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Epic Beginning (random title)

Kitty Winters ~ Daughter of Persephone
Kitty sat cross-legged on Fireworks Beach, little golden grains of sand clinging to her dark jeans for dear life. Her boots were removed, leaning against her side while her bare feet occasionally buried themselves into the ground for warmth from the autumn breeze. Summer had long gone and so did most volleyball players and picknickers that usually occupied the shore. It was serene instead of fun and lately, Kitty needed such an atmosphere. Her sketchbook was open and a number of pencils rested on the sand in front of her. She was sketching compass roses another map that she was drawing, having given her previous one to another camper. She tilted her head up and looked out into the vast sea, the ocean resembling an expanse of sapphires brought to life.

More Info:

-The Emerald Rose

 Age: 18  Height: 5'4  Weight: 126lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: New York, New York  Main Weapon: Bullwhip with Celestial Bronze Barbs, One-Handed Blades
 Accent: American
 – “But smiles and tears are so alike with me, they are neither of them confined to any particular feelings: I often cry when I am happy, and smile when I am sad.” ― Anne Brontë

Jude wb
It was such a nice weather Jude thought when he actually expected winter to come but he guessed that the director didn't finish his scarf just yet. What a theory. Anyway, he went out of the cabin wearing the orange Camp Half-Blood shirt, which he rarely used, and then paired it with his favorite jeans and his one and only black runners with a touch of silver. He didn't know if it was just him or he could really smell the sea from the cabin. Perhaps it was a sign that he should go visit and so he did. When he arrived, he saw very few people and thought the place was rather quiet and boring until his eyes landed on a particular camper who was alone. Ah, it's her! he said in his mind and almost immediately a plan popped into his head. He took every step carefully trying not to be heard and when he was near, he knelt down behind her. "Boo!"
    ~ 16:20, December 25, 2014 (UTC)

More Info:

-Lieutenant Counselor

 Age: 17  Height: 6'2"  Weight: 157 lbs
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: Single, Not Looking
 Birth Place: Los Angeles  Main Weapon: CB Broadsword
 Accent: American
 – -WIP-

The Fateful Reunion (also random title)

A Walk to Remember in the Park

Jude: Jude couldn't think of any place that was as serene as a park. Probably a million places would be considered so tranquil and yet the friendliness the park showed would probably be one of its assets. He kept one hand in the pocket of his jeans and then breathed in the freshness of the air. Afterwards, he looked at Kitty with a well-what-do-you-think look. The park was covered in green grass that was neatly trimmed. At one side, there was a playground where children ran after each other and even some of their parents tagged along. There were some areas wherein couples and families had picnics while some preferred to be alone reading books under a tree or probably sketching the beautiful scenery. When he saw the person who seemed to be drawing on his sketchpad, he remembered Kitty and a question formed in his mind. "Oh yeah," he said. "I just noticed that you always kept that small notebook of yours. I was just wondering why of all places, you keep them in your boots?" He managed a small smile as if almost chuckling at the thought but stopped himself.

Kitty: Kitty followed Jude to the park, having never been, and when they were there, the sweet aroma of plants and flowers hit her like a wall of joy. She had gotten used to the grasses and trees of the Camp and the new scenery almost reminded her of her old home. She saw Jude shoot her a questioning look and she grinned. "I love it. It's so pretty here. Even in the cold, it doesn't look dull or lifeless." Kitty made a conscious effort to turn off her aura, the one that would cause flowers to bloom and grow faster in her presence. They walked in silence for a moment; it was a comfortable silence, one that just let her soak the place in without thinking that she was ignoring Jude. He asked her a question soon after and she joined in with his laughter. "It's a sketchbook. One of many that I have. And actually, I wear these boots for the sole reason of keeping the sketchbook in them. It's the only pair I brought long enough to hide it in. I'd bring a bag but training, running and climbing trees and buildings are so much easier without one on. I find inspiration everywhere. My dad always said that it was because I saw something in people and in the banalities of life that not many people could appreciate. But really, when I find something worth remembering, I simply don't wanna having nothing to help me frame it." she smiled.

Jude: "Remind me to give you a camera for Christmas," he said chuckling. He continued walking around, taking his time with every step as he watched the people especially the complete families. All of a sudden, he felt something heavy in his chest. He was envious. Even when he saw a mother and a child without the father, he still felt that they were much fortunate than him. It reminded him a lot of his family, who he left to stay at camp. Seeing little young girls made him think of his half-sister back home. He left him at such a very young age that every night, it worried him if she could make it without him. The thought overflowed in his mind that he was not able to realize he was being silent for almost five minutes. He broke his own quietness by letting out a sigh. Then he felt his senses get heightened especially his hearing when the sound of a crying child interrupted the laughter and chatter from the other people. He turned and saw a little girl crying in the middle of the playing field. A look of worry was written all over his face as he ran to the girl. "Hey, are you okay, kid?" he asked with much concern as he knelt down beside her and gently slid his hand down her back repeatedly to comfort her.

Kitty: She laughed. "Cameras are so static. While you can create really great works of art with them, it's nothing compared to doing something with your own hands. Capturing an image whilst throwing a bit of yourself into the mix. It's so much more personal and meaningful." Kitty smiled and watched him as his face fell, his eyes distant and sad. Kitty bit her lip, her heart sinking for him. She looped her arm around his, her hand resting on the crook of his elbow as some gesture of comfort as they walked in silence. Kitty looked up and gave him a small smile, in the small hope that it would help. She dropped her hand when she heard the small sobs of a little girl. Jude ran towards her and Kitty was quick to follow, dropping to her knees as well. The cold bit through her jeans and chilled her knees but she tilted her head and tried to look at the girl's face. "Hey, hey. Don't you worry." her tone was soft and soothing, her smile even more so. "We'll try to help you. Are your parents around here somewhere?"

Jude: The little girl shook her head in response as she continued to cry. Jude felt utterly broken for this girl. Right at that moment, he was determined to take care of her. "Hey, come," he said when he stood up and reached his hand to the kid. "Let's find your parents." The girl stopped sobbing for a moment and looked at Jude's hand then to his face. When he finally saw her face, it was as if all the sadness in the world was gathered and put together right there in that girl. She stood up and she was really tiny making Jude think she as probably three to four years old or even younger. She extended both of her hands to Jude and pouted, pleading for her to be carried. "Uh?" At first he didn't quite understand. Then the girl all of a sudden began crying again. "P-Papa!" She sniffed and tears fell down her cheeks once more. "O-Okay, okay!" he said in a panic that the girl would feel bad again. Thankfully, he got what she meant. He grabbed her by the arms and carried her. Then the girl miraculously stopped crying. She later looked at Kitty and reached her hand to her too. "Mama." At the very mention of the word, Jude's eyes bulged. "Um... she's--" He stopped himself and thought explaining to a kid as young as her wouldn't be so effective.

Kitty: She took a step back and watched as the girl cried to be picked up by Jude. Kitty smiled a little at how she reached out to him, despite how dreadfully morose the girl looked. When Mr. Clueless eventually took the hint and picked her up, the girl was silent and content. "She likes you, Papa." Kitty chuckled and looked at the little girl. Their eyes met and Kitty took a step forward with a smile but was then disarmed when she reached for her too, calling her 'Mama'. Jude began to protest and Kitty herself was startled but eventually, she just smiled and took her little hand in her own warm one. "Ah, it doesn't matter." she whispered to Jude, shrugging it off, before gently brushing the girl's hair away from her face. "What's your name, sweetie?" she asked her.

Jude: The little girl stared at Kitty for a few seconds, familiarizing herself with the new face. "Dai-sy," she replied with a bit difficulty. It seemed like she's just starting to learn to talk, getting used to saying her name. "Well, hello, Daisy," Jude said to her with a warm smile. "Daddy Jude and Mommy Kitty will take care of you for now until we find your parents, okay?" He wiped Daisy's cheeks with his thumb and tucked her hair behind her ears. He then turned to Kitty and whispered, "Sorry, I didn't know things would escalate this quickly." Daisy hugged him by the neck and it showed such a heart-warming picture, picture-taking worthy, perhaps. "Oh," Jude reacted in slight surprise but he still sounded calm. A genuine smile formed on Jude's face. It just looked so innocent like a child feeling secure in the arms of her father. He looked at Kitty again and asked, "You think it's a good idea to report this to the police?"

Kitty: "You're apologizing for helping out a sweet little girl?" Kitty whispered and dropped Daisy's hand, grinning as she watched her wrap her arms around his neck in the gentlest of hugs. Kitty had never had a younger sibling, or a younger relative of any sort, and couldn't help but wish she had someone to care for the way Jude was looking after her. She turned her eyes away from Daisy and looked up at Jude as he asked her something. "Yeah," she whispered. "Maybe we can find the park owners or whoever works here first, ask if the parents are still here. If nada, I'll call the police." Kitty sighed once more and stepped closer to both of them, her shoulder brushing Jude's. "Why would they leave her alone?" she asked under her breath. "Is there a café or something here? I'm sure getting little Daisy something to eat and drink would help." she smiled at the little girl. "How does that sound, Daisy? Would you like to come with us to get a snack?"

Jude: When Daisy heard Kitty asked her, she let go of Jude's neck and just blinked as if she didn't understand a thing that Kitty said. For a few seconds of silence, Jude chuckled finding the little girl's reaction very adorable. He turned to Kitty and said, "I'll take that as a yes." He looked back at Daisy and held her hand, gently shaking it. "Daisy, mommy Kitty will treat us to lunch. How does that sound? Cool, right?" Again, the kid just blinked and looked at Jude's hand that held hers. Jude told Kitty, "Yeah, I think it's a good idea to to ask the workers first if there are any." Then he asked, "You have any idea where to find them?"

Kitty: "So will I." She chuckled along with Jude and grinned at Daisy. "Alright, let's go. And I imagine there will be some employees in the café." Kitty began walking down the path with them, glancing around for any sign of an employee of the park. They got to a small café not far off and Kitty jogged to the door, holding it open for them. "Mmm, that smells good. I love the smell of coffee and cake. Go on in and choose whatever you want."

Jude: Daisy struggled, kicking her feet asking to be put down. "Oh, okay, okay," Jude said as he carefully put her down and let her stand on her own but she still held Jude's hand. The smell of brewed coffee filled the air and it was very homey making him remember those times when he'd make his mom a cup of coffee. "Ah, yeah, that's good," he said with a contented smile. Daisy seemed to have already chosen what she wanted as she pulled Jude inside headed to the glass container where cakes and other pastries were displayed. "O-Okay, okay, coming," Jude said as he got dragged along. Daisy then pointed at a particular slice of cake with pinkish icing and bits of what looked like crushed strawberries. In front of the plate wrote... wait... he couldn't read. The letters scrambled themselves and refused to be read. Jude was dyslexic, a common condition among demigods like him. He rubbed his eyes to make sure they were still alright. He just assumed that the cake that Daisy wanted was a strawberry cake. "You want this?" he asked Daisy pointing at the same cake and Daisy nodded in response.

Kitty: She closed the door, walking into the café after Jude and Daisy and followed them to the counter. She watched them as Daisy eagerly asked for a slice of cake from the other side of the glass. Kitty chuckled and took out her purse from her jacket pocket, taking out a 20 dollar note. "Jude, here." She handed him the bill. "Can you get me a latte and a chicken sandwich? Buy yourself some lunch and Daisy can have her strawberry cake. As well as whatever drink she wants to go with it. I'll go talk to the manager. Just let me know if the money's not enough." She smiled at Jude and ruffled Daisy's hair before walking away, pocketing her purse in the process. Kitty headed towards the kitchen, asking for the manager. A tall man had exited the kitchen and she spoke him in hushed tones, telling him of how they found Daisy alone in the field and that Jude and her were looking for the girl's parents.

Jude: With that big of a bill that Kitty handed over to him, his eyes widened and wondered where she got the money but then that didn't really matter as of that moment. They needed to fill their stomachs. He went to the cashier and ordered what Kitty told him and what Daisy wanted. The woman gave him something circular and flat, which she said would buzz if their orders are ready to be claimed. Afterwards, Jude looked for a table and found one by the window with four seats. He took Daisy there and let her sit while they waited. He watched the people down the streets and their lives looked normal, like nothing much was happening... walking, chatting, smoking, laughing... he started to wonder if he'll ever have a life like that. Simple.

Kitty: She thanked the manager with a friendly smile who disappeared into an office to make a phone call. She returned to Jude and Daisy who were now at a table by the window. Kitty sat down opposite Jude and smiled. "And now we play the waiting game. I spoke to the manager and he said he'll call the front desk at the park reception to see if they can find them. No one has dropped by here asking if anyone's seen their kid." She leaned back against her seat, silent for a moment as she too looked out of the window. Kitty missed her father. She spent afternoons out in parks and museums with him and made too many memories to not be nostalgic when in places like the one she was in now. Casting the longing from her mind for a second, she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and glanced at Jude. "You got yourself something to eat too, right?"

Jude: His daydreaming got disrupted when Kitty finally came. "Oh, you're here," Jude said with a small smile. He listened to what she had to say and nodded. "I see... well, at least, you got the manager to contact someone. That's good." He saw her look out the window the same thing he did earlier and somewhat noticed the wistful look in her eyes. He let out a sigh and then when she asked him, he just snapped his head and looked back at her. "Hm? Oh I--" Their conversation was interrupted by Daisy's continuous slamming of the buzzer thing on the table. With a shocked expression, Jude gentle held her hands to stop her. "No, no, Daisy, that's where food comes out," he just said knowing that he did sound weird but then not a second later, the thing buzzed. "Well," he said to Kitty and Daisy, "Be right back. You guys have a... girl talk moment for now." He stood up from his seat and took the thing with him as he went to the counter to claim their orders, leaving the two behind.

Kitty: The metal plate buzzed and Jude stood to get their food. "Thanks, Jude." Kitty smiled and turned to Daisy who was still fiddling with the plate. "So … Daisy," she began, just hoping to keep the little girl engaged and happy. "What's your favourite place in the entire park?" She asked with a big grin. Daisy looked up and tilted her head to the side. Kitty held back a chuckle, recognising that she herself did that when in thought. "The place with the swings." The little girl eventually replied. Kitty let out an excited gasp. "That's my favourite place, too! The swings make you feel like you're flying right? Like a bird, or a superhero or-" She was cut off by another suggestion "Or a fairy?" Daisy asked. "Or a fairy." Kitty repeated in agreement, sharing an excited grin with the sweet child. "We'll stop by the swings after we eat, how does that sound?" Daisy excitedly nodded and craned her neck, undoubtedly looking for Jude to come back with her cake.

Jude: "Here you go!" he said when he finally got back. "Oh, wow, you actually got her to talk," he told Kitty with a smile. "Cake for little Daisy." He placed the plate of strawberry cake in front of Daisy and a wide smile appeared on her face, excitement written all over it. Then Jude put the knife and fork beside it. "And..." He sat back down first and then looked at Kitty with the what-are-you-looking-at stare, holding a cup and a sandwich. Not a moment later, he laughed and handed over the latte and sandwich to her. "Latte and chicken sandwich for mommy Kitty," he said, unaware that he'd been calling her Kitty since earlier instead of Katie. Out of the corner of Jude's eye, he saw Daisy struggle to actually get a slice of the cake, icing already all over the sides of her mouth. He let out a soft chuckle and grabbed the tissue in front of him then wiped Daisy's face. "Let me help you, little one." He grabbed the fork and sliced a small piece then said, "Say, aaahh." Daisy then opened her mouth and Jude began feeding her. "Yummy!" Jude commented then Daisy laughed. "Oh, she liked that," he said. He then remembered to give Kitty something else. "Oh! By the way..." He reached into his pockets and took out a few bills and coins including a receipt then put them all on the table. "Your change," he said, "you never really asked. Good thing I remembered."

Kitty: When Jude placed her coffee and her sandwich, she grinned and grabbed her cup. "Oooh, thank you." Kitty sipped her coffee and sighed contentedly. "Ah, that's so nice." She grinned and glanced over at Daisy who was smothered in icing. Before she could react, Jude was already wiping her mouth and proceeded to feed her himself. "Oh, you're so sweet with kids." She found herself saying after he made Daisy laugh. Aware that may have seemed forward and sudden, she immediately added on, "It's just ... nice to see a guy that caring, y'know? I hardly ever see people like that anymore." She put her coffee down and took a bite out of her sandwich. Mid-chewing, Jude remembered her change and Kitty gave a muffled sound of recognition. She put a hand below the hollow of her throat and swallowed before taking the change from the table. "Ah, thank you. I'd completely forgotten." Kitty took out her wallet from her pocket and was about to put the coins in before she paused. "You still haven't gotten something to eat for yourself." She stood up, putting her coins in but keeping the wallet ajar. "I'll get it for you this time and you can keep looking after Daisy. Just tell me what you'd like. The sandwich you got me is pretty great by the way, in case you want that. Or whatever else. But you've gotta eat and drink something. I don't think you've had anything all day."

Jude: He smiled at her compliment. "Thanks..." he replied. The reason behind all that care was because he had a younger half-sister, who he loved so much and he was the one who used to take care of her whenever their parents were not around but he never really mentioned that to anyone. He just thought it wasn't something that would interest anyone. Seeing her stand up, so did he. With a surprised expression, he stopped her and said, "Ah, no, no, that's completely fine." He smiled. "Not much of a fan of..." he looked at the food in front of him before continuing. "Fancy food. I pretty muh prefer those stuff outside," he said as he pointed his thumb to one of the stalls out in the park. There were actually a number of food stalls lined by the side of the place--waffles, hotdogs, ice cream and a lot more. "I'm good with waffles." He chuckled. Later, he felt a tug on his shirt so he looked down and saw Daisy pointing at something. "Hm? What is it?" Jude followed with his eyes to where she pointed and saw a carriage that lets tourists ride for a small price and then take them to various places nearby.

Kitty: She nodded, smiling. "Alright, as soon as we leave this place, we're getting you some waffles." She chuckled too and her attention turned to Daisy just as Jude's did. Her eyes lifted to where Daisy was pointing and Kitty grinned. "Oh, nice idea, Daisy! And we'll get to the swings much quicker with that. Are you finished with your cake?" Kitty sat back down, finishing what was left of her sandwich as Daisy proceeded to eating hers too, however messy the result. Kitty chuckled. "Oh, sweetheart ..." she took the napkin and wiped Daisy's face. "Want a bit more?" Kitty asked, pointing to the cake before Daisy shook her head. "Alright. I'm done too. I'll take my coffee with me." She took out her coins before turning to Jude, hovering a fistful of coins in front of him whilst her other hand carried her latte. "Looks like we're taking the carriage. If you wanna take some of the change and buy yourself a waffle, I'll pay for our ride."

Jude: "Woah," he said with eyes all wide and hands raised, surprised that it was that easy for her to just say 'I'll pay this, I'll pay that'. "We don't even know how a ride on that thing costs," he told Kitty. Then he put his hands back down, chuckling. "You, rich kid," he commented. Later, Daisy reached her hands to him and had a yet another pleading face telling Jude to carry her. "Okay, okay," Jude said with a smile as he bent down to carry the child. He then turned to Kitty and held her hand saying, "Come on, mommy Kitty." He just grinned at her and then led the way out of the cafe, headed to, of course, first to get waffles. Honestly, Jude had been craving for that in a while. After that, then they go to the carriage and go wherever that thing's route is.

Kitty: Kitty handed the driver a bill to pay for the ride, pocketing the change. Jude branched off from Daisy and her to grab waffles and Kitty grinned down at the little girl. "Alright, honey, I'm gonna carry you up to the carriage. One ... two .." Kitty bent her knees and Daisy wrapped her little arms around her neck as Kitty lifted her up by the waist. She carefully lowered Daisy's feet to rest on the carriage and chuckled as the girl hesitated to let her go. "Go on, I'll be in right after you." She was a woman of her word. As soon as Daisy was safely in the carriage, Kitty stepped inside, sitting on the cushioned chairs as Daisy plopped down next to her. She watched as Daisy craned her neck in search of Jude and Kitty smiled as he approached and shifted over so that Daisy, because she would end up in the middle, wouldn't feel squished. Her mind rewinded time for a moment, thinking back to the small, nonchalant comment that Jude made about her. "Hey, I'd ... appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone that I have, well, I'm rich. I guess. My dad is but I know that everyone thinks that's something only rich kids say. It's always been hard to find people who like me for only me and not for my money so I try not to make a big deal out of it. Or even mention it."

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