..."

Maia: "Illness control power, I'm oblivious to my abilities and how far they extend," Maia huffed, "C+ is better than nothing," she muttered, bending halfway down to get a closer look at the guy. Asian-looking, blonde hair, somewhat dirty and beaten up. Maia figured he could be fixed up with a few sips of nectar and a lot of rest. "I'll carry him via sound travel," she suggested, though her voice had a doubtful tone to it. "The infirmary isn't too far from the entrance," She brushed a lock of her ash-stained hair behind her ear, as she glanced towards Kylie.

Kylie: She looks at Maia with worry in her eyes. "I'm not sure if it's wise to use sound travel again, so soon after a fight. You might end up in China for all the luck we demigods have." With a sigh, she pushes away from the tree, moving to pick up her discarded bow, and the few arrows she could salvage. "Let's just carry him. Might as well use the walk as a way to cool down." When she found no more arrows that could be used, she rested her bow across her wrist, making sure that the wood came into contact with her bracelet. After a few moments, her weapons shrank back into its charmed form. She turns back to Maia and the unconscious guy, before removing her hair tie, allowing her blonde locks to tumble down her back. She runs a hand through her hair, dislodging the small leaves that could have gotten stuck. "You take the arms, I take the legs? Or would you prefer the other way around?"

Maia: "His arms are fine," Maia mumbled, only eager to get this over with and talk with Kylie while drinking mugs of sweet drinks. And get the guy to safety. It was barely an hour since she entered Camp Half-Blood and she already defeated a terrifying monster; a sphinx of all creatures. "How're you feeling?" she asked, knowing how weary Kylie had made herself in protecting the disarmed, unconscious demigod. Maia was already crouched by his head, taking hold of his arms. They felt cold to the touch, then again, it was winter so...

Kylie: She scrunched up her face in displeasure at the thought of how weak she felt at the moment. Nevertheless, she too crouched down and took the guy's legs into her hands. "I feel like shit, to be honest." With a small grunt, she lifted the guy off of the floor with Maia's help. "I think I'm gonna skip dinner tonight in favor of a nice warm bath."

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Of Floury Pranks and Scary Chocolate-Loving Dryads

An hour or so later,

Maia: Maia was grateful to be within the borders of Camp Half-Blood. Kylie and her dropped the demigod in the infirmary, fed him a decent amount of nectar and then left him to rest. It would take a while, but Maia figured he'd wake up in two days or so. He'll be alright. Then the duo wearily walked back to Apollo's Cabin. Now she sat on her bunk, waiting patiently for her sister to finish her bath. She was staring out the window. Maia had already cleaned herself up, she changed into a pair of shorts and a sweater. After that encounter with the sphinx, Maia had no appetite for dinner, and chose to stay in the cabin with Kylie. Two mugs sat on the bedside table; Maia reheated their drinks just a few minutes ago. The hot chocolate and peach tea melded together and created a strange, yet very aromatic scent that wafted around the cozy room. A fire place had been lit up somewhere in the corner, warming up the atmosphere just slightly. All this gave Maia a sense of comfort and slight nostalgia. Maia sighed softly to herself, her breath fogging up the window pane. Unconsciously, Maia lifted a finger and traced over the vapour, making nonsensical swirls and circles until she couldn't differentiate between the two.

Kylie: After having finished with her warm bath, she quickly changes into a pair of beige knee-length shorts and a black shirt. A small towel rests on her shoulders, separating her shirt from her still wet blond tresses. After making sure she's decent enough, she then makes a beeline for Maia's room, flip flops dangling from one hand. Upon arriving at Maia's door, she knocks gently twice on the wood before entering, a small smile already plastering itself to her face. The mixed aroma of hot chocolate and peach tea, though faint, reached her almost instantly. She closes the door softly behind her, in order to give them some privacy, before placing her flip flops beside the door. Once this was finished, she allowed herself to fall, face first, onto Maia's bed, a small giggle filled with childish glee erupting from her lips, albeit muffled by the linens and Maia's pillow. "I missed this bed."

Maia: Maia snorted, an amused smile playing over her lips. "My bed is the best one in this whole cabin," she said as if it were matter-of-fact, patting the comforter with a sense of pride. Maia reached over slightly, using her forefinger to poke at Kylie's sides. "I miss camp." she also added, with a cheeky grin. Maia was glad she finally got a chance to hang out with her half-sister without anyone to bother them. And peach tea. Don't forget the peach tea.

Kylie: She twitched a bit when she was poked, having always been rather ticklish in the sides. She pouted at Maia, before reaching over and returning the poke. "Nu-uh. The best bed has to be in Hypnos' Cabin. How else can those Hypnos kids sleep so comfortably for an entire day?" She roles on to her back, hugging Maia's pillow to her stomach. "Camp's been pretty much the same. New faces every now and then, people coming and going. The food's still delicious though!" A grin stretches across her face at thought of food. She's beginning to regret missing out on dinner, but quality time with her half-sister was more important than food.

Maia: She giggled slightly as she tried to avoid the returning poke, failing to do so however. The thought of food makes her feel a bit better too, maybe Maia will grab some leftovers from the pavilion later if she could. "Awesome," she grins. "I missed camp food, it beats the food I ate at high school by a long mile." she made a face, reminded of the icky stuff she had to eat at the cafeteria in her high school back at home. Yeah.. camp food was a hell lot better. Maia stretches her legs out, leaning against the wall with her arm stretched out over the windowsill, fingers lightly rapping on the wood. "How is everyone?" she asked, genuinely curious.

Kylie: She shrugs lightly, eyes trained on the trained on the ceiling, a thoughtful hum escaping her lips. "Depends on who you mean by 'everyone'. Quite a number of older campers have left to try their luck at the outside world. There are a ton of new campers I didn't even know existed until I saw them at the Dining Pavilion. Our other half-siblings are pretty much the same; still obsessed with archery and music." She smiles fondly at the thought of their other half-siblings. She shifts position again, so that she's lying on her side this time, facing Maia. "Things have been rather peaceful here, if not boring."

Maia: Her mouth pulled into a tiny 'o' shape, and she nodded slowly in understanding. "That's normal for us Apollo kids, honestly," Maia said with her own smile, "It'll be nice to meet a few of the newer ones, no? Unless, you wanna scare the hell outta them instead, cause that's good with me too.." she trailed off jokingly, hoping maybe Kylie would go with the latter, sort of. Nah, she's kidding.

Kylie: A laugh bubbles from her lips at the suggestion. "Scaring the newbies sounds kinda fun. Unfortunately, I have a reputation to uphold." She sits up, allowing the pillow to fall to her lap. She then crosses her arms, a mischievous grin appearing on her face. "Of course, just because I'm a child of the sun god doesn't mean I don't know how to work from the shadows."

Maia: She snorted, "That's true. I remember that one time you tried it, you came back to the cabin with flour all over you," Maia reminded her, laughing a little at the memory from a year back. Maia remembered Kylie partaking in some prank, and in the evening she found her sister coated head to toe in the powdery substance. She let her chin rest on her palm, still chuckling a bit.

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Kylie: A blush easily wormed its way onto her face. Grasping the pillow on her lap with one hand, she throws it at Maia, regardless of the short distance between them. A peeved expression makes itself known, but the effect was ruined by her still present blush. "I thought we agreed never to speak of that incident ever again?"

Maia: "Relax," she assured Kylie, letting a stray chuckle loose every now and then. The thought of it was just so funny, Maia doubt she'd ever let Kylie live it down. "It's just us in this cabin, no one can hear us." she reminded the blonde with an amused grin. Then Maia decided to not be so mean, and so she switched the subject. "Hey, remember that other time I stole chocolate from that dryad in the forest?" the brunette asked.

Kylie: She shoots her half-sister a small pout, which deepened when Maia would chuckle. "I'd rather not take any chances, even if it's just us here. You never know when Hades kids are actually hiding in the shadows or if nymphs are invisible." Her eyes wander from the bed to the ceiling, trying to recall the chocolate-stealing incident. "Was that the one where you ran into the Infirmary with a nymph on your heels, only to be saved by hiding in one of our storage closets?" This time, a teasing smile appears on her face. A slight fondness can be seen in her eyes though.

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Maia: Maia nodded sheepishly. "Mhm. I remember not even trying to step out of the infirmary for a few days." She chuckled. "I feel kinda guilty now, but I swear I didn't think that oak tree was actually a nymph." She leaned back and let her head rest against the bed frame. "It might as well have been a horror movie if you guys weren't laughing." She added in playful accusation, poking Kylie's head.

Kyli: A soft chuckle escapes her lips. "You certainly made the atmosphere lighter. I doubt anyone would have imagined the Infirmary, of all places, would get so lively. And all because of chocolate." She heaves a mock sigh, shaking her head. "Lesson learned, don't take chocolate that's lying around. You never know when a nymph may pop out and scare the living daylights out of you."

Maia: "Ditto," she agreed with a smile, "Oak-face was scary." Maia feigned a shiver, but truly, as far as she could recall, the nymph was the scariest thing she ever came across till this day. Then running and hiding in the infirmary closet. What would her mom say? Maia stilled, her smile slowly fading. The sudden thought of her mom made her feel cold and pale. "Yeah.. really scary."

Kylie: She notices the fading smile on Maia's face, and even her paler complexion. With a small frown, she scoots a little closer to Maia, a little worried that the other daughter of Apollo was coming down with something. She brings her right hand forward, twisting it so that her palm faced Maia, before placing the said appendage on her half-sister's forehead. Her left hand rises to feel her own temperature. A noncommittal sound escapes her lips. "You're quite pale, but it doesn't seem like any symptoms of an oncoming fever." She brings her hands down, a soft smile on her face. "Something bothering you?"

Maia: She smiled appreciatively at Kylie, "I'm fine," she said, ".. sort of." She admitted, looking out the window again. She rapped her fingers against the glass slowly, I don't wanna hide from anyone, that would only make it worse. But talking about this came so hard for Maia. It's only been a few months, the memory and pain were still fresh. But in the end, Maia knew she couldn't say nothing for long, "There is something I need to tell you," she said quietly.

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