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Harmony Spall ~ Almost blind daughter of light
Well, things were just starting to get 'great' in Harmony's life, with a new step-mother, some new cousin that happened to be a old friend/crush and other cousins wanting to get in her life. Lucky, none of them were around or would dare to go anywhere near the forest around the Spire which Harmony was exploring.
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 1.68m 
 Sexuality: Pansexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Washington D.C  Main Weapon: CB knife and rings that turn into a sword and shield
 Accent: American

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Theia have the ability to conjure weapons out of pure light which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Theia have the ability to focus an intense beam of light that will burn anything it touches; the effect may also be applied to conjured weaponry or armor instead.


  1. Children of Theia can create an invisible forcefield around themselves that blinds enemies for as long as they stay inside it. The forcefield only lasts a short time before it disperses.
  2. Children of Theia have the ability to create a dome shaped barrier of light, roughly two or three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a short time.


  1. Children of Theia can create illusions in order to twist other's perception of reality or make everyone around them see something that isn't really there. However, the illusion isn't physical and is only a trick of sight. The bigger the change in perception, the more power drained. They can also delude single individuals in the same fashion.
  2. Children of Theia can warp light around themselves to become invisible. This is less effective if the user is moving, and will break completely if they move too fast.
  3. Children of Theia have the ability to create temporary light sources, similar to a flare, which will light an area for a time.
  4. Children of Theia can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also obscuring their sight at times.
  5. Children of Theia have the ability to Blink, a form of instant teleportation. This is slightly less draining that other teleportation powers, but they must have line of sight to their destination.


  1. Children of Theia are more powerful and less drained by their powers when in daylight.
  2. Children of Theia can see clearly in darkness or blinding light.
  3. Children of Theia have the innate ability to see in all directions at once.
  4. Children of Theia have greatly enhanced vision, detailed enough to read words from a page a mile away and refined enough to notice and track things that would be a blur to others.
  5. Children of Theia possess an eidetic memory, able to perfectly recall anything they have ever seen.

3 Months After Character is Created

  1. Children of Theia are able to astral project, they can use this for multiple reasons, However, their physical body is vulnerable and they can not affect anything on the physical plane while astral projecting. They are able to Blink to places they see while astral projecting.

6 Months After Character is Created

  1. Children of Theia can cause weapons of light to rain down upon a wide area from the sky for a short time. The weapons cannot be bigger than the one who conjures them and cannot be aimed, endangering allies as well as enemies. They take ten to fifteen seconds to reach the ground, during which time they are easy to spot by their glow, and the user is slowed until the power ends. The user will be left significantly drained afterward, and the more weapons are created, the greater the drain will be.

9 Months After Character is Created

  1. Children of Theia have the ability to shed their flesh and turn into a state of pure light for a short time. While in this state they are granted flight, are immune to all attacks, are blinding to look at, and anything they touch is burned; however, once the user changes back they will be extremely drained and immobile for a long time.


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Killer by riingo-d6229iw.png

Nyxil -Child of Nyx
Black-Blood Nightingale
 Age: 21  Height: 6'1"  Weight: 125 lbs.
  Main Weapon: Chakrams, Daggers, Electrified Sword, Steel Crossbow, Poisons
  Every man casts a shadow; not his body only, but his imperfectly mangled spirit.

. ..


Daybreak and Harmony

Daybreak: Daybreak drew close this time. The wolf had been skittish in its repeated incursions for days now, careful to remain out of sight - always keeping its distance from the ominous tower its prey resided within which bore the undeniable aura of titans. But this time was different. No, this time she left the place behind. And it was a she, apparently. The wolf-spirit stalked behind the mysterious girl with a natural grace that came quite easily for a being of pure light. It moved almost silently on ethereal pad-paws, carefully watching her from behind trees or atop stones whenever her back was turned. Very familiar. Too familiar.

Harmony: Ever so often, some weird bright thing would just pop into Harmony's enhanced vision, something that was a little bit off and unusual for her condition. She kept ignoring it, hoping that it was just normal until Harmony had enough, turning one of her rings into its sword form, while causing herself to become invisible.

Daybreak: Much too familiar. It was unmistakable. The wolf crept closer, giving the air a few curious sniffs as it wove between trees. But then suddenly, in spite of its nose, its trained eyes lost track of the strange girl. It stepped out slightly from its cover and perked up its ears for a moment, before promptly vanishing.

Harmony: 'This thing is like me,' Harmony thought as she slowly made her way over to where the wolf vanished, still being invisible. She may be a bit stupid, but she sure as hell knew how the invisibility power she has works.

Daybreak: The wolf bowed low, sniffing around a couple more times. Light bent around its form, making it effectively invisible, but all the same it cautiously dimmed the shimmering light of its own body. Smelling the girl come toward it, it hopped sideways a bit and circled around her, careful for any reaction.

Harmony: She gently poked stuff with her sword while invisible, hoping she could at least find the wolf. "Fine, I'll try another way," Harmony said to herself as turned herself visible again while also turning her other ring into a shield. She quickly made a bright light source in front of her shield and started to reflect that light around, hoping to see a slight difference in the reflected light that could be the invisible wolf

Daybreak: Head cocked as the light passed a foot away, the wolf gave a soft yip almost like a bark and crouched low. Its invisible tail swished back and forth just off the ground, barely blowing the grass around.

Harmony: The yip that she could barely hear only just annoyed Harmony. "Where ever you are, you stupid dog, show yourself." Harmony yelled out, after she cut off the light

Daybreak: After a momentary pause the wolf complied, its form glowing back into place off to her side. By way of a trick in the light the wolf was usually nigh-impossible to see out of one's peripherals - in daylight, at least. It watched inquisitively for the moment she would notice.

Harmony: Even with her glasses on, the glowing form of a wolf stung Harmony's vision, in the directions she could see the wolf. She turned to face the wolf, the point of one end of her sword directed at the wolf. "Stop it, or you'll get a piercing the hard way."

Daybreak: The wolf sat back unfazed. Its tail wagged playfully for a second, and then it moved in a flash, jumping toward the girl - only to vanish in a burst of light and reappear behind her, streaking away through the brush.

Nyxil and Harmony

Harmony: Training with and being around boring old demitians could only entertain Harmony so much. It was started getting to the point where, even though she had been in the Spire for an hour, Harmony was excited to go see that wolf made out of light that she only really found outside of the Spire.

Daybreak: Daybreak kept a sharp watch on Harmony from afar. The wolf's keen senses were ever reliable as he followed her away from the Spire. Unfortunately, even his nose had its limits, and his attention was often elsewhere lately. He had to miss their game yesterday. Something was off with the Lady, and the Master too, and anticipation made Daybreak's fur stand on end. He shook the unease from his coat and teleported ahead of Harmony, shimmering into being in a patch of sunlight shining through the trees. This stretch of wilderness was much more open and sunny than where they had first met, with less trees and a lot more knee-high grass - though all the underbrush around him burned away with the sudden heat of his teleportation. His tail poked up above the rest.

Harmony: Even with her glasses on, the sudden change of light stung at Harmony's enhanced vision, but it was an all familiar pain that can with being around the wolf made out of light. "Hey, boy, how's it going?" Harmony said softly as she approached the wolf, brushing her hand on the long grass and looking a few seconds into the future, just to get a little leverage over what the wolf would do next

Daybreak: Daybreak gave his customary greeting, running in a quick circle and swishing his tail playfully. A good way to tell her he was in a good mood, and of course, that their games were all in good fun. They had sparred occasionally, and chased plenty. Something across the wolf's empathy links made him think the time had come for something... else. And Daybreak was determined to catch her by surprise. As soon as his greeting was done, he broke into a dash toward the girl, vanishing in the grass for a split second - and closing his jaws on the leatherbound sheath of a longsword. A brief flash of light reflected from its celestial bronze crossguard was the only warning before Daybreak leapt up from the underbrush, swinging the sheathed blade in an impressively well-executed upward swipe.

Harmony: Harmony's look into the future gave her an idea to what the wolf would do once it reappeared, and gave her enough time to turn one of her rings into a shield and position it to block the wolf's swipe. "I'll never understand where you've learnt how to use weapons like that," Harmony murmured as she turned her other ring into its sword form and spun the sword around.

Daybreak: The reverberations from his sword crashing into Harmony's shield catch him off guard, and the wolf is forced to fade out into intangibility as her blade arcs straight through his body. Either her reaction time was improving, or she was getting more comfortable using the Mistress's gift of foresight. Not to be outdone so easily, Daybreak manages to catch his weapon again as he drops to the grass, and tries to whack her in the ankle while slipping past.

Harmony: "You stupid wolf," Harmony said as she wasn't prepared for the wolf to attack her ankles with the sword. She then proceeded to turn her weapons back into rings before making a war hammer out of light and swing it at the wolf, over her head.

Daybreak: Daybreak raised the weapon between his teeth to deflect her blow, but his awkward hold on the sheath wasn't enough to counter her unexpected strength. She's definitely improving, the wolf managed to think before his guard broke and his sword was forced aside. Daybreak let out a piercing yelp as the hammer blurred through his form and lodged into the dirt below, pinning him to the ground. The wolf's semi-tangible body never broke or cut the way a real flesh-and-blood animal's would, and he didn't actually have internal organs to worry about, but having an object stuck through him was still unpleasant.

Harmony: Finally pinning down the wolf so quickly gave Harmony a sense of pride. "Got you this time," Harmony said as her warhammer disappeared. "Only if you could talk and I could find out who you stole that sword from."

Daybreak: Subtly as he could manage, Daybreak drew the dispersing light of Harmony's hammer into himself. He'd worked that trick out a while ago. It made sense, he supposed - both Harmony's constructs and his own body are the exact same brand of divine daylight. She seemingly hadn't noticed yet. All the same, the newly absorbed light filled in the gap in his back, and even left him a bit brighter than before. He found his feet and swished his tail a bit, trying to push some impression of the words "Didn't steal it!" into the girl's mind.

Harmony: Harmony watched quietly as the wolf took in the light from her warhammer construct into itself. "Ok, that's pretty cool," Harmony said as she looked away from the wolf, which was now hurting her eyes. "You are so mysterious."

Daybreak: You're the real mystery, Daybreak thought. There was no denying the girl's powers, but the wolf still had no idea where she came from, or why he hadn't known of her sooner. And unfortunately, building up their empathy link until he could talk to her was talking a long time. I spent years with the master before he heard me, but could talk to steak-boy so quickly. Was it because-! Daybreak's ears shot up in realization, then slumped again in disappointment. It was because the master was friends with him. That won't work here. Master, you can't run from this forever.  The wolf paced in circles, dragging his sword's scabbard through the grass.

Harmony: "What's wrong boy? Going to return that sword to whoever you stole it from?" Harmony giggled a little bit watching the wolf drag the sword.

Daybreak: ... That's it. It's been months. He can't keep ignoring this. Daybreak came to a stop with his back to the girl, taking a moment to find his resolve. The sound of a low wind rustled grass through his silence. Then, when he was ready, the wolf's fur began to stand up. In a flick of motion a deafening crack of thunder, Daybreak tossed his ancient sword up and ripped it from its sheath. Sparks of electricity hissed from its blade as he turned back to face her. A low growl escaped through the teeth clenched around the longsword's leather-bound hilt.

Harmony: Harmony backed away from the wolf, making a shield, similar to her own, from light. "What are you going to do with that, because I'm sorry if I offended you."

Daybreak: Noticed the sparks, and switched to a non-conductive shield. You really are improving. Now fight me seriously. Daybreak didn't hesitate to leap forward again, this time releasing a violent burst of light as he moved, and forcefully swung the blade in a wide arc by loosening his bite and and catching it again in the other side of his mouth.

Harmony: "What has gotten into you?" Harmony mumbled as she used the shield to block the sword, while twisting's Daybreak perception of reality to believe that there was another wolf, made purely out of darkness, behind him.

Daybreak: Catching sight of the double in his peripheral vision, Daybreak blinked a short distance back as soon as his strike connected. For a moment, he was visibly puzzled, and gave a low growl. Dusk? The master's construct? But... he isn't here. The wolf feinted forward and barked threateningly, watching for a reaction.

Harmony: Didn't expect that to work Harmony thought as she let down her shield, but kept her focus on the illusion. She quietly moved to her right as the wolf also did the same, with an obvious snarl on its face, if it could be seen in the first place.

Daybreak: Dusk... doesn't... Wait. Daybreak gave the air a cautious sniff and confirmed his suspicions. It had no scent. Smart, smart! Daybreak leapt toward the fake wolf, sword poised - only to teleport at the last moment, into the air above Harmony, for a downward slash.

Harmony: In the split second that Daybreak teleported, Harmony lost concentration on her illusion, and when she saw Daybreak above her, Harmony quick raised her arm and willed her ring to turn into its shield form, and blocked the sword itself, but not the electricity. Harmony lost control of her arms and legs, which started to spasm out for a couple of seconds, cause her to lose her balance.

Daybreak: The wolf kept up his momentum after the strike, landing heavily against the shield with his back paws, and leapt down, aiming to practically spring off of Harmony's back - claws and all - along the way.

Harmony: Harmony had a quick look into the future and saw what Daybreak was planning. Just before he would spring off Harmony's back, she did the one thing she always hated to do, Blink, to just in front of where Daybreak would land, with her sword in her hand

Daybreak: Determined not to be outpaced, Daybreak twisted through the air and clashed his sword against Harmony's in a shower of sparks, then pushed off and slid to a stop in the grass. Good.

Harmony: A slight spasm happened in Harmony's arms when her sword clashed with Daybreak's. "Seriously, how can you fight so well?" Harmony grumbled when she turned her shield back into a ring and gripped her sword with two hands, before striking from above at Daybreak.

Daybreak: Work, the wolf thought, trying as ever to push some part of the meaning of his words into Harmony's mind. Daybreak panted and redoubled his bite on the blade, forced to go intangible to avoid Harmony's strike. Daybreak had hundreds of hours' practice using a sword against other monsters, but the truth was, he'd never beaten a demigod with one before. If not for the weapon's lightning enchantment, he doubted he could seriously threaten Harmony anymore - but that wouldn't stop him. Daybreak's body shimmered as he slipped through Harmony's sword and swiped at her legs, then teleported up to chest height for a second horizontal slash.

Harmony: Harmony completely regretted doing it but didn't care at the same time. She willed her shield back to block Daybreak's strike, while creating a greatsword above Daybreak, point facing down, while also causing an illusion to make it seem like the sword wasn't above him.

Daybreak: Not quite fast enough, Daybreak fell to the ground with a pained howl as the greatsword transfixed his body. D-damn-- Daybreak struggled for a moment to absorb the blade's light like before, but faltered, pain breaking his focus. A brief lapse in strength cost him his grip and his sword tumbled into the grass.

Harmony: Knowing what Daybreak might do, Harmony turned her sword back into a ring and picked up Daybreak's sword, all while willing the greatsword to disappear. "You ok, boy?"

Daybreak: The longsword hummed and vibrated softly under Harmony's touch. Daybreak had barely stood up before the sound of thunder boomed in the distance, sending his fur on end. He let out a loud howl, and as if on cue - the sky went black.

Harmony: Once the sky went black, Harmony kept her eyes on Daybreak and moved into a position ready to strike whenever. "Was this you?"

Daybreak: Daybreak gave no reaction, his howl to the eclipse overhead hanging in the air for a precious few seconds. Then, impossibly, the darkness deepened.

Nyxil: A tall figure slipped out of empty space mere meters behind Harmony, and, as quickly as it appeared, exploded in a sphere of ink-black shadows that completely engulfed the area, encircling itself and Harmony in a thick mist. The figure hit the ground in a sprint, scooping something out of the grass without missing a beat as it threw a glowing celestial bronze chakram that cut through the darkness toward Harmony's back.

Harmony: In the instant she saw chakram, Harmony created a shield of light to block it from hiting her back. She then created a dome of light around herself in case any other attacks came. "Who's there?" Harmony yelled out to the odd shape she could just make out in the darkness

Nyxil: The stranger contemplated for a split second, wondering if he should snuff out the barrier, but instead didn't bother and kept up his momentum, shadowtraveling straight through it to the darkness already inside. For a single moment, lit up by the glow of Harmony's shield as he caught his ricocheting chakram and raked it with full force against her defense, Nyxil locked his dark, harsh eyes with hers.

Harmony: "Who are you, or the wolf gets it," Harmony yelled as she created an illusion of Daybreak about to be stabbed by a knife made of light

Nyxil: Nyxil faltered for a brief moment, chakram at his side as he glared bloody murder at Harmony. A second wave of darkness sent ripples through the black mist, this one stronger and more forceful than the last, threatening to overpower and snuff out everything it hit - barrier, shield, and illusion. "You're the one that needs to start talking," he spoke coldly, face partially obscured behind messy black hair. Then he surged back into motion, feinting forward with his chakram in his right hand while keeping the left behind his back.

Harmony: "Put your weapons down then," Harmony said, as her all her weapons disappeared before she blocked Nyxil in a invisibl barrier to blind him.

Nyxil: Nyxil's eyes widened as his vision went blank, but gave her no response. Instead, the son of Nyx jumped back and hurled his chakram at her again, then dropping to one knee a short distance away with the object in his other hand - his sword's discarded sheath - set against the grass. She can see through perfect darkness. She can blind me. Not a cabin god. He huffed and closed his eyes, turning all focus to his surroundings.

Harmony: With the chakram coming at her, Harmony reacted almost instantiations by bringing her shield up but it wasn't enough. Harmony wasn't fast enough and the chakram skimmed her shield and grazed her side. "Who are you?" Harmony yelled out.

Nyxil: He kept his eyes shut tight and remained still. Every living thing had an energy to it, and thanks to his priesthood, Nyxil could sense them. He may be blinded, but with the downtime Harmony seemed willing to give him, he focused all his attention on detecting her life essence. "I'm the guy you just fucked with by hurting that dog. For your sake? Better be a damn good reason."

Harmony: "So its your dog that's been annoying me and stole a sword off someone?" Harmony said before she quickly astral projected herself, Blinked to where the guy was and tried to see what weapons he had on him.

Nyxil: The son of Nyx had a crossbow slung on his back, and was gripping the empty sword sheath in his left hand, but otherwise seemed unarmed. At a glance the only thing out of the ordinary about him was what looked almost like thorns poking out from his messy black hair, from some kind of Greek-style laurels tangled in underneath. If not for Harmony's enhanced eyesight, however, Nyxil wouldn't have given her the chance to see much of anything - the moment her should-be invisible astral form blinked toward him, he spun to one foot and roundhouse-kicked straight through her, ripping his sword sheath from the dirt in the process.

Harmony: As soon as the kick went straight through, Harmony went straight back to her body, with enough Intel of what the guy had on him. Using her powers, Harmony broke the crossbow's trigger, using a light construct. "Just tell me who you are and I'll tell you that you're dog has been driving me nuts.:

Nyxil: Nyxil was in a defensive position the moment Harmony vanished from next to him, holding the sword sheath aloft. No sooner had she summoned the light-construct to jam his crossbow than Nyxil snuffed it out with darkness of his own. Astral projection tripped his sixth sense, but a light construct, in the middle of his artificial night, right behind his back? That tripped his seventh, with all the subtlety of banging a drum right next to his ear. Still not attacking, though, Nyxil noticed. After a quiet couple seconds of (blind non-)staredown, he relented and dropped his stance, tilting his head toward where Daybreak laid in the grass a distance behind Harmony. "That so? Giving our friend here trouble? With my sword?" The injured wolf telepathically sent a pained huff of acknowledgement. Nyxil rolled his blinded eyes and dropped the inky-black field of darkness he'd shrouded them in, though the eerie eclipse that had heralded his arrival stull hung overhead.  "Give me back my eyesight. It's not like I need it to kill you anyway, this is just annoying. And give me back my sword." He twirled the empty sheath and took a step toward her.

'Harmony:"Yeah, no can do. I can't change it back. You'll be blind for a while, which is better than what you could be." Harmony said as she walked over to where the sword was and picked it up, all while thinking about how she could potentially get away if it all went sour

Nyxil: "You don't seem very excited about the idea of playing nice, do you," Nyxil said with a smirk. He didn't move a muscle as the midnight darkness immediately in front of her coalesced into a long spike, threatening to pierce her stomach if she kept walking. It gave a slight quivering hum as it appeared - a deliberate extra touch - but the second one that manifested a few feet behind her was silent. "First I've heard of a demigod not being able to drop a curse they inflicted. Not as in control as you wanna act?"

Harmony: "Yeah, it's not really a curse. You are just kinda blind right now because of light." Harmony said as she saw something odd both in front and behind of her, something that just looked like a spike. Harmony combated it by stepped to the side and created a light platform above the spike things she could see.

Nyxil: Nyxil cocked his head. She reacted to both. Light-sense like my shadow-sense? Or can she see behind herself... He shrugged. It was becoming obvious to him that she wasn't a major threat - zero offense, all crappy defense. He didn't bother snuffing out her light constructs this time, and instead just let his shadow-spikes collapse to the ground, a formless haze among the grass. "I have... notoriously good eyesight, you know. Think I'll just wait it out then. Anyway - sword."

Harmony: "How come you can't see then?" Harmony slowly walked towards the guy, with her shield on her right, and light platform on moved to stand vertical on her light, all while having the sword in her left hand. "How come you want the sword so bad?"

Nyxil: He looks her up and down for a moment as she approaches, focusing on the subtle vibrations her every movement sent through the dark. For a blind man, his gaze settled eerily close to direct eye contact. "Cause I don't think you'd get along too well with the guy that made it," he said with a smirk. "You probably shouldn't be holding that thing if you want this, eh, hideout of yours to stay quiet. Besides, like you'd be able to use it. Go ahead, take a swing. Too afraid to attack?" The demigod shrugged and closed his useless eyes, then took up a casual defensive stance, with his open left hand outstretched toward her and his right - twirling the empty sheath - behind him.

Harmony: "And where do you think I am from?" Harmony's light shield disappeared and she stood in a defensive position, with her normal shield, as she put the other sword to her back, and tied it to her with light. Her sword appeared in her right hand, as she slowly moved towards the other guy.

Nyxil: Come on, fucksake. Nyxil reversed his stance with a huff, putting his right side toward her and raising the sheath defensively. But his posture was still just as inviting, and his guard just as casual. He'd let her take her shot. His eyes remained shut tight as he sensed out her movements.

Harmony: She may be dumb, but Harmony wasn't that dumb. Ever so quickly and painfully, Harmony Blinked to the guy's right, a few feet away, before rushing quickly on him.

Nyxil: Harmony's sudden dash set Nyxil's motion-senses alight, and he brought back his sword sheath as she closed the distance from his side. He saw her attack coming toward him as if in slow motion. With his seemingly lax defensive posture, it would be a toss-up if he could defend in time, even expecting her to blink beside him again. The lambent glow of celestial bronze from her sword cast a faint light across his blinded eyes... and he raised his sheath just enough for it to cast a shadow. He vanished through it.

In the space between heartbeats, Nyxil flared his powers. Three things played out almost simultaneously - first, he snuffed out the light-construct holding the lhis sword to Harmony's back, letting it fall. Second, the vapours of shadow Nyxil had been keeping close to Harmony from earlier caught the released sword and whipped it up into the air. Third, Nyxil shadowtraveled out of the same shadow-mist above and behind her and caught the sword in its own sheath, quickly shifting his hand to its hilt. A breath later, two massive shadow-wings emerged from his back. Most children of Nyx used their wings casually - flapping them instinctively to fly at the speed of an eagle. But not Nyxil. Rather than instinctive movement, he used his shadow-telekinesis on them directly, slamming them backward far faster than would otherwise be possible. The sheer force practically shattered them, but in exchange, he shot forward with unparalleled speed, launching into a brutal diving strike against Harmony's back with the sheathed sword.

Harmony: It was all to fast for Harmony to really comprehend what was happening. She couldn't keep up with Nyxil, but she could react quick enough to turn around when Nxyil dived at her, and slightly raise her own sword, still with her previous momentum.

Nyxil: Nyxil would have been impressed, if there was the slightest chance for conscious thought. Turning on a dime like that showed more promise than anything else the mystery girl had done. But regardless, Nyxil had more power, and far more speed. He slammed into her like a cannonball and brought his sheathed sword directly onto her own with all the strength his shattered wings had mustered. Coming down and forward onto her, while she was off-balance and still moving away from him, Nyxil was content to force her to the ground as their blades clashed.

Harmony: It was always her last resort to do this as it caused Harmony so much pain when she did it, more than any of her other abilities did, but it had to be done. Harmony dropped her weapons at the last second, and turned into light, all for the guy to pass right through her. She quickly moved around the guy and turned back into her normal self, being a little bit shaky on her feet. "Can we just call a timeout?"

Nyxil: All of Nyxil's speed carried him straight to the ground. He had no choice but to drop into a slide as his heels hit the grass hard and dug in, kicking up dirt and morning dew as he skidded to a stop and whirled up again. That... That wasn't just intangibility. I've seen that before. For a tense moment, the eyes locked with Harmony's seemed to be staring right through her - and seeing someone else. Nyxil took a step back and caught his breath after their violent storm of movement, slowly slinging the lightning-sword across his back. "...Yeah. Yeah. Let's talk."

The Talk

Daybreak: The two demigods followed Daybreak through a stretch of California wilderness in an awkward sort of silence. The wolf was in good spirits as it plodded along, at least - two of his favorite people in the world were finally walking together, and all that messy business with the fighting and the shouting was over. His tail swished back and forth with the leaves far overhead.

Nyxil: Nyxil Vane sighed and looked up at the scattered sunbeams. Theia. What am I getting in to? There was nothing left to doubt. The mystery girl, whoever she was, had turned into pure sunlight. He'd seen Holly do it once. But Holly couldn't blind people, or make illusions, or astral project.... He was a priest of Theia, and that gave him a strange sort of extra sense for demigods and spirits and stuff. That's what he and Daybreak had followed all the way to the West Coast what felt like ages ago. Something made him afraid back then. Of what, he didn't really know. The truth? Well, now the girl was slumped against his shoulder for support - that light transformation must not've been easy - and his sixth sense was vivid as it could get. He cleared his through. "So, um. I'm Nyxil."

Harmony: "Now you tell me your name after trying to kill me," Harmony said, leaning on Nyxil, while watching his wolf in front of them. "I'm Harmony."

Nyxil: He ran his free hand through the dirty curls of his hair. "Harmony. Okay. Guess you know Daybreak already." The wolf barked in acknowledgement.

Harmony: "I've known Daybreak but its more like he knows me more than I know him. Wait, if you can do all that dark stuff, why do you have a dog made of light?"

Nyxil: "Hm... Sure is the question, ain't it." Nyxil took a moment to continue, pulling a cigarette from his pocket and pressing it against the crossguard of the sword until static set it alight. "Welp, I'm a son of Nyx if you know who that is. It's in the name. Obviously. She's the goddess of night, so shadowy powers are kind of my thing. They're just not my only thing. The dog comes from a different goddess on the other side of my family... My grandma. I bet you know her." He bit the cigarette. Here we go. 

Harmony: "I've never met any goddess or gods so I probably don't know her, unless you're saying I'm like your aunt."

Nyxil: The weary demigod took a long drag of the cigarette and turned his gaze back to the daylight peaking through the trees. "Yep."

Harmony: "Great, my life keeps getting weirder and weirder, and my family keeps getting bigger," Harmony mumbled to herself. "How come I've never heard of you, or many other Theia kids?"

Nyxil: "That's what I wanna know," he sighed. "I'm her grandson, but I'm also sort of her 'priest'. Her only priest. And until today, I thought - well, I thought I was her only living descendant, too. Because she told me I was. But here we are."

Harmony: "How long ago did she tell you you were the only one? Because if it was a few years ago, it sounds like Mom is lying."

Nyxil: "Fifteen... twenty years ago? She told me back when I was a little kid, when she was still strong enough to spend time with me in person. But she's kept that up my whole life. Why wouldn't she tell me about you?"

Harmony: 'Maybe she wanted me to find my own way through life," Harmony said, thinking about the Spire.

Nyxil: Nyxil hesitated to respond to that, holding his cig in his mouth to rub his eyes. "She most not know about you. Somehow. All that makes sense."

Harmony: "Well, my rings are from her so she knows about me for sure."

Nyxil: Hmph.... None of this makes sense. Nyxil huffed and fell silent, lost in thought as the two walked to who knows where. With her right against his shoulder, he couldn't help but notice Harmony's physical similarities to his patron titaness. Gods changed their form often, but certain traits tended to stick, and Harmony had Theia's signature bright brown eyes.